College Freshman Sandwich

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Special thanks to ExperiencedStoryteller for editing. I highly recommend them to any first time writers.


Annie was a freshman in college at a major university. At nineteen, she had just begun to be sexually active less than nine months earlier. Her boyfriend was two hours away, and they only had a chance to hook up every other weekend.

As a freshman, she was forced to share a dorm room with three other girls. Each dorm had two bedrooms, a shared bath, kitchen, and common space. To picture the bedrooms, picture two twin beds sharing the same headboard. Also in each was a computer workstation that the students had to share. To say privacy was at a minimum would be an understatement.

Annie’s roommate in this tight room was Rachel. Rachel grew up in a small town in West Virginia. Annie only knew her for a few months and often just chatted in passing. Rachel was ‘country’ and studying to be some sort of crop biologist. Annie wasn’t too sure.

One Tuesday night, Rachel left around eight to go to some forum about how global warming was causing, blah blah blah.

Annie talked to her boyfriend some and sexted him. She then masturbated to some quick porn and watched reality TV on her laptop. At around eleven, she decided to shut it down and go to sleep.

About fifteen minutes later, she heard Rachel come in the front door of the dorm. Annie closed her eyes cause she frankly didn’t want to be bored listening to her stories about global, blah blah.

As Rachel unlocked and came into the shared bedroom, Annie thought she heard multi-steps. As Annie was on her right side facing the wall, she could not peek.

Once they got past the bed, Annie opened her eyes in hopes she could hear better.

She distinctly heard two bodies lay in the bed. What surprised Annie was that freshmen were not allowed to have a ‘guest’ past eleven o’clock curfew, and this was a major violation. The fact that Rachel would risk this amazed Annie. Her confusion accelerated when she heard them making out.

What?!!! Rachel, the quiet country girl who never drank, smoked, or even talked about sex, came home with someone?

Annie listened to the moans and thought she heard a deep moan and a more feminine one. That at least assured her that Rachel brought home a dude vs. some other tree hugger.

As they made out, she could hear clothes coming off and hitting the floor. They were really going to have sex on the other side of this headboard. At that moment, she heard her roommate say, “Shhhh, please be quiet, I can’t wake my roommate.”

The man said, “Don’t worry girl. I’ll keep your mouth full.”

Annie felt butterflies in her stomach. She had watched porn for years. Between Cinemax and the internet, she had seen it all, but now it was right next to her head. She was scared to move at all. She didn’t want to make them realize she was awake, but more importantly, she was curious about where this was going.

She heard some major movements in the bed then heard a weird sound. It sounded like someone gargling mouthwash. Her confusion was quickly answered when the man said, “Yea, girl. Suck Mario’s big black cock.”

OH My God!

Rachel was not only having sex. But the goody-two-shoes girl from some hollow in WV was sucking a black guy’s dick?

Annie was in no way racist but then realized she never even watched black porn. She’d never seen a black cock or black tits, whether it be on the computer or in person.

The force that was now moving the bed, and their sounds, caused Annie to imagine what was happening. She envisioned Mario holding Rachel’s hair and basically fucking her mouth. After a few seconds, he would stop and growl, “Yea white girl, suck all that black dick.” This is seriously a porn movie with my short, skinny roommate, Annie thought. How could she not talk about this to me?

About that time, Annie really started to get wet. She wanted to masturbate but was laying on her right arm. Annie knew any movement could risk giving away her awakening. She held out and bit her lip. Her eyes opened as wide as they could, trying to capture every noise to clue her into what she could imagine was going on.

Mario then said, “Flip over girl. Let Mario fuck that ass some.”

This was it. When Mario and Rachel moved, Annie could, too. She could move to her left side. This position could allow her to see the floor and side of Rachel’s bed that exited to the floor. It also freed Annie’s right hand to masturbate.

The movement was quick and worked perfectly. Annie was now on her left side, and they didn’t hear anything. Her face gleamed with pride. She felt like a ninja now listening to her five feet seven-inch roommate preparing to have sex with an unknown black man.

As they moved into position, she found Mario to be a sexual talker. Ordering Rachel to, “Get that ass up, girl. Yea, bounce back on that big dick. Come on girl, take all of it; you can do it.”

The fact that Rachel was being so freaky with this guy had Annie turned on. The thought then turned to the escort izmir curiosity of what does Rachel look like naked. She has average tits but always just wore jeans and a T-shirt.

Annie’s mind’s wandering was interrupted by what she could only describe as an ass slap. No way, she thought, did he just spank her. No sooner was that done and a 2nd noise happened. He was fucking her doggy and smacking her ass like an animal!

While the couple picked up speed, Annie saw this as her moment to masturbate in unison. No way she could do it after, and no way could she sleep tonight without an orgasm.

As they picked up speed, Annie could literally hear the slapping of Mario’s torso against Rachel’s ass. He was grunting, and she was whimpering. Annie closed her eyes to orgasm and picture what the scene looks like, the scene she can only hear.

As Annie was cumming, aloud noise opened her eyes. A thrust must have launched Rachel off the bed. Here was Rachel, half on the bed and half off. Looking Annie right in the eyes.


Rachel scooted back on her bed in sheer embarrassment. She uttered, “My roommate is awake.”

Mario said, “What?” and stood up.

Annie, for a moment, thought I will close my eyes and fake snore, but she knew the gig was up. Mario stood up and looked down at Annie. Annie’s instincts kicked in, and she simply said the first thing that came to her mind.


Mario simply said, “Heyyy!” as though they had known each other for years. Mario extended his right hand and said, “I am Mario. It is very nice to meet you.” He said it like he was at some damn business convention.

Once again, just reacting at this point, Annie went to extend her hand, forgetting that it is stuffed down the front of her PJ, with two knuckles deep in her soaked pussy.

She made a very awkward motion to remove her right hand and still extended it in courtesy. Mario noticed and instantly laughed. As the handshake went longer than one should, Mario complimented Annie on soft hands.

Annie knew he was polite and trying to change her focus because her fingers were slippery, and Mario knew why.

Mario then made an audible cough and said, “Well hey, we are really sorry we woke you, and I should be getting out of here.”

Annie, once again, just reacting and being polite, said, “No, no. It’s ok.” She then panicked and said, “I will leave.”

Mario said, “No, it’s past curfew, PLUS, it’s your room.” As Mario stood there looking over at Annie, she couldn’t help but look down to see what his dick looked like.

It was massive. It was rock hard and extended above his belly button. Finally, Mario asked, “What do you think?”

Annie did not hear a single word and didn’t realize how long she had been frozen there, staring.

Mario chuckled and suggested, “How ’bout we finish up over here and you watch from the chair instead of just listening. We can ALL get what we want.” Mario pointed to Annie’s pussy when he said all.

Annie was embarrassed but curious if her imagination matched up to reality. Was what she was mentally picturing really a depiction of what was going on?

Annie stood up and maneuvered to the chair while Mario got back on the bed. Rachel had her cover over her, only revealing her now blushed face and her left leg.

As Annie sat down, Mario said, “Hold on there. We are both naked; I think you should at least show some skin. Annie was not wearing a bra and was already poking thru the skimpy T-shirt.

Annie removed her shirt to show a pair of luscious, sized D, nineteen-year-old tits. Mario yelled like a ten-year-old, “Damn girl, you got some bad ass tits.” Mario was just as fixated on her tits as she had been on his dick moments earlier.

As Mario pulled back the covers, this was Annie’s first chance to see Rachel naked. Rachel had random tattoos that made her look more punk than country. Even in the darker bedroom, the paleness of her skin stood out. As Mario approached her from behind to pick up where they left off. The sexual tension was high.

Annie stared at the two of them. Mario and Rachel would peer over at Annie sitting three feet away. Rachel could really only see Annie and barely Mario since he was behind her.

Mario started slower and was more sensual than he was earlier. Annie suspected that he was trying to make this last and enjoy it.

As he picked up the pace, the pounding that Annie had heard, she could now see.

It was so hot watching Rachel struggle to take this massive cock. Rachel would move her left hand back to soften the blow and distance between her stretching pussy and this 11-inch cock. But it was no use. Her five-foot-seven-inch frame pales in comparison to Mario’s six-foot-four-inch man frame.

Mario put his hands on Rachel’s shoulders and basically had her as a jack-off sex toy. Rachel’s whimpers teetered between pain and pleasure.

Annie decided she had to rub her pussy and sat back in the chair, pushing her hand back into her panties to finish what she’d started.

As izmir escort bayan she did, Mario casually asked, “You having a good time?”

It was so weird how he went from a sexual monster tearing up Annie’s roommate’s ass and vagina to acting like he is running for political office.

Annie responded, “Yea?” instead of too nervously saying, “Should I not be?”

Mario asked her if she liked watching porn, to which Annie nervously replied, “Yes.”

Mario then suggested, “How about you be the director and we’ll make this porn movie?”

Rachel, still face down on all fours, looks back at Mario curiously. “What?” he asked. “You always say we do the same things.”

Oh My God!

How long have they been secretly having sex? Annie once again allowed her mind to wander for a second before accepting this great honor.

Annie asked, “How about she puts that,” pointing towards Mario’s dick, which was still inside Rachel, “in her mouth?”

Annie needs to SEE what she had heard. She must have looked at Rachel’s lips one hundred times while she was bored by Rachel’s biology talks. She needed to see those same lips penetrated by the biggest dick she had ever seen.

Mario laid down and laced his fingers behind his head. Rachel looked over to Annie as if to say, ‘Thanks a lot.’

As Rachel started to suck on Mario’s dick, he continued to stare at Annie. Annie was still rubbing her clit, wouldn’t cum again until she knew it was the final one.

She had to see how this played out. Would Rachel take that whole load? Would he cum on her face like the porn movies? Would he simply jack his cum onto his chest?

So many questions and she was about to see it play out.

As Rachel continued, Mario asked Annie, “Are you going to direct, or do you want me to act and direct?”

Annie was taken back, “I did direct, I told her to do that.”

“No,” Mario said. “You have to tell her how to do it, step by step.”

“Mmm,” Annie moaned. “Take the whole cock in your mouth, Rachel.”

Rachel looked at Annie like, ‘Bitch I am doing the best I can!”

Mario said, “Yea girl, do what she said, we are her puppets.” and pushed Rachel’s head slowly down the entire length of his dick. Rachel gagged and coughed but kept going deeper and deeper.

Mario then said, “What’s next?”

Annie, still being a little shy, said, “Kiss his balls.”

Mario laughed and said, “Kiss his balls? How about you let me give you one suggestion.”

“How about, you say to her, “Get on your knees, suck on his balls until he tells you to open up for his big black cock. Then I want you to fuck her mouth like you would fuck her pussy.”

Annie gulped and simply said, “Yea. Do that.”

Rachel whispered jokingly, “You are going to get it too, Annie.”

Rachel and Mario got up off the bed and were now standing on the clothes they threw on the floor. Annie moved her chair back in front of her bed but was basically three feet from the action.

Mario held up his dick and allowed Rachel to worship the biggest set of balls Annie had ever seen. As Rachel licked and sucked from ball to ball, Mario jacked his cock straight up. Annie was now really rubbing her clit and didn’t realize she had moved the chair within two feet of the action.

Mario then followed the script and said, “Open up for this black cock.”

Mario engulfed Rachel’s little mouth with his cock.

Annie’s eye widened as she watched Rachel’s lips stretch. It was even hotter than Annie imagined. Each stroke hotter and hotter. Mario had both hands grasping Rachel’s hair and moved in perfect harmony with her mouth. Rachel’s hand was buried in her own lap, furiously rubbing her clit.

The vision of her roommate basically being a black cock sucking slut aroused Annie to a level she had never been before. Rachel was simply a different personality in front of her.

Mario slowed down and said, “Need me to write the next scene?”

Annie’s head was simply spinning. She didn’t know what to say and said, “Sure, you have not led us astray, yet.”

“Ok.” Mario said, “How ’bout this? How bout you bend over that chair, while Rachel eats my ass.”

Annie was confused at first. Did he want to look at her ass while he got his eaten?

OHH no! It hit her. He wanted to fuck her!

Annie chuckled and said, “No, I have a boyfriend; I’m just watching.”

Mario then looked deep into her eyes and said, “Look, you know you need one more big orgasm, I promise I will be gentle. You just have to tell me how you want it.”

Annie’s head immediately spun. She had never once considered being a participant in a train. But she had enjoyed this and could not back down now.

Annie stood up and dropped her PJs and now-soaked panties, then bent over and grasped the handles of the chair. Annie then said, “Let’s start slow. How about just a finger?

“Yea.” Mario replied as Annie heard him approach her from behind.

She heard Mario moan. Rachel must be licking his ass. Part of Annie wanted to see it, and part of her izmir escortlar was nervous about the potential of having that huge dick inside her pussy in the next few minutes.

That’s when she felt a slippery finger enter her asshole.

Annie turned and found Mario putting his left hand on her back while slowly penetrating her virgin asshole with his right middle finger. She could see him slightly slouched over her since Rachel was behind him doing her thing.

Annie had never done anything anal but was surprised by the feeling. It was a lot like getting her pussy fingered but more sensitive. As Mario picked up speed, he added a second finger. The stretching was slightly painful at first but quickly turned to pleasure.

Annie could hear the slapping noise from behind Mario. Mario exclaims, “Damn girl, use two fingers now.”

Annie then realized that Rachel was fingering Mario’s ass, just like he was fingering hers.

Mario then asked, “You ready to take that cock yet?”

Annie asked, “Where?”

“Where do you want it?” Annie knew where she NOW wanted it, but she didn’t know if she could.

“I want to hear you say it.” Mario whispered in her ear.

He now laid on her five-foot-nine-inch frame with his left hand on her shoulders while finger fucking her ass with his right.

“Fuck, I want you to try to get it in my ass.”

“You have to do better than that, Annie.” challenged Mario.

“Express yourself like you would in a porn flick.”

Annie searched for the words but just blurted out what she wanted at that moment.

“I want that big black cock in my virgin white ass.”

“Hahah, that’s my girl.” said Mario.

Mario pushed against Rachel and grabbed the lube off the desk. Annie didn’t even see it come out but focused on what she needed to do to take this cock.

Mario lubed his cock and slowly inched his way in. He paused every few to “break character” and make sure she was ok.

After a few give and takes between pleasure and pain, Mario was only about 4 inches in. “That’s all you going to be able to fit girl?”

“Keep going.” demanded Annie.

After another inch, “More.” Annie now lustfully stated.

Mario was now over half at seven, ” Doing ok?”

“I want to feel your balls against my pussy lips.” said Annie as she turned her head and looked right at him.

Mario, now determined to accomplish the feat, inched in and inched in. Finally, he got all eleven inches into Annie’s virgin asshole.

“Shit that is big.” Annie exclaimed.

“Damn, made respect you, white girl.” as Mario started to ease out.

“I didn’t take that cock for a ribbon, I took it to get fucked. Now take my ass cherry like a man!”

Annie had now been unleashed!

Mario and Rachel both knew who was now in control.

Mario obliged and went back to character. Mario proceeds to fuck Annie’s ass with no disregard. He grabbed her hips and forced himself into her, thrust after even harder thrust.

Annie was soaking in her having this massive man following her demands. As her ass was exploring this newfound pleasure, she had the desire to reach down and rub her pussy, but could not since she was holding herself up on the chair arms.

“Rachel, get down their and lick my pussy.” directed Annie.

Rachel was shocked. “Annie I’m just a country girl from WV, I have never licked pussy before.”

“Well, I never took an eleven inch dick in my ass before. You lick my fucking pussy until I cum on your lips.” exclaimed Annie.

Annie taking the full force of Mario, now felt Rachel doing as she was told.

With Rachel on her knees licking Annie’s pussy and Mario fucking her ass, she went from watching the show to BEING the show.

Annie ground on Rachel’s face. “Don’t stop country girl, your about to taste my cum.” warned Annie.

After that statement, Annie unleashed the best orgasm of her life. She came anally on Mario’s dick and vaginal on Rachel’s face.

As the thrusts slowed down, Mario slowly pulled out, and Annie collapsed into the chair.

Both Mario and Rachel looked at her in disbelief.

“How we ending this movie boss?” asked Mario, as he stared at his STILL hard cock.

“Well how about we let Rachel decide, I think she earned it.” Annie directed.

Rachel pouted her lip like she had found her best friend.

Rachel was still turned on herself. Her pussy was raw from being fucked, but she could masturbate.

She also knew Annie was not up for more thrusting, so she knew only a few ways to end the movie.

By hand or by mouth?

That was the decision. Since lube was all over Mario’s dick, she suggested, Mario jack off on the two of us while we make out with our new best friend.”

Annie obliged and moved down to the floor. Before they embraced, Annie checked to make sure Rachel was just fingering Mario’s ass and not eating it.

Even horny, she didn’t want to make out with her after she ate his ass, she confirmed. Mario took a towel and few baby wipes and cleaned off his dick. He was not a fan of using lube to jack off.

As Mario stood over these two white freshmen, they started to kiss for the first time. While they kissed, they started to finger each other’s pussies. The site really turned Mario on.

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