Cindy Reyla and The Ball

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This tale also contains situations of female-on-female incest and readers should be warned accordingly.

Once upon a time, two lovely, very naughty girls were enjoying each other’s favors in bed when they were interrupted unexpectedly.

Cindy Reyla removed her face from between her sister Barbara’s thighs and said “What did you say?”

Her stepmother Cassandra, a truly wicked woman who loved seeing her daughters and stepdaughter enjoying sexual pleasure, said simply “I said, the three of you are going to a Fancy-Dress ball tomorrow.” Cindy adored her stepmother and stepsisters. Cassandra had married Cindy’s father some years earlier and had made his last years very happy. She’d made Cindy’s current years even happier.

Barbara’s green eyes looked up at her lovely mother. “Why the hell are we going to a Fancy-Dress ball and who is throwing it?”

The tall brunette began removing her black cocktail dress and anticipated joining her girls in bed. The sisters smiled joyously at their mom, she still had a fabulous, shapely, sensual figure, one that girls 20 years younger would have been envious of. Or desired, were they so inclined – which both girls were.

“You’re both going to a Fancy-Dress ball to meet a man. It’s being held in his honor. You have heard of Charles Charming?”

Barbara’s eyes sparkled as her mother joined them on the bed. She began sucking on one of her mother’s pink nipples while Cindy sucked on the other. The erotic tableau in the bedroom would have aroused a dead man, the mother-daughter-stepdaughter tryst was one that had been played out in this room many, many times before.

“Isn’t he the man they call the Prince of Wall Street ‘Mom’?” Cindy said with a sensual tone to her voice. She moved her blonde head between her stepmother’s tanned thighs and began licking the sweet cunt she had come to know intimately. There was not a moment of regret in her mind letting Cassandra teach her the arts of sapphic pleasure, she’d been a willing, active pupil who learned her lessons well and was always available for extra lessons.

“Oh, lord Cindy, Barby, that’s so good!” the willowy brunette purred. “Yes darlings, and with your father gone, we need to insure our fortunes. He’s just the kind of man we can use around here! Rich!” Both of the girls laughed, their mom had never been dishonest about the fact she liked to live life with all the pleasures she could grab.

“But Mom, I’m happy with the three of you!” Cindy pouted. “I’m not looking for a husband.”

Cassandra’s eyes narrowed. “My dear girls, I just spent 4 hours in conversation – and 15 minutes fucking — a little turd of an Office Manager to secure you an invitation to this thing. You are going and that is final!”

Barbara and Cindy shrugged and began tasting Cassandra again. “Okay Mom!” both of them responded, enjoying the incestuous pleasures that had made them so happy. “But want about Mandy?” Cassandra smiled and said “Mandy too.”

Mandy was the fourth member of this happy family, a perky little 19-year old who was perpetually horny. She’d only recently begun enjoying the lesbian incest that had begun two days after Cassandra had married Cindy’s father, Robert.

Cassie had seen in Cindy a kindred spirit, a gentle fuck-toy for her and her nasty daughter, Barby. She had not so much as seduced Cindy into their bed as made her an offer that Cindy did not refuse. Barby and Cassandra were already intimate, the first time Cindy saw her stepsister and stepmother in action, she’d creamed her little panties. The two older women kept her in a state of perpetual horniness ever since.

Robert had been a good man, loving and kind, but a dud in bed, Cindy knew. Cassandra’s first husband had been Şirinevler Escort much the same, so Cassandra had trained her young daughter, Barbara, to be her lover and fucktoy. The young girl had taken to it eagerly and at 25, was a member in good standing of the Sisterhood of Sappho. The two of them had trained Cindy, now 23 and a little blonde honey. Auburn-haired Mandy was the latest recruit. No one ever went sexually wanting in this loving household.

Cindy and Barby had been out clubbing, dressed to the 9’s and, as was often the case, had made each other horny. They’d made themselves up, put on their shortest skirts and thongs, and went out dancing. As they moved closer on the floor, they snuck kisses and finally had to leave, fingering each other all the way home.

Upon arriving home, the stepsister’s tumbled into their shared bed and began to lick and lap each other’s pussies. Cindy adored her “wicked” stepsister, she was constantly horny, constantly kinky. At Cindy’s request, Barby had let her long, dark hair grow even longer, it reached down to her ass. Cindy loved to brush her sister’s hair as she played with her body, getting her to a fever-pitch and then she’d eat her cunt until she screamed. Their lingerie and sex-toy collection was huge, they spent almost all their money on sexual devices that wrenched orgasm after orgasm from each other and the rest of the family.

Cindy’s tongue on her tits, Barby’s on her cunt-lips, Cassandra was in lesbo heaven. It was a shame that her late husband was so conservative, how could anyone not enjoy these pleasures? Her body shuddered with the spasms of orgasm her daughters / lovers brought her.

Mandy stood naked in the doorway, arms crossed over her naked breasts, auburn hair falling in ringlets to her shoulders. “You started without me again!” she pouted.

“Sorry punkin” Cindy said to her adorable, petite stepsister. “We couldn’t wait for you, where were you?” She beckoned for the petite teenybopper to join them on the bed.

Mandy padded over to the bed and kissed each one of the trio as she climbed in and joined them. “I was over at Lana’s. She and I finally got it on!” The family smiled at their youngest member. Lana was her older friend, a curvy, raven-haired hottie all of them wanted to fuck. They were all envious that Mandy had gotten her first, but proud of her as well – her first lesbian seduction!

“Good for you baby!” Cassandra said, pulling her daughter’s face into her wet pussy. Cindy moved into Mandy, slurping her. Barby moved into Cindy and then Cassandra completed the daisy chain. It was a long night of sexual kinks that none of them wanted to end. When sleep came, it was blissful and deep, much of it caused by sheer exhaustion.

“So Mom, why aren’t you going to this thing?” Cindy asked her stepmother as she applied the final touches to her makeup. “Barby, stop messing with me! Mom, tell her to stop!” Barbara was caressing her sister’s sexy breasts, kissing her on the neck, behind the ears, driving her to sexual distraction.

“Barbara, I realize your sister looks stunning, but leave her alone or you’ll never get there.” Barby stuck out her tongue in mock defiance to her mother. Her green eyes flashed with delight. “Yeah Mom, why aren’t you going?” Mandy wanted to know.

Cassandra said to her daughter “Don’t stick out that tongue unless you intend to use it.” Both of her girls smiled with delight as Cassandra stood, hand on hips and watched her daughters getting ready. “Because, my adorable loves, two husbands has been enough to convince me that I don’t need another man in my bed. You three and a dildo or two is quite enough.” All three girls giggled.

Cassandra looked at her girls Şirinevler Escort Bayan admiringly. They all looked stunning, she was sure this night was going to be a grand success for all of them.

Blonde Cindy was in a blue silk ball gown, hair up. Her eyes shone with sexual promise. The dress was tight, yet not at all trampy. Underneath, she knew Cindy was wearing stockings and garters, but her pussy watered as she wondered if the girl wore panties. Knowing Cindy, she doubted it.

Dark-haired Barbara wore a black sheath which made her look like a woman on the prowl. Simple silver jewelry accentuated her lovely neck and drew attention to her ample cleavage, her best feature.

Mandy wore a similar cocktail dress to the one her mother had worn the previous evening, only it was silver. She looked, no matter how she was dressed, like a sex-kitten. All three women had nicknamed her “kitten” for that very reason.

The three of them piled into the Mercedes and arrived at the Regency in very short order. The doorman gave them all an appreciative glance as they entered. Cassandra waved them off, told them to have a good time, and drove off to enjoy an evening with her friend, Aurora. Aurora’s husband was away and the two were ready for a good time. He didn’t approve of Aurora eating pussy.

The girls entered the ballroom and within minutes, were receiving lots of attention. Cute little Mandy seemed to attract all the “father” types – her sex kitten persona brought that out in them. They were swarming around her, her sweet giggles made them all feel great. She had her choice of “Daddies” she could fuck tonight, she was going to take her time and chose her favorite. Then she was going to give him the fuck of a lifetime.

Cindy and Barbara spotted Charles Charming at the same time. He noticed the two beauties and came over and introduced himself. He and Barby seemed to hit it off from the get-go. That was fine with Cindy, he was okay, but not really her type. As a matter of fact, she rarely found any men that appealed to her, most were too into themselves. Cindy was about to leave and go outside for some air when she heard a soft voice behind her say “Bored?”

She turned around and looked into the most beautiful face she had ever seen. A stunning Asian woman with long brown hair, almost to the woman’s buttocks. Warm, inviting, sensual brown eyes. Full soft lips and perfect straight teeth. A body encased in Silver Lame sheath, legs that seemed to go on forever. Cindy could barely breathe, this woman was so exquisite. The words “Awe Inspiring” did not do her justice. The vision held out her hand to Cindy. “Hi, I’m Teanna, Charles’ sister.” Sensing Cindy’s confusion, she added “Adopted.”

Cindy regained her composure. “Not bored, really. These parties just aren’t my thing, really.”

“And just what is your … thing?” Teanna asked, leaning in. Cindy was lost in her eyes, she was nearly drooling.

It was now or never and Cindy went for it. “Making love to beautiful women. Eating pussy.”

Teanna smiled back. “A kindred spirit. I have a suite here. Want to leave?”

Cindy was momentarily taken aback, but regained her composure and nodded. She looked around and saw that Mandy was flirting with the men, Barby had Charles in a corner and was discreetly necking with him. She took Teanna’s hand in hers and they left, winking at both her siblings as she left the room.

“How’d you wangle an invitation to this thing anyway?” Teanna asked Cindy as they rode up in the elevator. “I’ve never seen you at any of these soirées before.” Her hands roamed Cindy’s body, sending shivers through the attractive blonde.

Cindy giggled. “My evil stepmom. She fucked Escort Şirinevler one of the employees.”

Teanna laughed. “Evil, huh? How evil?”

Cindy leaned in and brushed Teanna’s lips with her own. “Grant my wishes and I just might show you.”

Teanna’s tongue slid along her lips. “Baby, you get anything you want. I’ll be your fucking Fairy Godmother.” Both women began stroking each other’s arms, before the elevator door opened and they broke from their embrace.

They weren’t even in the suite a minute and they were tearing each other’s clothes off, eager to get into bed. Cindy’s hair tumbled down, her thong – Cassandra had been wrong this time – and dress thrown carelessly on the chair next to the bed. “Leave the stockings on baby,” Teanna purred, to which Cindy happily complied. Teanna ran her hand up and down Cindy’s long legs admiringly, Cindy was sure she was dripping with lust. She practically begged Teanna to strip.

Naked, Teanna was even more breathtaking. Her skin was flawless, no tan lines. A rich golden hue with round, perfect breasts and dark, enticing nipples. Cindy had one of them in her mouth as she mounted her golden angel, pressing their bodies together erotically.

Cindy licked over the smooth flesh, reveling in the aroma of Teanna’s aroused pussy. There was only a small thatch there and she licked it, pulling on Teanna’s clit, teasing the sensitive nub. Her new playmate groaned at her erotic skills and arched her body upward for more licking. Cindy ate the girl with passion, she was the sweetest cunt Cindy had ever tasted. She pulled and licked at the prominent pussy lips, taking the sweet folds into her mouth and sucking gently. Teanna hissed with pleasure.

Atop the satin sheets, Teanna stretched out her arms and caressed Cindy’s silk-soft body. Her heart was racing, the beautiful blonde made her hotter than hell. Anything Cindy wanted, she would gladly do. She’d never been with anyone so wild, playful and delectable in all her life.

Their minds in unison, the two moved into a ’69’ and ate each other. “Goddd, you fucking bitch, can you eat cunt!” Teanna yelled lewdly.

“You too, you fucking slut!” Cindy screamed back, burying her face in her lover’s snatch again. She was impressed that this classy woman could be a wild fuckslut in the bedroom, it added to her sexual mystique.

Fingers stroked in and out, tongues drilled over hot, wet pussies. Time seemed to fly by, orgasm after orgasm shook their bodies. Their cries filled the suite as they ate each other, slowed in their love-play for a spell, then once again were overcome with fierce desire.

Cindy’s heart raced every time she looked into Teanna’s beautiful face. Was she in love? She wasn’t the type to believe in love at first sight, but this time, she thought that she was, but how did Teanna feel about her? She wanted this woman again, wanted her in her bed, and in her life. As Cindy brought Teanna to her final orgasm, she held her new lover close and spoke the thoughts that were racing unharnessed through her mind.

“I adore you,” she sighed. “It’s silly, I know, we’ve just met, but I adore you.”

“What’s silly about that?” Teanna wanted to know, hugging Cindy close to her breasts. “I feel the same way, silly girl.”

“But I have secrets. Deep secrets.”

“Like what?” Teanna asked, kissing her girlfriend’s belly. Cindy squirmed.

“I sleep with both of my stepsisters and my stepmom. I don’t think I want to stop either.” Cindy confessed.

“I’ve seen your sisters hun. If your mom is as gorgeous as they are, who can blame you? Will you share?”

Cindy nodded happily. “One more thing. Mom sent us here to snag a rich husband.”

Teanna giggled and pulled Cindy closer for another kiss. “Is that all? Well, Charles seems to like your sister, but if not, I’ve got plenty of my own money. Okay?”

Cindy nodded and moved back into Teanna’s arms. They didn’t get much sleep that night.

However, they all lived happily – very happily – ever after.

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