Choir Girl


My wife’s church choir friend (Bev) is a cute, petite thing about 42 years old, but looks much younger. She and I have flirted back and forth for a couple of years, but nothing has come from it. Until last week.

Bev had asked me if she could use my video camera to tape her daughter’s birthday party, and I said okay, so she made plans to pick it up. Let me describe Bev better. Slender, about 5’5″ tall, short, blonde hair, great legs (my weakness), and a fun, bubbly personality. She always gave me this look…. that if I tried, I might be successful, so I decided to go ahead and try.

I made sure that when she stopped to pick up the camera, and I showed her how to use it, that my wife would not be home. When Bev showed up, she looked fantastic. She had on a short, pleated black dress, sheer nylons, and sexy, black high heeled stiletto sandals. I met her at her car, and opened the car door for her, and the trip was worth it. Her skirt rode up high on her thighs, and I was able to see that her nylons were sheer-to-waist, and she had no panties on under them! She caught me looking, but just smiled at me.

We went in the house and I had the camera laid out, so we sat on the couch for a tutorial. Again, her skirt rode up high, but her thighs were together, so I didn’t see much. I moved over closer to her though, so our knees were touching. I had shorts on, and her nylon-clad knee just about drove me crazy!

I took a few minutes showing her how the camera worked, and then told her I wanted to try it out on her, so she could see how good the tape was when I played it back. She said okay, but seemed to be a little nervous about it. I had her stay seated on the couch, and got up to walk about ten feet away, and started to tape her.

“You look great, Bev!” I told her, and she said “Thanks,” turning just a little red. “You’re as sexy as any of those cheesecake Escort bayan models,” I went on, working on her vanity, and it seemed to be working. “Oh, I am not!” she demurred, but I heaping it on. “Your legs are as good as any nylon model, Bev.” I told her, taping her all the while.

I thought I might as well give it a shot, so I said “Why don’t you turn this way, and let your dress ride up a little…” She turned towards me, sliding the hem of her dress up on her thighs. “That’s great!” I complimented, and pressed on. “Now, cross your legs… slowly…” She did, and I zoomed in and got her nyloned thighs all the way up!

Bev was really getting into it, so I pressed on. “Okay, Bev, now turn to the side, and uncross your legs… ” Slowly, she complied. “Slide your dress up a little… ” she again complied, lifting the hem of her dress up until it was above mid-thigh.

I moved around to the side until I had a straight shot up her dress, and the light on the camcorder provided enough light to see everything. Okay, Bev, now move your legs just a little farther apart… ” Avoiding a direct look into the camera, Bev slowly moved her knees a couple of inches farther apart.

The camera was now getting a perfect shot of Bev’s pussy under the sheer material of her pantyhose. Her breathing was very uneven, and she frequently held her breath, all the time avoiding looking directly at me.

“Bev… unbutton the top of your dress… ” her hands slowly moved up and undid the top three buttons. “Stand up.” She did. “Turn around… slowly.” She did. “The buttons, Bev… undo the rest of them.” Again, she complied. She seemed to be in a trance.

“Okay now Bev, let’s try something new. Reach down and raise the hem of your skirt.” She seemed to hesitate. “You already did that on the couch, so …. ” She slowly reached down and lifted her skirt. Bayan escort She started raising it up. “Higher,” I urged. “Come on Bev, I’ve already seen more than that when you were on the couch!”

That seemed to spark some action. She steadily raised the skirt until it was around her waist – I was able to see everything she had, and her nyloned legs were fantastic! “Turn around, Bev, but keep your skirt up.” She did, and I almost came in my pants at the sight of her pantyhosed ass!

When she faced me again, it was very obvious that she was extremely turned on. Her nipples were protruding outward, forming small tents in the top of her unbuttoned dress. Her face was flushed. I knew it was time to “kick it up a notch!”

“Okay Bev, let go of your dress… good. Now, slide your dress off of your shoulders… Uh,huh, a little more… great!” Now, I could see her nipples, and they were beautiful! “Go ahead and let the top of your dress slide on off… ” This was the final threshhold. If I could get her dress off, I knew I could get anything I wanted.

She was now standing in front of me, naked to the waist. Her breasts were standing out proudly, ner nipples rock hard. “Go ahead and let your dress drop to the floor, Bev… ” her dress pooled at her feet. “Turn slowly around… ”

I couldn’t believe my wife’s friend was now standing nearly naked in our living room, spinning around in just her sheer pantyhose and high heeled sandals. “Sit on the couch, Bev.” She sat. I sat the camera down on the end table, making sure that it was pointed at her and still running. She seemed to know what was next, and accepted it.

I moved over in front of her and stood there looking down at her. Without ever having kissed her, I reached down and took her hands in mine. She gazed up at me as I placed her hands on my belt, and let go of them. They stayed motionless Escort on the front of my pants for several moments, maybe even a full minute.

Then, ever so slowly, eyes never leaving mine, she opened my belt and slid the zipper down. She worked my pants and underwear down until they were around my ankles. My cock now stood proudly out, pointing at her face. She put both hands around it, carefully stroking it, and I reached out and put my hand on the back of her head.

There was no resistance at all. Opening her mouth, she moved forward and took the head in, locking her lips around it. I reached down and stroked her nyloned knees and thighs as she sucked me.

Actually, it was more like I was fucking her mouth, and she held it perfectly for me, with just enough pressure from her lips. She let it slide in until she had the head and about two inches of the shaft in her mouth, and then she pulled back, letting her hands work on the shaft.

It was obvious that she’d had a lot of experience giving head, and I was taking full advantage of it. I started working my hips a little, feeding it back in, and I moved my legs in between hers, so that her nyloned thighs rubbed against them.

“Oh, Bev, baby, you can really suck cock!” I whispered to her, and she just moaned. “I’m getting ready to cum, Bev, will you swallow it?” I asked. She just moaned again, and I put my hand behind her head again, just in case. I looked over to be sure the camcorder was getting it all, and it looked like it was.

My hips now started to piston my dick in and out her mouth, and she just held still for me, taking it in. I decided not to warn her when I started to cum, in case she planned to dodge it, but I needn’t have worried. She took every drop, swallowing quickly to make sure she got it all.

When I was through cumming, I sat down next to her, and she slid over on my lap. I held her, caressing her nyloned legs and thighs, and she made me promise that I wouldn’t tell my wife(!), and that I would return the favor soon. That was a promise I knew I could keep! By the way, the video was perfect as well!