College Boys Curse Ch. 01

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Erik and Javi had been best buds since they were in their early teens, throughout high school and now into college. They were excited about starting college together and the fact they managed to score being roommates. 2 best bros rooming together through college, they were sure it’d be a blast start to finish. Non-stop partying, drinking, smoking, and banging hot chicks back at their dorm. None which would be hard at all – they were pretty popular with lots of friends and they were hot. Erik a 6’0 white guy with a handsome face and pretty muscular slightly hairy body. He has light brown hair and big strong legs. Javi is a 5’10 Latino with a sexy tan, gorgeous face and skinny but muscular body. He has dark brown hair and a small beard. They both had rock hard solid abs which they made sure to keep by frequenting the gym often.

They were bound to be best friends because they both had a LOT in common. Both boys had a very masculine look and vibe about them. They did whatever they pleased and cared very little about how their actions might affect others. They were known to date many girls, fuck and use the shit out of them, and then dump them. And the girls would still stay on their dicks and be down ti get fucked any place any time if the boys asked. They loved that power they had over them. Their thick, hard dicks which they were very proud and cocky about probably had something to do with that. Erik’s was an average 6″ but thick and Javi’s was about 8″ long of plump Latin cock.

With all their traits came their Sakarya Escort utter narcissism and neither Erik nor Javi liked to be fucked with. They were petty and spiteful snd on multiple occassions have “exposed” girls, posting their nudes or videos of them fucking her if she ever got out of line with them.

Both young men were rude, arrogant and walked around thinking no one could ever do shit to them but that all changed on a day they’d never forget…


Javi and Erik walked side by side down a hallway in their dorm. They just got back from a little party and were slightly drunk but sobering up at this point. Javi was telling Erik about a girl he scored with last night in explicit detail.

“Then she started sucking the nut out my dick, man, she was such a freak bitch, ugh, I loved it. I’ll send you her number soon so you can hit that too buddy.”

Javi patted Erik’s back as they both smirked.

“She better be as tight as you say, then I know this dick will have that bitch moaning,” Erik said. “I love that shit.”

“Well, my dick had her moaning, I dunno if your little thing will” Javi loved to shit talk people, his best friend no exception.

“Fuck you,” said Erik, laughing. “Talking about my dick, that’s gay as fuck.”

“Speaking of gay as fuck, peep who it is” Javi mumbled.

Walking down the hall towards them was Blake, a boy they’ve known of since high school. Blake was cute – a little short with nice brown hair- but in school Adapazarı Escort he was rumored to be gay and he was also pretty chubby which made him the easy target of teasing, especially from Erik and Javi. Neither man was very fond of fat people or gay males especially ones like Blake. He wasn’t particularly feminine but to them he seemed liked the type that would try to make a move on them and to them there’d be nothing worse. Blake was actually in Erik’s gym class their last year and it made him sick to think Blake might even be looking at him while they changed in the locker rooms. Sometimes Erik would glance over just to see Blake’s chubby body and think how pathetic he looked compared to his muscles and washboard abs.

Erik in particular disliked Blake because he embarrassed him in class once, just last year actually. It may have been petty but Erik still remembers. In one high school class they had together Erik asked Blake if he was gay to which Blake replied something like “Why? Are you interested?” A lot of people laughed. Erik didn’t like being humiliated or having his sexuality questioned especially not by some fat homo like Blake. He couldn’t hit him – hed get suspended or worse. But ever since that incident Erik craved revenge. It clearly couldnt be physical and he didnt want it to be – he wanted to fuck Blake’s mind and make it hurt.

Blake silently walked past them, his head down, big butt swishing in his sweatpants. Erik and Javi looked back to make sure he wasn’t Serdivan Escort staring at their asses or some shit.

“He looks even fatter than he did in high school.” Erik said in disgust.

“Yeah he’s probably so fat from all the dicks he eats.” Javi said laughing. “Man I don’t get fags. Why like dick when there’s all this pussy out-” Javi stopped when suddenly he notices he stepped on something.

Confused, he bends over to pick it up and sees it’s a phone. It’s Blake’s!

“Holy shit! This is his phone!” Javi says shocked.

Erik grabs it from Javi’s hand and opens it “And it’s unlocked? Fucking perfect. Let’s look through it and see what kind of shit this fag has on it.”

Erik was excited to finally get proper revenge on this little punk for making fun of him. He went straight to the photos/videos section. And he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the most recent vids…

It was Blake wearing nothing but a thong. Getting the Eiffel Tower treatment- Spitroasted as he got fucked by cock in his mouth and ass by 2 hulking men. One was black, the other looked light. You couldnt see their faces but there were close up shots of Blake’s face as he sucked these men off and said how much he loved it. They fucked him in all positions his face clearly visible throughout. There was no way he could deny this.

Erik was disgusted at the sight of 3 men fucking but overjoyed at the same time. He finally had the perfect way to get revenge on Blake and he couldn’t believe it was going to be this easy. He had his entire revenge in the palm of his hand right here in these few videos – and he knew exactly what to do with it: Expose this gay slut for the nasty fag he is.

But Erik had no idea that would be the biggest mistake of his life.

To be continued…

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