College Roomate Discovery

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The following is wholly fictional. Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Scott was your typical college male. He was around 5’9″ tall, with short tussled dirty brown hair. Scott was athletic and toned, having played baseball all throughout high school. He was also a ladies man, with a smile and sweet talk that could get almost any woman into bed.

Before freshman year, Scott and I had never met. We were randomly assigned to each other, and instantly hit it off. The pairing was great, as we had similar classes and made a mutual group of friends quickly.

One thing I learned about very quickly, was his love of women. Scott had several regular fuck buddies. They usually came to our dorm room, and I had no problem going about my business so Scott could go about his.

After freshman year, a group of us decided to get a townhouse together off campus. Scott’s exploits with the ladies became more notorious as on more than one occasion we would see two women emerge from his bedroom in the mornings.

Having lived with Scott going on two years, I did see him walk about in his boxer briefs on numerous occasions. I never thought much about it, other than he was very toned, and had a nice ass that I am sure the ladies loved.

One weekend, the guys had gone out of town for a concert, but Scott and I stayed behind. I had an exam to prepare for and Scott had lined up a few of his regular fuck buddies to come over.

I had gone to the library to study, and came into the house through the basement door, which is where my room was located. I heard the television on in the living room, so I walked up the steps to see what was going on.

Nearing the turn at the top of the steps, directly opposite from me, I saw Scott sitting on the couch, stroking his hardened cock! He was wearing only his tee shirt and boxers, with his cock out through the fly. There were around four or five beer bottles on the coffee table in front gaziantep escort of him, so I figured he had a decent buzz on as well.

I wanted to turn away and go back downstairs, but for some reason I just couldn’t. I stood there, watching Scott stroke what I estimated to be about an 8.5″ long and decently thick cock. I could not take my eyes off of the sight before me. Before I realized it, was own cock was hard, and I had begun to stroke myself through my jeans.

After realizing that I was myself, fully hard, I began to wonder why? I had never done anything with a guy before, and to be honest the thought had never crossed my mind.

Scott continued to stroke his beautiful cock. He would work his hand along the length of the shaft, and when he would near the beautiful mushroomed head, he would close his index finger and thumb around the base of the head tightly, and pull upwards until the head popped out from between his fingers.

Without even thinking about it, my hands instinctively undid my jeans, freeing my hardened cock from its denim tomb. I slowly began to stroke my cock; my eyes totally fixated on Scott’s raging hardon.

Entranced by the sight before me, I had not even realized that I moved further up the stairs, to get an even better view of Scott working his magic. My current position would have allowed Scott a full view of me. I assumed however, that he was so focused on his gorgeous cock, that he would not notice me stroking off to his stroking off. Apparently, I was wrong.

All of a sudden Scott stopped stroking his cock. He leaned forward and said, “Andrew, what the hell are you doing there?!”

I froze, I was caught rosy palmed. Cock in hand. Scott called me out. Should I go back down the stairs, or should I just admit to what happened?

I decided that Scott was probably buzzed enough and horny enough that I could talk my way out of the situation. So I stood up, cock still rock hard, and walked over to the couch and sat next to Scott.

Scott said, “you have quite the boner going there bro, were you downstairs watching some porn too?”

I replied, “actually, this hardon was from the live porno I was just watching.”

Scott looked confused, so I continued “I had never thought about just a guy before, but I literally could not stop looking at or stroking to the sight of your rock hard cock.”

Scott eagerly replied, “oh, so you like looking at my cock, huh? You wanna see more?” I could not help but mutter, “yes.”

Scott stood up, his amazing cock at eye level. “Touch it” was all I heard.

I reached out with an unsteady hand due to my own horniness and reservations about doing anything with another guy. As my hand gripped the shaft, I felt the pulse of his man meat throb in my hand. If my cock could have grown any harder it would have!

Brutishly Scott uttered “get down on your knees, open your mouth, and keep your hands at your sides.”

Without hesitation, I obeyed.

Scott lined up his cock to my mouth, brought the head to my lips and said “I need this more than you do.”

With that, Scott put his hands on the back of my head, and shoved his cock into my mouth. I gagged at the force with which Scott thrust his length into my mouth.

Scott pulled his cock out of my mouth and said “have you had your fill of me yet?”

Meekly I said, “no.”

Scott replied forcefully, “no, that’s all you have to say?”

I uttered, “Scott, please can I have your cock back in my mouth?”

Scott began a small grin as he said, “That’s more like it.”

With that I automatically opened my mouth and Scott thrust forth his cock into my mouth once again. Trying to focus on this new task for me, I closed my eyes.

Realizing this, Scott said greedily, “Look up at me now, while I fuck your face with my manhood!”

As I obliged, I could see the lust which filled Scott eyes. I could see in them that I was doing a good job.

Scott quickened his pace, until he pulled out of my mouth with one long pull and said “stay still and don’t move.”

I obeyed.

Scott then placed his cock along my right cheek. Moving it away from my face about six inches, he swung back towards my facing hitting it hard with his raging hardon. Switching sides, he repeated the process on the left side.

Scott then said, “my cock now owns your face.”

Scott continued, “lay down flat on the floor on your back.”

I did as I was told. Scott then positioned himself over me as if he was going to do a pushup, but with his cock lined up to my mouth.

Without even being told, I opened my mouth, and Scott thrust in. His first thrust nearly touched the back of my throat. He made sure on his second thrust that he did.

After several minutes of him thrusting and me gagging, Scott neared his breaking point. He pulled out of my mouth and sat on my chest, his cock pointed straight at my face.

He furiously began to stroke his shaft. Before I knew it, his balls contracted and he exploded onto my face. Shot after shot of thick cum flowed forth from his amazing cock, and covered my face. After the last drop of cum had been milked from his balls, Scott said “if I had known you were such a good suck toy, you would have been eating my cum a long time ago!”

He continued, “from now on, you will suck me off on command, anytime I see fit. I will expect you to be ready, willing and able to take care of my needs, is that clear?”

I replied, “yes Scott, of course.”

He furthered, “good, now go and stroke yourself off, but do not clean my cum off of your face until your done.”

I managed, “yes Scott, thank you.”

With that, Scott grabbed another beer, sat back down on the couch and continued his porn flick. I went to the room, and began stoking my cock until I exploded. I then went to get a hot shower and think about the events that just transpired and the implications they’d have for the rest of the school year.

To be continued…

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