Clarence’s Dad

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My boy friend Clarence has been taking me out for about ten months and we decided to take everything slowly so that every step on the way to our growing relationship was well considered and developed with our eyes open.

We recently talked about when we would begin our intimate relationship and begin having sex. Clarence said he was ready but I thought we could wait a little longer. My mother had told me that having sex would most likely change the nature of a relationship and I was very hesitant to begin right at that time.

I guess I love Clarence all the more for his being patient with me, but as I was already 19, I sometimes thought he was being a little too patient. At age 23, he must have learned that rushing this stage of a relationship had not worked out too well for him in the past.

He was such a considerate young man. I told him I loved him and couldn’t imagine myself with any other person ever in my life.

We were beginning to feel one another through our clothes and he has asked me a few times if I would let him put ‘Jerry’ in my hand, and so far I have been asking him to wait just a little longer. ‘Jerry’ is his penis of course.

He thought up the name after we saw a Tom and Jerry’ cartoon at a movie. Maybe he wanted to name it after the little mouse so I would not have a big image of his organ, or perhaps it was so I wouldn’t be disappointed by it’s small size, or could it be because he didn’t want me to be intimidated by it’s possibly large size. Feeling him through his clothes, I thought he had more than a decent 6 inches to use in one way or another. I would never know until I actually saw it and felt it without his clothes covering it up.

In any event, I had some idea what to expect. I hadn’t seen one, and diagrams I have seen, nude statues and other art have never shown any to be threatening, so his size was never a consideration. The vibrator I had at home was what I thought an average size of what a penis would be like, but without the vibrations of course.

One night we attended for the engagement party of Suzie and her fiancé, Brad. Suzie is my oldest friend who I met at a pony club at age 11. She and I grew up together, and we have remained close friends ever since. She told me she and Brad started having sex after two dates and then soon after they had a big fight and split up. Five months later, they got back together and have been pretty good together for the year since then.

Suzie has been asking me when Clarence and I might get engaged.

All I’ve been able to answer her has been ‘When it feels like the right time. Maybe sometime soon.’

In my own private thinking, I was beginning to look forward to having sex. I think the only reason we hadn’t started at that time was Clarence’s over protective concern for my well being.

But back to the party, after we had been there about one hour, had heard all the speeches and watched them open the presents, Clarence and I decided to go parking at a lookout we had been to a few times. I was a little affected by the bourbon and coke cans I had drank and was feeling very aroused.

I said, ‘You can do me any time you think you’re ready Clarence.’

He told me, ‘That would be unlikely as I would only want to take that step when you have full control of all your senses.’

I had fantasized about being taken without my full consent. The way things were going, I wondered what it would take for him to reach the stage where he would ‘do’ me, an expression some of his mates would use.

There was one night, when Clarence took me to the lookout and I was pretending to be drunk to see if he would ‘do’ me and get it over with. I flirted with him, but he probably thought it would be unfair to take advantage. Maybe he knew I was faking and thought I was testing him.

Last Thursday night, I called to his place on my way home from work, and we had a pizza and watched a DVD called ‘Friends with Benefits’. We talked about it for a while afterwards and he made me desert and a cup of tea, then we went out to his car so he could drive me home.

His car wouldn’t start so we called his widowed dad to come over and jump-start the car with his booster cables. His dad, Scott arrived ten minutes later and they attached the booster cables, Büyükçekmece escort but the car still wouldn’t start.

Clarence was very embarrassed about his old car not working, but his dad said, ‘We can look at it in the morning and fix it up in the day-light Clarrie. There’s probably only a loose connection stopping it from starting.’

‘Would you mind driving Maree home dad? Her place is on the way, . . . .’

His dad interrupted and said, ‘My pleasure Clarence. I’d be glad to. I’ll see you in the morning son.’

I was surprised he was so pleased to help because Scott had always been a bit remote when Clarence and I were in his company. I can’t say I didn’t find Clarence’s father attractive, but keeping his distance from us always allowed me to remain at a comfortable distance from him. Clarence is his youngest son and his favourite if what he says is true.

There’s often possessiveness making it’s presence felt when people introduce their partners to family and open or snide remarks can make relations less than comfortable. I guess Clarence’s dad was aware of this and stood back from any dealings or advice he may have had for his son and more particularly me.

I took my bag from Clarence’s car and kissed him goodnight and climbed into the passenger seat of an early model Buick Scott had restored recently, and he got in beside me and began to drive me home.

After we rounded the third or forth corner, Scott said, ‘I might have to stop shortly, Maree. I use my own mix of unleaded fuel and avgas. You can’t get the old fuel these cars were made to run on originally so I mix my own and re-fill from Jerry cans.’

‘That’s OK Scott. You’re very kind to help us out and drive me home.’

‘Maybe we can stop near the surf beach further along here and you can sit on the sand for a few minutes while I prepare the fuel mix for the old girl. There’s plenty of light from the street lighting and the moon might show if these clouds clear away. I’ll sound the horn when we’re ready to go.’

We stopped where I have jogged a few times. I went down to the beach in sight of where Scott parked the car, lying on a beach towel he gave me. At that time of the evening, there were no other people at the beach and it was liberating to have the whole expanse of sand and the Pacific Ocean to myself.

The night was warm and there was an occasional cooling breeze to relieve the barmy night. After 5 minutes, I removed my nickers so I could get more benefit from the breezes and folded the corner of the towel around them.

After a short time I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember was hearing Scott’s deep voice, ‘I’ve got your nickers Maree. They began blowing up the beach.’

It took a few seconds for me to come to.

Once I made sense of what he said, I cleared my head rubbing my hands over my face and said, ‘Are you sure they’re mine?’

‘The breeze must have freed them from where you folded them in the corner of your towel when you dozed off,’ he said scrunching them into his shirt pocket. Why don’t you join me for a swim?’

‘I’d love to Scott but I don’t have any bathers with me.’

‘OK. Do you mind if I have a paddle in the water for a few minutes?’

‘No, not at all. Take your time.’

‘I don’t have bathers either. Would you be offended if I take all my clothes off Maree?’ he said removing his shirt. He looked to be in good shape with a fairly tight chest and not too much extra weight.

He was generous with his time and had made no complaint for the interruption to his evening, so I thought I had no real right to object to him. As well as that, he was thirty eight years older than me at 19, which would make him fifty seven years old, so I figured he would not make inappropriate advances to me, the girlfriend of his son.

I said, ‘If you want to.’

Before I could draw breath, he was stepping out of his work pants and was standing naked behind his small pile of clothes. He stood staring for far too long for the naked father of my boyfriend to be and looking at me. I was mesmerized and could not look away as his penis began to grow in size and was quickly hanging down to about seven inches. But it was it’s swelling girth that shocked me. I Çatalca escort bayan estimated it to be about six inches in circumference.

I turned my back to him and resumed my place lying on the towel fascinated but in fear of what his penis would be like at its fully aroused state. I lay on my stomach so as not to see or be seen to watch his cock swelling to an erection. He turned and swaggered his way down to the sea.

I heard him begin to walk toward the water, and turned my head to watch his vein-streaked weapon wagging from side to side. I sat up and watched fascinated as his muscles coordinated, taking his fit toned body to the water’s edge and beyond. He dived into, and swam beneath the surface of the water, emerging still in the shallows. He was faintly lit by the distant street lights.

Back up on his feet, he called to me inviting me to join him again.

‘The water’s actually warm, Maree. I’m sure you would enjoy a quick dip on such a beautiful night.’

My thoughts were disturbing me. Dare I strip naked and frolic with this obviously aroused naked man? He hadn’t actually made any advances toward me had he?

The water was smooth apart from the ripples Scott was creating with his movement. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and leave my apricot colored light summer dress on and join Scott for a paddle in the water.

I rarely wore a bra and this was no exception, though I would have been more likely to, had I known I would be seeing Clarence’s father tonight. I knew I could have put my nickers on, but I thought it would be better to leave them dry to wear after I had dried myself with Scott’s towel.

I called back to him, ‘I think I might at that. I can paddle in this dress. It’s light so it will dry quickly.’

‘Good for you.’

I walked into the water feeling it on my legs up to the hem of my short dress and the water was beautiful. I dove in submerging myself, and stood up when I could make out his shape under the water.

He stood looking at me and smiling again his grin widening as he moved his focus to my nipples hardening as the breeze cooled my wet body, but I also thought there might have been a degree of arousal affecting me too.

We talked and splashed ourselves for a few minutes as we made our way back to the sand and I noticed his penis had shrivelled up and was wrinkled and only about two inches long and only about thin as my thumb. I wondered how something that small could transform to what I thought I saw before.

As we were heading from the water a wave caught me and pushed me over and Scott caught my arm and helped me retain my balance. We walked hand in hand, back on to the sand. As we approached his clothes and the towel he had given me to lie on, his cock began to grow again.

Stopping near our clothes, he continued to hold my hand for a moment as his cock began to unravel at some funny angles before straightening out and rising back up to a full, hard, swollen, throbbing erection. He seemed totally at ease with being seen in a state of arousal.

He said to me in his soft deep voice, ‘Give me your dress Maree. I can wring it out and squeeze it almost dry in the towel for you.’

Now I was really on the spot. This looked like it was close to getting beyond appropriate. He was inviting me to get naked. He seemed in no hurry to dress and we would both be nude, alone, together with him in a state of full arousal.

I stammered, ‘I. .I. .I um . .don’t think. .’

He interrupted ‘Why don’t you have another swim while I dry your dress. You can put it on when you come back. The water on your body feels good. You might like it.’

It seemed easier to agree with him as something in me seemed to take over my body.

I said, ‘OK.’

I slowly peeled my dress up and over my head and held it at arm’s length to give it to my boyfriend’s naked father. This was a moment I would never be able to explain to anybody. Who removes her clothing and hands it to her boyfriend’s naked aroused father? And for no other reason than that he asked me to.

He took it from me and I prepared to run to the beach before he could get a good look at my now naked body. I waited for two seconds to see where he would leave my Escort Esenler dress, but he remained unmoving, holding my dress in his hand.

He looked at my body from top to bottom. His lustful gaze met my eyes and he was licking the corner of his lips. I watched his grinning face as his big straight circumcised cock, obscenely stood to attention, began to noticeably pulse with exaggerated jerking motions. I was totally confused and flustered, and I was rooted in place as my boyfriend’s father’s swollen baying cock throbbed at what must have been its most intense peak.

He looked at me watching him and we stood as though stunned in this tableau for an interminably long moment. Returning to the water to swim alone was no longer on my mind. I felt my free will disappear and as each second passed, my body seemed to be leaving my control.

I tried to think of an exit platitude that would free me from this mesmerizing moment.

I thought ‘Well I’ll be off for a short skinny dip. See you in a moment.’

I heard a voice say, ‘What do you want to do Scott?’

It sounded like my voice. It wasn’t an invitation to Scott to use my body. That was already inevitable. It was simply an inquiry to find out what he would do first.

He took my hand and led me to the beach towel. He lowered me to a lying position on the towel, bent down and held one foot in his hand giving it a light massage. He placed it on his shoulder and took the other foot. Holding both feet, he bent my knees and pushed my legs back over my head and spread my legs wide apart, kneeling between my knees. He was so close to me that I had surrendered my personal space to him. It was the most frightening thing I could imagine.

‘Hold your shins right there with your hands,’ he commanded me so I was obscenely exposing myself to him.

He knelt down and placed his hands at the top of my thighs. He spread the lips of my now sopping wet vagina wide open with his thumbs. The instant he touched me confirmed to me that any degree of reason had vanished and I was complicit in cheating on my boyfriend as his father prepared my body to his liking and he was about to invade me with his straining swollen cock. I was abandoning myself to his will. Holding myself in this disgraceful pose, I could hardly claim he raped me.

He lent forward and touched the tip of his tongue to my exposed swollen clitoris, causing a spontaneous explosive climax. Then he glued his face to my sex and snorting like a greedy swine, licked and sucked at my exposed flesh, while I reveled in his attention.

Still holding myself blatantly exposed to him, he again spread my lips wide apart and licked me from deep in my hole, up along my split lips and lightly over my clitoris with long wet strokes. I had my eyes closed but he must have had a tongue like a Labrador because he seemed to engage every part of my open vagina at the same time.

At the third lick, he added the slightest pressure to me and caused my response to rise out of control and my whole body shook uncontrollably, I squealed, as my next climax dominated every part of me.

He must have been used to getting his own way, because before my climax had subsided, he shifted his position and placed his hands either side my head poised above me with his cock probing around for the opening between my legs to my still twitching wet vagina. Locating it, he added pressure stretching my lips and soon buried the hardened end inside me. I still had my legs held wide apart.

Inch by tortuous inch, he impaled me until eight inches of his thick hard cock was buried up to the hilt. I lowered my legs leaving them wide apart and he began fucking me vigorously, inching me off the end of the towel and onto the sand.

Ten minutes later, he bellowed out his climax with a strained shriek and collapsed all his weight on me. His cock continued to pulsate his aftershocks inside me while he dozed for a few moments. Still erect he woke and quickly removed his cock leaving me with the emptiest feeling I ever experienced.

After some moments of recovery, we dressed. Losing my virginity to Clarence’s father seemed beyond my control. I reflected on the wise words of my mother. Something profound had changed, but it was between Scott and myself.

As we returned to the car, somehow I knew I would always be vulnerable to his will over me. I could continue to love Clarence and be his girlfriend, even his wife if things progressed the way they appeared to be going, but I knew inside my deepest soul that Scott could fuck me any time he wanted and on any terms he chose.

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