Co-Workers Slip


On any regular night you could find Jim sitting on a computer finishing up some work for his company. He never really had much time for leisure and other activities. It was a god send when his boss asked him to take a trip to Oregon for the week to discuss the companies new budget plan with corporate. The plan was simple enough, just drive a few hours and stay in a company paid hotel, show a few presentations and catch a drink or two after.

The only drawback was having to make the trip with company. Jim would have much rather preferred his time alone. He had remained single through his adult life. Passing each day in monotony was perfectly acceptable to a man such as himself. Strict routine and poise would be the driving forces throughout his regular day.

“At least I get to pick who comes with” he thought to himself.

His choices were very limited; either he would end up bringing Steve, his closest friend and the obvious choice. Or, he would have to choose Sarah, a quite unworthy candidate. She would always find a way to start complaining about the most menial tasks. In short Jim despised the very essence of her being.

Without question he asked Steve, knowing the immediate response he would get.

“You want to drag my ass all the way to Oregon so I can prattle about some worthless shit? You’re not even my wife and you’re breaking my dick man.” Steve jokingly mocked.

“I’ll tell you what man; I’ll give you an open bar. It’ll be my personal supply, right out of my pocket. It’s either you or Sarah coming with. I can’t handle that bitch for a whole week. I’ll be choking down cyanide before the drives over!”

“Well, I guess you talked me into it. Open bar?”

“Open bar.”

The plans were set to take off Monday morning. So Jim wanted to savoir his last day at home before he left. The usual routine again settled in his day. He would make a sandwich, crack a beer, and watch any sport channel he could find. He really didn’t have a particular taste for sports. He just felt it made him more masculine.

Sleep slowly started to cover his eyes, when abruptly the phone beside him rang violently. Cursing his luck Jim picked up the phone and began to talk quite calmly.


“Jim? Hey it’s Steve. Something came up at home. My kid came down with a heavy fever. We had to take him to the ER. They’re saying he’s going to be here for a few days.”

Jim already knew where this was going.

“So you know I’m going to have to back out on the trip man. Don’t worry about Sarah, I already told her to get her stuff ready. She’s going to meet you at your house in the morning. Sorry again!”

The receiver speaker clicked and went to dial tone as Jim sat there still lightly grasping the phone. “Shit” he thought to himself “I didn’t even get a chance to talk to the guy about it.” It was too late now. The damage had been done and now he was stuck with Sarah.

“It might not be so bad. At least I’ll have something to look at.”

With that Jim stripped his daily clothes and passed out in his own bed.

Thoughts of being stuck with Sarah plagued his dreams that night. Nothing out of the usual, she just happened to be in them.

Jim awoke the next morning to the sound of his door being pounded on. Groggily he walked downstairs still half asleep and opened the door.

“What the fuck Jim? We’re not even out of your house yet and you’re already getting hard around me?!”

Jim waking up looked down to realize he had sported quite the morning wood. “Great” he thought. This was going to make for the beginning of a great trip.

“Get some clothes on, you look like a bum. And for God’s sake shave your face!” she jokingly mocked.

You see the thing with Sarah was her crucial inability to realize she was an actual adult. She never took anything too seriously, work included. This presented an annoyance to Jim. He would work late, come in early, while she gallivanted around town. She was carefree to say the least. The fact she even showed up this early in the morning was a surprise for him. Jokes and flirty teasing is what she did best. Everyone in the office knew, but regarded her as playful and non-threatening.

She was however the most attractive woman by far. She had a small frame accented nicely with a firm supple ass that started down her long legs. Her chest, by what Jim could figure, was about a C cup on a good day. Too often she would wear a bra size too tight, forcing the globes of flesh from the confines of her bra. Her face was cute, nothing too amazing, just a feature to accent the long blonde hair.

Jim stalked around his house trying desperately to get everything together on time, cursing every so often when he couldn’t find what he was looking for.

“Don’t forget your panties wedged up your ass Jim!” Sarah called up the stairs.

Jim slammed Kocaeli Escort his dresser drawer shut and zipped his bag. Marching downstairs he took the time to realize what she was wearing. A t-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans.

“Jesus, you do know this is a business trip right? Not some excuse to go for a night on the town.” Jim scolded her.

Sarah shrugged her shoulders. “It’s only the drive old man. You’re panties are still up your ass I see.”

Jim took a second and let it slide. She was right. There was no need to be stuffed up in business dress when all they were doing was driving. They didn’t have to present until the afternoon.

“Alright, we better hit the road. “She chirped. Her personality was as bubbly as ever.

The dull roar of the engine filled the car. The radio was only loud enough to make out a steady beat. The few hours had gone by surprisingly calm.

“I have an idea!” Sarah called from the passenger seat.

“And what might that be?” Jim responded, not wanting to offend the girl and break the peace.

“How about… We play a game!?”

“Alright, what are you feeling? We can pla—”he was interrupted.

“Truth or dare!” she shouted in the cabin.

“I don’t know. I haven’t played this since a kid. What the hell, we’ll give it a shot!”

“Good, that’s what I like to hear! Me first! Truth or dare?”

Jim thought for a moment. “Truth.” He said at the end of an extended pause.

“Pussy! Only bitches do truth!” She teased. “But okay… oh! When I showed up this morning you had a hard on. What were you thinking about?”

“Shit!” Jim thought. “She had to pick that one. Of course she would.” It would be something she could tease him about through the trip. He couldn’t tell her that he was dreaming of her. That would be borderline sexual harassment.

“Uh…” he said aloud. “Well I can’t quite remember. I was dreaming I think. I just woke up with one.”

“Bullshit Jim! You’re a terrible liar. Now tell me the truth. Or else I’ll sing like this all day! LA LA LA LA!” her piercing mock singing was enough to make anyone talk.

“Fine! Shit! Okay, I was dreaming of you.” He finally said, nervous at her response.

She rested back in her seat, smug.

“Oh really? What were you thinking about?” she asked.

“Oh no! That’s breaking the rules. You only get one question per turn. So what is it?”

“Truth! If you get to pick it so do I!”

“Okay, How bad would you like to know my dream?” he asked. Lust filling the car now. For someone he couldn’t stand to be around he couldn’t deny his sexual attraction.

She thought for a brief moment and said aloud, “It really depends on how dirty it was. But yeah I’d like to know.” She couldn’t let on that she wanted him so bad. She knew he had been single for the longest time. It would be so easy to play him. After all it was a given he hadn’t been laid in months. “Your turn! Truth or dare?”

“Dare.” He replied calmly. His insides burning with fire.

“I dare you to do it, not tell me your dream. But do it.”

Jim’s jaw dropped. He looked over and saw the shit eating grin on her face. The rest of the ride was silent.

They got to the hotel right on time. As they headed toward the check-in desk they passed the conference center where they would later be presenting. Jim managed to glimpse inside the center to see that a few of his colleges had already shown up and were chatting about whatever.

“One room, two beds on reserve for Steele. Inc.” Jim said casually.

The clerk clicked away on her computer and quickly handed them two keys for the room. Without speaking they stood the awkward silence in the elevator. The doors open and they uniformly stepped out and marched down the hall, counting the numbers on the doors as they walked.

“This is us.” Sarah spoke very calmly and began to attempt to open the door. She never could quite get these electronic door locks right.

Jim quickly came over and inserted the card. “Slowly, like making love to a woman.” He joked, trying to break the tension.

“Oh and here I was trying the lock like fucking a woman.” She replied.

Jim let out a little giggle and led the way into the room. “It’s about time we got dressed, the meeting starts in thirty.”

Jim took the living area and Sarah took the bathroom to get changed. Jim had his usual suit on nothing special. When Sarah walked out however, it looked like she spent hours getting ready.

He sat stunned has she paraded out displaying her short sleeve white button blouse, black loose skirt, and thigh high black stockings. She was amazing.

“Well are you going to stare at the goods all day or are we going to get this show on the road?” she mocked. Doing a little twist with her hips.

The meeting started out has uncharacteristic as any other. Kocaeli Escort Bayan Jim and Sarah’s presentation was first at bat.

Jim began with a presentation showing charts or expenditures from the company and all that technical jargon. Nothing really special happened until it was Sarah’s presentation.

The way Sarah had been sitting didn’t help her skirts arrangement. With her realizing, the skirt had ridden up her legs. This made a very acceptable skirt into a quite risqué one. She stood up confidently. The skirt had rode so far up that when she stood up the entire conference could see her bare ass. Where the black stockings ended, the neon green thong strap was vivid enough for the whole room to see. The room began to stare awestruck. Most of them were elderly men raised on Christian morals. They were all fixated on the little piece of green fabric being overtaken by the luscious ass.

Jim saw this and went white. All his superiors were here. They all saw his partner’s indiscretion; this was going to look terrible on him.

As she began to walk a little more the skirt fell down to its original placement. Leaving her oblivious as to what she had shown the room.

Jim needed a drink.

He quickly left the scene like a bad car crash. Speeding head first into the hotels bar he began to plummet drink after drink to keep his anger down.

“How could she have been so careless?” he angrily stumbled through his thoughts.

The bar scene had begun to grow tiresome on him. The last drink went down his throat smoothly. The dim lit bar wore hazy on his eyes. The anger in his blood hadn’t gone down much from the episode earlier. The fact that she didn’t even realize what she did made fueled his fire even more so.

He stumbled into the room half asleep the other half in a sort of rage. Sarah laid on the bed, her eyes fixed on what was on TV. She still hadn’t changed out of her business clothes from earlier.

“Where did you go?” She asked.

“I had to take care of some problems I had.” Jim replied condescendingly.

“What kind of problems could you have already?” she pushes.

“What kind of problems?” he walked over to her and stood her up. “What kind of problems? How about you were showing your ass to the whole company this afternoon?”

“What the hell are you talking about? No one has seen my ass today.”

He bent her over the bed and lifted her skirt. “This fucking ass right here is what everyone today saw. Your skirt rode up while you were sitting down. This fucking ass has got us in some shit.” The sight of her behind brought back the memories from the meeting. She still had her green thong on and those black stockings.

“Hey!” she argued but was cut off short by a shot of pain.

Lust had taken over Jim as he drew his open hand back again. Swiftly he brought it back to land on her cheeks. They rippled with the force of his blow, making them jiggle in contrast to the green fabric.

Sarah looked up and seen the mirror above the headrest. She could see everything. Her brutal expressions and his wanton lust filled face every time she jerked forward from the blow of his hand. She found herself turned on at the sight. Too much now to care about what happened to cause this. She was only focused on one thing.

“Yeah spank me! I’ve been a bad girl!” she moaned, egging him on.

Jim stopped for a second to let the event sink in. Not only did he surprise himself by starting this, but she was well on her way to finish. The realization of his throbbing dick finally sank in.

“You have been a bad girl, and I’m going to make sure it doesn’t happen again.” He knew he was in the clear now.

“Oh baby, everyone knows what kind of nasty slut you work with. They’re expecting you to fuck me after seeing how I dress. I’m a naughty office whore!”

Jim stopped his assault on her behind and let her turn to face him. She got on all fours on the bed, leaving her ass to the mirror, the skirt still hiked. Jim seen this and went wild with lust as she fumbled with his pants.

She looked up at him and smiled as his pants slid down his legs and hit the floor. She looked so sweet smiling a wicked smile at him. She made eye contact as she started to impale her cute mouth with the head of his cock. Her tongue swirled around the base as she bobbed her head up and down. Each time her ass would lift higher for Jim view in the mirror. Her hand had found its way to her breast and began to paw it out of her blouse. It fell from the shirt and was immediately attacked by her petite hand. At least it looked pretty small compared to the flesh it was groping.

Jim managed to use his hand to help free the still prisoner breast. He succeeded leaving both tits bare and pushed together by the tight fabric of her top. In the mirror Jim could see a wet spot turning Escort Kocaeli the bright green a little darker.

“She’s dripping!” he thought, excited. It had been so long since he had gotten a taste of any pussy.

She must have read his mind. At that moment she looked up and gave a schoolgirl giggle and turned again to the original position. Jim knelt down eye level with the ass that had haunted him earlier. He pulled the fabric to one side and viewed the young pussy. It was cleanly shaven, wet, and inviting. He started to lick her thighs, trying to tease her. He couldn’t keep it up, she was just to inviting. Her pussy was visibly dripping. The first lick probed as deep as it could in her moist hole. Searching for the flavor and source of the juices. Jims face was wet from the contact, digging with his tongue to taste this office whore.

“Oh Shi—Shit!” she exclaimed as he continued to eat her sweet pussy. “God damn, you know how to eat!”

Jim’s confidence was renewed enough for him to travel around. He circled around her eager clit, up to her asshole.

“Ugh, no one’s ever licked my ass before. Fuck! Shit!” she squealed as he teased her ass. His cock now was dripping pre-cum at the thought of how filthy this girl turned out to be.

Not wanting to focus too much of his energy on her ass he returned to her clit. Attacking away with a steady rhythm. Not too much was exchanged other than her squeals of delight and the soft licking sound.

“Keep going! Harder! Ugh! Oh yeah come on baby I’m so close. Fuck! Eat that pussy you fucking dirty stud. Make me cum!” she screamed as her muscles tightened. Jim could see her stomach flex and her legs shake as he continued his deed. Drawing her ever closer to the orgasm she so desperately wanted. Finally, she screamed out and following was a surprise for Jim. A warm jet of fluid erupted from her pussy soaking his face and filling his mouth. She had squirted!

Cum dripping from his face he quickly got up and held his throbbing cock at the entrance of her just spent pussy. The sheets below her soaked in her love juice. Panting, red faced, and out of breath Sarah finally looked up at the mirror, shocked that her co-worker was able to give such an intense orgasm with his mouth. He was standing up now probing her cunt with his dick, getting ready to insert.

Quickly, and without warning she wrapped her feet around the back of his legs and forced him into her wet snatch. Jim’s first reaction was to stumble, making his thrust much more intense than previously intended. It was met with a lustful moan from Sarah as she started rocked back and forth on his shaft.

Her body bounced along with the thrusts as she pushed herself to attempt another orgasm. Panting and match Jim’s thrusts desperately for the chance to cum again was driving her insane. Each time Jim would plow into her she could feel his hot balls slap her clit, giving her a thrill of pleasure. Long hard thrusts had gotten her so close to cumming when he flipped her over.

On her back he pulled her legs into a V-Shape and began to pound away on her poor pussy again. Instead of watching her ass shake to the thrusts now he was met with the welcome view of her tits bouncing together in unison with his motions. The looks on her face as he violated her. She was in ecstasy and it was plain to see.

Sarah wanted to cum; she clutched at the sheets and moaned wildly.

“Fuck me daddy! Ugh make your baby girl cum on this big hard cock. God, when I seen it this morning I knew I had to have it in me!” She egged him on. Knowing all too well that turning him on more would make him buck harder, giving her the orgasm she wanted.

You couldn’t really make out anything Jim was saying if you wanted to; it was a blur of grunts, stupid sluts, and dumb whores. All he cared about was busting his nut. The options presented themselves as he drew closer.

“Her ass? Which would be nice to watch my hot cum down her crack. Her pussy? She might not be on the pill. Her tits? Yes.” That was the answer he was looking for.

Sarah’s muscles began to tighten again. This time Jim got to feel the pleasure of having her pussy contract and swell around his cock. Milking and tightening with pleasure.

“Oh! Fuck I’m cumming! God pound this little whore. Make me your little fuck slut for all your dirty new trips. You’re going to need someone to satisfy that big dick of yours! God! Give me your cum!”

Jim took no hesitation to mount Sarah’s stomach and put his hard, wet member between her tits. She took the clue very fast and pushed her C cups together, loving the filth of the entire act. Pumping away Jim could feel his balls tighten. Sarah had her head stuck down licking the cock head every time it came near her mouth. His groans increased and heightened.

Spurt after spurt of hot cum showered Sarah’s neck and cleavage. Making sure to get a good show Jim wipe his cock in his cum and rubbed it on her nipples, giving them a playful slap. She looked at his eyes again and popped his cock back in her mouth briefly. Just enough to taste him.

“I guess I learned my lesson” she winked.