Cleaning Lady Looks


I work as a housekeeper for several people and most of the work is routine. Some I have the keys for as they are at work when I clean their house. One couple is up in years and they are both retired. This means they are usually home when I clean. I enjoy chatting with both of them and I never acted like there was anything sexual about me in any way. Besides, I am very happily married.

Now you need to know that I am not a real “looker”, as the guys call the women that turn them on. I am 43 years old, a little overweight and have very few attractive things going for me though I do have to admit that my legs are muscular and very toned. I have noticed men admiring them when I am out shopping in shorts. I even caught one staring at my butt. He smiled and gave me a thumbs up when he noticed I had caught him.

Now – back to the couple. When she was around he showed no signs of being in any way a sexual person. He was polite and kept his distance. I did notice he like to look at my legs but I was use to that so paid no attention to it and he didn’t stare. But when she was gone he would change into workout or running shorts and no shirt. At first it was all perfectly natural because each time he did he went to the basement where he had exercise stuff and worked out. I couldn’t help checking out his crotch though as there was always a noticable bulge. He noticed me looking but I still kept it discrete and didn’t just stare at it.

It soon became apparent he wasn’t wearing any underwear under those shorts as I began seeing the outline of his cock. That made me look even more and made me very aroused. I hadn’t fooled around with guys before I got married and hadn’t seen any other guys naked so it made me curious. He seemed to pick up on it and started wearing things that exposed him even more.

Finally one day he asked me if I minded him being in shorts. His wife made him feel uncomfortable with it so he didn’t do it around her. I told him I didn’t care how he went around the house as long as he didn’t do any weird stuff as I didn’t want him to think I was a bad girl. He said that was no problem and not to worry he wouldn’t. I’m sure he understood I wouldn’t stand for him stroking it around me. He glanced down to my tits, which the nipples were now very obvious, and looked back up at me and smiled. My nipples always showed through when I got turned on with any sexual thoughts.

There must have been something about that conversation that freed him up to be as he liked around the house which, as you will see, became fine with me. He sometimes wore tighter shorts so that I could see the outline of his cock and balls easily through the material. He had one pair of sweats that he wore at first that must have let him know how I really liked to look at him. They were made of that new thin stretch material and were gray and kind of tight. They molded right around his cock and balls hanging down in the right leg. I could see everything including the shape of the head and even the veins sometimes when he got a little hard. I couldn’t keep from looking and he knew it. From then on it kind of just became a thing between us.

Now all that is just the beginning. One day she left early to play golf and wouldn’t be back til afternoon. It wasn’t long before he came downstairs wearing a pair of loose fitting shorts made of mesh material that looked like you coudn’t see a lot through them but you could with the light just right. I really don’t think he realized you could see that much. When he squatted down to get something out of the dresser drawer I could see through them almost as though he had nothing on. When he stood back up I couldn’t take my eyes off of his cock. He began to slowly get hard, his cock rising and pushing out. It was nice and smooth and bigger than my husbands. As we talked I kept glancing down at it trying not to stare. It just kept extending and stretching until it was sticking straight out. The shorts were so loose they didn’t restrict him. It stood out right there in front of me exposed through those shorts and I could see it throbbing. He obviously wanted me to see him get an erection as he didn’t even try to hide it. I wanted to reach out and put my hand around it and feel it so bad. All this was making me hot and really turned me on but I couldn’t let on as I couldn’t do anything. Just couldn’t make myself give in. But I wanted this little game to continue. I couldn’t help myself. And I couldn’t help being flattered knowing I was causing him to get aroused all the time when he was around me.

I went back to working while we talked. I knew when my back was turned he was stroking it through those shorts because I saw him in the mirror. I didn’t say anything letting him think I didn’t know. But all this was so hot and I really did want him to do that stuff now but I couldn’t let on. We were kind of getting this bond between us. When we looked at each other there seemed to be that connection.

He finally Betturkey turned and left saying he had to get back to work on some stuff upstairs. Later, after I had finished in their bedroom I was working on sweeping the kitchen and the hall that led to the stairway. As I backed down the hallway vacumming I didn’t notice him behind me. As I turned around to work the other way I saw him at the bottom of the steps. He stood there for a moment then started up the stairs. He was wearing those gray sweats and the front was pushed down and up under his balls completely exposing everything. It was very obvious he had been stroking it while looking at me. As he went up the stairs he cupped his balls in his hand giving me a close up view as I looked up at him through the railing, so close I could have reached out and touched it. He was big and his cock was really hard sticking almost straight up. I never acted like I saw it and went on working. But that was so hot it was all I could think about the rest of the time there that day.

I went straight home, not picking the kids up from the sitter so I could be by myself. I had called and told her I had to work longer. My husband was still at work so I had the house to myself. Soon as I got inside I stripped and started fingering my clit thinking about all that had happened just a few moments ago. I pictured his cock coming up hard right in front of me. I was so hot I started coming instantly in a full and long orgasm. And then picturing that hard cock and his balls cupped in his hand, fully exposed, as he walked up those stairs drove me out of my mind. He actually looked like he had been close to coming. The tip of his cock was wet and it was so hard and long. I wasn’t long picturing that before I came again completely draining me.

The next few times there were pretty normal. Mostly just she was there and we like to chat. As I got to know her more and her feelings I could tell that they were not close anymore so it was no wonder he got aroused around me so much. The poor guy wasn’t getting any attention from her. If he only knew how open I now wished we could be around each other and felt free to do what we wanted. But I couldn’t risk it so had to be content continuing this little game and just hoping he would keep showing more and more. He didn’t disappoint me.

One day I came to work and she was gone. I was sitting on the family room floor polishing some stuff from the shelves when he walked in. We talked for a while and then he said he might go for a swim. They have an enclosed pool. He joked about going in without anything on and I told him it was ok by me. I wouldn’t tell and besides I was too busy in here to pay any attention anyway. He asked if I was sure and I told him no problem. He left and went upstairs and then I saw him pass by the door headed towards the pool in his trunks. I had been working what seemed like only a few minutes when I saw him at the door with a towel around him and holding his trunks (still dry) in his hand. I could see his cock pushing the towel out. I kidded him about not taking very long and he said he probably shouldn’t be doing that. I reassured him that I was use to my nephews running around like that so quit worrying about it.

After finishing the family room I folded towels out of the dryer to put in the linen closet upstairs. Whenever I went up I always let him know I was coming so I wouldn’t catch him by surprise. This time I didn’t because I knew he came up here and took his clothes off a lot. I knew because when I did let him know he sometimes shut the door. As I went down the hall I noticed the door was open. I moved slowly hoping to see him without him seeing me. Then I saw him standing there totally naked. He was facing away from the door but I had a side view of him. He was looking at the computer screen. He was up hard and he was just kind of lazily stroking it. I froze, afraid he would see me but it soon became obvious he was really into making himself feel good to whatever was on the computer. I slid my hand into my shorts and began rubbing my clit as I watched. This was so hot. I never thought I would do this. He started stroking his cock really fast. Then I heard him kind of groan and he started cumming. His cum spilled out onto a towel he had on the floor. As I watched all that cum shooting out of him I worked my clit even harder almost cumming myself. When he finished I slipped back downstairs before he saw me. I didn’t want to spoil what we had going now. I went straight to the bathroom and finished myself off. I was so hot from watching him do that.

I always wondered what kind of stuff guys looked at when they did that. The next time there I was upstairs cleaning the other rooms while he was on his computer. He told me he had to go down to the basement for a while to work on the pool pump and I could go on and clean the room. I immediately went in and as I started dusting I noticed he had left the computer Betturkey Giriş on. I glanced at the screen and he hadn’t bothered to hide what he was watching. In one corner was a female bodybuilder with muscular legs and they were crossed in a very sexy way. On the other side was a video showing this woman my age and built almost like me in a sauna supposedly mopping. There were five young boys in there all naked. As I watched they all came over to her and started taking off her clothes. When she was completely naked she started playing with two of their cocks at the same time getting them hard while they all felt her all over squeezing and fondling her tits and playing with her pussy. The guys behind her were rubbing their cocks all over her. Then a guy kneeled down and began licking her. She threw her head back and started kissing the one behind her. All their cocks were hard now and she was going from one to the other stroking and sucking them. I couldn’t help getting hot as I imagined myself with those guys doing that. Now I knew how it helped a guy get off looking at that stuff. I had to hurry and finish cleaning before he caught me. But I was too late. He was coming down the hall as I was leaving the room. I told him I was finished upstairs and hurried on down. It was obvious he had left that for me to see. I knew now that it was my legs that turned him on so much. Maybe I would sit down and cross them for him sometime when he was in shorts so I could see his reaction.

Since he was putting on all these shows for me, some without him knowing it, I began thinking of ways to kind of expose myself to turn him on even more. She had started in a new golf league for the summer and was going to be gone every day I was there. I bought a bra that showed my nipples. I already had a see-through blouse.

The next time I went I wore the bra and blouse. I came in wearing a pullover top as I didn’t want to be out in public seen like that. I removed the top soon as I came in and was sure she was gone. You could see my nipples really well. In fact it left nothing to the imagination. It sure made me feel sexy! He was already in tight workout shorts and when he saw me and looked at my tits he couldn’t take his eyes off of them. He actually stared. I stared back at the growing bulge in his shorts. He broke the spell by telling me what all she wanted done. We were both feeling the effects of that and he said, with kind of a little laugh, he had better get out of there before he got in trouble. I told him he was ok. Not to worry. He turned and went upstairs as we both knew we couldn’t push this little game too far. Knowing it wasn’t to go any further but going over the line like we were, now and then, was really turning him on.

The next time I went I wore the bra and blouse with a pair of old shorts that were now too small for me. They were made out of that stretch material and white like some of his. This time I didn’t wear underpants. I couldn’t wait to see his reaction. They were short and tight around my legs and I thought of that bodybuilder picture on his computer. They also showed the outline of my crotch. I wasn’t so sure about doing all this but I had started now and I wanted to see how he felt when he was showing his assets off for me to see. Why he seemed so turned on by it.

When I got there he was dressed to leave for an appointment. He told me she was out of town for a couple of days, explained what she wanted and headed out the door. I couldn’t believe my luck. Being sure she wouldn’t walk in on us made me wonder how far it might go this time. I took off my jeans and pullover and rolled up the shorts so they were neat around my legs and very short. I pulled them up so they showed the outline of my crotch. As I worked they molded to it and being white showed everything through the material. Just what I wanted. I really felt horny dressed like this and now I knew why he did it. It was a really big turn on for me too. He came back and went straight upstairs. When he came down he was in the briefest and tightest swim trunks I have ever seen without being bikini style. He really looked hot in them. The legs were short and he was already a little hard so I could plainly see it. He took one look at me and my shorts and didn’t stop staring. He looked slowly up and down my body lingering each time at my tits and at my crotch. I stood there working in a way he could get a good look. He got even harder and the head poked out through the left leg. I stared at it but I don’t think he knew it was sticking out. I asked him if he liked my shorts and he said that was what I needed to wear all the time. They really made me look good. Did that ever make me feel hot.

He went out to the pool and went in. The curtains were all open at the windows that looked out over the pool so I could look out at any time while I worked. I glanced out from time to time and saw him floating and swimming around. A little later I looked Betturkey Güncel Giriş and he had taken off his trunks and was lying on a long float. His cock was hard and lying on his stomach fully exposed. After a while I went to the kitchen to work on the dishes and looked out over the pool and he was standing by the other side in the shallow end up to his waist with his back to me. He was still completely naked and I got a good look at his nice tight ass. I wondered why he was standing there like that and as I watched he lowered himself down a little with his legs spread apart. Then I saw it. He was straddling the stream of water and as he lowered himself it pushed his cock back between his legs. I knew then what he was doing. That stream was massaging his cock, which was now hard, and making him feel good. That was really hot to watch. He would do it a little then quit letting his cock back up out of the stream and then do it again. He never looked back to see if I was watching so he obviously didn’t care. By now I had concluded that he was doing all this because he knew I liked to look at it and as a turn-on for him.

I slipped out to the room at the end of the pool to see if I could get a better look. He still stared straight ahead but I caught him glancing my direction and I know he saw me so I just moved on out to where I could see his cock. It was bigger than I had ever seen it. It was at least eight inches long. He was really turned on doing this.

Then I remembered the body builder. I grabbed up something like I was going to clean it and sat down where he could see me through the window. He looked over and watched as I crossed my legs. I posed for him making the muscles in my legs tighten up like in the picture. He was completely engrossed in what I was showing him. He would lower himself down into the stream while staring at my sexy crossed legs. I was getting so horny watching him do that I went back into the kitchen and stripped off my shorts. I wanted to get right in there with him but no way could I do that. I spread my legs and looked through the window straight at his bare ass and that cock pushed back between his legs and stroked my clit. I worked it around in my fingers. I was so wet. As I watched I saw him lower down again and begin to move his head from side to side. I could see that he was in complete ecstacy and could tell that he was about ready to cum. So was I from watching. I worked it harder. Then as I started to cum I could see his cock shooting his load in the water. That pushed me over the edge. I came and came watching him do that. It was so intense I almost collapsed, my knees were so weak.

Suddenly, he turned around and looked right at me. Our eyes met. I smiled to let him know it was ok. I looked at his cock, watching it bob in the water as he walked towards me to the steps near the window and came out to dry off. As soon as he was out of the water I headed for the bathroom and cleaned up and put my shorts back on. As I came back into the kitchen he was passing through on his way upstairs. He hadn’t bothered to cover up and was completely naked. His cock was still aroused and I got a good look. He didn’t look at me, letting me watch all I wanted.

When he came back down he still hadn’t dressed. He was right in the kitchen with me with absolutely no clothes on. I never believed he would go this far but it didn’t bother me now. I was still in those shorts and my nipples were really aroused and pointing out. He came over beside me to get a glass out of the cabinet. Said he wanted to get some juice. He was thirsty. After he poured the juice he stood there by me leaning back against the counter and as we talked his cock started getting hard again. Finally I just couldn’t resist it any longer. I reached over and wrapped my fingers around it. He stood still, letting me feel his hardness and stroke it. I moved in front of him and cupped his balls with the other hand squeezing them lightly and rolling them around. His cock got hard as a steel rod. It was throbbing and responding to my touch. He let me do whatever I wanted. I leaned down and licked the wetness off the tip. I liked the taste of him. I took the head in my mouth and worked my tongue over it. It jumped letting me know I was doing it right. I took him in my mouth far down as I could then back out to the tip, tonguing it as I went. He threw his head back saying I was really good and if I kept that up he was going to cum right away. I was so hot I didn’t care. I wanted this so bad I started working my lips up and down his shaft giving the head a good tongue workover each time. I kept kneeding his balls working them around and squeezing them at the same time. It wasn’t long before he started cumming. I swallowed every drop as he unloaded into my mouth. I really liked the taste. I couldn’t get enough. When he finished cumming I cleaned him up with my tongue.

Later when he was fully dressed and I was about finished for the day he sat at the table and we talked while I worked. Neither of us mentioned anything that had just happened or anything about what he was doing around me. I wanted it that way because it put him at ease and I hoped he would continue using me to release his sexual tension.