Coach’s Conquests Ch. 13

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Bret slept most of the flight back to Lakeville, but during those moments when he was awake, his mind was on two things: Angie Evans and the game that night at Weston. What if Lakeville didn’t win? What if they weren’t ready to play and lost the fucking game? Was it worth it? Going back to his college town to screw the athletic department secretary?

Well, yes it was. And as it turned out, he need not worry. Lakeville blasted Weston that night, 62-8. Everything clicked. Everything worked right. The starters ran up a 40-0 halftime lead and the reserves continued their dominance of Weston in the second half.

Only on the final Lakeville kickoff with 16 seconds left did Weston score, and that was against the Lakeville freshmen. So upset were the freshmen, they begged Bret to let them stay in for the two-point conversion, vowing to stop Weston. They didn’t, and the score ended up 62-8, a better performance than the coach could’ve imagined, especially taking into consideration that 24 hours earlier he was getting his brains fucked out half way across the country.

He even enjoyed the ride home as Monique sat by him and massaged his cock through his pants — even though it was only a 20-minute trip. She begged him to fuck her that night and he obliged, parking in one of Rusty Barr’s fields and letting the senior be on top to do all the work. The exhausted and jet-lagged coach relaxed and enjoyed it, blowing his sperm into hot Monique’s mouth. He then enjoyed French kissing her after the act. He got it up again — with some coaxing from Monique’s mouth and tits — and the cheerleader rode him and rode him until he orgasmed again, this time in her tight pussy. They were out until 1:30 a.m., and she would’ve stayed out longer but her parents hadn’t given her permission.

She promised to service him again and again — whenever he wanted — and he told her to plan on it. While driving home with his head spinning after the mind-numbing sex, he wondered why he didn’t fuck that cheerleader more often. Stamina, she had; looks, she had, tits, she had; and a tight pussy? He loved it. Not to mention an expert tongue that knew just where it should be at all times.

There was another hot message from Monique on his answering machine when he got home — she said she was banging herself while driving home and that she was going to cum again. And then she did, and the coach instantly got hard listening to it.

He wanted to call Angie Evans, but knew she was now at the game and in the same hotel room as Norm. He wanted to call Pamela George, but it was 2 a.m. So he slept and slept and slept and put his mind to football the next day, realizing his Raiders were 4-0 and 1-0 in the conference. They actually had a chance at something special this season. Bret knew the distractions for his players would continue. The state rankings would come out this week, and he expected his Raiders to be in the top five.

Additionally, this was Prairie County Fair week, and many students would be involved in that, istanbul escort even some of the football players. Bret had told them they could be as involved as they wanted, just as long as they were ready to play Friday night at 7 against Sandcreek.

The poll came out Tuesday and the Raiders were No. 3. Bret was thinking No. 5 or possibly No. 4, but No. 3? That would surely go to the heads of some of his players. Valley Falls was No. 5, its only loss coming to Lakeville in that 6-0 squeaker. Valley Falls had won two non-league games and had also defeated Sandcreek 24-12. The way things were shaping up, Lakeville and Valley Falls would meet again, possibly for the league championship, and there might even be a playoff game looming in the future between the rivals.

Surprising Highland, a team no one thought would compete for a playoff spot, was 4-0 and ranked seventh. Bret kept his players on the ground and off of Cloud 9 during the week leading up to the game against Sandcreek, a team that had won just one game in five tries. In league play, they were 1-2.

Monique’s calls continued, but the pair couldn’t find time to hook up. The coach had given the cheerleader his home e-mail address, and she wrote him a fantasy about them fucking in one of the barns at the fair late at night. Nice fantasy, the coach thought, and then, with his mind on fantasies, recalled part of the conversation he had with Lori Hayes, the cheerleader from his college.

She had graduated from Lakeville and was now a senior in college, beginning her fourth year. Bret remembered how horny she had been at the party for R.J. Roy, almost daring him to kiss her right there in front of everyone, almost begging him to go back to her apartment with her and fuck her. And he had wanted to. Badly. But he was thinking he’d have another chance. He remembered Lori talking about her parents’ close relationship with Rusty Barr and how she knew about the cabin and the lake and the back road in. Lori might as well have said she’d been to parties at the lake, like the one Bret busted up that Saturday afternoon. She might as well have said she’d had sex in the cabin, just as Bret did with Tamica Roberts later that day.

Lori and Bret had talked about certain students at Lakeville, and Lori had mentioned Monique Sellars. In fact, she thought fondly of Monique, had talked her into being a cheerleader when Monique was in junior high. They had fallen out of touch since Lori had graduated, but she was sure she’d run into Monique at Homecoming.

Ah yes, fantasies, the coach thought. He dialed Lori Hayes that night and the two talked for two hours, stopping short of having phone sex. Suffice to say when the coach hung up the phone, he was hard, and there was a stain of precum in his shorts. The college cheerleader had made him downright horny. As the weekend neared and the Sandcreek game loomed, Bret found himself talking to several girls on the phone each night. From Monique Sellars to Pamela George to Lori Hayes, escort bayan each evening was full.

On Thursday, even Angie Evans and Tamica Roberts called. He weighed his options, and with Angie and Lori out of the picture because they lived far far away, he narrowed it down. He decided dessert after the Friday night game would be named Pamela.

As it turned out, the county fair provided little distraction for the Lakeville Raiders as they dismantled Sandcreek 34-12. It was 34-0 before Sandcreek scored a couple of late touchdowns to make it look respectable. Monique had an early morning Saturday appointment for senior pictures (the coach wondered what sexy outfits she might choose), which was good for Bret, since he had company waiting for him when he got home by 11:30 p.m.

Pamela, whose Valley Falls team didn’t play until Saturday against Highland, had parked down the street and around the corner and had found the extra key Bret had left for her. As he entered the house, the coach’s cock was hard with anticipation. He wondered what she’d be wearing, if anything at all. She had showered last time after the car wash and looked incredibly sexy in just a towel. He thought of the navy bikini with anchors. He had liked that, too.

On this night, the coach found her lying on her back on his couch, the television tuned to a pay-per-view movie. It wasn’t a porno, but the participants on the screen were definitely in the same mood the coach was. Pamela was dressed in almost nothing: a black, one-piece, see-through fishnet number that accentuated her sexy breasts and ass. There was very little to be left to the imagination. But why should there be? They both knew the reason they had gathered there that night: The high school girl from Valley Falls wanted the coach’s cock in her pussy, and he wanted the exact same thing.

Bret emerged from the bedroom in shorts and a tight tank top, and the senior made an “mmmmmmmm” noise while licking her lips. Pamela’s hand stroked the side of her breast, drawing attention to her hard nipples. “We still have that bet on for the game later this season, right?”

“Right,” the coach replied. “What do I win if we beat you guys again?”

“Well,” the blonde said, “certainly not sex. You get that tonight anyway.” With that, Pamela began caressing her own breasts, teasing the coach, hinting to him to come fuck the sexy cheerleader. He gladly obliged.

Pamela mounted Bret on the couch and slowly her mouth moved down to his. They cautiously kissed until both of their mouths opened and their tongues began searching for each other. It became a hungry kiss, a kiss between two people who had definitely fucked before and were sure it was going to happen again.

Pamela took Bret’s hands and placed them on her breasts. He caressed her tits and fondled her nipples through the thin material.

“You’re getting me so damn hot again,” the blonde said. “And I love it.”

The coach slid the fishnet stocking off of his prize, taking care escort istanbul not to rip it. He liked this particular outfit and wanted to see her in it again. But not right now. He had to have it off. Now. And when it was off, Bret’s tongue moved down to the high school girl’s breasts, sucking, licking, lapping.

All the while, they were moving together, his cock coming closer and closer to the entrance of her sweet, sexy pussy. His warm tongue ran rapidly over her nipples and his little bites nearly brought Pamela over the edge right then and there.

Her pussy was soaking, dripping. She had anticipated this second fuck session with Bret ever since the first one had ended. She guided Bret’s hands to her pussy and he began to massage it, Pamela moaning loudly as he rubbed her hot sex.

She wanted his cock inside of her and she wanted it now. He slid out of his shorts and tank, and his solid cock found the entrance to the sexy blonde’s pussy and moved inside, slowly at first. But it became a wild fuck as his pulsating cock moved back and forth against the walls of her horny pussy. They French kissed while they fucked and talked about how much they had craved each other. He told her he couldn’t wait until the game at Valley Falls. He told her he hoped both teams advanced to the state playoffs because he’d fuck her again and again in the hotel room. She told him she’d never had a better fuck, and admitted she’d fucked older guys before.

When he removed his cock just for a second, her hand was there to grasp it, stroke it, massage it. She ran her hand down the shaft and carefully stroked the soft skin between his balls and asshole. His moans of reassurance encouraged her to allow him to put his cock back into her hungry pussy. After he resumed fucking his high school trophy from Valley Falls, Pamela decided she wanted to taste his hot cock. She eased it out of her pussy and ran her tongue over the head, sucking the hot juice that leaked from the tip. She French kissed the coach’s cock expertly, blowing and sucking in alternate motions, coming excruciatingly close to getting the coach off. She was fingering herself as she gave the coach an expert blowjob, and her wetness was flowing.

Bret moved them into 69 position and began tasting the young girl’s pussy. She was aggressively stroking, kissing and sucking his cock while he was pleasuring her at the same time.

“God, now!” Pamela shrieked, as she removed her mouth from his cock and slid on top of him, mounting his thick pole. “Cum in me now!”

Bret’s hands played with Pamela’s tits that bounced before him as she methodically rocked her hips. His cock filled her pussy and both of them could feel it pulsating with the motion of her hips. Pamela, although she didn’t need any help, reached down and began fingering her clit and the movements became even more aggressive. Bret’s cock dug deeper and deeper into the 18-year-old’s pussy. And then it happened. He rose up and plowed his cock into her sex, blowing hot cum deep into her pussy. Pamela gave a couple more hip thrusts to meet Bret and she, too, came, over and over again. The couple kissed, caressed and started all over again after a short break. The coach was 5-0 and getting laid whenever he wanted. Life was definitely good.

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