Cindy Ch. 07

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Cindy part 7: The Work Goes On.

In the next three weeks, I had only gotten to fuck mum about four or five times and Claire practically everynight. In those times mum let both of us sleep her bed, Claire and I both making love to her. The other nights, mum was to exhausted from the heavy work load she had taken on at the office where she worked to gain extra money doing overtime. Mum and Claire had both told me of the times they had come into my room and suck me off. Claire even showed me the tape she had in her room of the only time she had recorded her late night cock sucking session with me, you could even see mum’s shadow in the back ground watching.

Marge had come around two more times. Once when I had just finishing fucking Claire up the ass over the table and the other time I was doing my school homework assignments. Each time I had Claire taping my fuck session with Marge and paid me the six hundred for fucking her twice on each session. With each session ending in Marge swallowing my load of cum in a glass of wine. I naturally gave Claire a hundred dollars for being my camera girl and fucked her straight after Marge had kissed us both goodbye. Each time Claire had managed to get two step up the stairs before I had her skirt or jeans around her ankles and was fucking her doggie style up the ass or in the pussy.

When Claire had her period, her ass became my favorite spot. A few times I chased her around the back yard which ended up with her begging me to take it easy on her ass as I fucked her against a massive big pine tree we have in our backyard.

I really hadn’t thought about Cindy since I was having to much fun fucking mum and Claire until one day when she finally did ring us. Calire had answered it as I had just finished filling her ass with a load of cum and was poking it at her mouth as she was trying to speak.

“Yeah Cindy…….ah-ha….yep…..what do you mean “what am I doing”…..nope….ah-ha……mmmmmm……sucking on my brother’s cock okay” Claire said as she sucked and licked at my cock.

“Come on around……..look he’ll be gone in about two minutes….if you want, you can come around and we’ll talk okay…..yeah see you soon….yep…love you too…bye” Claire said licking the rest of my cum my cock.

“What wrong with her” I asked feeling was going on between Cindy and my sister.

“For your ears only, Cindy and I have been lover ever since 9th grade, with the occasional fling with Rhonda but always with Cindy….she’s been thinking of you alot lately with help from me of course” Claire said sitting opposite me at the table.

“Okay, why has she been thinking of mealot lately sis” I asked feeling there was another secret that was being kept from me.

“Look it’s been great having you fucking me every second of the day and you know I’ll never say no to you but…..”.


“Ryan my ass and my pussy are sore, you maybe able to take it but I need a rest, Cindy and I have never had this much sex in a whole month with what you and I have had in a whole day, yesterday you fucked me four times in my cunt and twice up my ass, day before that, you fucked me three times in my cunt and six times in the ass…..I love you very much so don’t get me wrong…’s just I need to rest, I can’t keep having you fuck me stupid and keep Cindy as my lesbian lover” Claire said holding my hand to see if I had gotten her meaning.

“You want me to slow down on you so you can have enough energy to make love to Cindy….right” I said hoping that was what she was meaning.

“Yes, Cindy and I haven’t made love in two weeks because everytime I go over there I fall asleep on her, she’s starting to ask me if I don’t love her anymore and if there was another girl…..look Ryan, who two are the best that’s ever happened to me, you know how I feel about my geek and the freak in his pants, I love you both but I love Cindy too”.

“She doesn’t know about us and our family secret, does she”.

“No…I did want to tell her that I wanted a man to join our lesbian lifestyle, just to satisfy the other half of my sexual craving, until…..I found out from her what you had done at the school prom…..that’s when…..”.

“When you let me fuck you, I didn’t rape you because that’s what you wanted me to do…..right”.


“And now you want me to fuck Cindy as well….is that correct sis” I asked finally falling over the plans she had set out.

I didn’t know what to think, I was always in control of my life, now for the last three or four weeks, both mum and Claire have had plans for me and to my financial relief, Marge as well. Since my last fuck with her I have had another woman ringing me up to make an appointment, which was next week Saturday when her husband wasn’t home.

“What will her sister think…..have you planned for me to fuck her Muğla Escort as well” I said feeling a little jealousy creeping in.

“Hell no….she hates you, everyone knows that….she hates men period, it’s not your fault” Claire said seeing the hurt I felt for someone as beautiful as Rhonda.

“I even had to stop her from coming over here, just as well you were out probaly collecting your video gear from school when she did get by me and Cindy or she would of really killed you”.


“Because she heard Cindy tell me of what you did, from fucking her pussy to cumming in her ass and of the gentlemenly thing of helping her dress afterwards……look, Cindy likes you more than anything, I know that…..she use to talk about you whenever she saw you… I know the way you looked at her when she came over last…..get a good flash of her g-string knickers… me…..look she be over any minute, I’ll tell your out and won’t be long, you walk in on us making love and you can fuck us both, then she’ll be both of ours” Claire said breaking down my urge to say “no, that I only wanted her and mum as my sex slaves.

I had wanted Cindy from the first time I had seen her and her pom poms at school but knew that her being a cheerleader and me being a geek, it would never work out. I suppose being obsessed with her her and her beautiful body made me think of the plan to put lime juice in the refreshment bowl at the school prom, making everyone who drank it want to go to the toilet. That’s how i got my chance to fuck her. And my sister was right, I had waited till everyone went home before going back to school to collect the video cameras I had planted around the wooded area of the gym. I had some really good shots of Cindy ass, tits and pussy and one good shot of her face as my cock slid up her ass.

“Okay but I want this down on tape” I said knowing this would go good with the other tape of Cindy.

“I thought you were going to say that….I would of suggested myself” Claire said smiling.

Claire and I set up the camera’s we need in her bedroom and in the toilet. She wanted to make sure was horny as hell and craving for sexual release when it came my turn to fuck her.

The stage set, just in the nick of time. Claire knocked on the door and my sister let her in. I had kept out of sight with my camcorder but in sight to film them both.

“Ryan’s not home is he” Cindy asked after Claire had pulled her through the door and started to kiss her deeply on the mouth.

“No, he’ll be back later…..just you and me in a empty house” Claire began to sing as she kissed Cindy repeatedly on th lips.

They both went into kissing each other madly. Something I had never seen two woman do. Claire’s hands were up Cindy’s shirt, massaging her breasts while the other was up Cindy’s skirt and inside her knickers, massaging Cindy’s pussy. Cindy of course was trying to keep us with my sister but couldn’t get her hands anywhere near Claire’s tits or pussy, so she had to be satisfied with holding and squeezing Claire’s ass.

Claire pushed Cindy against the bench and pulled her skirt off, throwing it over her shoulder before pulling Cindy’s knickers off. They also went over my sister’s shoulder before Claire dove face first into Cindy’s pussy. Cindy let out a gasp and held onto my sister’s head, raising one leg off the floor for Claire to have better access to her pussy. I crept around the corner to get a better shot of my sister’s eating pussy and got some close up of Cindy’s face, gasping and squeezing her eyes shut. Claire even moved enough for me to get a good shot of Cindy’s brownish blonde pussy as Claire traced her tongue over Cindy’s swelling clit.

Claire left Cindy panting and wanting more as she led Cindy over to the table and laid her out flat. Cindy’s head thrashed from side to side as my sister attack her pussy again with her tongue.

“Oh god…..oh god….eat me Claire….eat my pussy…..make me cum” Cindy moaned but my sister wasn’t going to let her.

Claire waved her arm in my direction to move before grabbing Cindy hands and pulled her off the table and led her into the lounge where she tore off Cindy’s shirt and bra before pushing Cindy onto the couch. Claire then proceeded to do a slow striptease for Cindy. You could tell Cindy was burning with lust and desire for my sister and when Claire moved her naked pussy up to Clindy’s face, she dove for it. Claire had to grab Cindy’s head and keep control of her as Cindy tried to force her face between my sister’s legs.

“Claire….please….please let me eat your pussy…..please” Cindy whined trying to pull my sister’s hot pussy towards her face.

“Patience honey, patience” Claire said letting the tip of Cindy’s tongue glide slowly up and down the inside of my sister’s pussy.

“That’s it Cindy, nice and slow my baby, Muğla Escort Bayan nice and slow….yes run your tongue over my clit…..that’s the way…..uuuhhh yes….give it a suck…..oh my baby…..feels good” Claire moaned.

I was getting some great shots. Cindy’s tongue licking at my sister’s pussy while two of her finger slid very slowly in and out of her pussy.

“Not yet” Claire said pulling Cindy’s hand of from between her legs when she caught Cindy finger fucking herself.

“Oh please…I want to cum….I need to cum” Cindy moaned as Claire held Cindy’s face in her hands.

What happened next really stunned me. Claire raised her hand and brought in down onto the side of Cindy face with an almight smack. Cindy’s eyes watered but she didn’t move her head once from my sister’s hands.

“Be a good girl or you won’t get pussy” Claire growled rubbing her hand on Cindy’s reddening cheek.

“Yes my love” Cindy sobbed laying her hand to either side of her hips and went back to slowly licking at Claire’s clit and pussy.

My sister let Cindy lick her for another five minutes before she indicated to me that she was heading Cindy towards the stairs. She just gave me enough time to scramper quietly up the stairs and into my room to activate my video remotes. I watched on the screen as Claire led Cindy into the bathroom where she got Cindy into the bath and start to give her a cold shower. You could hear Cindy gasping and jump slightly when the water hit her hot pussy.

“Bloody hell” I said to myself as I watch Claire slowly insert the nozzle of the shower handle into Cindy’s pussy.

Cindy moaned and graon as the water cassaded from her pussy. She even had an orgasm, moaning out loud as Claire pumped the nozzle in and out of her pussy. Claire then bent Cindy over and proceeded to her ass, spraying the water directly onto her asshole before reaching forward and slipping two fingers into Cindy’s ass.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM” Cindy moaned loudly as Claire pumped her fingers in and out of her ass.

“You’ve been a bad girl for coming when you’re meant to, do you know what means don’t slave” Claire said making me a little confused.

“Yes….I couldn’t help it…..Please don’t punish me…..please”Cindy moaned as Claire led her dripping wet body out of the bathroom and into her room.

I switched over cameras and watched Cindy plead with Claire as she was bound to the bottom of Claire’s bed. Claire then opened a bottom draw and pulled out a thick leather strap.

“Oh please….please….I’ll be a good girl….please don’t beat me” Cindy sobbed when she saw Claire raise the belt above her head.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHH” Cindy cried as the first blow came in contact with her ass.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH” Cindy cried again but this time she braced herself for the next downward fall.

“Oooooooohhhhhh…..please…….more……please” Cindy sobbed as tears streamed from her eyes.

The beating she was getting off my sister made me feel sorry for her but also made me horny as hell when she begged Claire for more.

Claire put a chair under Cindy’s body so it stopped her from collapsing, tying her legs and ankles to the side. She then hopped in front of Cindy face and made her lick her pussy while she was still bound to the bed.

“Oh now don’t you feel better my love, all that pent up frustration with that bitch of a sister of yours is all gone now isn’t it” Claire said as she combed her fingers through Cindy’s hair.

That was the que she told me to wait for, so I stripped off my clothes and walked quitly into my sister’s room and stood behind Cindy’s dark reddening ass while she licked and sucked at my sister’s pussy.

“She’s all yours” Claire said putting her legs over Cindy’s shoulders so she couldn’t move her head to see who Claire was talking too.

“Ah….who is it….what’s going on….Claire tell me, who’s there please…….whooooooooo” Cindy moaned as I slipped my cock right into her asshole and thrusting inwards as hard as I could until all my cock was buried in Cindy’s asshole.

“OOOOOOOHHHHHH GEEEEZZZZUUUUUSSSSS” Cindy screamed as I pumped my cock in and out of her unsuspecting ass.

“Suck baby….suck” Claire said pushing Cindy’s face back between her legs.

Claire smiled at me before leaning back on the bed to let Cindy have full access to her pussy with her tongue while I happily pounded away at Cindy’s ass.

Cindy moaned and graoned and even came again, squirting her juices onto my legs. For a slim beautiful girl, Cindy had one hell of an ass. Mum had terrific muscle control in her pussy but Cindy had awesome muscle control in her ass. She would crunch her asscheeks together as I was pulling out and relax them again as I thrusted my cock back in. She even started to push against me and her moan became Escort Muğla louder and louder as another orgasm began to rock through her body. I pulled out of Cindy’s ass and sat back on the chair and watched my sister thrash her head from side to side as Cindy went crazy on her pussy with her mouth.

“Eat me baby, eat me” Claire kept calling out, grabbing handfuls of Cindy’s hair and pushing her harder on to her pussy.

Claire kept of wriggling her pussy and ass in front of my face until I stood up and rammed my cock into her pussy. Cindy let out a loud moan an grunted with each thrust I made into her pussy. We kept going like that for another half hour or so.

Cindy and Claire having orgasm after orgasm while I stopped to rest before I continued fucking Cindy’s ass or pussy. It wasn’t until mum had gotten home that I finally blew my load into Cindy’s ass. Giving her one powerful thrust into her ass as I unload my cum deep in her anal passage.

“So you two have been keeping yourself busy I see” mum said looking at her daughter spread-eagled on the bed while I sat behind Cindy ass on the chair.

“You poor girl” Mum said walking up to Cindy bound naked body and untied her from the chair I sat on and from the bed.

“My goodness child, you look exhausted” mum said looking into Cindy’s eyes and face as she helped her onto the bed next to Claire.

“Mmmmmmm” was all Cindy said as she wrapped her arms around Claire neck and fell asleep. Claire wasn’t to far behind her, dropping off to sleep once she cuddled her naked body next to Cindy’s.

“Grab your gear and let them sleep, you two have woren that poor girl out, you should be ashamed of yourselves” mum whispered as she helped me pick up my camera gear.

“It was all Claire’s idea” I said kissing mum on the lips.

“Cheeky bastard” mum repied when I pushed my hand against her pubic mound.

“Horny bitch” I said when mum grabbed my limp cock, giving it a squeeze when I walked past her.

“Who’s the horny bitch, you’re the one who’s selling his cock for cash” mum said pushing me onto my bed and climbing on top of me.

“At least I’m helping out…ever since you kicked dad out” I said pulling her skirt up so I had a view of the silky white pair of g-string knickers she wore.

“Well… least I still have a cock that keeps me satisfied” mum said lifting my harding cock up to her pussy and slipping it easily in her hot cunt when I pulled the crotch of her knickers aside.

“My cock is always free for you” I moaned as mum impaled herself on my cock.

“Oooooohhhhhh god, how I needed this toady son……fuck….for some reason….. I’ve been as horny as hell……not even a quick banana split didn’t work” mum moaned as she rocked back and forth on my cock.

“What…..banana…..split” I asked pulling mum’s shirt open and pulling her bra over her tits so I could suck on her nipples as she ground her pussy on top of my cock.

“I….used….a…..banana…..from….caroline’s…..lunch….box….and…..fucked…..myself………..the…….toilet” mum moaned as she rode my cock hard and fast.

I couldn’t help but start to laugh as I thought of mum squattering on the toilet, her skirt up around her waist, her knickers around her ankles and her pumping a banana in and out of her pussy.

“What are you laughing about…..oh for christ sakes Ryan…..stop laughing…..I can’t concentrate on cumming if you’re laughing about… and my banana” mum moaned sending me off on another fit of laughter.

“Oh for christ sakes, I give up” mum said grinding her pussy down onto my cock.

“I’m sorry mum……really but just thinking of you and your banana” I said cracking up laughing again.

This time mum had had enough. She got up off me, cock making a slopping noise as It slipped out of her hot pussy. She began to walk toward to the door when I grabbed her and pulled her back onto the bed.

“What…ready to give me what I want nowwwwww” mum moaned when I pulled her knickers to one side again and rammed my cock back inside her hot tigh cunt.

“I’m….always…ready…to…give…you…what…you….want…..mother” I grunted thrusting my cock hard and fast in and out of her pussy.

“Ooooooohhhhhh…..that’s……much……better” mum grunted ramming her pussy back onto my cock meeting my thrust halfway.

Mum and I fucked long and hard, both of us sweating like mad.

“Ooooohhhh….son harder…….please……harder son” mum moaned arching her back up off the bed as I pounded in and out of her pussy.

“OOOOOOOHHHHHH FUCK…….FUCK……FUCK ME SON…..I’M CUMMINGGGGG” mum cried out bucking her hips up and down on the bed, grinding her pussy onto my cock.

“I’m cumming too mum…..I’m cummmmmiiiinnnngggg tttooooo”I moan releasing a flood of cum into her hot pussy.

“Oh cum with me son……cum in me” mum moaned digging her fingernails into my ass, holding me tightly as I blew load after load of cum into mum’s pussy.

Mum and I lay in each others arms for awhile, exploring each others bodies with our hands, brfore getting up for dinner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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