Cobalt Blue Ch. 13

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Chapter 13: Sex, Lovers and Videotapes

Pelaam, September 2007.

Stewie’s birthday had already passed a few days earlier and he’d been more than pleased with the multitude of gifts from his fiancé. He’d received jewellery, clothing, books, as well as vouchers to spend as he wished. However, Jaze had promised a final gift, in a voice that dripped with dark passion, a gift that had to wait until they had a couple of days off work.

Today was that day.

Stewie had been left, naked and kneeling, in their den. He looked up as the door opened and his lover came in. Immediately Stewie’s eyes darkened with desire and he licked suddenly dry lips. Jaze stood wearing black leather biker pants and skin-tight leather gloves. Nothing else. Stewie felt his body react. He was already semi-hard from the anticipation, now his sex surged to fullness and he could feel pre-come beginning to drip. He whimpered softly as Jaze held out the black leather collar and angled his neck for leashing. As Jaze fastened the buckle, Stewie leant against a powerful thigh, inhaling the scent of the leather and of his mate. He gave a purr of pleasure as Jaze’s hand caressed his blond hair.

“You will obey me without question. Is that understood?” Jaze asked, his voice a low, sensual rasp.

“Yes, sir,” Stewie breathed. He trusted Jaze implicitly. He was certain he would enjoy anything his lover had planned. He dropped his head submissively awaiting his Master’s next command.

“Follow me.”

Stewie rose gracefully to his feet, but Jaze was already ahead and striding towards the door. Stewie was surprised that once they got upstairs, he wasn’t led to their bedroom, but to one of the guest rooms. Stewie realised that his mate must have been up here when occupied earlier and forbidding Stewie to seek him out. Then, fifteen minutes ago, Stewie had been ordered to strip, kneel and wait. He bit back a moan as his erect flesh throbbed. Whatever Jaze had in mind had only just begun and Stewie was already ready to beg his lover to touch him. As Stewie fully entered the room, he blinked at what his lover had done.

A large, well-padded armchair with rolled arms was in the centre of the room. Facing it was a full-length mirror. The room was lit by photography lamps and a camera was set on a tripod. Stewie felt the shiver of arousal from his head to his toes. Sakarya Escort Jaze intended to film them. Stewie turned wide, turquoise eyes at his mate, but Jaze was moving to sit in the chair.

“Come here,” he commanded. “Sit astride my thighs and face the mirror.”

Stewie obeyed quickly. Sitting as directed he could see himself clearly but Jaze was almost invisible.

“You will keep focused on the mirror,” Jaze husked, nibbling at Stewie’s ear, his voice dark, sinful and possessive. “I want your eyes open, I want you to see as well as feel what I do to you. I want you to see what I see when I give you pleasure.”

“Yes, sir,” Stewie croaked. The pale skin of his legs contrasted with the black leather. He stared at the mirror and could see his shaft, rosy-hued and erect, eager for any touch his lover would deign to bestow. He wanted to writhe and wriggle, but forced himself to remain still and watching.

“Eager, little one?” Jaze purred softly.

“Yes, sir,” Stewie replied truthfully, softly, submissively.

“Good,” Jaze growled, huskily, dominantly.

Stewie watched enthralled as gloved hands began to roam over the smooth skin of his honey-tinted chest. A single finger from each hand began to circle his areolae, one clockwise, the other counter-clockwise. Stewie felt the skin pebble and his nipples harden. Too soon and not soon enough, the fingers began to play with the cinnamon nubs; tugging, squeezing and flicking over ever-increasingly sensitised flesh. Stewie was barely aware of his rocking on Jaze’s thighs; the sight and sensation of the fingers on his aching nipples making him forget anything else. He heard a moan of desperation and dazedly realised was his own.

“You like it when I play with your body little one?” Jaze asked, his voice laced with lust and amusement.

“Yes, sir,” Stewie moaned.

“I want to hear how much you like it, how much you like me owning you, possessing you, like none has before nor ever will. I want to hear every moan, every cry, every scream of pleasure.”

“Yes, sir,” Stewie groaned and then gave a guttural cry, jerking forward as Jaze bit on his earlobe whilst tugging on both throbbing nipples.

Stewie’s breathing became shallow panting as Jaze’s hands drifted lower. They ignored the reddened rod, begging silently for a touch. Instead Adapazarı Escort Stewie watched as they ran lightly up and down each inner thigh. One leg, then the other, was draped over each arm of the chair, opening Stewie wide to leave him displayed, vulnerable. A slight shifting had Stewie leaning back a little, ensuring his tightly furled flesh was adequately displayed. Stewie watched transfixed as a hand encircled his erection, leaving only the wine-coloured engorged head above the black, whilst the other hand began to circle his opening. Stewie gasped, unable to stop himself from writhing incrementally as he watched the slickened leather-clad finger begin its journey into his body. We watched it glide in…out …in. Jaze’s breath was hot and harsh in his ear and he knew it was affecting his lover as much as him.

“P…please, sir,” Stewie begged, glad Jaze hadn’t forbidden talking.

“What is it, little one?”

“More, please?”

“So needy, little one, so eager.”

“Yes, sir, but only for you. Only ever you.”

The low, feral growl made Stewie shudder with want and need and he gave a soft cry as a second finger pushed inside him. The sight of his mate’s fingers seemed to make him feel fuller. Then the fingers curled. Stewie gave a wail of pleasure as lightening jolted his body sending tendrils of delight radiating throughout his groin. As they rubbed his jewel, a third finger pressed inside, stretching, slicking, an intimation of what Stewie could expect.

“Watch,” Jaze commanded.

The hand left his shaft and after a moment, the fingers within him were removed. Stewie swallowed the cry of denial. His reward was to have his buttocks grasped and lifted. He could see Jaze’s freed erection, red, hard, glistening with lube as he was positioned over the flared dome. Stewie moaned mindlessly, silently begging for what would come next. He tried to relax his body as firm flesh began its penetration. He whimpered as he watched Jaze slowly enter him, possessing him in the most primal of ways. Carefully his love began to thrust upwards and Stewie watched the long, thick flesh move in and out of his body. It took Jaze little time to find the perfect angle and then Stewie threw back his head crying his lover’s name as his sweet spot was struck over and over. Mindful of his Master’s instruction, Stewie resumed Serdivan Escort watching himself being taken. The vision was as electrifying as the physical sensation. Stewie could feel his orgasm building in every cell and nerve in his body as Jaze’s thrusts got faster and deeper. The cataclysmic climax proved too much for the younger man. Screaming Jaze’s name as his vision greyed, Stewie’s shaft erupted, sending small fountains of his crème into the air. The bellow of his name heralded Jaze’s completion and Stewie moaned wantonly as he felt his fiancé’s hot release fill him.

“Love you, love you.”

Stewie heard the words dimly and tried to respond, but he felt as though every synapse in his body had melted in the heat of one of the most intense orgasms of his life. He flailed and caught one of Jaze’s hands and squeezed. The words would follow when he regained sufficient wits about him. Stewie lay back against his mate, neither man capable of doing anything more demanding than sit and breathe. Finally, as Jaze’s sated sex slipped from Stewie’s body, the smaller man felt his lover nibble at his ear.

“Happy birthday, baby.”

“Jaze, love, thank you. I love you,” Stewie said, craning his head and getting the kiss he craved.

“Let me clean you up a little and take you to bed,” Jaze said, his voice warm with the love he felt for this very special man. Jaze helped his boneless young love stand and shakily the pair headed for their own room. Settling Stewie on the bed, Jaze murmured into a small ear.

“You look so beautiful when you come,” Jaze husked. “Love to see you lost in pleasure and to know I’m the only man to have that privilege. The only man to see you naked and needy, see you sated, glowing in the aftermath of our lovemaking. The only man with whom you share your life and love.”

“Only you, Jaze,” Stewie whispered. “Yours.”

“Mine,” Jaze growled, mating their mouths in a kiss of possession and passion. His next kiss was gentle and tender, expressing all the love he felt and needed to convey. The soft moan let him know he was understood and for long moments, soft kisses and declarations of love were the only sounds in the room.

“I did consider a professional film of us, but I didn’t have anyone I’d trust enough to see something so special or who could make it more than just a piece of film,” Jaze murmured.

“But if you had, you would?” Stewie whispered, lassitude washing over him. He smiled at the slight nod as he bathed a thick nipple with warm moistness. Nestling closer, he decided it was something he could consider …later. Within seconds, both men had slipped into sleep.

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