Come Into Me

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“I thought you weren’t going to be home until 9?”

“Got off of work early, back from getting some smokes and a few bottles of tea.”


::She grabs him around the neck and lays a hard kiss on him…::

“Good. I missed you today”

::Kisses her back with a wink::

“Oh? And why was that?”

::Wraps his own arms about her waist::

“One of those days”

::She wraps her arms around his neck and lays her head on his shoulder::

“Just hold me for a moment”

::With sigh she closed her eyes and kissed his neck::

::Holds her closer, breathing softly still as she kisses his neck::

“…care to talk about it?”

“Not really”

::She looked back and up kissed him again. Slowly walking backwards towards the kitchen with him in tow. As the reached the table she hopped up on there::

::Follows her willingly in tow, wearing a grin the whole time; walking closer to her as she hops upon the table; spreading her legs to innocently rest himself in-between them, reaching in for another deep kiss::

“That’s all right, talking about it is fine…but there are always other ways to deal with a bad day.”

::Kisses her once more, his hands rising from her waist to rest near her breasts, at her sides::

::She starts to lean back with her arms wrapped around his neck. She moved up a little on the table and pulled him on top of her::

::Continues to kiss her as his weight is drawn onto her, his right hand shifting to cup her breast as he slides his tongue into her mouth gently; teasing hers, inviting it to dance with it in the embrace::

::She bits down on his tongue, pulling it a little. As he brings his head up, she smiles at him.::

“Let’s move somewhere more comfortable”

::She gets up and walks up the stairs, while looking over her shoulder::

::With a smile he nods, leaning against the table; eventually following her to the foot of the stairs::

::Soon she calls down..::

“Are you coming?”

::Treads slowly upstairs, his eyes not leaving hers as he does so. As he approaches her, he leans in for another, though subtle, kiss upon the lips::

“…Certainly. What did you have in mind for comfort?”

::He looks about from door to door, eventually leading his eyes once again to hers::

::She smiles back::

“My choice tonight?”

::She took his hand::

“This way”

::She led him to the bedroom. Closing the door behind them, she turns around and shoves him to the bed and jumps on top. Planting a hard kiss on him::

::Returns the kiss more than willingly, tilting his head ever slightly to deepen the embrace. A hand pulls her close, the arm attached wrapping about her waist. His other hand grabs playfully at her ass, while his tongue slips in and about her mouth; once again inviting her own tongue to join it::

::She slips her tongue in, licking the roof of his month. As she lowers herself on to, she straightens her legs out, and places a knee gently against him, rubbing ever so softly. She breaks the kiss::

“You are mine tonight?”

::Slides the hand that was once on her ass to touch her cheek, his thumb rubbing along her skin::

“It would be my pleasure, yes.”

::Winks once again, his other hand still about her waist::

::She lays a hard kiss on him again, this time, not only kissing his lips, but his cheek then nibbling on his ear. She reaches down while kissing him, and almost rips the belt off of him and tosses it towards the bathroom.::


::As she undoes his pants, she starts kissing down his neck and stops at the collar of his shirt::

“How much do you like this shirt?”

::Looks to the shirt hiding his torso from her, a simple blue t-shirt::

“…not as much as I’d like it torn from me by a beautiful woman.”

::Grins widely, sliding his own two hands to her side, leaning forward from his laying position to delicately slide her blouse off::

::She stops his from removing her shirt and shakes her head::

“Yours first”

::She slowly starts her way down, biting off each button and spitting it across the room. Once the last button is gone, she rips the shirt off of him and throws it to the floor. Then she starts kissing down his chest to his navel, once again::

::Takes in a deep breath as she does so, closing his eyes to let out the breath with a sigh of relief as she begins laying pecks about his chest, then his body trembles subtly with excitement as she reaches his navel, his hands coming to caress the back of her head gently::

“And here I was thinking this was going to be for you.”

“he he… I know”

::She kisses lower and stops short of his boxers. Slowly she wenches them down his legs and off on to the floor. She starts kissing down from his navel, Fatih escort bayan down the ‘happy trail’ to his dick, which was already hard and begging for attention::

::Begins to breathe more heavily, the hands once caressing her head now resting in her hair. His hard dick throbbing with joy at the attention now; a short lived and quiet moan coming from his lips::

::She comes up for a moment, and unties the string at the chest of her shirt. As she does so, her un-bra-d chest falls out. Slowly she moves one of her own hands up and starts to fondle herself as he looks on. With the other hand, she grabs him and starts sucking hard. She lets go of him with her hand, and starts to move her hand lower on herself, until she reaches her pants. She quickly undoes them and shimmies out of them all while give him head. She kicks them off and sticks her hand down her panties, rubbing herself at a quickened pace::

::Moans deeper now, his eyes watching her fondle then pleasure herself; trembling more now as her skin is revealed to him. He then grins widely, a look of an excellent idea crossing his face. At an opportune moment, he picks her up gently from her pleasing him and herself::

” …Allow me.”

::Keeping her face still around his own dick, he motions and moves her about until her panty covered pussy is in front of his face, taking in a deep breath of the musky scent of a wet pussy. He kisses around her panties as she re-adjusts herself, a free hand sliding along the panties where the crack of her ass is, down to her pussy; rubbing slightly. The other hand comes up eventually, and with care he slides her panties down and off, reaching back to do so::

::She spreads herself open for me and goes back to sucking him as he sticks his face into her wet and hot pussy. She starts to moan a little as he laps up the wetness that is dripping from her::

::And he does, taking every bit of it in as he possibly can, licking around her lips then lapping up nearly inside of her. His tongue dances up a little after enjoying the taste of her pleasure, sliding right along her ass-crack; barely grazing her asshole as it comes back down to caress the inside of her pussy with a few rotations almost completely inside of her, stopping only for seconds to massage the nearly hidden clit that was begging for attention; rotating once along it gently before sliding back into her::

::She moans softly, then gets up. She pulls her shirt off and turns around, and faces him. As she kisses him, she can taste herself. Soon, her hands start to roam all over his body.::

::Returns the kiss deeply, though not sliding his tongue in; seeming to simply enjoy the attention as well as the embrace of her own body. His own hands begin to wander, trailing near and around her breasts, then towards her back; though they seem to be teasing, as they nearly graze her ass but don’t touch it, rising up to pull her closer, coming to rest about her waist::

::She straightens one leg, and flips him over, causing him to be on top. She looks up at him, gazing into his eyes. She smiles.::

“Take me? However you want, I don’t care. I want you bad. Make me a dirty girl.”

::She pulls him back down and kisses him roughly, shoving her tongue into his mouth, licking the roof of his mouth, and flicking his tongue::

::Moans into her mouth, his own tongue dancing about hers after she flicks it; and his hands takes hers, raising them far above her head and holding them there, and he breaks the kiss afterwards to kiss her neck, adjusting himself ever slightly to slide his dick into her pussy. He continues to clasp her hands in his, slowly sliding his dick in and out of her as he begins to kiss her once again, allowing it to linger on and on.

::With her hands being held back, all she can do a move with him, rising up to meet her thrust. She bites down on his tongue for a moment, and purrs a little. She pulls back::

“Harder, tease me. I want to be fucked so hard that I’m numb”

::She raises her head up and kisses him again, then lays her head back down on to the bed, and stares up at him waiting for his reaction::

::Returns the gaze for a moment, and releases her hands to kneel slightly; his dick sliding out of her, a drop of her juices dropping off of it. He kisses down her neck, to her chest; biting her right nipple gently, eventually nibbling as he reaches for something underneath the bed. He procures a shoe box, and he kisses down further as both hands now open it; several unseen objects rustling as he kisses softly about her thighs, coming to kiss her pussy but stopping only to breathe gently on it::

“…Now let’s see…”

::Gives the lips of her pussy a single lick, whatever his hands are dealing with still unseen, though the sound of a bottle being uncapped can be heard::

::She arches her back Escort Fındıkzade slightly and offers up her cherry to him. Her now free hands, moving down her own body towards her wet pussy. Her back still arched and her eyes closed, she starts to play with herself as he messes with something from underneath the bed. Suddenly, her hands are stopped by his::


::She protests::

“I have something better”

::He proclaims::

“Not that…Not that I mind watching you..”

::With a grin, he stands, lifting her with him with one arm; whatever it was he had been messing with now in his free hand, though he turns her so that his dick rests against the lips of her pussy and her ass pressed against his own body::

“…how dirty of a girl do you wish to be?”

::Kisses her neck, raising the hand he used to turn her to cup one of her breasts with a squeeze, then taking one of her nipples between his index finger and thumb to tweak and tease it::

“I want to be NUMB. I want to forget about my day”

::She reaches up, and grabs his hand that it messing with her nipple and moves it down to her pussy, which is dripping juices down her bent leg::

::Rubs her clit with the directed hand, then after a moment his hand slides away; coming back with the toy that was in his other, and with a ‘click!’ it begins to vibrate. A light blue, simple vibrator now begins to slide in and out her, and his other hand becomes busy once more; the sound of a squeeze and liquid being placed upon something can be heard from behind her, though the vibrator would seem a worthy distraction as it comes in and out of her slowly at first, spinning about from time to time. Suddenly, a finger slides into her ass; warm with lubricant::

::She lets out a moan as the vibrator and his finger fucking her at the same pace.::

::Picks up the pace with the vibrator, a second lubricated finger now managing its way into her ass, though his fingers go in and out with care, the vibrator seems relentless – twirling and coming in and out quicker and quicker::

::Suddenly, she cums, her juices squirting out of her and onto the bed. Some starts to drip down his legs as he yanks his fingers out and starts to shove his cock into her ass. Gently, but quickly at the same time.::

“I want you to cum in my pussy. I want to take your cum inside me”

::She screams out as he gets in deeper into her ass.::

::Carefully does go deeper, though the vibrator’s motions do not stop as she cums – it actually becomes faster, seemingly motivated by her pleasure. As her ass hugs his dick he moans, eventually getting it as deep as it can into her ass and leaving it in place, allowing it to grow used to the cock that has dived deep inside of her. As it stops for that moment, the vibrator goes deeper as well; his finger tips still grasping it well, afterwards it begins to fuck her hard; being pushed in and out intensely. After that, he begins to fuck her ass a bit quicker as well, taking his dick from the deepest it can go into her ass and sliding it in and out, occasionally taking it completely out to allow her ass to close ever slightly before shoving it back in, quickening the thrusts; eventually fucking her ass just as hard as her pussy was being fucked by the vibrator::

::She starts to moan and scream in pleasure as her body bounces against his. She cums again. And not too soon did that orgasm stop, did she have another. Soon enough the bed was soaked beneath them as she came 3 more times.::

“More! More! More!”

::She screamed as her ass cheeks romped against him waist. She started moving with the motion, moving back and forth. Meeting him as he thrusted forward. Soon, they were dripping with sweat and juice from her pussy. She closed her eyes and listened to the moans from both of them and the slapping of her ass against him. Suddenly, she came again. She squirted everywhere, having her own juices dripping down her stomach. She collapsed, falling off of his dick, which had yet to cum::

“I still haven’t came inside of you, I’m not done yet…”

::Pulls her towards him, so that she is limply bent over; one hand pressing down on the small of her back, while the other took to sliding the cum covered vibrator into her ass; only a quarter of it sticking out from her asshole. Breathing heavily, he slides his dick into her drenched pussy; continuing the hard fuck, thrusting deep into her pussy quickly, occasionally taking a hand to dig the vibrator deeper into her ass, then sliding it back out so that only a quarter of it was visible::

::She moans louder, her breathing getting shorter and shorter. Her whole body was convulsing as she just had orgasm after orgasm. The vibrator in her ass made her whole body go numb, as the pumping of his dick slammed against her. Suddenly he tightened Gaziosmanpaşa escort bayan up, and his fucking got harder and quicker. She knew he was about it cum.::

“Oh my god! Cum! Cum! Fucking cum! I want you’re cum inside me!”

::She screamed in-between the moans. Suddenly, she had energy, and started moving with him again, trying hard to get him to go::

::Her moans almost seem to drive his relentless thrusts, however; he begins to tremble, his own body growing numb with the effort. After what seemed forever, he lets out one long, final moan; releasing a large amount of cum inside of her. A hand takes the vibrator out of her ass, and with another ‘click!’ he turns it off, and shortly after dropping it into the box with a ‘thud’ he collapses next to her, pulling her close with both hands about her waist. Then he kisses her deeply, letting out a relieved sigh afterwards::

::Her breathing is still very heavy as they both fall to the bed. The bed is soaked, they are soaked and both extremely numb. She rolls over to face him::

“I want more”

::She looks into his eyes as they both pant together. He smiles at her::

::He lets out a weak, short lived laugh and kisses her forehead::

“Not numb yet…?”

“Not numb enough….”

::She smiles and stands up on shaky legs. As she tries to walk, she almost falls twice, both times catching herself.::

“Follow me”

:: She says as she walks into the shower. He glances up at the clock. They had been at it for almost 2 hours, he thought to himself. How can she still be walking? He laughed as he too tries to walk with shaky legs to follow her::

::Steps slowly with care, his legs trembling and soaked with cum and sweat; the rest of his body near drenched with sweat as well. No less, he approaches the shower with her, and as he reaches the bathroom he wraps an arm about her waist with a grin – which is followed with a deep kiss, broken with only a few words…::

“…I like your thinking.”

::She pulls him into the relaxing shower and returns the kiss::


::Their shower was also a garden tub with jets, which always made the sex fun in the shower. She starts kissing him again, as the shower slowly starts to clean them both off. Grabbing his shoulders, she shoves him against the wall of the shower and starts kissing him hard while rubbing his cock, trying to convince it to come back to life::

::With an “oomph!” he laughs weakly, though only for three seconds; sliding back into the kiss. An arm wraps about her waist, pulling her closer; the other grasping a cheek of her ass. His dick slowly but surely grows into a hard state, welcoming the attention and the oncoming pleasure of her hand’s embrace::

::She could tell that his cock was already hardening as she stoked it slowly, picking up the pace. She starts downward, kissing every inch of his body. She stops just short of his rising cock and looks up at him::

“Do you still want me? If so, lay me down and take me right here”

::And with that she took his cock in her mouth and gave it a hard suck before sitting on the shower/tub floor:::

“…I could be sore, beaten…and broken…”

::Kneels to kiss her in her sitting position, resting the palm of his right hand upon her cheek::

“…and I would still want you.”

::Gently leans his weight against her, shifting from a kneeling position to his knees, laying her down; sliding her against him. His dick slides slowly into her, and his hands take her legs by the thighs, spreading them to lay rested length-wise, her feet placed far past him. He continues to slide his cock in and out, much differently than before; lovingly rather than the hardcore fucking that had happened before, smiling down at her with content moans of pleasure::

“Make love to me…”

::She moans out. Closing her eyes and arching her back, she starts to purr as he slides in and out of her at a slow pace. The water is still beating down on them, muffling their own moans::

::He does so, his dick not changing its pace of thrusts. His breathing keeps a pace of deep breaths, though not nearly as heavily as before. The man that seemed numb and tired now appears full of life once again, wearing an adoring smile as his eyes close, his hands sometimes breaking the soft hold on her thighs to explore her wet, smooth body::

::She arches her back higher and let’s out a moan as she cums again, then collapses onto the floor. ::

“Keep going I want you to cum again”

::It doesn’t take long, and he doesn’t hold it back; with a final moan he cums as well, nearly in unison with her own orgasm. He lies back afterwards, their legs nearly entangled as the water continues to beat down upon them. Not speaking, he still wears the same adoring smile, running one of his hands up and down the lower half of her right leg::

“We better finish up this shower before I completely pass out in here”

::She laughs. They finish up, dry each other off and climb onto the couch down stairs::

“I’ll have to change the sheets tomorrow”

::And with that they fall asleep in each other’s arms, to very numb people::

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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