Coach Cougar Pt. 01

Big Tits

“That’s it, I’m joining a gym.” I said defiantly to myself, looking at my naked figure in the bedroom mirror. I had always had a good body but the last few months of partying, drinking, eating anything I fancied and slobbing around had taken its toll.

I dressed for work, pencil skirt, tight blouse, push up bra, stockings and heels. I felt this combination hid my flaws and highlighted my assets. I’m 5″8 with 36″ legs and a good bum. I also had 34D boobs although recently they had become slightly saggy. I’m not having that. My usual slim tummy had become soft and podgy.

I joined the girls for lunch at Gino’s, the Italian on the corner from the office. As I looked through the menu I reluctantly plumped for a salad.

“A salad? You feeling ok Fi?” Joanne asked.

“Diet time I’m afraid girls. I have a beach body I need to get back.” I said despondently.

“Are you joking!! There’s no hope for the rest of us.” Joanne said patting her slight belly. “You have an amazing figure Fi, you don’t need a diet.”

“Oh god, yes I do. Everything is getting saggy. I’m joining a gym too!”

“You should join my gym, Lexitons, it’s on this side of town and we could train after work.” Marie said trying to convince me.

“That sounds good. I will take a look.” I lied. I wasn’t going to take a look at all. I didn’t want to train with Marie, she was 40 and boring!! Ok so I was 35 but Marie was way older that her years. Did I mention that she was incredibly boring too? No chance. I started looking for a decent gym on the other side of town.

Royal Fitness. Sounds very regal. Perfect. In actual fact it was run by two ex Royal Marines who were absolutely brutal. After my first outdoor session of throwing huge tractor tyres around a field, rolling beer kegs up a hill and trying to tow the biggest rope known to man I felt physically sick. This was a really bad idea.

I limped into work a broken woman.

“Good was he?” Asked Annie, with a cheeky grin on her face as I dragged my aching body past her office.

“Bloody gym session with the Royal Marines.” I winced.

“Royal fitness?” Annie enquired. “That’s where I go!!”

Annie was 55, one of the legal secretaries to the named partner at the firm and looked in incredible shape. She had my attention.

“That’s how you look so good. But, my god, it is sooooooo tough. I don’t think I can go again.” I said walking into her office.

Annie laughed. “It gets easier honey, trust me, give it 4-5 weeks and the body learns to adjust. You’re just out of practice, that’s all.”

Did she just say I was unfit?

“When are you going next?” Annie asked.

“No idea. Not sure I want to.” I sighed.

“Stop that. Come with me on Thursday. We will go after work.” Annie was very insistent, as she always was, after all that was her job.

When Thursday came round my body still hadn’t recovered. I couldn’t even bend down to do up my trainers.

“Here, let me do it.” Annie said, seeing that I was struggling. I felt about 90.

Throughout the session I watched Annie in her sexy black all in one Lycra suit blast out set after set earning the praise of the coaches. How old was this superwomen? She definitely wasn’t 55. She had the body of a 20 year old. Great legs and bum with huge boobs that I later discovered were fake but my god they were perfect. It convinced me that I needed to get my boobs done.

I collapsed about 70 minutes into the session but Annie kept going for the full 90. I crawled to the warm down session and lay on my back hoping to teleport back to my soft, warm, comfy bed back at my apartment. I felt a pair of hands on my calves but I didn’t have the energy to even lift my head and look up. Hmmmmmm that feels good. I hope it’s one of those hunky Royal Marines.

“Good session hun?” It was Annie massaging my lower legs.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhh.” Is all I could manage.

Annie moved up to my thighs, massaging them back to life. Boy she was good.

“Hmmmmmmmm.” I groaned, in appreciation. “Don’t stop.” I gasped.

After about 10 minutes of massaging I sat up resting on my elbows. “Wow. That was hard. It’s not getting easier Annie. Not at all.”

“It will. Do you train at home too?” Annie asked.

Extra training at home, is she insane. This woman is like some super human fitness goddess.

“Just running.” I offered, hoping she wouldn’t probe me further on my lie.

“Come and play netball with me, every Wednesday and Saturday. Games are usually on a Saturday and training Wednesday.”

She plays netball as well. Bloody hell, what else does she do? No wonder she doesn’t have a man in her life, she doesn’t have time.

Annie divorced several years ago and kept her private life to herself. I had no idea if she actually had a boyfriend or kids for that matter. She could have even been remarried and I wouldn’t have known.

“I’m not sure you would want me. I haven’t played since school and as you can see, I’m completely unfit.”

“No you’re not and I bet bursa escort bayan you’re a great player, especially with those long legs getting you around the court. Come with me next Wednesday. I will introduce you to the girls. You’ll like them.” Annie said.

Well that’s decided then. You didn’t argue with Ann.

“Just a salad please.” I said to the waiter at Gino’s.

“Still on the diet Fi?” Lucy asked.

“Yep.” I muttered still flicking through the menu in hope I might find something I could eat that wouldn’t pile on the pounds.

“How’s the training going?” Asked Marie. “You’re going with Annie aren’t you?”

“Yes. She’s like bloody super woman. She’s a machine. I can’t do help the stuff she can do. She doesn’t even break a sweat and I’m lying on the floor dying.”

“I bet that’s not true.” Marie replied.

“I’m telling you. She’s way fitter than me. I’m actually playing netball with her this week. She’ll probably beat me at that too!!”

“I didn’t know you played netball?” Lucy said with an enquiring look on her face.

“Not since high school.” I replied. “But I fancy getting back into it. Come with me.”

“Ohhhhh no. My netball days are long behind me.” Lucy was an excellent sportswoman and I know she played netball for the county. She was super fit and could eat anything she liked, but she did train every day. She was 28 talking like a 60 year old about her netballing career which made me laugh. That why I didn’t want to train with her either, she played everything down, acting humble, when in actual fact she was brilliant at everything. She was the best young lawyer in the firm.

I packed my kit before making my way to the office. Some skimpy cut off light blue shorts, pink and blue Adidas trainers, tight T-shirt with a pink vest top. I liked matching clothes and they looked like I played netball. Let’s try and convince them I can play, at least for the first 5 minutes.

I got to the indoor court about 15 mins early and warmed up, introducing myself to some of the other women there. It was a good mix of ages and abilities from the looks of things. I didn’t feel out of place at all. I was stretching my calves when a loud shrill of an old school masters whistle rang out around the court. Marching forward in a tight blue track suit was Annie.

“Right girls. 5 laps of the court. Let’s go!!”

Annie was the coach!! She probably played as well but at the moment she was putting us through various fitness drills before moving on to some technical work with the ball.

“Good. Good. Very good Fi. Great footwork. Keep in going. You’re showing these old pros how it’s done.” Annie shouted in my direction. I felt a warm glow inside and started to blush. I got praise from Annie. Yes. I must be good.

I had a really good session. I didn’t know I was so good at netball and all the fitness sessions were starting to bear fruit. I was getting much fitter and I was starting to tone up. My breasts were starting to feel a lot firmer and less saggy whilst my bum was like a rock. This is more like it.

After two months I was training with the Royal Marines three times a week and netball twice a week. What with work as well it left very little time for socialising. Annie and I had become close though. She was my training partner, coach, teammate (yes she did play), confidante at work and friend. Turns out she didn’t remarry, didn’t have a boyfriend and didn’t have any kids.

We had an early game on Saturday at 9am. “Let’s go shopping afterwards.” Annie suggested. “I need some more work clothes.”

She didn’t. She had wardrobes full of them but Annie loved clothes and clothes loved her. She looked amazing in them as she power dressed in the office, at home and in the gym. I had started to buy similar clothes and it felt good. Powerful and in control. Male and female colleagues would stop and stare as Annie and I would saunter into the office showing off our new office attire from some expensive shop and our toned figures from all the fitness training. Louboutins were the standard accessory for turning heads both in the office and out of the street. I also found that I was winning a lot more cases. Probably because the judge and opposition lawyer were too busy staring at my stocking tops.

We won our netball match easily on Saturday 67 – 26. “Let’s go shoppinggggggggh.” Annie shouted grabbing my arm and dragging me off to the car. I barely had time to get changed with my hair tied back and my trainers still undone.

“Calm down you crazy loon.” I fired back at her, hopping to put my trainers on properly.

My god could this girl shop. Every retail outlet we went in Annie would leave with something. Make up, clothes, stationary, jewellery, accessories…anything. I was shattered as we sat down for our first coffee of the day.

“You haven’t bought anything.” Annie said looking at the empty space around my feet.

“I haven’t had a chance.” I scoffed.

Annie laughed. “Right. Ok. You’re turn. What do you need?”

“Ummmmm gorukle escort nothing really. Underwear I guess.”

“Ohhhhhhhh really. For the hunky boyfriend eh. Perfect. There’s a Victoria secret a few stores down. I will help you choose.”

“Oh no no. Nothing like that. Just normal standard underwear. For work. Any case, I don’t have a boyfriend. No time for one.” I explained.

Annie looked shocked. “I always assumed you had a partner.”

“No. Not for a good few years. Work took over I guess.” Explaining further.

“Snap. But I still like to wear sexy underwear and have some fun.” Annie said lifting up her skirt to reveal some sexy stockings whilst kicking her leg out. She lowered it laughing as I was just admiring her sexy pins.

“Victoria secret it is.” I said triumphantly wanting to be as demure as Annie.

I had never been into Victoria secret, I had always walked past thinking it was a bit too racy for me. That was something you wear on your wedding night or to get your partner interested in having sex again after his libido has died.

The choice was immense but Annie made a beeline for the stockings and corset section. “You’re boobs would look great in one of those.” Annie said pointing to a cream lace bustier and stockings. “Go try it on.”

“I’m not sure Annie. I’d never wear it.”

“Trust me. Just try it on.” Annie insisted.

I reluctantly tried it on but Annie was right, my boobs looked amazing in the underwear. It tucked everything into a nice, sexy compact package. I’d never wear it but I could prance around the house on my own admiring myself I suppose. I bought it. £350.

“So. Was I right? Did it look amazing on you?” Annie asked at the till.

“Yes yes yes. Ok. You were right. It looked good on. But not sure I’m ever going to wear it.”

“We can have a fashion show when we get home.” Annie replied very matter-a-factly.

I looked at her as she reached down and answered her phone. She was obvious not joking.

We went back to Annie’s which was a gorgeous thatched cottage with a huge open fire place. It had trees all round it and a small path that led up to it. It was beautifully remote, peaceful and tranquil.

“Ohhhhh I love it Annie. This place is wonderful.” I said as I ducked under ivy archway.

“Beautiful isn’t she. It was my mother’s. She loved it here.”

We entered the house through a tiny doorway. To the right was a beautiful open plan kitchen with the Aga taking centre stage. To the left was the cosy living room with the open fireplace taking centre stage. It was beautiful. So Annie.

We opened some wine, kicked off our shoes and chatted for hours. Annie put on a fashion show off all her new items she had purchased from the day and some from her extensive wardrobe. It certainly took her a while to exhibit all her purchases.

“Now this one I really like. It’s a bit naughty.” Annie made her way into the room and bent over the fireplace. It was a short black dress, completely see through with a v cut plunge at the front to show off her rock hard boobs. I definitely needed fake boobs. Annie was a walking advert. She matched it with her black laboutins. Annie was not wearing underwear. I could see her stiff, pert nipples and her amazing bum peeked out the bottom of the dress. As she bent over I could see her bald pussy glistening in the flickering light of the fire.

Annie laughed. “Nice isn’t it?” As she walked back to the bedroom to try something else on.

I was sat on the sofa and unsure what had come over me. I must be drunk or fatigued. I had a longing to jump up and get my hands on that sexy body. I wanted to kiss her. I assumed I was misreading all the signals and I was just incredibly horny because I hadn’t had sex for ages and Annie was incredibly hot.

“Ok your go.” Annie said entering the room in little shirts and a vest top. Her nipples sticking out. She smiled as she noticed my eyes moving down over her body and back to her stiff nipples where I fixed my gaze.

“Ummmm me?” I replied.

“Yes. You. Try on that underwear.” Annie ordered.

“What? Now?” I wasn’t sure how to respond.

“Yes, yes. Come on. Let’s see it.” I was ushered into the bedroom and thrown the Victoria secret bag as Annie closed the door behind her.

I undressed looking at myself in the mirror. Hmmmmm not bad. All the diet and fitness training was paying off. I had my body back but I was still reluctant to show it off in sexy underwear in Annie’s living room.

I slowly put the underwear on. Something strange happened. I felt sexy. I looked sexy.

I tip toed into the living room. “Booooooooooo.” Annie jumped a mile spilling wine all over her top.

“Oh god. Annie. I’m so sorry.” We both started laughing. Without a moments hesitation Annie reached down and pulled her top off over head revealing the most amazing boobs I’ve ever seen. They were perfect with pert, stiff nipples. She wiped her top over her tits to dry them bursa merkez escort bayan of the wine. I was stood their gawping only to realise Annie was doing likewise.

“Ohhhhhhhh yes. You sexy little minx.” Annie said approvingly, admiring my body. I turned away slightly to cover myself up. It was me who was embarrassed and covering myself up, all the while Annie was stood there in tiny shorts and her tits out!!

“You can talk!!” I said nodding in her direction.

Annie laughed. “They cost enough. I should get them out more often.” We laughed again. “Come on then, let’s see the fashion show.”

Annie sat on the sofa as I moved in front of the fireplace. I was unsure what to do so I bent over like Annie had done, wiggling my bum.

“Go girl. Wiggle. Wiggle.” Annie encouraged. I wiggled some more as I could feel my pussy starting to get wet. Oh god I hope she doesn’t notice the wet patch in my knickers.

I started to dance for Annie, backing slowly towards her and gyrating on her lap. Annie reached around and grabbed my boobs. She slowly started to kiss my neck which sent an electric shock through my body. Her hands were all over me as she continued to kiss my neck. She grabbed my boobs, squeezed my bum, ran her hands over my pussy lips and down my legs. My whole body was tingling. I had never experienced anything like it. When my ex used to do it, it seemed like a chore to him. He just wanted to fuck me. This was erotic. I was lost in Annie’s soft, tender touch.

I could feel Annie’s stiff nipples pressed into my back as I gyrated on her lap some more. Her breath on my neck was becoming heavier. I knew then that she wanted to fuck me just as much as I wanted to fuck her.

Annie pulled the front of my corset top down springing my boobs free. My nipples already rock hard as Annie started to pinch and pull them causing me to arch my back, moaning contentedly into Annie’s neck. I lifted my head slightly and felt Annie’s tongue invade my mouth. I didn’t put up any resistance as her tongue interlocked with mine. I kissed her back, her lips so soft and her mouth warm and welcoming. I didn’t want it to stop and let out a sigh as Annie took her mouth away from mine.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Annie had moved down to my nipples which had become ultra sensitive to her touch. She was flicking her tongue back and forth whilst taking her time to kiss and suck them. It drove me wild as I squirmed on her lap turning to face her and offer her all of my body to explore.

“Hmmmmmmmm.” Annie continued to suck and play with both my tits so I gladly returned the favour taking both breasts in my hands and gently squeezing. We kissed again, our bodies pressed against each other as I pushed her back onto the sofa and lay on top of her. It was my turn to take her erect nipples into my mouth.

“Hmmmmmmmmm yes Fi. That feels good. Really good. Keep doing that. Yesssssss. Hmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss.” Annie’s encouragement caused me to devour her nipples deep into my mouth. I could feel her pussy rubbing against mine and I knew I was soaking well. My knickers were soaking. We grinded against each other as I flicked and sucked her nipples.

“Hmmmmmm you’re good honey. Very good. Please don’t stop. Please.” Annie moaned as she grabbed my hair and held me into her boobs. I wasn’t going to, I thought to myself. We alternated between kissing and licking each other’s nipples, all the time making me wetter and wetter and hornier and hornier. As I stood up Annie moved forward and pulled my knickers down. They were soaking.

“Hmmmmmmmm. Who’s a naughty girl then. Looks like Fi has wet her panties.” Annie said in a soft sexy voice causing my whole body to shudder.

I blushed and turned my head away.

“What are we going to do with naughty Fi Fi?” Annie continued in the sexy condescending tone.

“I wonder why your cute little pussy is soaking wet. Is it the thought of having something inside you, filling you up, so you are nice and content?”

I was unsure where Annie was going with this and just nodded slowly.

“Squat in front of the fire for me honey.” Annie ordered. I did as I was told.

“Lower. And open those legs wider for me.” Annie was in coach mode again. I felt as if I was back at netball club.

“Hmmmmmmm you are a very sexy girl and very very naughty. I can see your pussy dripping all over the floor. Are you horny Fi?” Annie asked.

“Ofcourse I bloody am!!” Still squatting down in front of Annie. My thighs were starting to burn and began to wobble slightly.

“Struggling with that position?” Annie said noticing my discomfort and smirking.

“Nunnnnnnn nooooooo.” I groaned, clearly struggling.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes yes Ofcourse. I can do this.” I said staring straight at Annie.

“What if I put this underneath you?” Annie took the wine bottle from the side and placed it directly beneath my dripping pussy. It was just a few inches from my pussy lips. She sat back on the sofa ready to enjoy the show.

“Does that change things Fi?” Annie asked.

“No. Not at all. I’m not doing this all night but I can last 15 minutes easily.” I suggested. I’m not sure why I suggested this but I did and Annie took great pleasure in taking me up on it. She sat back and sipped her wine, watching the show unfold before her eyes.