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Before ‘lonely hearts’ adds, and all that, I found myself in a strange city on my own. I finally placed the following personal in the local paper; ‘Young man, 23, intelligent, new to area, seeks female companionship.’ This was my first reply,

Dear intelligent man.

My name is Christine. I am 36 and on my own, except for three smallish children to look after; who make it seem impossible to meet any decent men. I am petite, but with dis-proportionally large boobs and an equally big sense of humour, I am attractive for my age, I love reading and conversation. Above all I want to meet someone interesting to talk to even if they do stare at my boobs constantly.

In anticipation.


It was not quite what I was expecting, she was so old. On the other hand I had but one reply… So, I answered,

Dear Christine.

Thank you for your letter. I read a lot, but probably different books. Let’s compare notes. Where and when would you like to meet? Do you have a friend that can look after your kids for a few hours?

I am a science graduate. I’m good with facts but not always with people. I have a job so we would probably have to meet at the weekend, I have to work some weekends so in the afternoon or evening. I am slim, I have had girlfriends so I must look OK, What else would you like to know?.

With great anticipation.


Dear Adrian.

Let’s not bother with long letters, let’s meet on Saturday, somewhere in the town centre. My friend Angela has agreed to babysit for me from mid-day until six. I will be easy to recognise, I will wear a yellow skirt and a green blouse. How will I recognise you and where shall we meet?


Christine’s letter took me by surprise. It arrived on Thursday, whilst I was at work, so I had to reply that evening.

Dear Christine.

As you love books I will meet you at the main library, on Saturday next, at one o’clock, in the entrance hall. I will be sitting on one of the benches reading the ‘Guardian’. I don’t usually bother with a tie but for you I will wear my blue one. Hope you get this in time.


At one o’clock, on the dot, a short but really attractive, much befreckled, lady with big breasts, green eyes and long, lustrous, red tresses walked into the library wearing a yellow skirt and a green Kıbrıs Escort blouse. “Christine,” I said, slightly breathlessly, as I walked over to her. I could not believe this, never mind her age, she was sex on a stick, with hundreds and thousands on: and raspberry sauce.

“Adrian.” We shook hands, very politely.

“Shall we get a coffee?” I asked, and that’s what we did. We chatted amiably for about half an hour; books, records, she liked all the stuff that my that brother liked and I hated; not really surprising as they were about the same age.

Suddenly she interjected, “Adrian, it’s obvious that you are really clever, your very attractive and you seem like a really nice person,”

“But, I’m not your type?” I sighed, starting to get up.

“No! No — sit down — you idiot, you’ve got this completely wrong.” She sounded quite desperate. “No. Definitely not. What I want to say is; instead of chatting nicely and getting to know one another gradually — well, can we — would you take me home and screw me silly. You’re a real find, I’ve not had a man for almost five years and I’ve got exactly four and a half hours of freedom left.”

I choked on my coffee. “If you’re sure,” I gasped, “you’re really attractive, gorgeous, in fact really fancyable, do we need to get some, umm… rubbers or anything?” My head was in a spin and my mouth had switched to autopilot. “I’ll pay, we should go right away — as long as –well assuming that’s what you really want.”

She was laughing at me, “that’s why I asked you, only someone like you would thing about contraception at time like this, anyway don’t worry about that, it’s all taken care of.” We got the bus. Christine was really attractive, she winked mischievously and undid the top button of her blouse; she really did have big breasts. As I gawped she grabbed my crotch firmly with one hand and gave it a firm squeeze. Instant erection, she laughed and whispered, “God, am I ready for that.”

I blushed.

Christine lived in a small house on the outskirts of the town, overlooking the river. We went in. On the bus I had done some planning, time to retake the initiative I thought. “If you want to make love you’ll have to strip naked first.”

“What here, right now, in the living room?”

“If you’re still interested, this very instant,” I leered, but I did pull the curtains Kıbrıs Escort Bayan across. She, thought about it, winked and peeled off her blouse, turned her back to me, unfastened her bra then rotated slowly around with her arms above her head. Her breasts were fabulous, large and freckled with puckered red areolae and long erect teats, which were slightly darker. She stared into my eyes and flicked her nipples. I was transfixed.

“Like what you see?” When she dropped her skirt my eyes were riveted on her, she had stockings and suspenders on, but no panties. “A girl has to have some air,” she husked.

“Now sit in the chair, legs over the arms and you can buy my clothes.” I had figured that if she really was that randy a little teasing first would not go amiss.


“You heard,” I said, “my pullover costs a really long slow passionate kiss on the lips.” She bought it. My shoes and socks cost her a comprehensive nibbling and sucking of her earlobes and neck; she considered this an excellent deal. She purchased my shirt and tie with her left nipple which was even more distended after a thorough sucking. Trousers cost her the right nipple, which I noted was the more sensitive of the pair.

“What’s the price of underpants,” she giggled.

“I get to lick and suck your fanny for as long as I like.” I spread her pussy with my fingers and very gently licked her clitty. She writhed and gasped, her eyes glazed over and she began to pant. As her sighs and moans became louder I went more and more slowly, keeping her on the edge, but not pushing her over. Finally I had to stop or she would have come.

“Fuck me you bastard, fuck me,” she pleaded.

“That’s not very lady like, I get to lick and suck your fanny for as long as I like so you shall have to be punished for that.” I slid a finger in and out of her sopping wet hole, really slowly, until again I had to stop. My finale was to lick the septum just below her vagina. It worked, her sex began to make little burps and squelching sounds all by itself dribbling copious amounts of white mucus. Now I established a rhythm, lick the septum, finger the fanny really slowly, lick her clit. Christine was practically delirious with lust. Finally, I relented, I knelt up and slid my, by now, aching member into her hot, wet hole. She came. When I slid it out she came Escort Kıbrıs again. With every thrust she cried out with passion and when her moans started to subside I began to suck her nipples. I have never known a woman to come quite so many times, Christine was the queen of the multiple orgasm, but eventually even she was sated. She was a mess, her hair was a birds nest, her body glistened with sweat, her stockings were laddered and her mascara had run, God alone knows how she was going to get the stain under her fanny off the chair.

“That was, that was… oh my God, but you didn’t come. So now you can do me doggy over the coffee table and you can watch yourself shafting me, men like that.” Christine got up and all but collapsed over the coffee table. She was right I could watch myself humping her, I could see my penis sliding in and out of her soaking wet sex and I lasted all of ten strokes before I came, and then spurted into her over and over again with almost violent thrusts of my pelvis. “We’ve still got nearly two hours, let’s go up to bed.”

There was no way that I could make love again for days. I was drained and Christine ought to have been, but she seemed keen to recover. “That was the best sex I ever had, you are such a tease: well that was the most intense sex I ever had, now let’s do lovey-dovey, ‘in bed’ sex. Don’t worry you’ll soon be hard again, trust Auntie Christine.

We lay in her pink double bed. Her fantasy little girl’s room; pink wall-paper, pink curtains, pink lampshades, lace trimmed pink bedspread, pink pillows, pink cushions, pink carpet, nothing was anything but pink, unless it hade white lace around it. Christine was pink, well except for her hair, green eyes, red nipples and red pubic bush. We kissed and cuddled, and then just for a change, cuddled and kissed. I was definitely coming round and Christine noticed, “if I suck your cock I’ll bet you’ll get hard again.” As my cock was still covered in both my come and hers, I thought this unlikely, but that’s what she did. She sucked on my rod and tickled my balls at the same time. My member soon stiffened so that I could mount her: the good old missionary position. It was a long slow screw but we both came, eventually. Afterwards Christine commented, “that was the second best I ever had.”

I simply grunted, for me that second slow screw was the best ever. I had never come twice so quickly, before. I had fallen in lust. “Back to the real world” she said, “you have to go, I have to pick up the kids, would you like to make it nine-thirty, here on Tuesday evening?” Christine chortled, I had gained a third erection so she knew the answer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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