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“Will you do something for me?” I ask in shy whisper.

“Anything,” she says with full confidence, and I’ve no doubt

she thinks she’s seen everything, which is very appealing, yet also unnerving in an anxious and self-conscious way.

I hesitantly rollover to the bedside table, looking over my shoulder at her just before I open the top drawer. She’s obviously puzzled, wondering what the insecurity is all about. Some giant dildo? A chipmunk or gerbil in a ball? Maybe a ball-gag? Instead, I pullout a sort of thermos, a stack of paper towels and rubbing alcohol….

“What’s this?” she asks. I let her take the container from my hands and watch her perplexed expression. Her slender fingers daintily clasp the lid… pop….??? “Chopsticks? Stainless steel chopsticks?”

She pulls out a pair and tries to use them as an eatery set…. Slyly smiling, I take one and sanitize it.

She gets the idea and puts the utensils aside to watch. The curiosity has her captivated.

I slide the steel stick over her lips.. “Lick,” I say somewhat embarrassed and yet, still, overtly commanding. She captures the steel between her lips and runs her tongue all the way to the tip and back, sassily dominating my fingers as she returns.

I kiss her lips softly, nuzzle her, Nevşehir Escort then lie on my back. Her face follows my crotch eagerly, and my breath catches when her hair brushes my skin. Gasps and moans breach my mouth at her every lick and nibble. She looks intently at me, memorizing the experience as she sucks my thighs. Torturously-crawling fingers tickle me – I giggle – and she flips my skirt up, just enough to play with my knickers. She suckles my clit through the fabric, wonderfully drives her tongue along the seams, edges, takes the lace between her teeth and nips at it. She pulls them over my thighs with aching slowness, then rips them away and tosses them to the other side of the room.

“Show me,” she breathes huskily, as she runs her nose across my mound and showers me with nuzzles and suckles. She lifts my blouse and trails her way to my belly button. Her nose pokes in, followed by the long stream of her tongue, which plunges ravenously, erupting a series of elevating squeals and squawks.

I pull her head to my face and “swallow her tongue.” But she pulls away, nudges me back down and insists I show her.

I wink and spread flexibly… my fingers dip in and out. Her tongue licks their tips while they travel up to my clit, where her tongue Nevşehir Escort Bayan playfully follows. I shiver, jolt, squirm. And then we arrive at my pee hole. She doesn’t notice at first, her eyes closed, caught in the moment. She feels the tip of my finger enter something and is slightly puzzled by its feel. I watch her nose scrunch, her eyelids open, eyebrows raise. I laugh as she smiles knowingly, her clear expression of, “This chick is weird, but I love it.” Her tongue caresses my pee hole, and I slip the steel beneath her chin and in, chuckling.

We’re cautious on the entry. In and out. She gets the idea of how sensitive it is.

The rings of my urethra contract and expand around the rounded steel. Once the soothingly cold metal is in and touching the back of my bladder, I show her how to slide her pointer finger above the chopstick and curl its tip around my pubic bone. How to move straight in, expand the rings and enter the base of my bladder. I let her gently, slowly explore.

“It’s soft and yet strong…” she says, awe echoes her voice.

I become lost in the sensation of lips, tongue, teeth, fingers tracing my skin. I massage her fingers, forearms, scalp, feel her feathery tresses slide between my fingers. “Oh shit.” “I’m coming,” Escort Nevşehir I think, but it’s redundant to say anything, as I pant and whimper. I catch her eyes before the wave thrashes through me and my butt arcs off the bed, driving my mound into her mouth. She latches on, tongue thrashing, pinning me with the cool steel, my urethra squeezes her finger and chopstick.

I jolt and thunder my way through the storm of electricity, and settle with her smiles, barely visible through the spots and colors before my eyes. Her voice, broken and crushed between the jarring waves. It takes me a little while to hear what she’s saying, but I love the sound of her voice. I feel her slowly pull the chopstick out beneath my sigh, licking and suckling as she goes. My fingers release her hair and travel up my panting body, silently verbalizing every consonant of “holy shit.”

She licks and nuzzles my pee hole, then climbs atop me holding the chopstick between our faces to examine the thin streams of white honey.

The strings and splashes of thin white substance decorate the steel with bubbles like foam of a carbonated beverage. I watch her take the steel chopstick between her lips, her tongue discreetly lick, her eyes widen with surprise, “How could someone who eats so many cranberries, taste so sweet?” She grins wolfishly at its agave-like taste and eagerly rides the chopstick between her lips, licking my nectar.

I pull her head to me and devour her tongue. “Show me what you do with your pillow,” I say between the hum of our kisses.

— LesbianMuses

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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