Clive and Max Pt. 04

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Before Clive went upstairs, he cleared away the dining room table. I sat there quietly watching his sexy body move and was glad that I was married to a horny, intelligent, attractive man. He finished his chores and before he left, he came over and kissed me passionately. I liked having him push his tongue into my mouth. I moaned with approval and excitement.

“See you upstairs Maxi.”

I went into the kitchen, packed the dishwasher, wiped down the benches and did some preparation for our breakfast in the morning. There wasn’t much to do in cleaning up as I had done most of it while I cooked.

I looked outside through the open terrace doors and saw the effects of the sun setting and decided, in that moment, gorilla or not, I was going for a swim first.

Outside I stripped off my clothes and dove into the pool. Beautiful!

The night sky was clear, noises from neighbours enjoying a warm evening and the ferries chugging back and forth to the Sydney Circular Quay.

The water was slightly cool but non the less refreshing.

The day unrolled in my thinking and imagination. The world was somehow different because of what had happened. I got horny just thinking of Adam and how much I would enjoy him taking me doggystyle and breeding my man hole. I knew it would never happen. Firstly, I loved Clive and secondly, Adam had four children under the age of ten and it wasn’t like he and his wife had fucked once and his cock was so big that she never wanted it again.

It rolled through my mind, as I laid on my back in the water, that he was probably a very considerate and sensuous man when it came to making love with his wife. The way he ran his hands over his muscled body. The look of pleasure on his face. He wasn’t just beating off his big cock and blowing. He was absorbed totally in the experience. My cock was now rock hard. I thought for a moment to pull myself off but would leave that load for Clive to deal with.

Out of the pool and under the new outdoor shower, I was over taken again by sensual thoughts. Clive and his gorilla and my fantasies of rape. The warm water running over my body relaxed me even further. I stroked my cock and felt its softness over the rigid bone. It felt good. I moaned. I stopped and thought about Clive.

“Was it that I wanted to be raped?” I said out loud.

Drying myself off, the rape fantasy was running mad. What was the ‘gorilla getting loose’ all about anyway? I thought of how Clive had pushed me to the floor and started fucking me and then thrust harder after I had uttered the words ‘give it to me Adam’. A slip up by me.

“Was he jealous” I said out loud. When it came to me and my flirting, Clive had never shown a jealous bone in his body.

“What then!”

I became conscious that my cock was still rock hard. I stroked slowly as I looked out across the harbour. It then occurred to me that Clive must have had fantasises about Adam as well.


“I think my husband had had fantasies about fucking Adam and my utterance released in him that fantasy as he fucked me”, speaking out loud.

I decided then and there that the gorilla was about being who we really are within. I would never tell Clive or anyone about my rape fantasies. I grabbed the towel and clothing and headed upstairs; locking all the doors behind me, lights out and tiptoeing into the bedroom.

The bedroom lights were down low and I could see Clive’s naked legs on the bed. I moved around to pounce on him but he was snoring lightly. I decided not to pounce but let him sleep peacefully. I wasn’t disappointed actually. Usually I can be quite insatiable but today I’d had enough.

I brushed my teeth as quietly as possible and climbed into bed beside my sexy husband. His large cock lay flaccid over his big balls. I ran a finger through his bush without disturbing him. I pulled the crisp white sheet up over us and nestled down and went to sleep.

I awoke to the feeling of really needing to piss and quickly.

Jumping out of bed and bolting to the toilet, I disturbed Clive to the point of him asking, “everything alright Max?”

“Yes honey, need to piss, go back to sleep.”

I like to piss straight into the water like a real man. Something about it reminded me, that whilst I could be the biggest queen, that when it came to this body function – I had a dick. I was a man no matter what!

I climbed back into bed and Clive moved over to my side. I kissed him lightly on the cheek and rolled over with my back to him. It was then that I realised the gorilla wanted to be fed.

Clive’s muscled arms wrapped themselves around me. I could feel his bare skin against my back and his thick uncut cock was finding its way into my arse crack. He pulled me as tight as he could to himself. I did my best to pretend I didn’t want it; but how could I last with such a throbbing piece of meat pushing into me.

I pushed back into Clive. He moaned and bit into my shoulder.

“Ooh, don’t stop Clive.”

He gaziantep escort gently licked my left ear and neck. My cock was now rock hard.

His right arm found its way to my right nipple and then I was up for the gorilla. I loved the way Clive’s fingers played with my nipples. I writhed and groaned under his control. His left hand found its way to my erect cock. He played with the foreskin and rubbed the pre-cum all over my large knob. I had goose bumps all over.

“Maxi I want to fuck you hard. I want to push my big thick cock into that tight hole of yours and make you beg for more.”

“Please Clive, fuck me I don’t care. I am yours. Take me. I want you to fill me up with your man juice.”

He stroked my cock some more and I could feel the pressure building within me. Pre-cum flowed out of my piss-slit.

“Please Clive, I want you now!”

“Not yet Max, I need to get you to red-hot.”

He grabbed my cock with his firm hand and stroked me and then played with my balls. I was ready to blow, but, I held back.

His cock felt monstrous pressed against my arse crack. I could feel the sweat in my arse. I didn’t need lube. Clive’s cock was already leaking like a faucet.

I reached down and felt his thickness, his foreskin… he moaned.

“Max I love it when you do that.”

He bit my ear lobe. I screamed. He apologised.

This was the anti-gorilla moment. This was what actually annoyed me about Clive.

The huge cock of his that I loved having in my mouth, in my arse and now like a sissy he apologised. It drove me mad. The gorilla wouldn’t apologise as the gorilla knew that we were perfect together and that I wanted him inside one of my holes no matter how painful it was.

I had seen him in court and he was formidable. He might look like a fool sometimes, not often, but in reality he knew his law. He knew what he was fighting for or protecting. Someone’s Human Rights. Even just normal rights as a human being. If he detected that some ‘other fucker’ was trying to walk over him or his client; he ate them for breakfast.

Yet!! He apologises to me for biting my ear to hard!!

“Clive, I like it when you hurt me a little.”

I felt him stop for a second.

I felt him relax.

He bit my ear with the same pressure again.

“Fuck yeah, again, again”.

He did.

He got it.

He moved and his cock slid right into me. He didn’t stop until his hairy man bush was against my arse.

I screamed with pain.

He held position and then pulled out super quickly and then thrust back in.

“Oh, my fucking God” I screamed.

“Clive, fuck me now. I am ready. Pound me until you either come or have no energy.”


He stayed on his side, and with his left hand, grabbed my left hip and his right hand grabbed my shoulder.

He thrust into me hard. The gorilla was here fucking me. He continued to thrust into my hole faster and faster. Moaning loudly, he slammed my arse with his cock as his big balls slapped my cheeks.

I moaned and writhed on the sheet.

My cock was leaking and ready to burst. I ran my hand down to pull myself off. He stopped me.

He moved down my body with his hips and thrust even harder into my arse. Grunting loudly as he did. He was strong and I loved his power..

“Yes Clive, give it to me hard. I want you to fuck me so hard. Please fuck me. Ram my hole Clive. I want you.”

He grunted and screamed obscenities at me.

“You fucking whore, take my big cock you bitch”, over and over.

“I am going to fill you with so much cum, you’ll burst”.

I moaned heavily.

It was, when he moved, he hit my prostate.

“oh God… oh yeah… there, right there Clive… fuck me harder”

He obeyed.

I blew all over the sheets. Ropes of cum all over the lovely white sheets.

His hand left my hip and he tugged on my foreskin. I was only six inches but my knob was big. I screamed from the sensitivity. His cock came inside my arse. He hammered my hole. Grunting as he shot each load.

My arse was hurting but I wanted more.

“Clive, keep going. Come again, please”.

“Beg you little bitch.”

“Tell me how much you want me to fuck your tight little man pussy”.

“Fuck my tight little man pussy you fucker”

He kept thrusting without letting up.

The knob of his cock was hitting on my prostate and I blew again.


“yeah, take my big cock”.

“You know you want it.”

He blew another huge load into me.

I was shocked. I never knew that this was hiding in Clive. This was the gorilla. This was my man.

We both collapsed. Breathing heavily, I managed to turn and kiss him fully. He responded back; his cock still right up me and his bush pushed against my arse.

“Max I love you”.

I moaned and uttered the same back.

“I love you too Clive”.

I realised in that moment that I needed to be more romantic. I always protected myself somehow.

He wrapped his arms around me and we went to sleep.

I awoke to the sound of Clive whistling, down below in the kitchen.

The doors were wide open and the sky blue.

All our come had dried on the sheets but I was in heaven.

I went into the shower, cleaned myself up and wrapped my cotton dressing gown around me. On the way out, I stripped the bed and headed to the laundry with the bed-linen.

Clive had decided to make bacon and eggs. Not a normal weekday breakfast so I figured that he was hungry after all the night time exercise.

I went up behind him and wrapped my hands around his waist and kissed him good morning. He responded with a kiss back and a “how hungry are you?”

“mmm… medium.. not overly”.

I made the coffee and tea and put everything on the table outside on the terrace.

The bacon and eggs were delicious, toast, tea… everything.

“Max, want time did I wake you this morning?”

“Well, I glanced at the clock after you had finished pounding me and it was 3:02 exactly.”

Clive looked at me strangely.

“Clive what is wrong!”

“I am sorry to wake you like that, as I know you love your sleep.”

“Alright, enough is enough. I am actually sick of this. I thought after this early morning pounding, you had moved on.”

He looked shocked.

I pushed one foot into his crotch. He looked down and smiled.

“Yes, that.. I love all of you and if you wake me up at 3:02 every morning, well I am the lucky one.”

Clive smiled.

I felt his cock get harder under the pressure of my foot.

“Clive what happened last night was exactly what I have wanted for so long. It was only after seeing Adam and telling you what had happened; and then you letting your desires take over that I realised you had it in you.’

Clive just smiled back.

I went to open my mouth again.

“Clive I …”

“Shut the fuck up Max. I get it. I get that we are married and though we are more than happy with each other you have secretly wanted some of the ‘Lawyer’ in your bed.”

“Yes! Fucking YES!”

“Clive I am more than happy but deep within I have wanted you to be rough with me… well, rougher. You do not have to apologise to me. I trust you to know when to stop or how far to really go.”

He smiled back and grabbed my foot and tickled me mercilessly.

“Stop, stop…”. Laughing and screaming.


I looked lovingly at his eyes.

“What Clive”

“We have both seen Adam and when you described what happened yesterday I have to admit that I have fantasised about fucking him.”

“I thought so and I am pleased to hear that.”

“As you know, Clive, I said he had a weapon and he fucking well does and I would enjoy nothing better than to have him fuck me while you fuck him.”

Clive’s eyes opened wide.

“I had never thought of that”, he said.

We both laughed and toasted each other with our cups.

“Clive it will never happen.”

He looked at my quizzically.

“Why not?” said Clive.

“Take no offense Max but you have been a bit of a slut in the past and I would have thought you would be trying to convince me?”

I growled at him for saying such a thing. Then I laughed.

“No Clive. For one thing, Adam is married and I am not going to be responsible for breaking up any marriage despite my lustful cum filled fantasies.”

“Secondly, you have told me so many stories about Human Rights and your court cases, that as much as my fantasises might love being fulfilled; I am not letting anything like casual sex come between us.”

“We have both shared, not all it seems, lots of dreams and fantasies, of all types; so, unless one of us gets sick of the other or cannot function anymore, then I am happy, happy and Happy.”

Clive moved towards me and had his lips a centimetre away from mine, ready to kiss me.

“and… do not think I am unhappy, ever.”

“Got it!”, said Clive.

Clive kissed me passionately. I reached down between his legs and his cock was growing and mine was rock hard.


“Not now Clive… I am the one that is sorry now. It is 8 o’clock”.

With that we both jumped up, Hugged and raced inside to get dressed for work. We would both be late for work.


Clive begged me to drive him to work.

“Honey, it would be quicker if you caught the ferry!”

“Max I know. You will be later than you really want, but please drive me across the bridge… I want to be with you a little longer and feel the air in my hair”.

“OK Clive”.

It didn’t take much to convince me to drive as we had the most wonderful luxury to drive around in. A black Mercedes convertible with white leather interior. I was King of the Road in our car. I became the supreme show-off!

As we pulled up at Clive’s office building, in the wealthy Macquarie Street, his boss, George, was just arriving on his push bike.

“Hey you two, running late today? That’s highly unusual!!”

“Hi George, yeah, Max was feeling a little tired and then breakfast was slow. You know how it is George?”, said Clive to his boss.

George winked at both of us. No flies on George!

“All good. I don’t mind being tired myself every now and then.”

We all laughed.


George wasn’t so bad to look at either. He wasn’t Adam but he packed a bulge and I’m sure that he and Harriet had their moments of passion.

Of course, Harriet and I would talk sometimes. Especially at the opera when ‘our men’ went off to get a drink or became involved chatting about ‘man stuff’. Not that we couldn’t chat about ‘man stuff’ but I liked to chat about other things. The costumes for instance.

One time as our two men walked off to the bar, Harriet leaned into me and with a wink said, “you know Max, George is pretty good for his age and while I am up for some married activity, he is a Lion when it comes to the bedroom”. I blushed.

“Oh Max. Please! You! All the things we have talked about and you are blushing”.

“Well Harriet, this is a little bit more than I had planned on.”

We both laughed.

“Max, he is a great lover actually. I am no street angel but no slut either; if you get what I mean?”.

“I do Harriet, I do.”

“It did take me some time to get used to, mmmm… Georges size, and…”

“… and it does take time initially.”

She giggled and said, “you too!”

“Let me put it this way Harriet, this conversation stays in this opera house. As we all know, male ballet dancers always wear ‘dance belts’ and I think my Clive and your George would need an extra-large fitting”.

Harriet blushed this time and we both laughed our heads off.

Our men were back and asked us what we were so heartily laughing about.

“Max and I were discussing the costumes that the male ballet dancers wore how sometimes it became almost impossible to focus on the actual dancing.”

George and Clive looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“Here take your drinks before I spill them.” said George.

That night in bed, Clive asked me for more details about the ‘Max and Harriet’ conversation. At first I resisted, but how could I once he had licked my neck and when that didn’t work, he ran his tongue down to my cock and started mouthing my knob and licking my piss slit. That still didn’t work so he rimmed my hole. He stopped.

“Please Clive, keep going.”

“Only if you promise to disclose the conversation”.

“ok, ok… “

I felt Clive’s hands cup my balls as he pulled my foreskin over my big knob. His tongue left my wet hole and went back to work on my cock.

“Oh man, I love it when you suck my cock.”

He went faster with his sucking. He spat in his hand and worked the shaft while sucking on the knob harder.

“Please, don’t stop. I am going to come very soon.”

Clive stepped up the pace even faster. He was moaning as he deep-throated my cock.

“Clive I am starting to come”.

He went right down and I unloaded into his throat. I thrust my hips so that my cock went into his throat. I heard him moan and gulp down my thick cum. He swallowed everything. My cock was still in his mouth as I collapsed onto the pillow.

Moaning, I let out “fuck that was good.”

He climbed up my body and his thick cock stopped at my balls.

“Fuck me Clive”. He didn’t need another invitation.

He thrust a pillow under my hips and lifted my legs over his shoulders and pushed violently into my wet hole.

“Fuck me mister gorilla man”.

He didn’t stop.

“I love feeling your thick cock spread my hole. Filling me up with that foreskin and pre-cum”.

He ploughed his big monster into me. I moaned and groaned as shouted for filthy obscenities at me. He thrust about four more times and unleashed a huge amount of thick cum in my guts.

“Clive keep going, cum again, please!”

He kept thrusting and came again. Huge amount, again. Without warning I blew another load all over my belly.

He had an ankle in each hand as he continued thrusting. I thought he would come a third time.. But he had a look of pure lust on his face and the pleasure of thrusting into my already filled hole made his eyes close and throw his head back.

Clive let me down onto the pillow and leaned into my body; squashing all my come between us. He kissed me passionately and then said “tell me”.

I told Clive of Harriet’s admission and also what I had said.

Clive blushed.

“So, she now knows that I have a big cock?”

“Yes, she does. BUT, I now know that George has a big cock, also”

“All is equal Clive”.

He laughed and kissed me again. Then moaned… “mmm I wonder if I have any come left in my balls?”

“Well if you do, I want to suck it out of you”.


Clive moved his beautiful body up mine and sat on my chest and plopped his big thick cock into my willing mouth.

The last thing I remember hearing was the sound of a horn blowing on a Sydney ferry.

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