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It was a muggy, overcast day, and my weekend beer league team had just lost our last game 16-12. We did alright for a bunch of thirty-somethings who had seen better days, but I was definitely in rough shape. Some of the team milled about the diamond, with bags over their shoulder, but most had already hit the parking lot already. I asked the groundskeeper for the keys to the change room, and grabbed my kit.

The ballpark was a collection of diamonds, with a cinderblock building stuck at the furthest edge, opposite from the gravel parking lot. It was rarely used, and very basic – the mens change area nothing but a series of old benches, a toilet and a communal shower area. I badly needed the shade and a cool shower after sweating through 7 innings.

I dropped by bag and sat on the bench, toeing off my cleats and tossing my hat to the side. My muscles ached as I pulled off my jersey, exposing the damp chest hair matted to my pecs. I unbuckled my knee-brace, and tossed it into the open bag on the floor. That was when I heard the metal scraping sound of the change room door. I began to unbuckle my belt as I looked across the room to see Rex.

Tall and wide, Rex was one of the youngest on the team. While not necessarily the brightest, Rex was actually pretty mature for his age, though he often took the game a bit too seriously. He routinely showed up to games wearing a full baseball uniform, stirrups, striped pants and eye black. Some of us figured that he hadn’t quite caught on to the fact that he was no longer 18 with a shot at the majors. Rex moved away from the entrance, the metal door falling shut with a loud clang, and walked over to me.

He tossed his bag next to mine and stood directly in front of me as I took my pants off. I adjusted the bulge inside my briefs, stared up at his face and gulped. Rex, with his eye black smudged, looked down at me and smiled- his hands slowly moving to unbuckle his belt.

I broke eye contact with him in order to stare at the newly bared flesh in front of me. Once his pants were unbuttoned, my hands moved to the waistband, to pull them down to his mid-thigh.

Rex, istanbul escort taking his sports seriously, wore a standard issue white jockstrap, filling the front pouch with an obscenely large cock. His pubic hair flared out from the bulging fabric in all directions, across his thighs and over the striped band towards his belly button. He grabbed the bottom of his jersey and pulled it off, revealing his finely haired chest and sinewy muscles. I leaned in, burying my face in his jock, grasping at his furry cheeks and pulling him in closer.

The scent of a sweaty, dirty man filled my nostrils, and I could practically taste the dirt from the diamond, mixed with sweat and piss as I moved my face over his groin. I had forgotten how much this turned me on.

Pulling back, I shot a glance up at Rex, who was nodding at me with a sideways grin on his face. I fingered the tight elastic band that held him in place, and peeled his jock down over his thighs, a 7″ erection sloppily fell out in front of my lips, and I took a deep breath before putting my tongue to his tip. I feel to my knees on the tiled floor and tasted a glossy pearl of pre-cum before swallowing his bulbous cock head.

I tongued with his piss slit, before slurping my way down his shaft, engulfing him entirely. Though silent, he must have liked my work, because before too long he was grabbing handfuls of my hair and bucking away wildly at my face. Again my hands flew to his ass, this time pulling and prying his cheeks open as I bobbed on his dick.

As I continued to suck and swallow Rex, my tongue ran along his shaft, feeling out a thick vein on the side. His balls slapped against my chin, and I relished the taste of his flesh in my mouth. I took a moment to catch my breath, and use my hand to maintain Rex’s erection. His eyes were slits and his head slightly tossed back in a sense of momentary bliss, so I went in for the kill.

Keeping a hand around his piece, I began to suck the top half, sucking and jerking at the same time. I tried to look up and watch his face for signs of imminent explosion – but when he barely stifled a moan, avrupa yakası escort I knew I nearly had him. I increased my pace on his dick, jerking and sucking, my mouth awash in saliva and pre-cum. He began to meekly whine, so I sped up my hand movements.

The first spurt shot out and hit the back of my throat, nearly making me gag, and I knew to get my entire mouth around him now. My hand slowed, and I slurped, pulling the sperm from his balls. I swallowed his briny mess and felt his body quiver before me. I busied my mouth until I felt his dick soften with one final spasm.

There was always something about this particular moment in giving head that thrilled me, the seconds that the status shifts, and the person being serviced, becomes the person who has been vanquished. The one with the powerful hard on has been bested by the skilled mouth. Rex was lost in that moment as his dick fell limply out of my mouth, dragging out a string of saliva that slowly fell to the ground.

We avoided eye contact as I helped myself back up onto the bench, and as Rex removed his clothes and sauntered into the shower area. I heard the hissing spray start up in the other room, and wiped my face off with my shirt. Damn knee, I thought to myself as I stripped off the rest of my clothes. I get caught up in the moment and forget not to be so rough on my knee. My feet slapped the cold tile as I walked over to the shower area.

Rex had his back to me, and must have been cleaning his dick off when I stepped inside. I hit the faucet on the wall, and felt a cool jet of water pour down over my face, over my shoulders, and ultimately the rest of my body. It felt incredible. I just closed my eyes and faced the stream, as I propped myself up against the wall with my right hand.

I had begun to float away with relief, when I felt a hand along the small of my back. There was an immediate jolt from the initial contact, but my familiarity with Rex allowed me to stand there and let him touch my body. When his hands took hold of my ass cheeks, I knew he was no longer standing, so I moved to bahçelievler escort put both of my hands on the wall, as I popped my ass out in his direction. Spreading me open from behind, I first felt the cool water sluice across my anus, before Rex’s warm fleshy tongue licked and probed my hole. I bent further at the waist to give him more.

Rex ate my ass out, sending a tingling sensation across my lower body, eventually replacing his tongue with a finger… some cold body wash, and then another finger. I grimaced at the temporary pain, and stuck with him long enough before he finally began to land on my prostate. I moaned loudly before catching himself, and felt Rex’s other hand snake around my waste to catch my flailing hard-on. He began to pump me in his fist, and he finger fucked me from behind. I could feel his hairy, manly body leaning up against me as i edged closer to… aggghhh. I came, screaming as my seed splashed against the tiled wall – Rex’s hand relentlessly milking me for every last drop. By the time he released my cock, I hadn’t even realized how empty my backside had become. My brain fluttered as Rex stepped away to wash up, and hung my head as the water poured down over me.

I heard Rex turn off his faucet, and his wet feet slap against the tile as I caught my breath.

* * * * * *

Dressed in a clean t-shirt and shorts, I hobbled out from the change room, glancing up at the parting clouds and imminent sunset. I passed by the groundskeeper’s booth at the side of the parking lot and returned the keys to the change room. The gravel crunched under my feet as I walked to my jeep. When I got there, Rex and his girlfriend were leaning up against it playing kissy-face.

“Sorry about the game today guys, you both did awesome,” His girl, Nancy turned to me with an encouraging smile. “You guys are the best pitcher-catcher combo in the league!” I shot Rex a quick glance as I smiled at the comment and dug my car keys out of my pocket.

“Thanks Nancy,”

“No problem bro. By the way, Mom and Dad were giving Rex and I the cottage next weekend, but I’ve gotta work – so I was wondering if you wanted to go up with Rex to keep him company.”

I turned slowly towards them as I opened my car door. Rex piped up.

“Yeah man, whaddya’ say? I thought maybe we could have some fun,”

I looked at my sister, then to Rex’s wide smile.

“Sure man, lets do it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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