College Love Meets Cuckold Family Ch. 01


Jenna and I were coming home from college our final year. We had met just six months ago, but things had moved along fast. I was convinced that this was the girl I was going to marry.

She was smart, sexy, and very personable. Her body was fit too, as she had been on the track team at college. Sexually, we were having a good time. It was the best sex I had ever had. Although she looked kind of innocent, she had a really strong sexual side.

We were going home straight to her parent’s house and I was going to meet them for the first time. Hopefully, if everything went to plan, they would be my future in-laws.

“Don’t worry honey,” Jenna said as we walked up to the door of the palatial estate, “They are going to love you.”

As we walked into the house her mother and father had been waiting for us and they greeted us with big smiles. Her mother, who gave me a big hug and a kiss, was extremely attractive for being close to middle-age. She still dressed the part too. She had on a short skirt and her top was low cut so I got a good look are her tight breasts. Looks like I could expect good things as Jenna aged.

Her dad didn’t say much. He kind of just greeted me with a friendly hello and then kind of stepped back. Jenna’s mom put her arm around me and started asking me all types of questions about my life. They were good questions too, so I could tell she was genuinely interested.

After some small talk and wine in the kitchen, we went into the dining room. This house was amazing and each room was impressive. Her dad, Mr. Anderson, did something in finance I was unfamiliar with, but they had also inherited a lot too.

Jenna’s mom did a lot of the conversing catching up with Jenna and asking me more about myself, and how we met and such. She thought it was so romantic.

“Oh young love,” Mrs. Anderson said, “Honey isn’t this so sweet? Our daughter is in love!”

“Um, yes dear,” her husband replied

“And if I may say so,” Mrs. Anderson said to me, “You really are a fine young man. I’m so happy Jenna found someone to care for her as sweet as you.”

“Oh, mom…” Jenna said.

“I’m sorry,” Mrs. Anderson replied, “I’m a mother. We get happy when we see good things happen to our children. You’ll see what I mean one day.”

“Mom!” Jenna said smiling.

The dinner was really nice and casual. I was really enjoying myself. Jenna had her hand on my knee and we were just relaxing.

Just then the doorbell rang. I thought it was kind of strange being that it was like ten in the evening.

“Please let them in dear,” Mrs. Anderson said to her husband. He got up without saying anything and we went back to talking.

A few moments later, two guys came into the bursa escort dining room. They were both over six feet, but one looked older than the other. The younger one seemed to be about Jenna and my age. Frankly, they looked a little rough to be friends with such high class people as the Andersons. Jenna exchanged smiles with the younger guy.

“I’d like you to meet Mr. Johnson and his son, Jake,” Mrs. Anderson said to me.

“Um, hello,” I said, still not sure what was going on.

Mr. Johnson took the seat Mr. Anderson had sat at at the head of the table. Maybe Mr. Anderson wasn’t returning. Jake sat down across from me next to Mrs. Anderson. Jake was staring at Jenna in a way that was making me a bit nervous.

“These are friends of ours,” Mrs. Anderson said, “Jenna and Jake have known each other for quite a while. Isn’t that right?”

“Yea Steph,” Jake replied. Again Jake and Jenna exchanged smiles. Jenna gripped my knee with her hand a little harder.

“Well, guys,” Mrs. Anderson spoke, “This is Jenna’s new friend from school. It’s so cute to see a young couple in love.”

Jake still staring at my girlfriend answered, “Is that so?”

“Jake here is professional fighter, you know, that new MMA thing?” Mrs. Anderson said sipping her wine. “You’re still undefeated aren’t you Jake?”

Mr. Johnson spoke, “He was undefeated… but he broke that guy’s arm in the last match and was disqualified.” Then, he looked straight at me and said, “Jake is still learning control.”

There suddenly was some weird tension in the air. Jake was still staring at Jenna a very possessive stare that was making me uncomfortable.

Then Jake looked right at me and said, “Yeah, whenever I see something I want, I just have to have it.”

Never before had this happened to me, but it seemed like my balls actually shrank. Like, I could feel them receding into my body. Jenna just gripped my leg tighter. Jake resumed his glare at my girlfriend. She didn’t seem bothered by it at all. In fact it seemed like she was blushing a bit.

Mr. Johnson made a gesture to Mrs. Anderson. She acknowledge than said to me, “Hey, why don’t you come out by the pool with me. I want to learn more about my little girl’s new love.”

“Um…sure,” I said rising.

Jenna took here eyes off of Jake for a brief moment and looked me dead in the eyes and said, “I love you honey.”

“I love you too,” I replied.

Mrs. Anderson hooked her arm into mine and with her glass of wine we left them in the dining room. We walked out some double doors to the pool. It was really beautiful out there.

“Son,” Mrs. Anderson spoke, “You really do love my daughter don’t you?”

“Oh yes Mrs. Anderson,” bursa ucuz eskort I replied. “I mean, she has so many great qualities. She’s smart, good hearted, athletic, and so many other great things. She’s like any guy’s dream girl.”

“Yes, I know. I’m very proud of her,” Mrs. Anderson said as we walked around the lit up pool. “I’m going to be honest. Jenna might kill me if she knew we were talking about this but…I know that Jenna is crazy about you. She talks about you all the time.” She paused for a second. “I’ve even heard, or should I say, it seems to me like you too might even be talking marriage?”

I was a little taken aback. “Well, kind of,” I replied. “I mean, I’ve been thinking about it constantly. I didn’t know that Jenna also felt this way. I was afraid to bring it up. I didn’t want to scare her off or anything. You know how people our age can sometimes be.”

“Well like I said,” Mrs. Anderson said, “This is just between you and me. But I thing you would make an excellent husband.” She paused again. “I just need to know how much you really love my daughter.”

“Oh Mrs. Anderson,” I replied, “I really can’t say how much. She means the world to me. She’s unlike anyone I have ever met! I really would do anything for her.”

When I said this Mrs. Anderson took special notice. “That’s good. That’s really good.” She took another sip of her wine. “You see, Mr. Anderson feels the same way toward me. The importance of devotion for a marriage to work is tantamount. You must love each other so much, that you are willing to do whatever it takes to make it work.”

“Oh, I definitely feel that way,” I said. “I really can’t express how much I love your daughter.”

Mrs. Anderson smiled at me and said, “That’s good. And I know Jenna feels the same way about you. Trust me.” Mrs. Anderson finished her glass. “Let’s go back inside. The rest of them might think somethings going on between us,” she said jokingly.

We went back inside the house. No one seemed to be around. Mrs. Anderson was leading me to a part of the house I hadn’t seen yet. It would probably take me a long while to see the entire house. We went down a flight of stairs. We came to another double door.

Mrs. Anderson gripped my hand and said, “Remember what you told me honey. I’m so happy Jenna met you!”

We walked through the doors into a large room. I wasn’t sure what you would call this room. It was just big, with different types of couches and such tastefully placed. It was pretty dark except for a few lights pointed down from the ceiling.

As we walked further in there I saw it. Jenna was bare ass naked sitting on her pretty feet with her back to me. Standing bursa anal yapan escort directly in front of her was a bare-chested, muscle ripped Jake. Jenna’s head was buried in his crotch. She was sucking him off!

I was absolutely shocked! I couldn’t move, but Mrs. Anderson walked me over to the side. I was still in shock. What was going on? Should I go over there and punch him in the face? Looking at his body and remembering what he does professionally, told me that that might not be a good idea. I was too dumbfounded to speak.

As Mrs. Anderson walked me over I noticed someone on the ground. I looked closely in the dark light and it appeared to be Mr. Anderson. He was naked except for a collar around his neck that was fastened to a thick chain and. His hands were behind his back in handcuffs. His head was between his knees and he didn’t move or say anything. What the hell was going on here?

When I looked up again Mrs. Anderson was gone, but Mr. Johnson was standing there looming over me. Before I could think to say anything he barked at me.

“Take off your clothing boy!” he yelled.

“Umm…Mrs. Ande,” I stammered.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” He yelled. “Take, your, clothing, off, NOW!”

Scared shitless I just took my clothing off as fast as I could. When it was all off Mr. Johnson pointed at the ground, “Now, SIT!” I listened and immediately shot to my knees.

“Good boy,” Mr. Johnson said, “Now don’t fucking move!” He stared right into my frightened eyes as he spoke. When he was satisfied that I would listen he walked off into the darkness.

I looked back up and Jenna was still felating Jake. He grabbed her pony tail and was pumping her head back and forth. I had to admit, she looked very hot sitting her nice ass on her beautiful feet. I had to find what the hell was going on though.

Jake looked up and saw me sitting nude in the corner with Mr. Anderson next to me. Jake shot me an evil smile as my girlfriend deepthroated his cock. From where I was sitting, it seemed that she needed both hands to hold it. He returned to looking down at her suck in his cock.

Again, just like before, my penis actually shrank. I looked down at it and it was almost completely inside my body. It wasn’t big to begin with, but I had never seen it this small. It was like the size of nickel.

Suddenly, Jake’s muscle-ripped body started to shake. He started grunting very loudly. Jenna started sucking even harder. He grabbed her head as he unloaded in her mouth. She was swallowing his load like an expert.

He grabbed his cock and rubbed the last of his load out. Jenna sucked and sucked on the big head and got every drop.

When she was done he patted her cheek and walked off into the darkness with his cock swinging as he walked. Jenna sat there for just a second to get her composure. She then jumped up and started to walk over to where I was sitting.

Her body looked amazing as she walked up to me nude. When she got close she said, “Don’t say anything, just come with me.”