Chronicles of Footer Ch. 03

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It was our first in long time going on a long vacation trip and first time ever to South America. Most other years we had gone to skii resorts during my winter break. I felt more excited about lying on the sunny beach, sipping a cocktail while peeking at beauties in bikinis instead of waiting in lift lines or walking in incredibly uncomfortable ski boots. All the naked feet I was going to see was a big factor in this.

The resort hotel was amazing and huge, with over thousand rooms, four large pools one being big enough for gondolas, pristine beaches, blue sky, crystal clear water, luscious green tropical plants all around, and servers running around everywhere. Rooms were top notch with carefully chosen velvet curtains, bamboo floor, huge beds in each of the bedrooms, artworks of local artists such as an impressionist painting of women dancing to flamingo and a photograph of the Caño Cristales, a luxury mahagony desk with a large black office chair, an amazingly comfortable sofa facing a 60″ TV, a solid wood dining table with a tropical fruit-like yellow pendant light over it, a bathroom that could be its own room..

Everything seemed perfect, except that one little-big problem! Since we entered the room yesterday the toilet flush was not working. My mom had called the front desk over and over but nothing had been done. My mom, being extremely irritated by the situation, wanted to go out on excursions into the city the next day. She asked me to stay behind and take care of the situation before they returned at night. I happily accepted the duty as it meant freedom. They left after a pleasant breakfast from a big buffet at the dining hall. After relaxing on the super comfy sofas in the lobby for few minutes I went to the front desk to ask for help.

There were two women and one man at the front desk. They were exceptionally curteous and welcoming with big smiles. The two girls were cute. One was tall and had shiny long black hair and the other one shorter with shorter hair that was tied to a small pony tail behind. I read their name tags while the man was checking the availability of the repair guy on his computer. Apprently they were Miguel, Silvia, and Vanessa. After a moment he told they would send someone out soon. I thanked them and went to the suite.

In tye next two hours I played games on my phone, watched some tv, and took some nap. Nobody showed up or called. I decided to make a phone call to front desk. I had to resolve this if I didn’t want to be scolded by mom. Miguel picked up. He apologized for the wait and asked that I be patient. The repair guy had unusually many jobs today. I thanked him and went back to surfing on my phone. I spent some time in foot fetish sites to twarth boredom.

Two more hours passed, which I realized because I started getting hungry. I called the front desk again. Miguel picked up again. He said “Almost there amigo. He is finishing up another job. I will send you lunch.” Well, with the bribe of lunch I did not argue further. I hung up and waited. In half an hour the door knocked and a man said “launch ees hiir senior”. I opened the door and gave the middle-aged bald man a $5 bill. He genuinely thanked me and retreated.

The meal was saucy and delicious. There were some tropical fruits as dessert. I did not make any phone calls for another 3 hours. However, I was getting nervous. At five in the evening I decided to go to front desk again. This time I was going to look impatient and irritated.

At the front desk was another crew consisting of two men and a woman. They seemed to be a quieter crew than the one in the morning. Coincidence? I headed towards one of the men. Just as I approached the desk, a medium height woman came out from a door behind them. She had dirty blonde hair with small ripples, small brown eyes that looked energetic, a medium nose pointing slightly down befitting a talkative woman, full lips that looked friendly, and an outfit consisting of a navy jacket on a white blouse and beige business skirts. She hurriedly told something in Spanish to the lady and did not give me any attention while I started talking to the guy. I explained that I had been waiting for several hours in most irritated tone I could manage but my eyes were busy reading the nametag of the lady, which said “Jackie (Manager)”.

The ladies’ conversation ended before ours and Jackie (or Miss Jackie as I would be calling her very soon) turned her attention to our conversation probably due to my heated tone, which in retrospect I suspect I may have subconsciously spiced up for attracting her attention. “What is the matter here?” she asked with a bossy tone. I am a slow talker and I usually blush when facing a social lady and therefore couldn’t respond immediately.

“This gentleman says he has been waiting since morning for his toilet flush to be fixed,” said the man.

Without any sign of being apologetic, Miss Jackie asked “What is your room number?”

I told her my room Bayan Eskort number feeling patronized. Abrubtly she said, “Let’s go take a look!” She went around the counter and came out from the right side upon which I saw that she had beige pumps on with, apparently, no socks.

Without saying much she walked couple paces in front of me. I got to watch her very round and attractive buttocks move up and down as we walked to the elevator. In the elevator she pressed 3 and didn’t say much as we went up. I looked down so as not to amplify the awkward silence. Few second before the elevator came to stop, the calmness was interrupted by her popping her heel out of her shoe for a few seconds. I wished we were in there long enough for me to smell the released vapor but we exited the elevator right afterwards.

We walked towards our room at the end of the hallway. She had brisk, confident steps like a true professional. Mid-way she suddenly stopped and said, “Wait one minute.” She took out a key from her pocket and opened a numberless door next to us. It was a storage closet with all kinds of cleaning equipment. She pointed to a blue bucket. “Take that one,” she said. I took it and we continued our way.

We arrived at our room. She opened the door with her manager card. We went into the bathroom. It was stinky with poo that hadn’t been flushed for a whole day. Miss Jackie put her elbow on her nose and stepped away from the toilet. With muffled sound she said, “Open the lid”. I did and she turned her eyes away with disgust. Now I was embarassed. “I am sorry,” I said.

She pointed to the bathtub with her other hand. “Fill the bucket and flush it,” was all she could say before fleeing to the entreé of the room. I followed her orders and flushed the toilet. She was not coming back in to the restroom so I stepped outside. She was waiting at the edge of the living room. After I stood in front of her she started talking like a coach, “Okay so you keep the bucket and flush the toilet with it for now. I will get Romeo to fix it after he is done with the other jobs.”

After delivering this order she looked around. I wondered if she was looking for other problems but instead she said, “Can I take a seat on that chair for a moment?”, pointing to the office chair. “My feet are killing me. I have been walking around since eight,” she added.

“Sure,” I replied trying not to have my voice tremble with excitement. She slowly walked to the chair, turned around and lowered herself on it gently. Now her movements were slow, like she changed to another mode. At the moment she sat she gave a sigh of relief, then, slowly, she reached over to the footstool next to the desk, pulled it and put her feet with shoes on top of it. Her arms rested on the armrests as she leaned back to get more comfortable and then she combed her hair with her hands like in a shower, collected her hair on one side, and pulled them gently. Her moves looked coquetish but she was completely ignoring me. She seemed enjoying the short break.

Of course she knew that I was watching her every move and after a couple of minutes she looked at me like she just noticed my arousal. I wondered what she thought of me. I was probably half her age, which must have been around 36. I felt like a little kid in front of her. “I will take off my shoes if you do not mind,” she said, more as a statement than a question as she proceeded to knock off her left shoe using the right one.

Her shoe fell to the floor with a soft clank. A very pink sole got revealed. The pressure zones on it were prominently marked with darker pink. She waited a moment before taking off her other shoe, during which we both curiously stared at her bare foot as if there were a puzzle to be solved. I had held my breathe the moment her shoe fell off and did not restart breathing until she started pushing the other shoe one off. Now she was facing me along with her two steaming soles right out of her shoes and slowly lifted her eyes to meet mine as if saying “And there is the answer to your puzzle.”

A minute later she said something that made me even more shocked, although it did not sound like a direct allusion to what I was feeling at that moment. With a serious face ans tone like a teacher talking to a student she said, “I would really like a foot massage right now. Do you mind?”

I flushed. My heart skipped a beat. I gulped. For ten seconds I could not answer. Then I nervously shook my head in a “No”.

“Good,” she said, “Now go back and lock the door.”

I did as she told and returned promptly. “Now, get down on your knees and crawl to my feet,” she said, with no embarassment or hesitation in her voice. I bent on my trembling knees then got on all four, and slowly crawled towards her. When I was few feet away, their smell reached my nose. It was vinegary, leathery, popcorny, or like stinky cheese, or something more delicious. As I approached the scent intensified and when I was Anadolu Yakası Escort two feet away it was already stronger than sticking my nose into a bag of Cheetoes. I stopped at that point and waited on my knees for her next command, which came shortly after.

“Now, kiss my soles.”

I was bewildered after hearing this. I looked towards her eyes like asking “For real?” and they answered sternly with a piercing look. I got the message and approached her left foot first. As I brought my lips to the middle of her sole I felt rising steam of sweat hitting my face. My lips touched her soft sole first. Her sole was very sweaty. I pressed my lips to her sole and kissed. At that moment I inhaled from my nose and the odor was incredible! After the first kiss I leaned back submissively.

Miss Jackie now looked with amused eyes, knowing what I inhaled. “Go on, kiss the other one too,” she said with a smile. I then approached the other one and this time took a deeper sniff of the stink of her sole. I finished planting the kiss and leaned back again. Miss Jackie was now positively smiling.

“Okay, now start your massage,” she said.

I took her right foot in my hand and started doing thumb rolls on the heel. Her sole still felt hot from being in shoes. “No, no, no,” she said, adding “use your tongue,” slowly pronouncing each word.

I felt lightheaded, butterflies in my stomach. At the same time, my mouth watered. I slowly leaned forward, took out my tongue, and pressed it against her right heel. It was very salty. Her skin was hot against my wet tongue. I started sliding my tonge up from her heel to her toes slowly. Steadily my tongue collected the juice on its path and eventually my nose arrived at the place under her toes. During first slurp I did not inhale at that point. I reset back to the heel and slurped again. Second time the timing was slightly off but I did inhale some

odor. At the third slurp I inhaled from my nose right at her toes. At this, the odor flooded my nostrils with such intensity that I impulsively jerked my head back and look puzzled.

That is when I saw them, peppered between her toes like parmesan cheese, each speck a bomb of scent, and a perfect combination of sweat, skin, and shoe flavor. Her toes had more jam than even my own. She must have noticed how my eyes had opened wide at the delicious sight between her toes as she said, “Your snack is waiting for you. But now you have to finish your job with the soles and heels. Make sure you suck my heels well. That relaxes me the most.”

I blushed with the prospect of having her stinky toes in my mouth vaguely in my mind and went into some kind of hypnosis. Following her order I sticked my tongue out, pressed it against her sweaty sole, and licked vigorously. My tongue was being coated with a creamy mix of her sole, the feeling of which aroused me further. I remembered what she said and took her heel in my mouth. I sucked on her heel like a nursing infant. I swallowed the salty mix that was in my mouth and pressed my mouth hard against her heel to the point where my teeth also pressed against it and I could clearly feel the grooves of the pattern of her skin and taste what was dissolved from them. I scrubbed my tongue against her heel until my it got numb. I felt like a pumice stone.

Breathing hard I slowly switched to her other foot and repeated the same moves. The taste was familiar now, but something told me the taste of between her toes was going to be different. As I licked and suckled her sole and heel, Miss Jackie had been silent. I took a peek at her and saw that she had leaned her head back and close her eyes, apparently in relaxation. In anticipation of her next order, I got distracted and slowed down on the licking. She felt my slowdown and raised her head.

“Okay, that is enough,” she said. “Now it is time for your treat.”

I knew what that meant and I trembled with anticipation. “Now slowly come up to my toes and sniff them well,” Miss Jackie said.

I brougth my nose under her toes once again and this time took short deep sniffs. The stink was very intense. I took longer and longer inhales as I moved my nose between the toes. I could only imagine how the taste would be.

“Yes lucky boy, you are now going to taste that delight. Now slowly stick your tongue out and touch between my big toe and next,” she said.

I did as she told and as soon as my tongue touched I felt the stickiness, then I tasted salty, and right after that I tasted sour. This was only the beginning. “Good. Now that you got a sample of my delicacy, take out your tongue big and slurp where your tongue is,” she said.

I slurped and I felt like Iicked seasoning salt. There was so much flavor between her toes, it was amazing. The intensity made my eyes close. I was mesmerized.

“Now suck my big toe clean,” she said.

I opened my lips and inserted her big toe in. I started sucking it, my tongue feeling Pendik Escort the smooth silky skin under it. I sucked it like a lolipop. Flavor filled my mouth.

“It gets even tastier towards the small toe,” she said, “now lick the next row and suck the next toe.”

I licked between the second and third toes. As she said, the flavor was more intense. I felt like I ate a whole bag of cheetoes. Her flavor diffused into my mouth and impregnated it. Toejams dissolved on my tongue and coated it. I suck my tongue clean and swallowed it. I felt like I was being fucked by her toes.

“Now the next one,” she said.

I licked between the third and fourth toes and suckled on the third one. Now I could taste her all the way at the back of my tongue. I felt my mouth was completely conquered by her toejam.

“Here comes the best one, do the last row and suck the last two toes,” she said.

I licked between her fourth and pinky toes. I immediatly felt the weight of residue that covered my tongue. There was a lot there! Now the flavor reached and burned my throat. Now I felt my body was being conquered completely. I was still in trans and sucked on her toes with my eyes closed. “Suck them again, suck them well. Get dirt out from under my nails,” she said. I did it. I sucked until my tongue ached and my throat irritated. I was so bewitched by her that I would do anything for her.

“Now repeat for next foot,” she said.

I did it and the flavor went into my brain. I was now swimming in that cheetoes flavor. I sucked the toes of her other foot one by one just like the former.

Miss Jackie gave a relaxed sigh and said, “That was good. I will reward you by fucking your mouth.”

I didn’t think what that meant but followed her orders as she made me lie on my back and put a pillow under my neck. She then stood behind my head and lifted her foot up. “Open as wide as you can,” she said.

I opened wide and she inserted her foot in. At first my tongue pushed against it, then my tongue got squeezed between my lower teeth and top of her foot, and finally it got squeezed out of my mouth like the tongue of a shoe. I breathed from my nose as she pushed her foot deep in. The feeling of her skin pressing and sliding against the walls of my mouth was amazing. It was like getting fucked by a giant, very strong cock. But this cock belonged to a woman, a woman the age of my aunt. She was fucking my mouth.

She pushed it in hard. I first felt the nail of her big toe reach my throat, then the rest of her big toe, and when it touched the back of my throat I gagged. As I gagged, my throat muscles wrapped around her toe like trying to become a sock for her. She paused for the gag to stop and then continued.

That’s when I heard her moan. She was enjoying it too. I suspected she could do something crazy with s moment’s arousal, like pushing her entire leg into my mouth or suffocating me. This thought thrilled me and the thrill aroused me. I was like on an interstellar trip. I was about to reach another sun.

She continued to push and once again I felt her big toe’s tip and the rest. This time I did not gag. Her other toes arrived too. My mouth was stuffed and expanded with her foot. She must be feeling the pressure and apparently that aroused her.

She pushed once again hard. Her toes pressed against the back of my tongue. I loved how she treated me like a shoe indifferent to the pain or discomfort I might be experiencing.

My breathes started to whizzle. It was strange hearing my own breathing change sound. It felt like I was someone else. The whizzing increased and increased as the pressure against the back of my throat increased. She gave one more strong push. All of a sudden I felt like in space, floating in front of another star. My breathing was cut off. My mind became very clear suddenly. We were both enjoying this.

She kept her foot like that for a minute. I held my breathe for that time. The first half minute was heavenly. The next half minute was also heavenly except that my body rightfully started to protest. My lungs started to burn, my eye sight darkened, and that followed by a headache. I instinctively held her ankle and pushed her foot away. She pulled her foot out.

“Masturbate,” she said bluntly.

I took down my pants and masturbated while she sat on the office chair with her foot on my face and her hand reaching under her skirt. We both came at the same time. We lay like that for ten minutes. I was too exhausted to move. After ten minutes I was able to look at her upside down. I saw her looking at me with one eye. When she saw me look she smiled lazily. She put her hands on her knees and bent forward. I wondered what she wad doing when I saw her moving her closed lips right above my face.

Soon she made her lips into a kiss and out from between them came out a big drop of saliva. She aimed it to my lips and let it drop. My lips were covered with her saliva. “Open your mouth and lick it,” she said. I did. Then she cleared her throat and produced another bigger one and dropped it right into my mouth. Then she laughed and said, “This much fun enough for today. Get back to work. You will help me clean bathrooms while staying here right? Yes? Good boy.”

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