Cocklust Ch. 01

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I’ll never forget the first time I dreamt about the dude down the hall.

I knew the guy’s name was Chad, but apart from that, I didn’t know much about him. He didn’t seem to talk much, but he had a hell of a body.

Our dorm had communal showers, so I’d seen him naked more than once. My friends and I had always hated having to go there, but Chad had never seemed to mind. I figured he must’ve been an athlete, so he’d probably gotten used to showering in the open. He’d never seemed to have any shame as he stripped off his tank top and shorts, tossed his undies and towels to the side, and walked around butt naked.

I’ve got to be honest: I loved watching him in there. The dude looked like an Abercrombie model. He was about six feet tall, with longish brown hair that was just a little bit curly. He had powerful biceps that seemed to go perfectly with his well-toned six-pack and plump bubble butt. He was cut, so his cock had darker skin on the shaft and lighter skin on the head; and behind it hung a pair of big bulbous balls.

Once Chad turned on the shower, he’d always start by turning around, pouring soap on his hands, and lathering himself up. He’d spend a few minutes scrubbing his pits, his crotch, and his asscrack, always in the same order.

After that, he’d lean back and let the water pour over him. The suds would flow across his chest and abs, and eventually they’d drip off his cock. He’d run his hands through his hair, then caress his bare body like he was doing it for show.

I’m not sure how my dream started, exactly. Like most sex dreams, it seemed to come put of nowhere, and it didn’t always make sense. I’d always sworn I wasn’t gay, but I found myself fantasizing in spite of myself.

I dreamt that somehow or other I’d started talking to Chad. The next thing I knew, I was exploring his body with my hands. Chad gazed right at me with his big chestnut eyes. I took a deep breath, and the steam from the shower filled my lungs.

Before I knew it, my lips were pressed against his, and his tongue was forcing its way into my mouth. We started fumbling around, totally oblivious to the other guys around us.

I grabbed Chad’s ass with one cheek in each hand, and I pulled his body toward me. His cock rubbed up against mine, and I could practically feel my pre-cum oozing its way out. I explored his crack with my fingers till I found his hole, and I gently poked my way in.

By and by we stumbled into Chad’s room. By then, I couldn’t deny that I wanted his ass. I grabbed his arms and held them high above our heads. Then I pressed Chad’s body against the wall and started sucking on his face. Chad let out a groan as he ground his hips against mine. Tingling sensations seemed to ripple through my body.

I stepped back for a moment, and Chad lowered himself onto his bed. For a moment we just feasted our eyes on each other. Chad looked downright delicious lying spread-eagle on his sheets, with his cock standing at attention, and his crack and his pucker in full view. Then I took a deep breath, bent down, and went in for the kill—

— and then I woke up.

My phone alarm was buzzing, and I scrambled to shut it off. The sun was just starting to shine through the window.

Fuck! was the first thought that came into my mind. I’d never seemed to get off during sex dreams, and apparently this one was no different. Now I was left with a raging hardon and a pounding in my chest.

I squinted, looked around, and tried to get my bearings. It was my second semester of college, and my former roommate Dino had just dropped out of school. It was just as well, I thought, because I hadn’t really liked living with the guy.

Among other things, I’d had no place to jack off by myself, so I’d had to do it quietly at night. Dino had done the same thing, although he never let on about it. I felt a little guilty, and I’m guessing he did too, and we both pretended nothing ever happened. Still, I’d gotten to know all too well the soft squeaks of his bed, his muffled grunts, and his deep breaths at the end; and I’m guessing he’d gotten to know the same things about me. We’d also learned not to touch each other’s laundry, especially our socks, because that’s what both of us used for our cleanup. Even so, I figured there was nothing weird about that; for crying out loud, didn’t all red-blooded guys beat their meat?

As I laid there in bed, I took a deep breath and tried to put Dino out of my mind. I stared at the ceiling for a minute, and I found myself wondering what my dream might’ve meant.

I was still sure I was straight, no question about it. After all, I’d had a girlfriend in high school, and we’d had a helluva lot of sex along the way. Granted, I hadn’t dated any girls since, but only because I’d been so busy with school. I didn’t see any problem with that, since a lot of my friends were in the same boat.

I knew I’d need to finish myself off, or else I’d end up with blue balls. I threw my covers aside, istanbul escort pulled myself out of bed, and sat down in front of my computer.

I logged onto my usual porn sites, and I browsed through the videos of girls having sex. Sometimes the girls were doing it with each other, and other times they were doing it with guys. I started getting rubbing my crotch through my underwear, and I could already feel a little wet spot getting bigger.

After a minute, I decided fuck it. After all, with Dino gone, I had the room to myself. I pulled off my pajamas and threw them to the side. Then I sat down naked.

I’d always had a thing for orgy porn, so I tried to click on the link for group sex. But I was so excited that I clicked on the wrong link, and I got to the page for gay sex instead. I flinched at first, and I fumbled for the back button. But then I blinked, and I realized that a lot of the videos looked an awful lot like my dream.

The videos were full of guys like Chad, with ripped bodies, thick cocks, and bubble butts. I’d never watched gay porn before, so I’d never seen such a sight. These guys were having sex in any number of ways. Some of the clips seemed downright cheap, maybe made off of somebody’s phone, while others seemed pretty professional.

I scrolled down the page and tried to gauge what turned me on the most. I picked out a video that looked good, and I hit play.

It took a second for it to load, but once it did, a pair of twentysomething guys sauntered into a room. The first guy was basically tall, dark, and handsome; he had a beard and wore a t-shirt and shorts. The second guy was short and skinny, with a head of sandy-colored hair.

Both boys sat on a bed, exchanged some small talk, then chatted with the cameraman. I didn’t listen to a word they were saying.

I licked my lips and reached down between my legs. I started fondling my balls with one hand, and stroking my shaft with the other. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen as the guys stripped down and laid back against the bed. The dark-haired guy gave off a mischievous grin, then leaned over and started sucking the other.

I could’ve gotten off right then, but I didn’t want it to be over, so I forced myself to go slow. I took my hand off my cock and just watched the clip. I’d never seen a guy blowing another, so I had to wonder what the dark-haired guy was feeling. I particularly wondered how that dick might taste in his mouth. I toyed with my own cockhead, then ran my fingers up and down my taint.

I assumed that the skinny guy would get it up the ass, but I turned out to be wrong. I practically held my breath as the dark-haired guy laid back, lifted his legs, and begged for the other guy’s dick.

The skinny guy lubed himself up, then moved in between the dark-haired guy’s legs. He positioned his cock just outside the other guy’s hole, teased it for a second, and finally shoved his way in.

I could hardly believe what I was seeing. The dark-haired dude was so manly, yet he was taking it up the ass, and he seemed to love every second of it. He was writhing all over the bed with a huge smile on his face. His dick was rock hard, but he was gyrating so hard that it still kept flopping around. The skinny guy leaned down for a kiss, and the dark-haired guy leaned up to meet him. They started making out while their bodies kept bucking back and forth.

The dudes pounded each other for a while, then paused to change positions. The dark-haired guy rolled over, then got up on all fours. The skinny guy kneeled behind him, leaned down, and started licking his ass. I was grossed out at first— after all, his dick had just been up there— but then I started getting intrigued.

The video zoomed in on the dark-haired guy’s hole. It was still pretty tight, even after the pounding it had just gotten. The skinny guy ran his tongue down the other guy’s crack, then started making circles around his hole. The dark-haired dude’s body started to tremble. The skinny guy kept eating him out, with his tongue darting practically every which way. Finally the skinny guy lifted his head up, licked his lips, and pushed his cock back into that ass.

Both dudes were groaning with pleasure. They picked up their pace till their bodies were practically slamming into each other. I loved how primal they were, and I couldn’t stop watching. I wanted to get off so bad, but I still resisted the urge.

The dark-haired guy rolled onto his side. The skinny guy kept his dick inside him, and he kept on pumping without missing a beat. Then the dark-haired guy opened his mouth and threw his head back. Suddenly he shot his wad without touching himself.

I couldn’t stop myself anymore. I gripped my cock and started pounding my pud. The sensations were more intense than I’d ever felt before. I could feel my own cum building up, and I could tell I was just about to bust.

The skinny guy pulled his dick out and jacked off over the dark-haired rus escort guy’s face. It didn’t take long before he was cumming too. Most of his jizz shot into the other dude’s mouth, but some of it dribbled onto his beard. The dark-haired guy wiped the stray cum off himself, then licked his fingers clean.

That was it for me. I let out a gasp as my body went into convulsions, and ropes of cum blasted onto my torso. I couldn’t believe how awesome it felt. Cum kept shooting out of me and streaking across my chest.

Finally my dick stopped spurting, and the video stopped playing. I took my hand off my dick, sat back in my seat, and tried to catch my breath. My heart was still pounding, but the rest of my body was as relaxed as I’d ever felt it.

Holy shit was the first thought out of my mind. I couldn’t believe I’d just jacked off to gay porn and liked it.

I assumed I should feel guilty, but deep down, I didn’t. In fact, I already knew I’d be doing it again.

That morning turned out to be the start of an obsession. I didn’t want anyone to know what was up, so I buried my feelings as deeply as I could. I showed up to my classes, did my assignments, and chilled with my friends, the same way I always had. But deep down, my curiosity was getting the better of me. I couldn’t stop thinking about that dream, and the sex I’d seen in that video, and how it would feel to actually try that stuff.

I started timing my showers to run into Chad. It didn’t always work, but whenever it did, it made me feel all tingly inside. I’d have to scramble to hide my boner, which was hard enough if I was fully clothed; it was practically impossible if I was in the middle of a shower.

Chad, meanwhile, was as shameless as ever. He kept on strutting around, naked as the day he was born, and his showers seemed to take longer and longer. I thought I caught him glancing at the other guys, but I told myself I was dreaming. He did spend a lot of time scrubbing his crotch— even more so than before— and he seemed to give his cock some nice tugs.

I tried to find an excuse to talk to him, but nothing seemed to work. I don’t know if I was just nervous, or if I had bad timing, or what. But sometimes I did hear him talking to his friends. On one night in particular, he mentioned Rush Week, and how he had his eyes on joining Kappa Epsilon Psi. I’d never given much thought to Greek life before, and I’d definitely never wanted to part of it. But knowing Chad was into it, I just couldn’t resist.

Rush Week was basically a giant week-long party, with all the fraternities and sororities hosting events. You could basically walk down the Row and get trashed—and in many cases laid—at every single house along the way.

Kappa Epsilon Psi seemed like a typical frat. The guys there were a mix of rich kids, meatheads, and would-be beach bums. The house was right between two sororities, so girls were always passing through, and they hooked up with the guys all the time. I’d even heard rumors of orgies, so part of me wanted to see if the rumors were true.

Getting in was actually harder than I thought. Rushing was just the first step. After that, the Kap Eps would decide if they’d give me a “bid” which was basically an invitation to join. Fortunately, both Chad and I got bids. Once we accepted, we were officially members, but only as pledges. We wouldn’t be full-fledged members till we went through their initiation.

I was surprised to find two of the other pledges were gay. Their names were Ryan and Marcos, and they seemed weirdly different from each other. Ryan was scrawny and short, and he hardly said a word. Marcos was a baseball player, and he seemed to want to tell his life story; he talked my ear off about his family, his friends, his classes, and anything else he could think of.

I’d never met a gay couple before, so I wasn’t quite sure what to make of them. They were both good-looking guys, so they could’ve fucked any girls they wanted. Apparently, though, they just wanted to fuck each other. I had to admit I was weirded out by that, but at the same time, I couldn’t get the idea out of my mind.

I figured we’d go through some kind of hazing, but even I didn’t expect what the Kap Eps had in store. They made us all strip down, while the other members stayed fully clothed, and they made us stand in a line buck naked. Chad didn’t seem to bat an eye, but the rest of us were pretty nervous. We kept our hands covering our cocks, although we knew there wasn’t much point to it.

The chapter president, a guy named Travis, gathered up our clothes. “You won’t get these back till Sunday,” he said. Then he handed the clothes to a guy named Luke, who took them away.

Holy shit, I thought. I’m going to be naked all weekend… with Chad?! A big part of me was scared, but another part was excited.

“Okay assholes, listen up,” Travis said. “If you want to be a Kap Ep, this weekend you do what your other brothers tell you. şişli escort If we want to eat, you cook it and serve it on a fucking silver platter. If we want a soda, you walk your bare asses over to the fridge to get it. If we so much as want our asses wiped, you bend over and do it. You got it?”

None of us answered.

“I don’t hear you,” Travis snapped.

One of the other pledges cleared his throat. “Y-yeah, I’ve got it,” Brody said. Brody was what they called a “legacy”: he expected to get in because his dad had been a member.

“I’m glad one of you is listening,” Travis said. “You guys can start by playing cum-on-a-cookie.”

Chad’s eyebrows went up. “Uh, what?”

“Cum-on-a-cookie?” Brody asked. “What’s that?”

“It’s a game,” Travis said. “You basically do a circle jerk, with a cookie in the middle, and everybody busts their nut on the cookie. The last guy to get off has to eat the cookie.”

Brody looked like he’d been slapped in the face. “The fuck?” he asked. “What the hell kind of game is that?”

“Fuck you. It’s a thing.”

“That’s fucking gay,” Brody said.

“Oh please. Don’t tell me you’ve never beat off before—”

“Not in front of other guys,” Brody said. “That’s weird. And it’s not even fair—”

“I told you: you’re going to do what we tell you.”

“Seriously,” Brody said. He pointed to Ryan and Marcos. “Those guys have an unfair advantage. They’re used to this kind of shit. And they fucking like it—”

“Fuck you,” Ryan snapped. “You don’t know what we like—”

“You like dick. Are you trying to deny it?”

“Okay, shut up, both of you,” Travis said. “You don’t get to decide this shit. Do you want to be Kap Eps or not?”

The room went silent. All of us just stared at each other.

Travis stepped up to Ryan and Marcos. “I want you guys to fuck. In front of the rest of us.”

Ryan and Marcos both froze. Then, after a moment, Ryan let out a nervous laugh. “W-what?”

“You’re going to do it anyway,” Travis said. “Might as well do it here.”

Marcos blinked, then looked at his boyfriend. His cock seemed to twitch a little. He whispered into Ryan’s ear, and Ryan whispered back. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I could see their expressions. Finally Marcos shrugged. “It actually does sound kind of hot,” he said.

“Good. You’re learning.” Travis brought out a cookie and put it on the floor. I kneeled down in front of it. I was hesitant at first, but then the other guys kneeled down around me. Luke emerged from the bathroom and passed around a bottle of lube.

I watched Chad pour some lube on his hand, then rub it on his shaft. His dick was already engorged, so I could practically see his blood pumping through his veins.

Chad passed the bottle to me, and I poured it onto myself. I’d never jacked off with lube before, but I was looking forward to it. I ran my hand up and down my cock, and I immediately liked how it felt.

Finally I passed the bottle to Ryan and Marcos. Ryan got down on all fours, and Marcos spread gobs of lube on Ryan’s asshole. Then Marcos rubbed more lube on himself, and he positioned himself over his boyfriend.

“Okay,” Travis said. “Ready… set… go!”

Marcos pushed in balls deep, while the rest of us started stroking. Brody seemed to have trouble getting hard, so his dick flopped around in his hands. Chad, on the other hand, didn’t have trouble at all; his fist was practically flying up and down his shaft, and his body was so rigid that his tendons stuck out in his neck.

Ryan and Marcos’s bodies were gyrating together. It was obvious these guys knew what they were doing. They were both thrusting with the same rhythm, and each one seemed to know what the other wanted, so they were moving in perfect harmony.

I’d never seen other guys masturbating before, at least not in plain view, and I’d definitely never let other guys watch me. Yet here I was, and I was loving every second of it.

I wasn’t the only one either. The other pledges were getting into it too, though they pretended they weren’t. Our nervous energy seemed to have melted away— either that, or I was too horny to see it. All of us let off groans and gasps, which seemed to echo through the room. Even some of our frat brothers were touching themselves, although they tried to hide it.

My cock was tingling with pleasure. I was getting so close to the edge that I couldn’t have stopped even if I’d wanted to. I thought I’d been pounding myself as fast as I could, but I still found myself speeding up. I started breathing hard, and I felt beads of sweat forming on my body. Slowly but surely, I could feel my balls start to boil inside me. The next thing I knew, I was past the point of no return.

“Oh shit!” I yelled as I started cumming. I tried to aim as best I could, but my dick spurted all over the place. At least some of my juice did end up on the cookie.

“Yeah, fuck,” Chad said as his eyes rolled back, and he started cumming too. He leaned over the cookie, and he unloaded right onto it. Chad kept spewing his seed on the floor, till I couldn’t tell our loads apart. I was transfixed by what I was seeing: Chad’s DNA was mixing with mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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