Cleaning the Boss Ch. 01

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When I walked into the office for the job interview Karen was nothing like I expected. Although she was sitting I guessed she was no more than 5′ tall, plump, and big tits. Not a classic beauty; but there was something about her that was very sexy. I found my cock growing hard in my panties.

Somehow I kept concentrating on the questions and her face rather than staring at those luscious tits that her low cut top just emphasised. I was really happy when she told me I had the job.

Then she stood up. She was under 5′, and has a VERY short dress on. I found myself wishing the interview had been more informal – with her sitting on the very comfortable couch and me on the bean bag on the floor in front of the couch. There was no way I wouldn’t be able to see right up her dress!

As soon as I got home I stripped down to my panties and masturbated to fantasies of my new boss.

At 30 I was still a virgin. I have been wearing panties since my sister first dressed me in a pair at 16 after she caught me peeking at her and her boyfriend. She also made me clean her pussy as soon as he left. I’ve been hooked on cream pies ever since! However, since she moved away when she got married last year I haven’t had one.

Now I imagined my sexy boss being fucked by multiple men; then me cleaning her pussy before finally fucking her and licking my cherry load out of her.

I loved my new job; and seeing Karen every day and having frequent meetings with her meant lots of hard-ons and masturbation sessions. Both at work and when I got home.

As yet I still hadn’t managed a peek up her dress, so I had no idea what type of panties she wore. So each day I wore something different so I could imagine the two of us in matching panties as we fucked.

After I had been there a few weeks I headed into Karen’s office to discuss a problem just as I saw her arriving back from a lunch time meeting. She looked her hot and glowing. As usual she had a very short red skirt on and a sleeveless low cut black top.

She was sitting on the couch and waved me to the bean bag! I flopped down and just as I expected saw straight up her skirt. My eyes must have gone wide as I stared at her shaved ankara escort pussy! No panties!

She was very wet … and I knew the look. It was exactly like my sisters pussy straight after she had been fucked. I got rock hard as I thought about leaning forward and cleaning it for her!

Karen smiled at me, “What are you looking at?” she asked.

I went red, “Sorry”, and tried to look away to her face.

“Don’t be sorry”, she told me. “If I didn’t want you to have a peek I would have sat at my desk!”

I couldn’t help myself then. I again looked down at her pussy. “So do you always go without panties?” I asked.

“Yes. Ever since a guy tried to make me suck him until he came in my mouth. He told me, ‘You wear the panties; you eat the cum’. So I squeezed his balls until he let my head go, then I got out of there. When I got home I cut up all of my panties thinking if I never wore them, no guy could use that line on me. Next day I thought how dumb that was since I had no panties to wear to work. But as I walked out the door without any, thinking I’d buy some on the way to work, it felt so good I decided to try it. And now I never wear them.”

I was straining in my own panties. I decided to take a punt.”Not a bad policy though, ‘The one who wears the panties eats the cum.” I told her.

She looked at me with contempt. “I thought you were better than that. Maybe you don’t belong in company.”

“No Karen. I think you misunderstand me. You’ve just come back from having a nice fuck and probably from the look of it have a pussy still full of cum don’t you?” I asked.

“You’re not wrong! But I don’t see how that excuses your comments.”

I stood and walked to the door. It was already closed but now I locked it. I kicked my shoes off as I headed back towards her. Now she was staring at the bulge in my pants.

“That bulge looks impressive,” she told me, “But it takes more than that to convince me you are the right type of man for the job … whether the job be with my company or fucking me!”

Then I dropped my pants and stepped out of them and pulled my shirt over my head. I was standing in front of her in just a pair of silky pink ankara genç escort panties with white lace trimming. Of course they were full briefs – I need them as I like to keep my whole 8″ of erect cock covered. They had damp spots where my pre-cum was oozing from the head of my very hard cock.

“As I said, I think it is very reasonable to have a policy where the one wearing the panties in this office eats the cum out of your pussy! What do you say Karen? Do you want me to dress again and go and get you some tissues to clean yourself; or do you want my tongue in your pussy?” I asked her.

Her answer was to spread her legs further and tell me, “Let’s see how well you eat pussy! “

I quickly slid down between her legs. The cum had started oozing out! I quickly lapped up the strands of white cream that were sliding down towards the couch. Then I lapped at the pussy lips, cleaning them. Then I opened up her pussy lips and drove my tongue deep into her. She let out a gasp, “You’ve done this before! That’s amazing!”

I didn’t reply though. My mouth was full of pussy and the delicious combined juices of her lover and her wonderful pussy. I didn’t stop licking until it was only her I could taste; she had come about 5 times all over my face; and my virgin cock and ensured it would be a virgin for a bit longer because it exploded into my panties!

Finally I came up for air and looked up at her smiling. “So, do I still have a job?” I asked.

She patted the seat next to her.

As I stood she looked at my wet panties “Ooops. Had an accident did we? But yes, I think you have a job. Maybe even a promotion if you want to add the task of official pussy cleaner to your role!”

“As I said Karen, “If your pussy ever needs cleaning and I happen to be available and wearing panties I’ll do it VERY happily. And by the way, I don’t own a single pair of male undies so if I’m in the office I’ll be wearing panties!” I told her.

“I’d better warn you … my current average is once or twice a day; I don’t have a boyfriend but lots of men who love fucking as much as I do. And the thought of you doing that is just going to make me hornier … antalya escort I reckon it’ll be up to 3 times a day soon. Still game?”

“Look at what doing it does to me!” I told her, looking down at the mess in my own panties. “Hopefully one day I’ll control myself and you’ll let me fuck you and lose my virginity. And I’ll eat that too!”

“You’re a VIRGIN?” She asked. “How the hell did you learn to eat pussy like that?”

I hesitated. But decided that a slut like Karen the truth would not shock her too much. “My sister taught me. She loved having me eat her cream pies … but she moved away and I’ve been starving for them. I can’t wait to eat more from your beautiful pussy.”

Karen grinned. “OK. And if you can survive until the end of any day without creaming your panties, you get to fuck me. OK?”

“Sounds good to me!” I exclaimed.

With that she picked up the phone from her desk and dialled. As it was answered she said, “Hi David. I’m so horny right now. Do you have time to come over and fuck me on my couch?” There was a comment from the other end. Karen giggled. “See you in 5 then.”

I quickly stood and pulled my pants back on, covering my sticky panties. As I put the shirt back on Karen told me, “I’ll buzz you the second he leaves. Don’t waste time getting in here!”

Twenty minutes later I was back in her office, dropping my pants as I headed towards the couch. I dropped to my knees in front of her. Despite the major orgasm I had 30 minutes before I was as hard as I had ever been in my life. I got harder still as Karen described David and his 12″ cock and how god a hard fast fuck he’d given her as I licked the results from her wonderful pussy. Again I licked and licked swallowing the massive load that he had shot into her and not stopping until all of his taste was gone.

More pre-cum had oozed from my cock creating a new damp spot amongst the dried cum stains on my panties.

Then for the first time in my life a girl other than my sister touched my cock. She slowly stroked me through the panties. All it took was one up then down. I came again in my panties again – and almost as big a load again! Karen scooped up some of my come that had oozed through the panties and fed it to me. Karen giggled. “At this rate it might be a while before you lose that cherry!”

“I don’t think I care too much,” I told her. “Those are probably the two best orgasms of my life! You are just so sexy and tasty!”

….to be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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