Claiming of a Slave


I pull up to your house and walk inside. I find you in the kitchen being “all domestic and shit” wearing a skirt, tank top, and your collar. I grab a hold of you and slam you against the wall with my hand. Holding you there I remove your glasses but you can still see the burning desire in my eyes. I move closer, keeping my left hand on your chest, and I press my lips to yours. There is no holding back. The kiss starts deep and hot, growing only hotter as I slip my tongue into your mouth, exploring ad tasting you. I pull back to slip the straps of your shirt off your shoulders and pull it down, revealing your perfect breasts. Without pause, I move to take your left breast into my mouth, letting my breath wash over your nipple as my tongue circles it tauntingly. You try to arch your back in response, but as you do I push your hips back against the wall. I suck your nipple into my mouth as hard as I can, your soft flesh feeling like heaven on my tongue. My right hand moves to your waist, sliding over your clothes and down to your mound, putting gentle pressure on your clit. My left hand moves to cup your right breast.

I am suddenly consumed with need for you. I begin to slowly move my hand up and down applying the softest pressure on your clit as my mouth moves to your other breast, biting and licking on its journey then finally moving to take the nipple into my mouth. I can feel the heat coming from your pussy and I know you are every bit as hot as I.

I pull your skirt off in one motion leaving it pooled on the floor around your feet. I slowly run my tongue down your cleavage, working my way across your stomach and stopping at various places to bite or suck. As I make my way to your thighs I spread your legs, licking and sucking your inner thigh while moving closer and closer to your wet pussy. I let my lips graze you through the soft fabric of Nevşehir Escort your underwear and I can tell you are close.

I back off.

Giving you a stern look, I take your hand and lead you to the bedroom where I thrust you onto the bed. Speaking for the first time I tell you to close your eyes. I move away. You hear drawers open and close. Water runs from the sink. I know you are anxious and wondering what is next. I know you trust me

As I move back to you, I gently kiss your lips. Holding your face in my hands I ask you “do you trust me?” and you nod in affirmation. I place a blind fold over your eyes and gently I brush your hair back as I place the ear plugs. Softly I turn you onto your stomach with your legs dangling off the edge of the bed. I leave you there, in such a vulnerable position and begin to move about. The next thing you feel is my hand on yours as I tenderly pull it and stretch your arm across the bed. You feel rope as I tie first one wrist and then the other as I pull them tight and straight in front of you.

Again, you are left waiting.

You feel my fingers hook your underwear as I slide them off. For the first time I see your beautiful pussy exposed and I’m unable to resist. I lean in and lick from your clit to the bottom of that perfect pussy pressing firmly, allowing my tongue to slide inside. God I love the taste of you.

Back on task, I spread your legs further, binding both legs to the bed posts. You are now fully open to me. I run my hands up your leg to your dripping wet mound and cup it firmly, letting my hand mold to you. I feel you tense. You think I’m going to spank your clit, but not yet. I lightly slide my hand over your pussy and let a finger graze your rose bud. You can’t see, but my cock is rock hard. I want to let you know how excited I am. I let my hard cock Nevşehir Escort Bayan drip its precum onto your perfect ass, lick it up, and move around the bed to kiss you with my essence on my tongue.

You’ve been so good, I decide you have earned a taste of the cock you love so much. I run the tip over your lips, smearing more of my precum on you as I do, then feed you just the head. I let you lick, kiss, and suck but just for a moment before I pull away. I let you wonder for a moment as I wander looking at the items I have laid out.

I decide to select the we-vibe. It slides easily into place, but I don’t turn it on even though I know how aware you are. I pick up the black rubber flogger and slowly let it run over your body then teasingly I let the weight of the falls thump your cheeks. I swing, knowing what you’re thinking, but as you feel the impact you realize it’s the green flogger. It hits hard, but nothing like the rubber flogger you were expecting. Your ass wiggles as I begin to flog, letting it graze your ass as I spin it. I’m just warming you up for what is to come.

I continue to flog you until your ass develops a nice heat. I lay down the flogger and place my hand lovingly on your beautiful ass. You know what’s coming now, but I have a trick up my sleeve. As my hand swings down to spank you hard, I hit the button and the we-vibe comes to life inside you at the same moment my hand connects with your flesh.

You explode and your scream is deafening. You squirt harder than I have ever seen you squirt before; it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

When I don’t think you can handle it any longer, I turn the vibe off and allow you to catch your breath, but only just. The whole time I caress your ass. Just as you begin to calm I repeat it on the other cheek and feel pleased Escort Nevşehir when you come just as hard. As I explore your ass with my roaming hands, I am literally dripping precum. I want you now, but the night has just begun.

My need for you is all-consuming; I want to feel my hard cock enter your willing pussy, but not yet. Instead kneel behind you and oh, but it is such a wonderful sight. I kiss each of your ass cheek, reveling in their wonderful, radiating heat. I bite just where the cheek joins the leg then slide my tongue over to your waiting pussy. Your sweet juices are everywhere.

I lock my lips onto you’re clit; sucking with building pressure, I draw your sensitive clit between my teeth and bite down softly, rapidly flicking my tongue across it. I feel the building of your orgasm and you explode into my waiting mouth, sucking and holding it in reserve. When you’ve reached the peak of your climax I walk around the bed lean over to kiss you and share your juices with you. As we swap it back and forth I swallow some each time.

I can’t take it any longer, I have to fuck you. I climb up on the bed and straddle your head to feed you my cock, at first letting you suck it and then fucking your face. I refuse to cum this way. I remove myself once again and move behind you to pick up the 550 flogger and slam my cock into you. I plunge deep inside and begin fucking you as hard as I can. I know it won’t last very long, but that’s fine because this is only the first of many times tonight. As I feel you start to orgasm I hold mine back until yours begins to reach its peak, then I let go with a deep growl.

It takes me a second to collect myself, but when I do I pull out without hesitation, drop down, and greedily lick your pussy. You’re lips are so engorged and swollen, so I’m gentle, but I lick and suck until every drop of our mingled cum is in my mouth. I untie you and pull you into a deep kiss, sharing with you the essence of our love, the delicious taste. I kiss you until it’s all gone, swallowed or smeared onto our faces. I hold you close, licking you from time to time to get more. I whisper in your ear “we aren’t done yet.”