Coma Ch. 03


Note from Slickman: As requested here is Coma III. Someone wrote that I need to stick to my own storyline so that’s what I did. Thanks to all of you for your wonderful feedback. All characters in this story at least 18 years old. Make sure you are too before proceeding. If you haven’t read Coma I or II you should do so first.


20 Seconds remained on the clock. James Buchanan stadium was full of screaming fans as they watched the final seconds tick away on the second overtime. Coach Jennie McCormack gathered her team together as the medical team helped a limping player off the field. The game was full of yellow cards and warnings to both teams. These two teams had split their regular series which showed the only losses on each team’s record. This game was for all the marbles.

Amanda Sperry was holding her best friend Samantha’s hand as they listened to Coach Mac give out the final instructions. The Gladiators had a corner kick in the sudden death’s final ticks.

“Amanda.” Jennie said looking over at her all-state striker. “I’ve seen you and Sam working on that corner kick play for two years now. Don’t you think it’s time to try it out?”

Amanda smiled and looked at Samantha. “Yes coach.” They heard the ref’s whistle and headed back on the field. Amanda glanced up behind the bench to see her parents and her boyfriend Alex as they stood clapping. This was the moment all the practice and sweat was about.

Amanda’s defender already had a yellow card for kicking her. The girl was jeering at her as she held up her hand. She waited until Samantha broke from the bunch of players. Instead of kicking the ball across the front of the goal Amanda passed it back to her friend. All eyes were on Sam as Amanda sprinted behind her to take a return pass.

16, 15, 14, 13…the seconds ticked away.

Amanda maintained her dribble as the tall defender stuck with her like glue.

10, 9, 8, 7…..

Sam broke back and Amanda passed it back to her. The tall girl didn’t realize Amanda had dashed past her to the goal until it was too late.

6,5,4, ….Samantha watched only the ball as she smashed it hard to the opposite goal post.

The defender almost made a great save as she flung her body up to defect the ball as it headed towards Amanda’s forehead. Amanda saw only the ball as her body rose to time the contact at the right moment. As the ball headed into the open net the defenders head crashed into Amanda’s forehead.


Sam was running towards her best friend and teammate as she saw the back of the net fling backwards from the flight of the soccer ball. She got there before her other teammates and saw Amanda lying on the ground under the defender’s body. Her glee propelled her on top of Amanda’s body as the defender sat upward while holding her forehead. The rest of the team piled on top of her. It was one of the happiest moments of her life.

“SHE DID IT! SHE DID IT!” Alice Perry screamed as she turned to hug her husband Bruce.

“STATE CHAMPS!” Alex screamed as he pumped his fist up in the air. Not even his football team had done so well. He couldn’t wait until he hugged and kissed his girlfriend since the seventh grade. He watched as the players moved off the pile-up. He expected to see her familiar blonde ponytail as the pile suddenly pushed back quickly. Suddenly the players, even from the other team, were yelling and waving their arms for help.

Samantha was the first to notice something was wrong. She was talking to Amanda while others were on top of them but Amanda never responded. As her body was freed she pulled Amanda back but could see she was unconscious. “HELP! HELP!” She screamed as she cradled her head in her lap.

“OH GOD. WHAT’S WRONG?” Alice shouted frantically. “IS IT AMANDA?”

Bruce didn’t wait to find out as he ran down the stairs pushing onlookers aside. He vaulted the chain link fence and raced behind a man carrying a medical bag.

“Stand back!” Coach McCormack screamed. “Clear the way for the doctor.”

“What is it?” Bruce Sperry yelled. Two men grabbed him as he watched the doctor checking to see if Amanda was breathing.

“Call 911. She unconscious but is breathing.” The doctor said to one of the coaches.

“Amanda!” Alice cried as she pushed through the crowd. Bruce grabbed her and held her as they waited for the ambulance.

Coach McCormack drove Amanda’s family to the hospital trying to keep up with the ambulance as much as possible.

The coach left the car behind the ambulance and threw an orderly her keys. They raced trying to keep up with the stretcher carrying Amanda.

“Please stay here.” A large nurse said as she stood in front of the emergency room door. “There’s nothing you can do right now. Leave it up to the doctors.”

Bruce pulled his wife to sit at a large sofa outside the door. Alex came rushing in and they all huddled together praying for Amanda.

It was more than an hour later until one of the nurses came out. “She’s stable but still unconscious.”

“Will she live?” Alice cried Şişli Escort out.

“Her vital signs are OK. She’s in a coma.” The nurse said.

“A Coma. How long will she be in a coma?” Bruce asked.

“There’s no way of telling. Maybe on hour maybe a lot longer?”

Alice tried not to cry as she thought of her daughter lying asleep in the other room. She felt so helpless. None of them left and all of them but Bruce fell asleep as they waited word.

“Why don’t you get some food?” Alice asked her husband when she awoke. “I’ll stay.” Bruce agreed and took the others down the hall to the elevator. Samantha and one of the other players, Julie, had arrived early to see if there were any changes. When they returned Bruce saw his wife talking to a young man.

“Wait. Start over. I’m Amanda’s dad. What is going on?” He asked as he wedged between his wife and the man.

“Hello. I’m Dr. Ellis Joiner. I was just telling your wife that we will be doing some tests this morning to see if we can evaluate how much damage was done. We know there is brain activity but that’s about it. Some of you should go home and get some rest.”

“Doctor. Tell us the truth. How bad is it?” Bruce asked as he grabbed the man’s arm.

“I wish I could tell you.” He said patting the father on the back.

Alice forced the others to leave while she sat staring ahead. She sipped on her coffee as she watched others come and go. She noticed one large nurse look her way a few times but never walked her way. Finally when the waiting room was almost empty the woman walked over and sat next to her.

“I’m sorry about your daughter.” The nurse said. If you want to see her I’ll take you to her.

“You can do that?” Alice asked as she stood up. “Yes. I have cleared it with the doctor.” Alice thanked her and followed close behind as the nurse lead her down the corridor. She pushed open a critical care door and walked ahead to pull open a curtain. Alice peeked through to see her daughter with tubes and wires connected to her mouth and nose. She had an i.v in her arm.

“Oh god.” Alice cried seeing her child strapped up like she was. She walked over and picked up her lifeless hand. Her fingers lay on her palm but Amanda’s hand did not squeeze it.

“Amanda. It’s me. Mommy.” She whispered in her ear. “Come back to us.”

Amanda tried to open her eyes but it was too dark. All she could hear was a dull hum. She was so tired. She thought she heard her mother’s voice. She must have been dreaming. She was so sleepy.

“Keep talking to her and touching her hand.” The nurse said.

“You are so nice.” Alice said to the nurse.

“I’ve been working with a lot of comatose patients. If you need my help please give me a call.” The woman said while handing her a piece of paper with her name and phone number.

“Thank you Betty.” Alice said while reading the paper. “Amanda won’t be out very long.”

“I work at the hospital part time and could use some more hours. I hope you won’t need me but if you do let me know.”

The rest of the family came in later but Amanda’s condition never changed. They took turns holding her hand and talking to her but time came and went. Three weeks later Amanda was moved from the hospital to the Sperry home.

“If you want some home nursing service I can set it up for you.” The doctor said as they made arrangements to leave the hospital. Amanda will require someone to change her tubes and even exercise her body.”

“No thank you. I have someone.” Alice said as she remembered the nice nurse who offered to help. While they prepared the insurance forms Alice called Betty.

“She looks so peaceful.” Samantha said as she sat next to the full size bed set up in what used to be a dining room.

“God. I miss her so much.” Alex said holding her hand. His mind remembered back to their date the night before the championship match. After years of necking and fumbling around he had finally got to third base. She was one of the last 18 year old virgins at Buchanan high. He remembered how soft and damp she was between her thighs.

“Alex!” Sam said. “You are not listening to me.”

“What? Sorry, I was thinking about something.” He said looking over at Amanda’s tomboy girlfriend. Alex was actually jealous of all the time Amanda spent with Sam. He told Amanda that Sam was a dyke but Amanda just laughed.

“I said why don’t you leave and I’ll stay with her?”

Alex was dead tired from all the sleep he had lost since Amanda’s injury. “OK. But, call me if anything happens.”

Sam watched as he left. Mr. and Mrs. Sperry were out shopping and had left the two teens alone with their daughter. This was the first time Sam had been alone with her long time friend. She heard the front door shut and moved quickly to sit on the bed next to Amanda’s still form. She took Amanda’s hand and held it up to her lips.

“Amanda. It’s me Sam. I’m here.” She lightly kissed her fingers and gently placed her hand on her cheek. “Feel my warmth.” Sam’s eyes closed as she guided Amanda’s Şişli Escort Bayan hand over her cheek and down her smooth neck.

Amanda heard the humming sound getting quieter and heard someone talking. She recognized the voice. “Sam. I can hear you.” Amanda tried to say. But, no words escaped her lips.

“There’s something I have to tell you.” Sam whispered as she held Amanda’s hand against her chest. “It’s the way I feel….” Sam leaned over and gently placed her lips against the unconscious girl’s chapped lips. “I love you.” She said as her lips rose off Amanda’s.

“I love you too.” Amanda tried to say. “Where am I? Sam. Help me.”

Sam continued to press her motionless hand against her breasts. She couldn’t remember all the nights she dreamed to have Amanda touch her like this. She moaned as she guided the fingers across her hard nipple. “That feels so good.” Her hand quickly dropped Amanda’s when she heard the garage door open.

“How is she doing?” Alice asked as she walked in to see Sam sitting on the bed next to her daughter.

“The same.” Sam said as she moved off to sit back down in the chair. The doorbell rang and Alice answered it. “This is Betty.” Alice said as she led a large black woman in Amanda’s makeshift bedroom.

“Hi. I’m Samantha. Everyone calls me Sam.” The young girl said smiling at the woman.

“Betty is here to show us how to take care of Amanda. I was wondering if you would want to help as well. I’m not sure if Mr. Sperry is up for what we have to do.” Alice said.

Sam sat up in the chair. “Sure anything.”

“OK. Let me take care of the tubes and the i.v. I’ll call you when I’m ready to show you how to bathe her.” Betty said smiling. Alice and Sam left the room.

“Hello young lady.” Betty said as she took care of her bodily fluids. “You are a beauty aren’t you/” Betty said as she gently squeezed her muscular thighs. “I hear you are a soccer player.”

Alice and Sam hurried back when Betty said she was ready for them. They both stopped and froze as they walked into the room to see Amanda’s naked form on the bed.

“Don’t be shy. We are all women here right?” Betty said frankly.

Alice had not seen her daughter naked since elementary school. She tried not to stare at her pointed breasts but they looked just like hers at the same age. Her stomach was so flat and the blonde pubic mound proved to them all she was a natural blonde.

Sam had seen Amanda naked many times in the school showers but to see her lying on her back on the bed was overwhelming. She wished she could strip off her own clothes and climb up there with her.

“I prepared some sponges and warm water for you, so go ahead and bath her.” Betty ordered as she stood back.

“This seems so strange.” Alice said as she grabbed a sponge, rung it out and moved it to the soft skin at Amanda’s neck. “Come back to us Amanda.” She said as she aimed the sponge over her shoulders and down her arms. As the sponge moved over Amanda’s nipples they quickly sprang to hard buttons. “Look.” Alice said while turning to the nurse.

“It’s normal.” Betty said smiling. “The body still reacts to outside stimuli.”

Sam moved her sponge up Amanda’s foot, to her ankle and over her knee. She tried not to look ahead at her ultimate destination which rested at the junction of her soft smooth thighs. She smiled looking up at Amanda’s hard nipples. As the sponge moved close to Amanda’s hairy mound Alice stopped her. “Don’t.”

Betty smiled. “It’s OK. You will need to wash her everywhere. Actually touching her in intimate places may help her to come back faster.”

Alice’s hand froze as her mind comprehended what the nurse had said. “What?”

“Some medical experts say that sensual caressing may help them come out of the coma quicker.” Betty said not sure of the woman’s reaction.

“You’re kidding. Right?” Alice said as she put her sponge back in the small pail.

“No.” Betty replied. Sam froze her sponge as it neared Amanda’s pussy.

“I can’t believe you just said that.” Alice said notably pissed. “I think you should leave.”

Betty smiled. “Have it your way. I’ve seen it work. Call me if you want her to awake.”

“Get out.” Alice said. Betty gathered her stuff and left. “No charge.”

“Don’t worry I wasn’t going to pay.” Alice said sharply.

“I should report her.” Alice said as she took a deep breath. “She said she saw it work. Bullshit.”

“Maybe she was talking about that college kid who was in a coma but came out quicker than expected?” Sam said. “His sister is on the cheerleading squad.”

“You think they sexually molested him?” Alice asked shocked that someone could do such a thing.

“Probably not.” Sam said thinking about how beautiful the girl was.

“I’ll get another nurse tomorrow. Do you mind finishing Amanda’s bath?” Alice asked as she stood to walk out of the room.

“No ma’im.” Sam said smiling. Don’t mind at all. She thought.

Sam waited until Mrs. Sperry left the room and listened as she got on the phone. Escort Şişli She picked up the sponge and moved it quickly up to the inside of Amanda’s thigh. “Open up.” Sam said as her free hand pulled the thigh towards her stomach.

“Sam. I can hear you. And, I can feel to touching my leg. It feels nice. What are you doing? You are touching my…..Oh God that feels good. Why can’t I see you?” Amanda cried out in the pitch dark room she was locked up in.

Sam’s fingers slipped off the damp sponge until her fingertips pushed against Amanda’s pink opening. She glanced over her shoulder and could still hear Mrs. Sperry talking on the phone. Her fingers explored and quickly discovered the maidenhead was still intact. Good. That ass Alex had not taken it yet. Her fingers moved back to flick against the hard nub sitting up at the top of the pink valley. Sam froze for a second when she thought she heard a moan escape from Amanda’s lips. She smiled and continued. Must be going nuts she thought.

Bruce Sperry tried to stay out of his daughter’s room as much as possible. He just couldn’t bear to see her that way. He had peeked a few times and almost cried as he saw her lifeless body.

As he came home from his office he yelled to tell his wife he was home. “I’m in the kitchen.” Alice said. “Sam is taking care of Amanda.”

Sam heard the voices and quickly pulled her damp fingers out from between Amanda’s thighs. She pulled down her nightgown to hide the damp public mound. She turned to see Mr. Sperry peek in the door.

“Everything OK?” Bruce asked the young teenage girl. He glanced over her shoulder to see Amanda’s sheet pulled down off her body. He could almost see up under her short nightgown. He quickly looked away.

“Yes sir.” Sam said wondering how long he was looking in the doorway. “I was just giving her a sponge bath.”

“Amanda is lucky to have a great friend like you.” Bruce said as he walked into the room and up to the foot of her bed. His eyes moved up her tan legs to the bottom of her nightgown. He could see some tendrils of curly blonde hairs in the dark valley under the gown. “She is so beautiful.” He said out loud. “I would do anything to bring her back to us.”

“Me too.” Sam said. “Did Mrs. Sperry tell you what the nurse said today?”

“No. I haven’t spoken to Alice.” Bruce said as he turned and walked out of the room.

Alice hug up the phone and turned to see her husband. She pulled him into her arms. “How are you holding up?” He asked.

“Terrible.” She said almost in tears. “I feel so helpless.”

“Me too. Sam said the nurse said something today about Amanda.”

“I was hoping you didn’t hear about it.” Alice said. “This nurse said she had seen successful cures from comas by providing sensual or sexual caressing.” She looked at her husband to get his reaction.

“Is that a proven medical cure?” He asked shocked.

“No. She wouldn’t elaborate. I told her to leave.” Alice said.

“Good.” Bruce replied. There was no way anyone would be touching his daughter in a sexual way while she was in a coma.

Alice spent most of the week tending to Amanda and even felt comfortable as she sponged her body. Another nurse stopped by to help with the tubes. She also helped to turn Amanda over to bath her backside.

“Have you ever heard of sensual therapy for comatose patients?” Alice asked the elderly woman nurse.

“I’ve heard rumors but nothing concrete. I doubt if it would do any good.”

“Me too.” Alice asked. But, the more she looked at her daughter the more desperate she was becoming. She didn’t know what possessed her as she picked up the phone and called the first nurse.

“Hi. This is Alice Sperry.” She said nervously to an answering machine. “Would you have time to stop by our house this afternoon around 3PM? I’ll pay for your time.”

It was 10 to 3 when the doorbell rang. Alice answered it to see the heavy woman standing there smiling. “Hello.” She said. Alice greeted her and stood aside while she walked in.

“I’ve thought about what you said and want to know if it really works.”

“I’ve only seen it work a couple of times so there are no guarantees.”

“Can you tell me who I can call?”

“No. I’m sure they don’t want others to know what they did.”

“I just can’t do such a thing.” Alice said.

“I think it works because it is done by someone close to that person who loves them very much. If you want to try it I suggest you get someone else to do it such as a boyfriend or even a distant relative.”

“I don’t know. This sounds so bad.” Alice said wanting a clear answer.

“It’s up to you. I guess you can ask what you have to lose.”

“Maybe my dignity?” Alice said out loud.

“Again. It’s up to you. I’ve got to get to work. Call me if you need me anymore.” The nurse said as she picked up her purse and walked towards the door.

“I’m sorry I was so rude to you before.” Alice said as the woman walked out.

“No problem. I understand what you are going through.”

No you don’t. Alice thought as she closed the door and walked into Amanda’s room. She moved over to the bed and leaned over. “Amanda. It’s me. Mommy. I don’t know if you can hear me or not. I’m going to try something that may or may not work. Whatever happens please forgive me.”