Chronicles of Being a House Slave Day 03


A few minutes later, Diane returned to the room in the exact same outfit as she wore this morning. A set of lingerie with holes cut out for her nipples and crotch, with her nipples still clamped and linked by a chain. She walked up to Holly and patted her pussy.

“Alright slut, ready to meet your fellow slaves for lunch?” she asked.

“Yes, Mistress.” Holly replied submissively, still traumatized from Diane pinching her nipples in the morning.

“Good, I trust that you’ve learn the first lessons of serving any guests from our Master, am I right?”

“Yes, Mistress.” she replied again, not knowing how else to respond.

“Well, lunch will be no different. Your lessons will continue and this time, you will learn the lessons of sexual discipline and how to use pain to control your shameful, slutty desires. Now, take off your clothes. You don’t get to wear any clothes during lunch.”

Holly obediently stripped off the her panties, which was the only clothing she had left on her, although she didn’t see the point of it anymore. At this point, her pussy and tits have been groped and abused so many times that she almost didn’t care if anyone see her intimate parts anymore, at least not in this building.

Once Holly was bare naked again, Diane spoke. “Now, since it’s your first day, I’ll brief you on what you can expect. Everyday from 12 to 3 pm, there is a house rule that no slaves are allowed to orgasm in this building. Anyone who cums will get punished. That being said, you may still be sexually stimulated during this period and it is your responsibility to learn how to refrain from having an orgasm unless given direct permission. Every time you feel like you can’t hold it in anymore, you have the option of submitting yourself to a light punishment in exchange for a short break. Today’s punishment’s theme are nipple clamps and pussy spanks. You’ll get a 5 minute break each time you volunteer your pussy to be spanked or your nipples to be clamped. Any questions?”

Holly shook her head.

“Good, then let’s clamp up these cuties.”

Diane held up a pair of clamps similar to the clamps that she had on her own nipples and look at Holly expectantly. Holly had never tried wearing nipple clamps, despite her customers repeatedly offering her a hefty pile of cash for an opportunity to put it on her during her job at the strip club. She had always have sensitive nipples and though she enjoyed getting them teased occasionally, she had often preferred fore play on her clit.

Holly stood in front of Diane awkwardly as Diane flick her nipples to make them hard.

“Don’t worry, it’s not going to hurt too much. You’ll get used to it.” Diane told her as she gently release one side of the clamp on Holly’s left nipple. Holly winced but there was no sharp pain as she had expected, just a dull constant pressure.

After making sure that it will not fall off, Diane put on the second clamp on Holly’s other nipple and gave the chain connecting both clamps a firm tug. Holly yelped in pain, which cause Diane to give it another firm tug as Diane use her other hand to stroke her sensitive nipple.

“Get used to it. With sensitive nipples like yours, the guest are going to enjoy playing with them a lot and they won’t appreciate it if you’re going to scream like a spoiled brat every time they play with your tits. Now, come along and be quiet.”

Diane keep a firm hold on the chain of her clamps and led her off to another smaller room down the corridor that she had entered from earlier in the morning.

Entering the room, Holly saw that three other naked girls were already standing in line, waiting for them. She recognized Tara, the brunette girl that was punished and forced to lick her pussy earlier. Two other girls, both blondes, stood next to Tara, equally naked with clamps on their nipples and their pussies bare. In the middle of the room was a low rectangular table with food already lay out and instead of chairs, there were huge contraptions that Holly recognized as some sort of vibrators.

“Get in line and stand with your legs apart.” Diane ordered.

Holly quickly stood in the end of the line as Diane turn around to address them.

“Alright, slaves. We have a new slave joining us today for the week so I’ll be busy training her. I expect all of you to obediently abide by the rules this week. Any disobedience will result in a punishment twice as harsh. Now, you know the lunch drill. As usual, no cumming from now until 3 pm. Today’s toy of the day will be the sybian.” Diane said, gesturing to the huge vibrators.

“And as per the house rules, you get a 5 minute break in exchange for a light punishment. Today’s punishment is either a pussy spank or a nipple tug. After lunch, you will be practicing some partner scenes for the Master’s party tomorrow. Now, open up!”

Holly noticed that the 3 other girls immediate parted their legs and place their hands behind their heads and she quickly followed suit.

Diane picked up a bottle of liquid from a table, squirted some Bostancı Olgun Escort onto her palm and begin liberally applying the lubricant onto Holly’s pussy. She gasped as her pussy immediately felt the cool burn of the menthol flavor lubricant. Diane took her time applying the lubricant, slowly massaging Holly’s clit and making sure every inch of her private parts was properly lubricated. After she was done with Holly’s pussy, she then continue to apply some lubricant onto Holly’s sensitive nipples, releasing and tightening on the clamps a few times to make them hard again. By the time Diane was done with her, Holly’s pussy and nipples were so sensitive she could feel the sexual tension building inside her.

After giving the other three girls the same treatment, Diane told them that they may now take their seats at the table. Holly had never tried a sybian before but she had always seen girls sitting on it and screaming in ecstasy in her strip club.

“Great, so much for trying on an awesome sex toy for the first time without permission to cum.” Holly thought to herself.

The sybians were basically huge-semi cylindrical vibrators that can be sat on comfortably. A soft silicone pad with many small, flexible nubs on the surface and one slightly longer and thicker protrusion had already been place on the middle of the sybian for her. Hesitantly, she clambered over the sybian and position her pussy right over the silicon pad. Even when it wasn’t turned on, the gentle brush of the silicon nubs on her sensitive pussy was enough to bring her close to an orgasm. Just as she was about to impale herself on the dildo-shaped protrusion, Diane came around and held her by her nipple clamps.

“Not so fast, slut. Those are not meant to go in your cunt. They are suppose to vibrate against your clit. You will get cocks when the time comes.”

Her cheeks burning with embarrassment, Holly quickly corrected her position so that the tip of the dildo was just resting slightly on her clit. Although it doesn’t look like it, this position was far more stimulating as the dildo ended up exposing the folds of her sex protecting her clit, leaving her sensitive, pink clit exposed.

Once all four girls were seated, Diane sat at the head of the table and announced, “Alright, sluts. You may enjoy your lunch.”

Holly barely had time to pick up her fork when the sybian came to life and started vibrating gently against her pussy. All four girls gasped collectively as each of them felt the forced sensation of pleasure coursing through their bodies. Holly tried focusing on her food in front of her but the constant vibration on her already sensitive sex was too difficult to ignore. By the grimaces and looks on the other girls’ faces, Holly guessed that they weren’t having it easy either.

Holly was sorely tempted to just have her orgasm but she didn’t trust herself to cum quietly, not with Diane watching them carefully. She tried moving herself away from the vibrating dildo but that immediately intensified the sensations she was feeling. It didn’t help that that her breasts had no support and every tiny movement sent her breasts shaking, causing the nipple clamps to send a tiny jolts of pleasure to her nipples.

“At this rate, I won’t be able to last for an hour.” Holly thought to herself.

One of the other blonde girl was the first one who gave up. Abruptly, she stood up from her sybian, gasping with exhaustion.

“I need a break, Mistress.” she said.

“Already?” Diane snickered. “Alright, so what will it be? Pussy spanks or nipple clamps?”

The blonde girl hesitated.

“Don’t try to cheat, slut. You either decide now or sit back down on that sybian.” Diane said and gave the girl’s nipple clamps a firm tug.

The girl yelp in pain and quickly gasped. “Pussy, please spank my pussy, Mistress.”

“That’s more like it. Spread your legs open.” Diane ordered her as she pick up a flogger with a plastic pedal at the end and tease the girl’s pink pussy lips with it.

“Please, Mistress. I can’t take anymore teasing” the blonde begged as Diane used the edge of the flogger to rub her clit.

“Tell me, why do you deserve this punishment?”

“I deserve this punishment because I’m a slut and I can’t control my orgasms, Mistress.”

“Perfect, now open wide. I’ll give you five spanks for five minutes off the sybian.”

Holly watch in disbelief as Diane spank the poor girl’s sensitive pussy five times before turning off the sybian underneath her. The relief on the blonde girl’s face was clear as she sat down and took the opportunity to quickly gobble down some food.

Holly was having an equally hard time controlling her own orgasm herself. She look down and realized that the silicon pad was already slick with her juices. She was contemplating her choice of punishment when Tara suddenly stood up and ask for a punishment.

This time, Tara was quick to decide on her punishment and asked for her nipple clamps to be tugged on. After making Bostancı Sarışın Escort a few crude remarks meant to humiliate her, Diane mercilessly tugged on her nipple clamps until Tara’s tits were fully stretched and made her count to 30. Tara count out loud obediently as she stood shaking from her close encounter with her orgasm. When the 30 second was over, Diane released the clamps from Tara’s nipple to give them a couple of flicks before putting them back on. Holly could see that Tara was on the verge of tears but feeling helpless, she kept quiet and tried to focus on ignoring the pleasant sensation building up in her.

Holly barely lasted for another five minutes when she felt orgasm coming. She knew that it was pointless to fight it. With her pussy already so sensitive and the cool burning sensation of the lube on her clit, it was an all new level of assault on her senses. Before it was too late to stop herself, Holly quickly stood up and asked for a break in exchange for a punishment.

“Mistress, can I please have my punishment?” Holly gasped breathlessly.

“Of course, slut. Which punishment do you want?”

Holly didn’t dare contemplate for too long. She was scared to have her pussy spanked but at the same time, her nipple were really, really sensitive. With a thrill of exhilaration, she quickly blurted out her decision before she could change her mind.

“Pussy spanks, Mistress.”

“Good choice, slut. I guess your pussy does deserve some punishment for being so slutty, doesn’t it?”

Holly didn’t answer that, knowing that the comment was meant to make herself admit she was a slut.

“I ask you a question and you answer me, slut!” Diane said sternly, earning her a firm pinch on her clit.

Holly yelp in surprise. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Yes, Mistress what?” Diane asked, now pinching her nipple.

“Yes, Mistress, my pussy deserve some punishment for being so slutty.”

Smiling in satisfaction, Diane said. “Good, now spread those lips for me. I want direct access to your clit.”

Holly reluctantly spread her pussy lips apart using her fingers, exposing her pink protruding clit to everyone at the table. Telling her to count out loud, Diane landed five firm spanks on her pussy using the paddle, giving Holly’s clit a good rub each time after she spank it. By the time Diane was done, Holly’s pussy was throbbing slightly with the pain, but she was more aroused than ever. Glad that her sybian was turned off for the moment, she quickly sat down and quietly eat her lunch. The next five minutes passed by quickly without event. In fact, the time past so fast that Holly jumped in surprise when the sybian suddenly started vibrating under her again.

Holly squirmed as she struggle not to move too much but the sybian was so slick with her juices that the minute vibrations were creating sensations much more intense than usual. She glanced at the clock and saw that she had ten minutes more until lunch break is over, which meant she had to withstand another ten minutes of long agonizing torture. Just as she was about to give up and offer herself for another punishment again, the other remaining blonde girl gave up as well and stood up.

The girl stood up, shaking unsteadily as she pressed her pussy. It was clear that she got herself a little to close to cumming as Holly could see the girl physically struggling not touch herself.

Diane raised her eyebrows expectantly at the girl, waiting for her to speak.

“Mistress, please punish me. Take my nipples.”

“That was a unusually quick decision, slut. What’s wrong? You don’t like me playing with your pussy?” Diane teased as she brought the paddle up to her pussy for a gentle slap.

“No, please. Not now.”

The girl tried to cover up her pussy but wasn’t quick enough for Diane’s paddle. She moaned in reluctant pleasure as Diane held the girl’s hand away away from her pussy and kept patting the girl’s sensitive clit with the paddle. After a few more slaps from Diane, the girl scream in ecstasy as she let her pleasure overcome her restrains and orgasmed.

“Oh you’re such a slut!”, Diane said.

Dropping the paddle on the floor, Diane rubbed the girl’s clit roughly as she kept the girl’s legs wide apart, making sure that everyone could see the drops of cum dripping down her thighs.

Taking advantage of the situation, Holly quietly lifted herself up from her own sybian to relieve herself. As discreetly as she could, she raise her body up just high enough so that the vibrator was no longer in contact with her pussy. She felt her thigh muscles burn as she held the position and kept an eye out for anyone who might catch her cheating. Fortunately for her, the blonde girl that Diane was humiliating was sobbing and begging so loudly that none of the other girl’s bothered looking at her.

When the blonde girl finally stopped cumming, Holly have had enough time to cool herself off and quietly sat down on the vibrating sybian again, muffling her gasp with a fake cough Bostancı Şişman Escort as the silicone pad vibrated against her clit. She glanced at the time an saw that their lunch break was over and the machines were supposed to be turned off by now, but Diane wasn’t finished with the girl.

Rolling the poor girl’s sensitive nipples between her fingers, Diane asked the girl.

“Well, well, do you care to explain what just happen slut?”

“I’m really sorry Mistress, I couldn’t hold it in. My pussy was already sensitive when you started rubbing it. and I -“

Diane cut her sentence midway. “I asked you what happen, not explain yourself. Answer my question, slave.”

“I had an orgasm, Mistress.” the girl replied timidly.

“And what was the rule of the day?”

“No cumming until 3 pm, Mistress.”

“That’s right, you knew you were not supposed to cum until 3 pm. Yet, you still came right in front of me and didn’t even bother asking for my permission. What a slut! Now, I suppose I have to make an example out of you. How should I punish you? Oh I know, since you’re such a slut that you can’t even hold in your orgasms in front of others, perhaps you wouldn’t mind if I clamp that juicy pussy wide open for more people to see?”

“No, please, Mistress. I’ll take a pussy spank instead.” the girl begged.

“Be quiet. You’ve lose the luxury of choosing your punishment. I am going to put these clamps on your pussy lips and we are going to spread them wide apart, since you like showing off your orgasms so much.”

Holly watch, partly in fascination and partly in fear, as Diane unclasp one if the clamps from the girl’s right nipple and carefully spread the girl’s pussy lips apart and clamped it on the girl’s labia with the free end of the clamp. Since the chain linking the two clamps was short and originally meant to connect between her two nipples, the effect was now a taut chain with her nipple tugged down and her pussy lips tugged up. Diane took another clamp and did the same to her other nipple and pussy lip, leaving the blonde girl’s pussy spread wide open.

“There, you should be happy now. Everyone here can have a clear view of that slutty pussy when you cum. I think it will be quite a sight, don’t you think? Watching that pussy squirt with those clamps on. I bet you’ll even squirt easier now that your that clit is so exposed. Right?”

“No no no, please don’t do that to me. I won’t cum without permission again.” the girl pleaded as Diane tickled her clit.

“Oh, that rule doesn’t apply to you now. I’ll have a new rule for you. You’ll have to cum at least once every hour for the rest of the day or whenever someone orders you to cum. Now, keep your mouth shut before I give you another punishments. Sit back down!”

The girl reluctantly sat down on her on her still vibrating Sybian again. Fortunately, Diane seemed to be done with torturing them. After watching the girl squirmed for a bit on the sybian, she turned all of their sybians off. Holly sighed in relief as the vibrator slowed to a stop underneath her.

“Alright, time’s up, sluts! Let Lexi’s punishment be a lesson to all of you. Now, go do your dishes and at 2.30 pm, you may go clean up yourselves in your quarters. I will meet all of you back here at 3 pm sharp to begin your training.”

Holly stood up and noticed that the 3 other girls also stood up almost immediately, eager to get away from the sybians. She also noticed that every single one of them were wet and had streaks of juices flowing dripping down their thighs. It seemed like no one was immune to the sybians after all.

Since she was the first to stand up, she went to the sink and started doing her own dishes first as the other girls lined up behind her. Halfway through scrubbing her dish, she heard another gasp followed by a yelp of pain behind her.

“Now, now, there’s no need to make such a big fuss and frighten your friends”, she heard Diane’s voice speaking.

A similar gasp of surprise followed and Holly noted that it came from directly behind her. Not daring to turn around to look, Holly focused on washing up her plate so that she could use it as an excuse to turn around and see what’s going on.

Before she could even finish rinsing her plate, Diane appear behind her and grabbed her bare breasts with both her hands. Squeezing them firmly, she move her fingers toward the tip of her nipples and release the clamps that Holly had almost forgotten about. A sharp tingle and a wave of pleasure immediately washed through her as a similar reluctant gasp escape through her mouth.

“Don’t worry, I can assure you that you’ll be wearing these soon again”, Diane told her as she gave Holly’s nipples another flick before walking off.

Once she was done, Holly stood by the side as she wait for the other 3 girls to wash up their own dishes. After everyone had finished, Diane made all of them stand in a single file before leading them back to their rooms again. This time, Holly noticed that there were only 4 rooms in this corridor, with each room being assigned to one girl.

“Alright, you have half an hour to clean yourselves up. Wash all that cum away and we will tease them out of you again soon. Be at the dining room at 3 pm. If anyone is late, each and everyone of you will be getting a slap on the pussy from me.”