College – Semester Break Pt. 01

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This is the follow-up to College: Junior Year.


“Oh, fuck. One more and I’m gonna come.” Paul breathed.

Nick withdrew, took another gulp of air and buried his face back down to the base of Paul’s dick. His hands caressing Paul’s balls felt the familiar tightening and he braced himself for the flood of come. Paul’s dick twitched and throbbed in Nick’s throat as spurt after spurt of hot come poured into Nick’s throat. Realizing that he couldn’t taste Paul’s nectar, he backed off a few inches, so the remainder of the load filled his eager mouth. After swallowing the last, Nick leaned back and smiled.

“So, how do I compare to Professor Hinton?” Nick was breathing very heavy.

“No contest.” Paul could barely manage to speak.

Chapter 1

Nick smiled widely. “C’mon, it can’t have been that great. I’ve never done anything like that before.”

Paul continued to breath heavily, his cock deflating after two shattering orgasms back-to-back. He had had many blowjobs in his time, but few could compare in intensity as to the last two. Most likely it was the sheer erotic newness that he and his roommate had discovered. First, secret masturbation, then open masturbation, hand-to-hand cum swapping and now, full-on mutual blowjobs. Just moments ago, he inexpertly sucked off Paul, savoring his cum uninhibited for the first time and was rewarded by Paul going down on him. All the way down as Paul discovered his ability to deep-throat.

“It’s not that. It’s just…just, well, sexy, I guess. Erotic, lurid, exciting. Remember your first time when a girl did that to you? Remember how you felt? It’s like that.” Paul’s voice was nostalgic, dreamy.

“Yeah, I get that. It was the same for me. I doubt I’d have done your first if you hadn’t done me. I was so turned on…” Nick sat back on his bed, legs still a bit shaky from having just received then given head from and to his roommate for the first time.

“Yeah. Really turned on.” Paul agreed. He reached up to the light switch, flicked it off and curled up in his sheets as Nick did the same.

Weeks passed and the end of the semester was approaching. Paul and Nick had not had any encounters, each processing the recent developments in their relationship. Both continued to date off and on, one or two times a week but no stories were shared and, as a result, no cum was shared. Until the night before they both left for break.

Paul arrived for dinner after swim practice and he and Nick ate in the cafeteria, chatted about classes and plans for break. They walked through an early snow back to the dormitory, back to their room. After a few moments of silence, Nick turned to Paul.

“I want to suck you off again.” Nick blurted, his voice quick and quiet.

Paul paused as he looked into Nick’s serious face. “I want you to, and I want to suck you off so much, I can barely think of anything else.”

“Fuck, what is happening? Are we gay?” Nick was trembling.

“What difference does it make?” Paul responded. “I still love sleeping with girls and I know you do, too. Bisexual, maybe. Guys who like getting their dicks sucked and, as it happens, sucking dick, too. I don’t know. Here’s what I do know. I really enjoyed having your cock in my mouth, sucking you off and tasting your cum. It was thrilling seeing you get off and it was amazing having your mouth on my cock. I don’t know or care what you label it, I loved it and want to do it again. Now.”

Neither spoke as they slowly undressed, each watching the other, especially as their pants pooled on the floor and their boxers, straining slightly as the thrill of what was about to happen sent jolts into their thickening members.

Once nude, they turned towards each other. “Who first?” Nick asked, not sure of which answer he’d prefer. Not answering, Paul knelt, reached out and placed his hands on Nick’s hips as he pulled his roommate closer to his eager mouth. Paul parted his lips, giving them a quick moistening lick and used his tongue to guide the bulbous head of Nick’s thick cock into his mouth. Concentrating on the head and the first few inches, Paul luxuriated as he coated Nick’s dick with his saliva, drawing more and more of it into his wanting mouth. With painful slowness he began a rhythmic bobbing, relishing the sensation of fullness. Nick moaned a sigh of contentment as he rested his hands lightly on either side of Paul’s head, not applying pressure but just a bit of guidance and encouragement. Paul’s hands moved around from Nick’s hips, one slipping down to gently caress his full balls, the other encircling the base of his firm cock, slowly working the shaft as his mouth worked the end. Paul circled his tongue around the head and teased his slit as he lapped up the sweet precum now dripping from Nick’s cock.

“God, that is amazing.” Nick moaned. “I don’t want to cum, yet. I want to taste you first.”

Nick reached down and helped his roommate to his feet. Guiding him a few steps backwards, Nick had Paul sit on the edge of this bed. Nick proceeded slowly stroke Paul’s cock, squeezing slightly as he drew up to the head and was rewarded with a generous drop of bright, clear precum. Nick’s tongue darted istanbul escort greedily to lap up the mouthwatering bead. Still slowing stroking Paul’s dick, another drop appeared, and Nick smeared it over his cockhead with his pursed lips. Once thoroughly lubed, Nick’s lips parted and slid over the glans and down the hard shaft.

“Ahh. Fuck, that’s hot.”

Paul leaned back and drew one leg to lay it out on the bed. This gave Nick full access to Paul’s heavy sack and Nick took full advantage, massaging around his balls and upper thighs. Nick continued down Paul’s long, thick shaft, backing off slightly each time as more and more of Paul’s cock disappeared into Nick’s mouth he established a steady rhythm taking the hard rod deeper and deeper until it slid easily into his throat. Holding his head still as he reached the root, Nick gave Paul’s balls a squeeze, releasing has he backed off almost all the way. Paul’s hips raised slightly as he felt as if Nick was going to stop his ministrations. Nick, however, had other ideas and pushed his head back down all the way to the base of Paul’s member and again, gave a noticeable squeeze to Paul’s ballsack. Nick repeated this several times, taking lungfull gasps before each thrust. Paul’s hips began to rise up to meet Nick’s mouth.

“If you keep that up, I’m gonna cum.” Paul panted. “I need your dick in my mouth. Get up here.”

Paul shifted over in his bed and Nick, getting the idea, slid in beside him, never taking his mouth from Paul’s cock. Each roommate lying in their side, Paul drew Nick’s cock into his mouth, savoring the flavorful fluid that had been dripping as Nick sucked Paul with abandon. As if they’d planned it, both men drew up their legs making a triangle and each wrapped their arms around the others waist giving each access to the others weighty balls from behind.

“God, Nick, please cum in my mouth.” Paul moaned. “I’m going to cum, I need it”.

Paul slid his hand from Nick’s sack and began to massage the sensitive area between his roommate’s scrotum and tightly puckered asshole, knowing that he enjoyed when girls did it while blowing him. Feeling the tightening muscles in Nick’s groin, Paul knew he was about to get what he desired. Nick exhaled heavily through his nose as he groaned, his mouth still ravenously nodded on Paul’s dick. Paul felt the pulsing begin deep in Nick’s crotch and he back off enough to keep just the head and first few inches of Nick’s cock in his mouth knowing his reward was on its way. As the first few spurts of hot cum splashed onto Paul’s tongue, his own cock began to throb with his own orgasm. Both men stopped their bobbing and held each other’s cocks in their mouth as each filled the others with massive loads of cum. Each swallowed and swallowed as the spasms slowed, neither wanting the sensation to end. Paul and Nick continued to suck the last remaining drops of cum from the others cocks. After a few moments, each released, both disappointed of the emptiness but content with the warm aftertaste of cum, delivered direct from the source as, they’ve discovered, is the best way to receive it.

“I’ve wanted to do that for days. I wanted to do it again right after the first time, but I didn’t know how you’d react.” Paul was lazily drawing his fingers over Nick’s thigh.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’d been practicing. Honestly, that was probably the best blowjob I’ve ever had.” Nick mused.

“Not practicing, just imagining what I’d do if I got another chance.” Paul replied, smiling. “Now I can go home for break with no regrets.”

Chapter 2

Paul’s Uber dropped him off at his parent’s front door and he hauled his bags inside. Greeted by his mom as he turned into the kitchen, the smell of her chicken casserole filling his nostrils.

“I made your favorite as a welcome home present.” She beamed.

“I do love it, but it’s actually Patrick’s favorite.” Paul opened the fridge, cracked open a beer and dragged his oversized duffle into the laundry room.

“Speaking of which, I have news.” Paul’s mother called from the kitchen. “Patrick should be here in about thirty minutes. Your dad is picking him up from the airport.”

“Huh, I didn’t think he was going to be able to come home until the summer.” Paul’s brother was studying at a prestigious university in Europe on a scholarship having graduated from high school a year after Paul. “Great, I haven’t seen him since he went over, like, a year and half ago. Why couldn’t he just take an Uber, too?”

“Your dad wanted to pick him up. And to probably stop at that sporting goods store near the airport. He needs more fishing junk like he needs another hole in his head” Paul’s mom giggled to herself.

Paul put the rest of his luggage back into his old room then settled down on the oversized sectional and turned on the TV. He was just about to drift off to sleep when he heard the door opening. He popped up and was greeted by a bear hug from his brother.

“What’s up, shit-for-brains?” Patrick laughed as he hugged his brother again.

“Paddy, welcome home!” Paul extricated himself from his brother to give his dad a hug. “Hey, old man. Still buying the shitty bahçeşehir escort beer, I see.”

“Heh, only for you. Maybe when you’re of legal drinking age, I’ll consider buying the good stuff.” Paul’s dad laughed and chuffed him on the shoulder.

After catching up at dinner, the family relaxed in the den. “So, no big plans for the break, just gonna relax and maybe catch up on Game of Thrones and some movies I didn’t get a chance to see.” Paul said to no one in particular.

“That sounds good, there are a few I want to see, too.” Patrick agreed.

A few days passed, Paul and Patrick had been hanging around the house watching movies. “This is not as thrilling as I’d hoped.” Patrick sighed. “I’m gonna see if any of my old high school buddies are around, maybe some of the girls. You wanna hang out with us?”

Paul had, intentionally for the most part, lost touch with most everyone in his graduating class, keeping up with just a few close friends. “Nah, I don’t think so. Maybe another time. Thanks for asking.”

“Suit yourself.” Patrick grabbed his phone and began furiously texting as he walked away, shouting, “Mom, can I borrow the car?” The reply was: “No, your father and I are going to visit the Davidsons tonight. Call an Uber.”

Paul binged another couple episodes of Game of Thrones as his brother and parents left for their evening plans. All the nudity on the TV and the beers began to have an effect on Paul. It also didn’t help that he and Nick had been texting back and forth, reminiscing about the events of the previous semester at school, both between the various coeds and between themselves. Retiring to his room, he opened his laptop to one his favorite websites. Despite the seemingly endless amount of porn on his laptop, Paul found himself scrolling through the conversations with Nick and he lazily stroked his hardening member. Eventually setting the phone down, Paul began to recall the encounter with Nick the night before leaving for break. The thought of Nick’s delicious cock sliding in and out of his hungry mouth while his roommate serviced him at the same time was more than he could stand as his cock throbbed in his fist and globs of sticky cum spurted from his thick head. Gathering as much of the warm seed as he could, he eagerly brought it up to his mouth. Savoring the taste of his own cum, it was not the same as the flavor from Nick’s cock. He picked up his phone.

Paul: I miss sucking your cock (send)…

Nick:…I miss yours

The next morning Paul was a bit more relaxed. His folks came in carrying two suitcases and announced, “We’ve been invited to a ski weekend with the Davidsons.”

“All of us?” Patrick sounded hopeful. He’d always been a good skier and snowboarder, skills that had improved significantly spending time in Europe.

“No, just your father and me. You boys will have to make do for a few days. We’ll be back Tuesday.” Paul’s mom patted each of her sons on the cheek. “Behave.”

Paul and Patrick watched their parents pull out of the driveway. They turned back to the house and plopped down in front of the TV. After a few more episodes of Game of Thrones, Paul leaned back and drifted off to sleep.

“Holy shit.” Paul was startled awake at this brother’s exclamation.

“What?” Paul wiped a bit of drool off his chin.

Patrick tossed Paul’s phone into his lap.

“Your phone was buzzing like crazy, so I grabbed it to bring it down to you. It buzzed while I was carrying it, so I glanced at the message. So, you can imagine that I felt compelled to read the whole thread. Damn, bro. What the hell have you been up to at that college of yours.” Patrick strolled into the kitchen.

Paul sat frozen in silence as he heard his brother clinking in the refrigerator for beers. Swallowing hard, he spoke. “What do you mean.”

“Uh, that you and your roommate are sucking each other’s dicks like it was your job.” Patrick returned with two beers and handed one to Paul.

“Shit, man. You can’t tell anyone. And it’s not what you think. We’re not gay. It’s just…” Paul trailed off.

“I’m not gonna tell anyone and I couldn’t care less if your gay, bi, or whatever. Listen, I know I’ve only been living in Europe for a little over a year but it is so much less of an issue there, in most places. Do what you want. Suck and fuck who you want. Hell, at least someone is getting blowjobs.” Patrick clinked his bottle against Paul’s, raised it in a toast and took a long drink.

“Well,” Paul let out a breath. “I thought you’d freak out or something.” He paused. “And fuck you for looking at my phone.” He laughed nervously.

“Yeah, sorry.” Patrick replied.

Paul and Patrick sat in silence while they watched a movie on Netflix, drinking a few more beers each. Paul broke the silence.

“What did you mean about someone getting blowjobs.” Paul asked.

“What? Oh, yeah. Well… I mean, it’s been a while. For me, that is. I mean, I’ve had dates, hooked up with girls and shit. Just, well… I guess it isn’t as popular in Europe as it is here, in most places, I guess. I haven’t been to the Czech Republic yet. I’ve heard stories. bakırköy escort But England, Ireland, France, you know, like, Spain. Just not much head being given. Not that I haven’t been keeping up my end of the bargain.” Patrick raised his eyebrows knowingly.

“I guess.” Paul answered.

“Sounds like your knee deep in it, though, bro!” Patrick once again clinked his beer against his brother’s bottle.

Paul didn’t answer but continued to flip through the Netflix options as he processed his brother’s discovery of his relationship with Nick and his nonchalance at the whole situation. After a couple more beers, Patrick spoke up.

“So, you and your roommate, Rick”

“Nick” Paul corrected.

“Yeah, Nick. How’d that come about?” Patrick asked.

“You really want to hear about this?” Paul sounded skeptical.

“Why not?” Patrick seemed unphased.

Ok, Paul thought. So he recounted the story going back to the time he caught Nick masturbating up to their parting encounter. Though he didn’t intend to, he even included his experiments with sucking himself off. When he finished, he found himself a little buzzed from the beer and a little aroused remembering how he missed the taste of Nick’s cock and cum.

“Bullshit.” Patrick interjected. “You can’t suck your own dick!”

“I can. It’s not easy and Nick helped but I can, though it’s been a little while.” Paul was strangely defensive about his ability.

“Prove it.” Patrick challenged.

“What…no, you’re drunk.” Paul demurred.

“A little, but I’m still calling bullshit unless I see it for myself.” Patrick leaned back on the couch and gestured. “Get going.”

“I can’t by myself.” Paul objected.

“Fine, I’ll help. What do I need to do?” Patrick began to stand.

“Fuck off. I’m not going to do this.” Paul was a bit startled by his brother’s insistence.

“Ok.” Patrick replied. “But know that you’re full of shit and have never had your own dick in your mouth. Probably no one else’s, for that matter. It’s a scam.”

“It’s not. Believe me, I have had my cock and Nick’s in my mouth.” Paul was getting defensive.

“Ok, bro.” Patrick threw up his hands. “If you say so.”

Paul stood up, perhaps too fast as the beer was having more of an effect than he’d thought. He was just drunk enough and just horny enough to call his brother’s bluff.

“Fine. I’ll prove it.” Paul began to stretch a bit. “You said you’d help, right? No fucking around, right?”

Patrick stood also. “Promise.”

“Ok. When I start to curl back, you need to hold my ankles and help me bend, ok?”

“Yeah, ok.” Patrick was a bit surprise that his brother was going to go through with this.

Paul threw a pillow from the couch onto the floor, dropped his pants and boxers and doffed his shirt. He began stroking his cock slowly and felt it swell in his hand, growing longer and thicker.

“Here we go.” Paul said. He laid down on the floor, continuing to masturbate. He rolled onto his back and Patrick, as promised, held his ankles as his cock came closer and closer to his mouth. Paul’s tongue flicked out to graze his head as a small drop of precum.

“Wow.” Patrick whispered.

“Ease back.” Paul ordered and Patrick complied slowly helping Paul curl into a tighter ball as his cockhead parted his lips and he began to draw more length into his mouth. After a few minutes of slow rocking, Paul began to unfold himself.

“See.” Paul breathed heavily with the effort.

“Finish.” Patrick said quietly. “I want to see you finish. I don’t think you swallow cum. You should finish.”

“Ok. You’ll need to help again” Patrick nodded his assent to Paul’s request.

Paul laid flat on his back and continued to stroke himself. After a few moments he once again curled up and his brother grabbed his ankles and eased them down. Paul was able to get more of his cock into his own mouth that he’d ever been able to before. Probably the beer, he thought. It didn’t take long for the familiar tingle to begin deep in his groin as his balls began to tighten and pulse and was pleased to feel the cum flowing into his waiting mouth. He released his lips from his cock and unrolled himself. Looking into his brother’s eyes he opened his mouth to show the hot load as proof before slowly swallowing it. So much better than earlier.

“I guess you can.” Patrick said after a moment. “And I guess you do swallow.” He paused, “I’m going to bed. Thanks for the show.”

“Thanks for the assist, I guess.” Paul grabbed his clothes and headed to take a shower.

The next morning, Paul woke with a bit of a headache but a worse ache in his neck. The pain in his neck brought back the memory of the display he put on last night. He heard the shower running in the bathroom that was in between his and Patrick’s bedrooms. The door was open slightly and he could see Patrick in the steamed glass doors of the shower stall. He stepped closer and he could make out his brother more clearly. Patrick was leaned back against the wall, stroking his cock rhythmically. Paul moved as close as the door jamb and could see his brother quite well despite the steam on the glass. Patrick’s fist began to move more rapidly along his length and his legs tensed as he grunted his orgasm. Harder to see, but Paul was surprised at the thick ropes of cum that oozed from his brother’s slit. Feeling a familiar stirring in his boxers, Paul backed away from the door, trembling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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