College Roommates Meet Ch. 11


The rest of the week flew by swiftly. Devante experienced his first test of his college career, he signed up for tutoring for his Econ class, and even found the time to go a late night event and meet some new friends.

Now waking from his nap at 6 Friday night, here is trying to figure out what the night has in store for him. Spencer and Jeff sat on the bed conversing about their prospects when Devante’s phone rang. He looked down and it was Theo.


“Wassup Devante”

“What you up to?”

“Nothing much, I was just calling to invite you to my house party.”

“Aww word? When?”


“Damn, why such short notice?”

“You’re going to be the only underclassmen there so you’re lucky you’re getting invited at all!”

“Oh. I guess I should be graveling at your feet thanking you huh?”

“Naw, that’s not what I’m saying. I just want you to be grateful. Now if you still want to get down and gravel or even do a little something extra, that’s completely up to you.” Theo said letting out a quick chuckle.

“So where is this party gonna be at?”

“I said it was at my house when I first called you. You should invite your roommates or some friends cuz there’s going to be lots of people.”

“Alright, well I’ll try to slide through.”

“Also, it’s a toga party” Theo quickly said “so make sure you plan accordingly.”

“Where would I get a toga from at this time of night?”

“Uhm, you got bed sheets don’t you?”


“Then you got a toga! Listen I got more phone calls to make, are you coming or not?”

“Hold on” Devante said as he slid his phone away from his face to yell to Spencer and Jeff “Aye yall, it’s a toga party tonight, yall down?”

“Where is it at?” asked Spencer

“At Theo’s house”

“That guy from the gym?”

“Yea, the one you were in love with.”

Spencer glanced over at Jeff who was nodding his approval and said, “Hell yeah we’re goin. I wouldn’t miss this shit for the world. After all it’s a much more solid plan than anything we have come up with so far!”

Devante returned to the phone and said, “Ok, well I guess we will see you soon.”

“Cool, and you can take ur time cuz things won’t probably heat up until like 11 or midnight.”

With that, the two hung up and Spencer and Jeff got up to come to Devante’s bed.

“So what’s the game plan?” Jeff asked.

“I was thinking that we would go see if we could find some place to pre- game then head over to Theo’s around like 10” Spencer said.

“That sounds cool with me” Jeff said.

“Well then when are we gonna make these togas?” asked Devante.

“Shit!” screamed Spencer. “I forgot all about that! Uhm, I guess we should do that before we go out don’t yall think?”

“Yeah man, I think that would be smart.” Answered Jeff

“Have either of yall ever made a toga before?” Devante asked the group.

With a puzzled look on both Jeff and Spencer’s face, Spencer blurted out “It’s just a sheet that you rap around your body. How hard could it be?”

Two hours later, the boys sat in their dorm room still trying to figure out how to get their togas just right.

“How about this” Jeff said after tucking Spencer’s sheet in an effort to create his toga.

“Dude, if there is a strong gust of wind my fucking dick will be hanging out. There is no way I’m going like this!” Spencer said.

“Shut up, you’ll have on your boxers.”

“So what? I don’t want everyone at the party staring at my dick print!”

Devante bursts into laughter just watching the two argue.

“What is so funny to you? At least we are trying. You’re sitting over there with nothing.” Spencer said angrily to Devante.

“What’s the point of re-inventing the wheel? I figure I’ll let you guys figure it out and then I’ll just copy yours.”

“Well I can’t figure this shit out” Jeff shouts. Sakarya Escort “I give up!”

“So what are we gonna do now mister ‘how hard can it be’?” Devante asked snarkily.

“I have an idea. Jeff, go get Lance.”

“Why Lance?” asked Jeff rather confused.

“He’s our RA and he said to just knock if we ever needed help and obviously we need help so go knock”.

Within minutes Jeff returned with Lance not too far behind.

“What’s up guys?”

“We’re going to this Toga party tonight and don’t have the first clue of how to actually make a toga. I’m sure you’ve been to plenty of toga parties before. Can you help?”

“Uhm, well if there was an award for the strangest things to be asked of an RA you would consistently win the prize. First you asked me about borrowing my porn now you want me to make you a toga?”

“And don’t think I forgot about that offer to borrow some, but can you help us or not? We’re desperate!”

“Speak for yourself” Devante said with Jeff giving him a high five.

“Yeah yeah yeah, that’s what a good RA is for. Come over here let me see what you are working with.” Lance began his inspection of the sheet that was draped around Spencer’s pale body.

“Boy, doesn’t someone need a tan?”

“Shut up!”

“What are you guys using to fasten this together?”

“We were using a stapler cuz that’s all we had” said Jeff.

“Uhm… WOW! Devante go in my room and grab that box of safety pins out of my top desk drawer.”

“Why do you have a whole box of safety pins?” asked Jeff with Devante leaving out of the room to go and grab them.

“As an RA you can never be over prepared as you can obviously see from this situation.”

Devante comes back into the room carrying a small container as well as a book.

“Lance what’s this?” Devante says holding up the book. Lance’s face turned beet red as he runs over to grab the book from Devante but Devante quickly threw it over to Spencer.

“Mastering the Art of Personal Pleasure: The Male Edition” Spencer read out loud before he opened the book and began to thumb through it. Every page he flipped through had some sort of graphic image of a man, or sometimes even multiple men, engaging in some sort of masturbation or stimulation. Then he got to a page with the corner folded over that had a picture of a man with a finger up his butt that had a caption “the greatest arousal that you will ever experience.”

“Why do you have this page folded over?” Spencer asked. “Have you tried this or something?”

“It’s bad enough that you guys know about my porn collection but now this… I’m sorry” Lance said as he grabbed his book and headed for the door. “I don’t think I’m in the mood to make a toga anymore” he finished with a look of sadness and defeat.

Devante jumped in front of the door. “Don’t be like that dude!”

“Like what exactly?” asked Lance

“Like you’re the only one that masturbates and that we just stumbled across your inner most secret” Spencer replied. “Lord knows I masturbate whenever I don’t get laid. Heck, I rubbed one off in the shower a couple of hours ago.”

A look of disgust came over everyone’s face.

“TMI much?” said Jeff.

“Come on dude, it’s not that big a deal and if it helps at all, I’m sorry for bringing your book in here and showing it to everybody, I just thought it was interesting but I didn’t mean to embarrass you!” Devante said sincerely.

Lance looked conflicted. What should he do? On the one hand these were his three coolest residents, but they also were privy to one of his inner most secrets. He stood there for another moment just silent.

“Come on man… PLEASE… I’m begging you” Spencer cried. Still, Lance continued to stand there and contemplate his options. It was quite awkward with him just standing there holding his kinky masturbation book. “Listen dude” he said as he glanced Adapazarı Escort up at the clock. “If you stay here and quickly finish these, then I will do one thing in front of everybody in this room from your book.”

A mischievous look swept Lances face. “Naw, that’s ok. I couldn’t ask you to do nothing like that, but I’ll stay” he said.

“No!” Spencer insisted. “We made you feel uncomfortable so now we should feel equally uncomfortable. It’s only fair, so to make up for it Devante and I will replicate any one thing from that book.”

“Hold the fuck up! You said you were going to do it NOT ME! I never agreed to no shit like that!” Devante shouted.

“Dude, it’s your fault that the book even got in here in the first place so if anyone should have to do something humiliating it should be you.” Spencer shot back.

“Whatever! I just want to go to this damn toga party.”

“Guys, calm down. I said that you didn’t have to do it. Just bring your damn sheet over here so I can hurry up and finish.” Lance kept his head down and worked dillegently. In a little under 30 minutes he had constructed all three togas and the boys were set.

“So what do you want us to do” Spencer asked.

“I told you guys already that I’m fine and you don’t have to do anything.”

“No, I insist” Spencer said emphatically as Devante sat there and hoped that Spencer would just drop it. Both were unaware that Jeff had picked up the book and had been flipping through it.

“What about this” Jeff asked secretively showing the page to Lance.

Lance’s mouth dropped open and although you could tell he was trying to speak no words came out at first.

“That way they can both be embarrassed together” Jeff continued. “It’s quick and easy!”

Lance still struggled to find the words. “Uhm… I think that’s… that’s just too much”

Devante and Spencer, growing more curious by the second leap across the room and grab the book out of Jeff’s hands. They look down at the page and see two figures jerking each other off with one figure bent over sucking the nipple of the other.

“See guys, it’s not that bad. Plus you don’t really need to suck each other’s nipples unless you really want to.” Jeff said in a very conversational tone.

“I’m not doing that!” Devante yelled.

Lance turned to leave still speechless. Determined to come through on his promise Spencer ran and blocked the door and yanked off his pants.

“What are you doing?” asked Lance.

“A man is only as good as his word and I gave you my word that I would embarrass myself so that’s what I’m doing!” Spencer then started to slowly stroke his soft white cock. It was just dangling there limp between his two plump nuts.

He then shot a look over Devante. “Dude, I’m not with this” Devante responded knowing what that look meant. “What are you looking at?… Dude I already told you no” Devante said sounding less and less convinced. Spencer’s stare did not let up, he was determined to make good on his promise. “Fine, if it will get you to stop looking at me like that I will do it, but this shit ain’t EVER happening again!”

Quickly Devante lowered his pants revealing his tightly fitting aussiebum briefs. His dick line was very apparent and obviously caught Jeff off guard as his mouth dropped open instantly when he saw it.

“Guys, as your RA, I’m telling you to stop. I could lose my job and I’m sure you guys don’t want people to get the wrong impression of you after hearing about this!” Lance said. Devante looked ready to stop and quickly pull his pants back up but Spencer was not fazed by Lance’s comments; instead he kept stroking his now fully hard fuck stick.

“Dude, calm down! You’re not gonna tell anyone, and we sure the hell aren’t gonna tell anyone so just cool it and enjoy our humiliation” Spencer said as he pulled his desk chair over to take a seat in it. “Grab your chair Serdivan Escort Devante” he yelled.

Devante complied and joined him sitting down and stroking his cock. “Dude, this is weird!” Devante said.

Instead of responding, Spencer extended his other hand over and took hold of Devante’s dripping cock. Devante jumped back a little not expecting for Spencer to grab his dick. Spencer slowly stroked both cocks up and down. Devante’s dick gleamed under the light as his ebony rod was now lathered with the precum that was leaking from his tip.

At this point, Spencer’s dick was as large and hard as it had been all night. His mushroom head was huge and bright red. He payed close attention to it making sure he serviced it and played with the slit a little. He then took his hand off of his dick and focused all his attention on Devante using one hand to stroke his large cock and the other to pay more attention to Devante’s balls.

“Come on dude. I’m not for all this g…” before Devante could finish his sentence, Spencer sped up his hand, vigorously pounding Devante’s dick and caressing his nuts. Devante closed his eyes and let out an ever so faint moan. When he opened his eyes both Jeff and Lance had their pants around their ankles with their dicks in their hands.

Jeff ditched his pants and walked over to Spencer. “Mind if I get in on this?”

“This ain’t no circle jerk! Sit your ass down. I’m only jerking him off because I said I would.” Spencer replied. “I mean unless you wanted in on this Lance as an apology.”

Lance was focused on the two naked dudes in front of him, but Spencer’s words snapped him out of it. “Oh, uhm no I’m fine.”

“You sure man?” Spencer asked.

“Yeah, but… nevermind”

“Nevermind what?”

“No, don’t worry about it. It was nothing.”

“Uhhhhhhhh” Devante let out another moan of ecstasy.

Spencer stopped rubbing Devante for a moment. “Just say it.”

“Well I was just gonna ask if you mind if I touched your dick. I’ve never touched another dude’s dick before and the way you’re rubbing Devante make it look… kinda… kinda sexy.” Lance admitted shyly.

Before even a second past, Spencer got up and dragged Lance to the chair that he was sitting in. He then grabbed his hand and placed it on his 8 inch cock and held it as he thrust in and out of it. Lance’s face lit up. He continued thrusting as he placed Lance’s other hand on Devante’s cock.

Once again Devante closed his eyes and just enjoyed the attention meanwhile, Lance had a cock in each hand and was really getting the hang of pleasuring another guys. Soon, Lance’s hands were moving at the speed of light, and out of fear of giving him a facial, Spencer removed his hands and led him back to his original seat.

By this point, Devante’s pubes were covered in precum and his dick was throbbing. It was obvious that he could bust at any second. Spencer grabbed his dick again and started pumping. Moan after moan escaped Devante’s mouth. Out of nowhere, Spencer leaned over and planted a kiss right on Devante’s cheeks.

Devante’s whole body tensed up. As Spencer began to separate from the kiss a shot of cum landed right on his cheek. Then another shot blasted from Devante’s cock landed on Devante’s shirt. 4 or 5 more intense ropes of cum shot out of Devante’s dick followed by 3 or 4 more volleys.

This sight sent everyone else in the room over the top. Jeff quickly grabbed a tissue from the box next to him, whereas Spencer and Lance barely had enough time to pull up their shirts and allow the cum to shoot onto their chests. The scent of cum was strong in the air and everyone was breathing hard. It looked like a scene from the end of a porn.

This is chapter 11 of College Roommates Meet.

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