Collette’s Sandwich

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“Collette, what do you want from us?” Simon whispered as he pushed another finger into my ass.

“I want you both to fuck me,” I found my words came easier now.

Jeremy gently withdrew his fingers from my pussy and stood at the edge of the bed. The fire leapt up behind him. His cock was thick and at least 9 or 10 inches. His sea blue eyes and posture were devilish. “You know what that means, right?”

“Show me,” I challenged.

The pair exchanged another glance, before Jeremy crawled his way up my body. He paused for a moment to look in my eyes, then his lips met my own. I groaned on his tongue, sweet with my essence. Then he rolled onto his back, retrieved a condom from the side table on the left, and put it on. I kissed his chest, before I straddled his thighs.

Simon grabbed a bottle of lube and a condom from the side table on the right. He got on his knees behind me and put a hand the small of my back.

I bent forward and moved up, so they could both enter me. The head of Jeremy’s thick cock was just outside my pussy, then Simon lined himself up at my ass. He wasn’t as large as Jeremy, thankfully, but not small, either. Very slowly, I pushed myself onto them both. I groaned as their dicks slid into me. Our lusty gasps filled the room. The incredible feeling of physical fullness overtook any sensation of pain. I had to be careful, but I adjusted a lot faster than I expected. I whimpered, “Oh god.”

Once they’d both penetrated, I twitched back and forth to gain their length into me. Jeremy gently pushed his hips up, and as his hips dropped down, Simon thrusted more into my ass. I felt their cocks squeeze the tissue between my ass and pussy. I didn’t know if I was close, but this felt better than most orgasms.

Jeremy stared into my eyes like he saw me for the first time. He put his right hand on the back of my neck and drew me down to kiss him. This opened my ass more for Simon’s dick. He shoved his dick even deeper on his next thrusts. My body squeezed around them both. Only then I realized I dug into Jeremy’s shoulders with my fingernails.

Jeremy’s thrusts became reckless, and his eyes rolled up into his head. His arms were wrapped around my upper back and his grip was tight. He growled, and Simon withdrew slowly from my ass. He took that condom off and came around to the side of us to kneel. Jeremy shuddered and released my back to grab my thighs. Simon put his hand on my chest, which forced me to sit up on Jeremy’s cock. He turned my head to him and kissed me, while his hands groped my body. “Oh fuck,” Jeremy hooked under my hips, and hoisted me onto Simon, as he came.

I sort of tumbled onto Simon and giggled. He put another condom on his dick, and I enveloped it with my cunt. I was slippery wet, and he was rock hard, a match made in pervert heaven. I sat straight while I bounced on his cock, and Jeremy leaned in to kiss me. Eventually, he disappeared to clean up.

I grinded on Simon the whole time. He drew me down to him and whispered, “Did you like when my dick was up your ass?”

I whispered back, “Yes, did you like when I pushed back to let you in deeper?”

“Yes, you dirty girl.”

I giggled, “You’re the second guy tonight who called me a ‘dirty girl’ while his cock was in me.”

“Fuck!” he shot his pelvis up into me, and my eyes rolled back. It didn’t seem fair to cum without Jeremy around, so I tried to wait. I heard his footsteps behind me and got an idea.

I got off Simon’s cock, turned 180 Nevşehir Escort degrees and sat back down on him. It took a minute to get used to the new angle. Finally, I found my rhythm and motioned for Jeremy to rejoin us. I bent forward some, and Simon followed, so that we ended up in a doggy-style position.

Simon tossed Jeremy a condom, and he caught it in the air. The fire danced behind him, while he put the condom on. Simon fucked me hard till I put a hand up. He plunged deep into me, stopped, and I gasped as I took Jeremy’s dick in my mouth. As I moved my head forward and back, my body moved me against Simon’s cock. Then, the guys took the rhythm reins.

Jeremy pushed, Simon pulled. I kept thinking of the exterior gears on an old locomotive. Simon smacked my ass, Jeremy took my hair in his fist and pulled it tight. I grunted against the member on my tongue. Fireworks went off in my brain and shot through my body as I came. I screamed on Jeremy’s dick and my pussy convulsed on Simon’s dick. My limbs locked down, but the guys held me in place, as they pumped away at my writhing body. My back arched, my throat screamed, and I floated in my body.

When I came back to it, sweat ran all over my body. Jeremy stepped away from my mouth and left to watch the show from the bed. Simon put his arm under me, then ran it up my body, so I knelt with his dick in my pussy. He pumped in short bursts at that angle. Then, he grunted, “Not like this,” and turned me to lay face up on the bed with my head on a pillow.

He climbed on top of me. Simon’s movements were less aggressive than before. His eyes locked onto mine, and he was wrapped up in me. The bed shifted, and his face reddened.

Suddenly, a hand appeared in front of Simon’s mouth. Another hand grasped his hair and pulled it tight. His head tipped back, and he screamed into Jeremy’s palm. He thrust a few more times without breath, before he withdrew from my pussy. His body convulsed on top of me, his wrapped cock twitched against my thigh.

Jeremy pulled his hair tighter and forced Simon upright. He held him and kissed him fiercely. Simon wrapped his arm around Jeremy. My hand attacked my pussy as I watched the spectacle of these two beautiful men, locked in an embrace of passion. A scream tore from my chest and out of my throat, and it was my turn to cum.

We arranged ourselves into a bundle: Simon on my left, Jeremy on my right, limbs slightly entwined. We laid back and were quiet for a minute. Something I couldn’t have guessed came to mind, “Guys, what if I’d said ‘no’ to the three-way?”

Simon responded with, “Tonight would have been a bad night for us.”

“How’s that?”

They smiled at each other, then Jeremy spoke up, “We agreed the first time would have to be a packaged deal. So, being gentlemen of our word, if you had insisted upon separately, we would have politely declined.”

Simon started in on the topic, “Of course, it would have killed us to turn you down. But considering you instigated the three-way with me and Mia, we didn’t think it’d be a problem.”

I said, “So, I’m predictable?”

“No. I had no idea you could take my dick up your ass,” Simon pinched my nipples as he smiled at me. I squeaked.

“How was Jack?” Jeremy asked, as he stroked my leg. It tickled and felt good.

“Fun…and confusing,” I admitted.

“Let me guess, he didn’t cum?” Simon kissed my ribs. I looked at him, he raised his eyes, and said, “It’s his version of monogamy Nevşehir Escort Bayan with Trina.”

“That wasn’t some weird line to get me to try harder?”

“No, it’s true,” Jeremy said, “But, if Trina comes around, you stay away from her.”


“Don’t scare her, J,” Simon rolled his eyes.


“She’s nuts,” Jeremy said.

Simon said dismissively, “Trina’s okay, she’s just very territorial in her open relationship.”


“It’ll be fine,” Simon said.

Jeremy pointed out, “The crazy bitch slashed Aster’s tires after we fucked him.”

Simon said, “Bygones.”

“Tell me about Aster.”

“She’s the ex I told you about, the one you look like,” Jeremy said.

“You ever talk to her anymore?” Simon asked.

“No, but I heard she’s engaged. To her Dom.”

I spoke up, “I could never imagine marrying a Dom.”

“That’s because you had Winthrop,” Jeremy said.

“What’s his deal, anyway? I was with him for close to 7 weeks, but he never tried to fuck me.”

“Oh, he wouldn’t. The only things that get him going are blondes and bonds, and since you are neither, he would have no interest in bedding you,” Simon explained.

“Besides, it’s not just that they’re engaged,” Jeremy said, “Aster cheated on me with him.”

“How could she do that to you?”

“It went on behind my back for months,” he kissed his way up my left thigh and went on, “When I confronted her,” he roughly slid two fingers into me, “she said I wasn’t dominant enough for her.” He continued fingering my aching hole. My eyes fluttered.

Simon said, “I don’t know about you,” he licked my chest and said, “I think J’s Dom enough for anyone.”

I couldn’t speak, only moan.

“That’s a girl,” Jeremy coaxed, like I was a pony he convinced to calm down. “Simon, I’ve always wondered: you dole out beatings, but then you get your submissive off. You hold them after, and you treat them like people. You do your own aftercare.”

“Yes?” he responded, as he fished around for something on the night stand.

“Why?” Jeremy kept plugging away at me. He knew how to get me off but was avoiding my G spot. Bastard.

“They are people, my friend,” Simon put a condom on his dick.

“Guys,” I started.

Jeremy pulled his shiny fingers out of me and held one up to quiet me, but the removal made me groan loudly. “Hang on, C,” he turned to Simon and said, “They’re subs, not people.” Then, he moved out of Simon’s way and back over to my right.

Simon wedged himself between my legs, ready to fuck me. He looked me in the eyes, but his question was for Jeremy, “If submissives are not people, what is she?”

“Terribly fuckable,” he responded automatically.

Simon thrust into me and quickly caught my pace. We moaned and grunted at each other. I drove my hips at him, and he met them with equal force.

“If you’re curious about how I operate, Simon, why have you never let me have a go at you?”

“…not…sub,” Simon grunted.

“But it can still be fun,” Jeremy laughed.

Between Simon fucking me and the thought of Jeremy and Simon like that, my orgasm built fast. He must have known, because Simon thrust deep into me and stopped, as I whined my complaint. He turned to Jeremy, covered in sweat and red-faced, and said, “Give it your best shot.” Then, he resumed fucking me.

“Not in the mood for you right now, maybe later.”

“How about her?” Simon asked, as he pulled Escort Nevşehir out.

“Uh,” I didn’t really understand what was happening.

“Get her arms,” Jeremy instructed.

Simon strapped my right arm to some sort of rope from under the pillows. He whispered, “You good with this?”

“Yeah,” my head swam.

Simon bound my other arm. My face was propped up by pillows, one under each cheek.

Jeremy lifted my hips for another pillow under my waist. He grabbed my thighs and spread them open. Then, his hand struck my ass. Jeremy’s hands kept the beat. He started softer than I expected, but only briefly. Jeremy growled, “Scream for me, C.”

“No!” I shouted.

My body heated up. I tried to pace my breath, but then he’d change it up, and go half time or double time on the beat. Winthrop had beat me harder, and I wasn’t going to give Jeremy the satisfaction. Not yet. Jeremy’s tone was utterly calm, “Do it.”


He spanked just under my ass and above my thighs, and every strike vibrated my clit. My legs tensed up and shook. Muscles in my face were tightened. I didn’t realize it, but I’d been holding my breath since he last spoke. He growled, “What’s my name, C?”

“Je..Je,” I couldn’t actually say it; my face muscles were locked.

“Wrong,” he said, right before he stepped it up. His hand was heavier, and my heart jumped with his doubled efforts. Then, he stopped. I grunted in reaction, but I couldn’t tell what my thoughts were. Or if I had any thoughts left. I only knew what I felt: abandoned.

Jeremy poured something on my skin. It took a moment for the scent of whiskey to bypass the pillows and waft into my nose. The spanking resumed, but this time it stung so much worse. He found the beat of the EDM on the speakers again, and I couldn’t hold back. A shriek launched itself from somewhere deep inside, and all I was able to do was get out of its way.

“Good girl,” he said as he shoved his cock into my pussy.

I was so sore, but I loved it. I breathed deeply, but it wasn’t enough. I saw stars.

“Don’t worry, he’s wearing a condom,” Simon leaned down to tell me, “And since he’s neglecting your beating, it’s up to me.” A second later, he flogged my back. He struck every time Jeremy pulled back. Then, someone’s finger wriggled up my ass. I wasn’t sure when the orgasm started, or if it would ever end, but I turned inside-out on his thick cock.

I screamed again, and Jeremy pounded me harder. Then he leaned down on me, and his pelvis relaxed to a painfully slow rhythm. Between my growls and gasps, he whispered up my back, “My turn.” Jeremy stood back up on his knees, roughly fucked me, and shouted, “Say it!”

“Master!!” I howled.

He gripped my hips and rapidly shoved in 3 or 4 more times, before he roared, pulled out, and came up my back. He collapsed nearby.

My body still shook as Simon came up the bed and untied my hands. “Are you alright?”

I grunted. I had no words. I wasn’t there anymore.

“Get water, J,” Simon said, while he turned me onto my back. It was much easier to breathe that way. A cup of water was slowly poured down my throat. I was grateful no one expected me to do it myself. Simon pulled his arm away after I drank the whole glass of water. The guys laid next to me on the bed. Neither crowded me, so I could cool off. Jeremy’s fingers danced on my right forearm.

“So, Jeremy, still think Collette’s just a sub?” Simon asked facetiously.

He chuckled, “I never thought of her as ‘just a sub'”.

“You okay, Pretty Girl?” Simon inquired.

I grunted and nodded, and that was all I could manage at the moment. Jeremy nuzzled into my shoulder, and whispered, “My god, woman.” So, I fell asleep with a big smile on my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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