Christmas At Joe’s

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“I can’t believe you talked me into this!” I said as I tried to pull the top of my outfit.

Martha smiled. “The more you pull it up, the shorter it becomes at the bottom.”

I stood outside her friend Joe’s house wearing the shortest Santa’s helper costume ever created. It was bright red and came down just past my ass, luckily, I wore black mesh stockings, or my legs would be freezing. I went against her wishes of wearing high heels. I wore my thigh-high black boots instead.

“Mine is fine,” she laughed as she slammed the trunk to her car closed. She came around the vehicle carrying the box of assorted liquor bottles.

“Well you don’t have frigging G cup boobs, trying to bust their way out of your top,” I said as I struggled to keep the top from dropping below my chest. “I should have said no to this ridiculous outfit!”

Martha hated when I brought up her small chest. She was barely a B cup, and her suit didn’t look that flattering on her.

“Fine,” she shook her blonde hair as she turned back to the car. “We will just go back to our lonely apartment the day before Christmas and look at each other,” she said as she walked to the car.

“No,” I sighed. “Let’s go,” I surrendered.

I hated her friends. They were all too immature for my taste. I was not stuck up or anything like that; I just got tired of the same party games and felt the need to get drunk every weekend.

“You sure?”

“Yes.” I smiled.

We walked up to the door. Martha excitedly rang the bell. Joe came to the door dressed like a total fool. He was wearing a Santa Claus costume, but it was dingy looking, and the beard was tattered and torn. He was holding an empty bottle of liquor.

I shook my head as I entered. “What? I am a drunk Santa Claus!”

“I know. You always pick the same costume every year.” I shook my head and rolled my eyes as I pushed past him.

“You can be such a bitch Kelly!” he said bitterly to me.

“It’s going to Christmas and for one night the two of you can pretend to like one another,” Martha interrupted.

“Okay, Blondie,” Joe smiled. “Truce?” he said as he wrapped one arm around Martha, then offered me his hand.

I looked over at my friend, who looked like a puppy in the pet shop. “Fine, I can pretend for one night.”

We followed him into the main living room. The rest of the gang was there. Joe’s younger brother Eric was just as childish and immature as his brother. Sandy, Martha’s best friend from college. Mike and Thomas were friends from work. All of them were dressed in holiday get up, ranging from Santa down to the workshop elves.

“Have kaçak iddaa some eggnog,” Mike smiled.

“No,” I shook my head. “I know better than to trust you with anything that enters my body.”

“A prude as always,” Sandy shook her head.

“I’ll show you prude,” I stared at her.

The two of us had never gotten along ever since Martha decided to leave Sandy’s apartment and came to live with me.

Martha shook her head, determined to make this work. “How about we play a drinking game,” she smiled, trying to defuse the situation.

It didn’t take long for Joe to develop a few drinking games. I decided I would play along even though all I wanted to do at this moment was to go back home. After a few hours, had passed all of us were feeling the effects of the alcohol.

Mike sat next to me on one of the couches. He was always trying to make a move on me, even at work. It wasn’t that he wasn’t good looking. I found him attractive. I hated to be petty, but it was his failure to launch that turned me off. He was still living at home at the age of thirty-six that just didn’t do it for me.

“Mike,” I smiled at him while shaking my head. “I’m not that drunk, and I don’t think I will ever be that drunk.”

He took the hint then went back to the floor next to Thomas. Martha was sitting on the other side of Thomas. I knew she had a massive crush on him, which wasn’t surprising. She loved the overly built men. Thomas spent most of his free time in the gym, and it showed. He looked like a miniature white version of the incredible hulk.

“Well it’s that time,” Thomas said. Standing up.

“Really?” Joe said. “You’re going to try and leave in that?” he said as he pulled back the curtains. Snow had begun to fall. The driveway and all the cars were covered.

“Shit!” all of us said as we looked out. It was pitch black outside, and the snow was coming down heavily.

“Well that’s just fucking great!” Thomas shouted.

“Calm down,” Martha pleaded. “Joe has many rooms in this house, we can stay until morning then leave at first light.”

They were mumbles from everybody, but we decided that the girls would pick out some of the rooms, and the guys would stay in the living room.

“Do you think he liked my idea?” Martha said as she tried on one of Joe’s shirts.

“Why do you think he wanted to leave?” I asked.

I looked through Joe’s wardrobe there was nothing that didn’t have a sports team logo on it or a rock band or some video game emblazed across it. I finally decided on a green Packers shirt and pulled it over my top. At least I wouldn’t have to worry about my kaçak bahis boobs popping out.

“You really are trying to bring everyone down tonight, aren’t you?” Martha said as she pushed past me.

I couldn’t help that I was a realist. I wasn’t the type of girl to tell someone something that I knew wasn’t right.

“Martha,” I sighed as I went after her.

“No,” Martha shook her head. “I have had enough. You’re always ruining everything with your too good for everybody attitude. I will do you a favor and move out.” She shook her head as she went down the hall. “It won’t hurt for you to let your hair down some time and have some fun!”

By the time I got downstairs, she was already in the corner talking to Sandy. The two looked back at me and shook their heads. I took a seat on one couched, grabbed one of the bottles from the table, and tossed it back.

“Woah there,” Eric said as he took it from me. “Save some for the rest of us.”

“I am just trying to have some fun!” I shouted. “Isn’t that what grown-ups do, drink so that we can have fun?”

“Okay?” Eric smiled. “Let’s play truth or dare the grown-up version?”

“You mean let’s dare each other to do ridiculous things until we all are naked?” I looked at him. He just stared at me, lost for words. “Come on, that is what you meant right?”

I grabbed my top and pulled it up and over my head. The guys just stared at me. “Your turn,” I smiled at him. I grabbed the bottle and drank more of it. Joe, Thomas, and Mike all took their shirts off. “There we go, now we are having fun!”

“You can stop now,” Martha said.

“No,” Joe shooed her away. “I like drunk Kelly.”

“I am not even drunk. A bit buzzed but not drunk. Someone said I needed to let my hair down and have fun, so that’s what I am doing.” I pulled on my hairbands, letting my dark black hair fall past my shoulders.

Sandy came over to sit next to me. She snatched the bottle out of my hand. She swung the bottle back and chugged half of its contents, not the type to be outdone.

“Fine bitch, you want to play?” she said as she took off her top, revealing her baby blue bra.

“Holy shit!” Joe said. “Look at those!” he nudged his younger brother.

“34DD,” Sandy said proudly, pushing her chest out.

“DD?” I laughed. “I remember being a DD in high school!” I grabbed the bottom of the outfit and pulled down on it. My huge naked boobs came out and were visible to all. “36 fucking G!”

The boys nearly fell over, staring and gawking at my chest. I looked over at Sandy, who was staring at my boobs. I laughed at her as I snatched the bottle from her illegal bahis hand and emptied the contents down my throat.

Martha stood in silent shock staring at me. “What not enough fun for you?” I smiled. She turned and ran up the stairs. “Thought as much!” I laughed.

Sandy turned my face to look at her. Her brunette hair hung over her eyes. She grabbed my face and kissed me. Not the light peck on the cheek but a full kiss with her tongue down my throat. Her hands squeezed my boobs as she pushed me back on the couch.

I didn’t know what came over me, but I began to kiss her back. I had never kissed another woman before, and this felt great. Her soft hands squeezed and pinched my nipples. I reached around and grabbed her ass.

“Fucking lesbian!” Mike said. “No wonder she wasn’t interested in me.”

“Not a fucking lesbian,” I said to him.

“Neither am I,” Sandy said

We both stared at each other and what followed was a mash of bodies as we quickly undressed each other in front of the men. She promptly went to the floor as she began to lick and suck on my soaking pussy.

I could tell the guys were hard as they watched. “Are you just going to stand there? Or one of you going to give me a dick to suck?” I cooed as I leaned back on the couch.

Eric was the first one. His dick was below average and was nothing to get excited over. Thomas was on his knees behind Sandy, his dick buried inside her. I could feel her panting on my pussy as he fucked her. Joe just stood there.

“Just call her down here,” I said as I sucked on Eric’s dick.

Joe called for Martha. She slowly peaked her head down the stairs. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Joe quickly pulled her down the stairs. She knelt to the floor, immediately knowing what he wanted from her.

Within moments she was bobbing her head back and forth on his dick. Mike pulled on my body so that I was no longer in a position for Sandy to continue her actions between my legs. He positioned his cock at the entrance of my pussy and pushed himself forward.

“About time,” I looked at him.

Eric took this opportunity to straddle my face. He face fucked me with his dick. I heard moaning from Martha, which meant Joe must have started to fuck her too.

The rest of the night went by in a blur of bodies. At one moment, I saw Martha being fucked by both Eric and Joe. Sandy and I had many encounters. Before I finally fell asleep, Martha and I had our own Sixty-Nine encounter, which was better than anything the guys had done.

The morning light came in through the windows, waking me up. Sandy and I were the first to wake up. We casually smiled at each other then we both woke Martha up. Slowly and quietly, we gathered up our things and left the house.

“Time to go home and have some fun of our own,” Sandy smiled.

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