Colleen wasn’t crazy about the idea, but…seriously….what choice did they have?

“Do we really have to move back in with your father?” she lamented.

Bruce, her husband, stared at the floor as he mumbled, “I don’t see any other way, hon.….we’re not just flat broke, we have a ton of debt. My father won’t like it, but I’m pretty sure he’ll give me a job at his company, and let us move in with him so we can start paying off some of our bills.”

Shaking her head, Colleen whispered, “Well, shit….if that’s the only way, then….OK”.

Colleen had always been uncomfortable around her father-in-law. He paid way too much attention to her boobs, and seemed to always find excuses to bump up against them or cop a feel whenever he was around while she was dating Bruce. She got it….she was decent looking and had big, natural tits. She was used to the attention she got from men….and women. But her father-in-law’s attention just seemed over the top. She was not looking forward to living in the same house with him.

Bruce called his father and for almost 30 minutes Colleen could hear them arguing on the phone. Afterwards, Bruce found her in the kitchen and told her, “He wasn’t happy about it, but he finally agreed. He’ll give me a job at one of his factories, and we can live at my old house with him until we get our debt paid off.”

“That’s going to be a long time, babe….maybe a year or more,” Colleen lamented.

“Yeah, I know. We’re really stuck, though, so I’m just glad he’s letting us stay there.”

Colleen had met her husband when they were both in high school, and – against his father’s wishes – they had run off to another state and gotten married immediately after graduating. They both worked at shitty jobs for a few years, and then Bruce tried to start his own business. It failed miserably, and they had racked up a lot of debt, while barely making ends meet each month. Now, moving back to his childhood home seemed like the only option.

So, the next week they moved into her father-in-law’s house. They didn’t have much stuff, so it didn’t take long. After they were settled in Bruce’s old bedroom, they joined Walt – Bruce’s father – in the kitchen, where he laid out some house rules.

He looked at Bruce at said, “You’re expected at the factory tomorrow at 7:30 am. And none of this being late shit. Be there on time and do the work.”

Then he turned to Colleen and said, “You can get a job, or not…that’s up to you….but I expect you to keep the house clean, and to make dinner for the three of us.”

When he was done barking orders, Walt walked out of the room. Colleen looked at Bruce and said, “This isn’t going to be fun, is it?” Bruce just looked at the floor and shook his head.

The next morning, Bruce woke up at 6 am with a raging hard-on. He figured he had just enough time to fuck Colleen with it before he had to shower and drive to the factory for his first day on the Sex hikayeleri job. He nudged her ass cheeks with the tip of his cock until she started to stir, then reached around and grabbed her soft, 36E tits, willing her to wake up as he pulled on them and tweaked her nipples.

Colleen enjoyed morning sex, so she smiled when she felt Bruce’s prick rubbing against her butt and his hands fondling her boobs. She always slept in the nude, which made it easier for Bruce to play with her tits whenever he had a morning wood that needed attention. She yawned and stretched as she began to wake up, while Bruce continued squeezing her breasts and dry humping her ass with his erection. She smiled over her shoulder at him, then – staying on her side – reached between her legs and pulled the head of his dick past her ass crack and lined it up with the opening to her vagina. Then she nestled her butt back into him to encourage him to slip his cock into her pussy.

Bruce didn’t need any encouragement….he released her tits, grabbed her hips, and thrust forward, shoving the head of his dick into her cunt, then gradually sliding the rest of his shaft in until he was balls-deep inside her. He started pushing his cock in and out of her pussy…slowly at first, then picking up the pace, causing Colleen’s boobs to bounce in rhythm with his thrusts. Bruce moved his hands from her hips to her breasts….his fingers finding her nipples, pinching and pulling on them as he laid behind her, pounding her cunt in earnest.

Colleen had one arm draped above her head so Bruce had easy access to her jiggling tits, and had her other hand between her legs, rubbing her engorged clit as Bruce hammered away from behind. It wasn’t long before she felt an intense climax rip through her body, causing her to squeeze her legs around the hand flicking her clit, and turning her head into the pillow to muffle her moans. At just about the same time, Bruce grabbed her hips again and slammed his cock deep into her pussy, splashing a load of cum all over the walls of her cunt. After pumping out the final spurts of jizzm from his penis, Bruce quickly pulled it out of Colleen’s twat and jumped into the shower to get ready for work.

With a little smile on her face, Colleen went back to sleep for a while as Bruce headed off to the factory. When she woke up an hour later, she crawled out of bed, cleaned up between her legs, threw on a short, kimono-style robe over her nakedness, and headed downstairs to the kitchen. She put on a pot of coffee, then poured herself a cup and sat at the kitchen table sipping it while slowly waking up to the day.

About 15 minutes later, Walt came into the kitchen wearing an old terry cloth robe cinched at the waist and rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He spotted the pot of coffee and grumbled a “thanks for making the coffee” at Colleen, before pouring himself a cup and walking over to where Colleen sat at the table. Sikiş hikayeleri Walt stood by Colleen’s shoulder, holding his coffee cup in his left hand and gently rubbing her shoulders with his right. She ignored her father-in-law’s hand on her shoulders and sipped her coffee, which was OK for a while, but then Walt put his coffee cup on the table and stood behind her, using both hands to rub her shoulders.

“I guess we need to add some more rules if you guys are going to be staying here in my house,” Walt said.

Colleen was pretty sure she knew what was coming, but kept her head down and replied, “Yeah? Like what?”

Walt slipped his hands off of her shoulders and moved them down, inside her robe, grabbing and squeezing both boobs as he said, “Well, for one thing, I get to grab your tits whenever I want, and you need to suck my cock whenever I want….like right now.” As he said this, he released one of her tits and pulled the sash on his robe, letting it fall open in the front. Colleen kept her head down, looking at the kitchen table, so Walt stepped to her left side and stood there with his flaccid penis swaying slightly between his legs. He took Colleen’s chin in his hand and turned her face toward him, putting her mouth within a few inches of his prick, which began to stiffen in anticipation. In just a few seconds his dick was sticking out from his hips, not yet fully erect, so there was a smooth bend to the shaft, the tip pointing toward the floor, but now dangling only an inch from Colleen’s mouth.

“Go ahead, Colleen….suck it,” he said. “You know you don’t have a choice. Where else would you guys go?”

Colleen frowned and looked up at Walt’s face and said, “Don’t you have to go to work?”

Walt laughed and said, “I have managers to handle the factories. I only go into the corporate offices three times a week….if that.” He rocked his hips a little, making his cock bounce and sway a little, adding, “Nope….we’ve got plenty of time. Every single morning. So you better get used to it.”

Reluctantly, Colleen opened her mouth and immediately Walt rammed his prick inside as deep as he could go. Colleen coughed and gagged around the intrusion…Walt’s dick was definitely bigger than Bruce’s…. and it wasn’t even fully erect yet. She sucked as best she could, fighting down the urge to gag, and finally found a rhythm that seemed to work. Walt grabbed the back of her head with one hand, forcing her to take his rigid staff deeper than normal, while using the other hand to knead and slap her boobs so he could watch them swing and bounce. Colleen grabbed the back of his legs to steady herself, as Walt continued slamming his cock…now expanded to its full 10”… in and out of her mouth like a jackhammer.

Walt started catching his breath and groaning as his climax became imminent, mumbling, “Oh yeah…. just like that….oh yeah….God, that feels good….unh….unh….fuck yeah….”

Then Erotik hikaye Walt grabbed the back of Colleen’s head with both hands and thrust his hips one last time, shoving the head of his cock all the way to the back of her throat and holding it there while he blasted a load of cum against her tonsils. Then, just to be an asshole, he pulled his shaft out of her mouth and started pumping it with his hand, spraying the rest of his warm, creamy load all over Colleen’s face and tits. Colleen was speechless as he finished stroking his softening shaft and, with a wicked smile on his face, watched remnants of his orgasm drip from her chin and nipples into her lap.

When he was done cumming, Walt held his spent shaft….still about 8” long….out to Colleen’s cream-covered face and said, “Now, clean it off.”

Still somewhat in shock, Colleen lifted the soft penis with her hand and sucked the tip into her mouth, licking it clean with her tongue and lips. When she was done, she released his cock, letting it drop between his legs, where it swung slowly back and forth as he stood there with his robe open and his hands on his hips. As it dangled a few inches from her face, Colleen couldn’t help but subconsciously notice that it was a pretty impressive cock, although it was definitely too big for blowjobs…. at least for her.

After a minute or so, Walt turned and headed back to his bedroom to take a shower….didn’t even close his robe….saying, “Excellent job, Colleen. This might just work out fine, after all.”

He stopped halfway down the hall and turned back to where Colleen still sat at the table, with cum dripping from her face and tits. With his robe still open in front and his long, flaccid shaft dangling between his legs, he threw his hands on his hips again and said, “By the way, Colleen, you can clean yourself up, but until I leave for the office I expect you to be completely naked.” With another wicked grin on his face, he added, “You got that?”

Colleen glanced up at Walt’s face, then dropped her eyes to the floor and nodded silently.

Walt nodded back and said, “Good. See you in a few.” Then he turned back toward his bedroom, saying to himself, “Yep. This is gonna work out just fine.”

Thirty minutes later Walt returned to the kitchen, showered, dressed and ready to head into the office. Colleen sat, naked, at the kitchen table in the same chair she was in earlier, although she had cleaned the cum off her face and boobs. Walt walked over to where she sat, grabbed a boob in each hand, then massaged and played with them as he told her, “I’ll be home around four this afternoon. Bruce doesn’t get home from the factory until after six. So we should have a little time for you to show me…again…how much you appreciate me letting the two of you stay here.”

Still with her head down, Colleen gave a slight nod of acknowledgement, and – with a final squeeze of her tits – Walt sauntered out the front door and drove to the office. After Walt had left, Colleen climbed the stairs to her bathroom to take a shower. Then she dressed and began cleaning the house while she awaited the inevitable at 4 o’clock.