Cleaning Up in PHX

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My name is John. I work for a cleaning company that services Phoenix International Airport. My job title is something like Facility Maintenance and Cleaning Technician, but really I’m a janitor. I work the grave shift at PHX. Cleaning up the waiting areas and bathrooms, restocking the paper supplies and that kinda stuff, basically a really boring job. Usually I’m teamed up with Maria, a really nice 42 year old mother of 3, but she came down with flu and called in sick tonight. So I’m flying solo tonight and really not looking forward to a night that I have to do the work of two people all by myself.

I had started with the usual stuff, vacuuming up the waiting area and doing a trash sweep. Then i started working thru the 8 sets of bathrooms i needed to clean. Normally Maria would clean the woman’s bathrooms, and I would do the mens. But flying solo tonight I just had to yell as I was walking in, hoping I wasn’t disturbing some poor lady. I was walking into my 3rd woman’s bathroom, yelling as I went. No responses so I pulled my cart in to block the door and started cleaning and restocking. I was just about done with the front half of the restroom, when I heard one of the stall doors slam in the back room of stalls. I didn’t think anything of it, so used to having Maria in there with me. But after a little bit I heard a soft moan come from in there. I wasn’t sure I had actually heard what I thought I heard. So I started walking back into the backroom hoping there wasn’t some unsuspecting female that I was about to scare the wits out of.

As I entered the backroom, there was no doubt what I was hearing. I could hear a woman moaning softly. I could hear a strain in her voice that sent a tingle down my spine and made my dick start to swell. It sounded like she was getting herself off! Forgetting my warning calls I walked down the row, I could see her feet in the very end stall. As I got closer, her moans were growing louder, more intense. I was right, she was in there alone, and having a really good time of it. I silently walked down the aisle, until I could just see in the crack of the door. There she was sitting on the toilet, her skirt hiked up around her waist. She had her white lacy panties pulled down just enough to allow her hand access to her womanhood. She was cute, not the drop dead gorgeous super model type, but the super cute, bring home to meet your parents kinda cute. Her curly red hair was flattened out against the wall as she tipped her head back, mouth open and eyes shut tight. She had pulled her loose top down to expose her left breast and was doing a really good job of massaging it. Rolling her light tan nipple between her thumb and finger.

Her back was arched and she was spasming as she worked her way closer to orgasm. Watching the soft, pale skin of her breast turn red as she rubbed it was turning me on so much. Every so often i could get a glimpse of her pussy. Completely waxed and smooth. Her milky white skin severally contrasted by the deep red of her swollen lips as she moved two fingers up and down her clit.

My cock was straining at my zipper, I could feel hot blood rushing to my face, watching her was insanely erotic, all I wanted to do was jump in there and help her. Her moans were getting even louder and more urgent, I could tell she was getting really close to orgasm.

I watched her as she started to plunge her two fingers into her herself, driving them in and out, faster and faster. Her whole body was shaking, then she went ridged as a pole, her butt coming off the seat as she bent even further back. She had let go of her breast and was holding onto the safety rail as she raised herself on her toes, the top of her head pressed firmly again the wall. Her back was arched so high, her single bared breast a mountain of reddened flesh. Her nipple standing out like a cherry on top. She held that pose for several seconds, not even breathing. Then with a contented sigh, she collapsed back down onto the seat. her head came forward and her eyes popped open.

She looked right thru the crack at me. Our eyes locked for what felt like an full minute. Her eyes were a vibrant green. I could stare into those eyes for hours. Warning bells suddenly exploded in my head. I was caught, holy crap, I’m in trouble now. Breaking the hold of her dazzling eyes, I quickly left. Mumbling something like, “Sorry to disturb you” as I hurried into the other side of the bathroom. I quickly grabbed some cleaning supplies and started wiping down the sinks, starting with the one furthest for the door. I was trying my best to be completely ignorable as I listened to her shoes clicking on the tile as she came out into the front room. She propped her bag up and proceeded to walk all the way down to the sink next to one I was trying to hide in. She calmly started to wash her hands. The whole time I could feel her staring at me in the mirror. I could smell the sex on her. My cock had flagged when she caught me, but now it was ataköy escort recovering fast. She just kept washing her hands, letting water just run over them while she bored holes in me in the mirror. I finally looked up and froze as our eyes locked again. She truly was pretty. Early 30’s I would guess. Her stunning green eyes surrounded by a field of freckles. Her small mouth puckered into a contemplating smirk. She just stared at me, not saying a word. The only sound in the room was the running of the water in her sink.

Now, I would not describe myself as handsome. I’m not a gym rat. I’m a 35 year old white guy with an affinity for a beer (or six) on the weekends. I’m 5’10” 190 lbs. with short cropped brown hair and a goatie. But the way she was staring at me, I felt like I was on the menu. Her eyes looked down and I followed her gaze to the evidence of my arousal. my pants were tented out like a teenager just waking up.

“Hmm,” is all she said. Then she collected my eyes once again and continued to hold me captive. With her standing next to me, I could guess her height to be about 5’3″ and she probably weighed 120lbs soaking wet. Her loose white top had a rope that went around just below her lovely C sized breasts, making them really hard to ignore. The neck of her blouse was still stretched out a little and allowed me to see a lot of her soft white skin.

The tension was getting to much for me. “I’m sorry,” I stammered. “I didn’t mean to spy on you.”. That was a lie of course, I had meant to. And I had thoroughly enjoyed the experience. But I wasn’t about to cop to that. Crap, one word from her and I was unemployed.

She didn’t say anything, just stood there, with this strange look on her face. She finally came to some kind of decision because she smiled suddenly and stated, “well, I see you enjoyed what you saw.” She then gave my swollen pants a significant glance. I could feel the heat shoot up my neck as I started to blush. I tried to say something suave but all that came out was a stuttering, ” uh huh.” In all the porn I had watched, all the penthouse letters I’d read, this was where the guy won over the girl with some witty comment that made her go all gushy, and all I could come up with was, ” Uh huh” God, I’m a loser. I think she was thinking something along the same lines because she just grinned at me, waiting for me to explain further. But my brain was vapor locked. All I could do was stare into her green eyes and remember her moaning just a few moments before. With that thought, my cock started straining at my zipper again and she noticed the movement. “Well, I guess that’s as good as answer as any,” she said, pointedly looking at my crotch again.

“I would have loved too help,” I finally blurted out. Her eyes snapped back to mine in the mirror, “oh, really?” she said. ” And how would you have helped, hmmm?”

“Well I’m pretty good at eating pussy, I’ve been told,” I said. Starting to get my brain working again, I quickly gave her my most evil of grins.

“Oh, really?” she asked sarcastically. “Is that so?”

“It is.” I replied. Starting to get my confidence back, I added, “Would you like a demonstration of my abilities?”

At this, she paused again. staring at me, looking me up and down. “Whats to stop someone else from coming in here while your showing me your skills?” She air quoted “skills”.

“Leave that to me,” I said. I quickly walked towards the bathroom entry. grabbing my radio as I went. “John here,” I broadcast, “need to shutdown bathroom

4, huge spill, gonna be several minutes.”

My supervisor came back, ” OK John, you need some help”

“No, I got it. Just gonna take a while to clean up.” I responded.

“Ok, radio when you open back up again.”. With that, I closed the security gate outside the bathroom and locked it. I walked quickly back to the lady who, I realized, I didn’t even know her name. As I rounded the corner, I found her right where I left her, watching me with interest as I approached her. “We won’t be bothered.” I reported.

“Good,” she said, “now, where were we?”

“You wanted me to demonstrate my “skills” as you put it, I think,” I quipped back.

“Oh, yes, that’s right.” She smiled a huge evil smile. “You were going to help me, but I think I wanna she what your going to be helping me with.” With that, she stepped right up in front of me and grabbed my erection. She squeezed it and rubbed it they my pants.

I don’t consider myself well endowed only an average 6 inches, but i did luck out in the girth department. My dick was fat. Every woman I had been with commented on how huge it felt when I pushed into them, and my bathroom lover was no exception. As she felt my manhood, her eyes widened and she breathed, “Well, I think you might be able to help after all.” She deftly undid my zipper and reached into the open hole. Working around my boxers she soon had a firm grip on my shaft and was rubbing it gently.

Her bakırköy escort eyes were alight with mischief, she was biting her lower lip as she slowly stroked me off. She was staring up at me, daring me to do or say something. I reached up and grabbed the back of her neck, pulling her in close to me and kissed her, hard. She kissed me back with vigor. She never let go of my erect rod but reached up with her other hand and pulled on my neck, forcing my lips into hers. I put every bit of passion I could into that kiss, and I could tell she was also. After a few minutes of kissing, I pulled her head into my shoulder and brought her ear to my mouth, nibbling and biting, I could feel her shudder with the feeling. She had worked my cock out thru my open fly by now and was stroking me with slow even strokes, driving me crazy with desire.

I pulled her top down her shoulder like she had in the stall and exposed her pale breast. It was so soft to my rough hands as I wrapped my hand around it, rolling her rock hard nipple between my fingers. Her mouth was near my ear and I could hear her breathing becoming more urgent. As I kissed and nibbled my way down her neck, she started to moan softly. Down I went, to her collarbone, kissing and scrapping my teeth on her soft skin. I could see a trail of red marks on her skin, marking my passage. Releasing her neck, I moved my hand to the small of her back, making her bend backwards. Bringing her lovely mound to my mouth. I kissed around the base of her breast working my way in a spiral up to the nipple. As I pulled her nope into my mouth she released my shaft and grabbed my head with both hands digging her finger nails into my scalp. Forcing my face into her ample bosom. Sliding my other hand under her blouse, I found her other breast and began massaging it. Alternating between squeezing and pinching her nipple.

She was moaning loudly now. I could tell she was enjoying my attentions, and I was enjoying giving them to her. I walked her backwards until she came up against the counter. I reached down, grabbing her thighs with both hands, I lifted her up spreading her legs around me and placing her butt on the counter. I then pulled away, and grabbing her shirt with both hands, I pulled it over her head. She put her arms over her head to help and as soon as her arms were free, she grabbed my neck and pulled me back into a kiss. I worked her bra loose and pulled it down and off her arms, never breaking the kiss. But as soon as her hands cleared the straps she grabbed my neck again and pulled my head down to her now bare breasts. I went straight to the breasts I hadn’t been able to kids yet and based on her renewed moans, that’s what she wanted too. As I was sucking on her nipple, my hands had dropped down to her ankles, finding the edge of her skirt. Dragging my nails up her legs as I went, I slowly lifted her flowing skirt up exposing more and more of her sexy legs. As my fingers got closer to where her legs met, I could feel the heat coming from her. The inside of her thighs were slick with moisture. I progressed my fingers higher and higher, and was surprised to find the little white panties were missing. Her pussy was complete bare. She had taken them off at some point, but I wasn’t complaining. My finger quickly found her clit and I started to rub it gently. Making small circles around the little nub, buried in the folds of her womanhood.

She started to move then, rocking ever so slightly, back and forth. Looking up, with her nipple between my teeth, I could she her head tilted back her mouth open. Breathing hard and moaning softly. The occasional,”YES!” escaping her lips.

Leaving her boobs behind, I started to kiss my way down her belly. Kissing her belly button, I dropped to my knees. I leaned back, letting go of her completely. She instantly opened her eyes and looked down at me. Her eyes were on fire, her sexual desire was palpable. She just looked into my eyes for about 3 seconds then she slowly put one leg, then the other on my shoulders. Then placing one hand on top of my head she pulled my face into her folds. I didn’t resist. As she pulled me in I could smell her, she smelled so good. Her bald pussy was shiny with juices and I was eager to make it even wetter. My tongue quickly found her clit, and as I drew it into my mouth, she arched her back and pulled even harder on my head. Digging her finger nails into my skin. She started thrusting her hips as my tongue explored the folds of skin she was grinding against my face. She tasted sweet, and her juices were soon flowing down my chin. She was grinding away as I was doing my best to drive her wild.

She had taken up a little chant by this time, “Oh, Yes. Oh, Yes. Oh, Yes.” Over and over she repeated as I did my best to lick her clit raw. As I was sucking away, I brought my hand up and pushed two fingers into her sloppy wet hole. Curving my fingers inside of her I could feel her G-spot and started dragging my fingertips across it. She instantly started bucking against my hand. Her heels digging into my back her thighs clamping down on my head. It was all I could do to keep this up as she started to have a violent orgasm. Her body was racked with convulsions, her hand was pulling in my head as hard as she could. Smashing my face into her. I just kept licking and fingering her. I could hear her moaning out, “YES! YES! YES! Her hips bucking wildly against my face. Then she froze as her orgasm exploded. Her breath coming in gasps, each breath bringing a single spasm. One, two, three, four then she was suddenly pushing on my head her legs releasing me, “Stop, stop, stooooooop.” I released her clit and pulled my head back, pulling my fingers out of her. She just went limp. Her breath coming in gasps, she just layed there. Her pussy lips were swollen where I had been sucking and when I playfully reached up to rub her clit she jumped and grabbed my hand. “Whoa, whoa, that’s enough,” she breathed. Tiny shivers were running all over her body as she came down from her orgasmic high.

I just sat there, on my knees, between her legs. Looking up at her, past her bright pink pussy and her reddened breasts. Her eyes were closed as she tried to calm her breathing. I wanted more though. So, standing I undid my belt and let my pants drop to the floor. My cock was rock hard and ready to go. I stepped up between her legs and she opened her eyes. She looked down greedily as I positioned my shaft at her opening. She spread her legs wider, putting her heels on my butt and her hands around my neck, we both watched as my length positioned itself perfectly, ready to go in.

“You ready for this?” I asked. She looked up at me, her eyes said it all. I could see she wanted this and wanted it right now, damn it!! She didn’t say anything, just dug her heels into my butt pulling me into her. She held my gaze as the head of my cock entered her. Her eyes went wide and she took in a sharp breath as I stretched her. I only got about an inch in before she stopped pulling. “Holy Shit, your big,” she said breathlessly. But I could tell she was determined to get me inside of her. I reached down and took a firm grip in her ass and drove my hips into her. Another 2 inches of cock disappeared into her. The scream of painful pleasure that she let out drove me crazy. I pulled back out and tried again. Driving in again. Still not all the way, but she was stretching. Her groans were loud. Her eyes had rolled back in her head, her mouth was agape and as I pulled out for another attempt, I could feel her body tense up, expectant of the inevitable thrust of my hips. Pushing in again, I could feel her, so tight around me. My pelvic bone stuck hers this time. She screamed out again, “OH, MY GOD!” She opened her eyes and looked down wanting to see if I was all the way in. Her eyes were wild with grimace on her face, I could tell she was slightly in pain. But as she saw that she had indeed absorbed the entire length, she let out a sigh.

Standing there, with my cock buried in her pussy, I could feel her muscles contract around my shaft, squeezing it relentlessly. I let her get used to my girth for a little bit, then I pulled it out and slowly pushed back in. It went in easier this time, but she still let out a groan as I restretched my way in. Again and again, I pulled out slowly and pushed back in just as slow. She was loosening up enough to accept me, and enjoying it more and more. I stepped up my pace. Plunging in faster and harder. She was really starting to enjoy it now and was starting to pull with her heels. Thrusting her hips slightly to meet me. Her eyes were rolled back in her head again, her head rolled back, hanging on my neck with both hands. Her mouth wide open, uttering a moaning scream every time out bodies collided. Her freed tits were bouncing with each thrust. Her rock hard nipples brushing against my coarse work shirt.

I was keeping a steady pace, the slap, slap, slap of our bodies coming together matching my heart beat in my ears. Her moans had grown in volume and we’re bordering on screams. I suddenly worried someone might hear us, but then just as quickly decided I didn’t really care. This fine lady was going to orgasm and I was going to get her there.

I kept up my pace, driving my cock deep into her. She was pulling harder and harder on my neck. Digging her heels into my butt with more and more force. Her motion was getting faster and faster, more desperate. She screamed out,”I’m cumming!!”and with one final tug, she pulled me into her, straining with all her might to keep me in. She hung on, her pussy spasming around my cock. I could feel her orgasm as it rocked her body. I could feel her orgasmic juices flowing down my balls and dripping on my feet.

I let her have her orgasm, but started moving again quickly. She let out a little scream as I started pounding her pussy again. A growl from deep inside her started as I kept going. She started to buck against me again. Working herself towards another orgasm. It didn’t take long and she was again trying to hold me in as she erupted into her latest orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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