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Jessica awoke with a gasp, clutching her bedcovers high to her chest. Her panting breaths filled the lightning -lit room as she looked around unseeingly. With a soft sob she slid from beneath her bedcovers and flipped on the lights, trying to calm her racing heart. She avoided looking out the windows at the storm as she considered waking her parents for comfort. She softly shook her head and reprimanded herself. Her childish fears were a source of embarrassment. She hated her nightmares but was loathe to disturb everyone else’s rest. Steeling her resolve she brushed her silver-blonde hair back from her lovely face, muttering, “For heaven’s sake, Jes…You’re eighteen now…get a grip.”

She decided to get something to drink and maybe watch some TV until her fear abated. She pulled a white t-shirt on over her nudity and padded softly down the hall.

She was just passing her brother Thom’s room when she paused. He was home from school for the week, fall break. Thom had always been her idol, older than her by a few years. She heard strange sounds come from his room. A soft grunting noise followed by a sigh and then repeated.

Curious, tears still in her eyes, she turned the knob slowly in her hand. She did not want to wake him if he was sleeping.

His form lay full upon his bed, and he seemed very focused on his hand massaging something beneath his light blankets. She gasped softly and his gaze flew to her. He paused before leisurely resuming whatever he was doing. “Jes, honey, what are you doing up?” She felt sheepish and disconcerted, her mind registering what he might be doing before she disregarded the notion. She had seen him do that in the shower once or twice…and she had been spying-so maybe it was a usual thing for him to do. She bit into her full lower lip and said tremulously, “I had a bad dream. Can I sleep with you tonight? Please?” Thom’s hand tightened further on his rampant cock, seeing how the chill night air made her nipples poke forward so blatantly, the t-shirt affording no real coverage. His eyes moved to the v of her thighs wondering if she was wearing panties. He knew she often slept in the nude. He had pulled her blankets away from her sleeping body often in the past year…sometimes running his cock over her slowly until he had spattered his cum onto her pearly skin. He had always made sure to leave her clean, even if she was lightly scented with his cum.

“Sure, baby, “he said softly, pulling the blankets back a little bit. Gratefully she slid into her older brother’s warm bed. “Thank you, “she breathed snuggling against him with a little-girl purr. He felt his cock surge as her scent filled his nostrils. She looked to where he held his cock and her eyes widened.

“Do you mind if I stroke my cock?”, he asked quietly, his voice a low hum in the darkness. Lightning illuminated the room as she replied, “No…I don’t mind…do you care if I watch?” His wolfish smile was lost on her as he murmured, “Not at all…get closer if you like.”

She snuggled flush against him and her legs twined around his thigh. With a blush she realized her naked shaven-smooth sex was pressing into his bare skin. He noticed as well and felt her creamy heat pressing into him. He swallowed hard as his eyes went to her, “Would you like to feel it?” She trembled slightly and he felt her hips rock into him. She was rubbing her cunt on him instinctually as her hand emerged from under the blankets.

Jessica gently ran her fingertips over the vermillion head of his cock, tracing the ridges down the sides. Thom smiled and took her small hand in his, guiding her fingers around his pounding erection. “Just hold it like this, baby…and move your fist up and down…that’s it…that’s a good girl…”

Jessica exulted in the excitement of touching something so forbidden. so hard and hot. She knew şişli escort his leg was wet from her girl-cum as she teasingly ground into him, rubbing his steely cock with both of her hands. She shivered as her clit was stimulated, turning her eyes to his face. He was gritting his teeth in an effort to go slowly, but her hands were making his balls churn achingly.

“Baby, “he said softly, “Do you see that slickness on the head of my cock?”

She dipped one finger in the silken wetness and replied, “Yes…”

“Taste it, “he bit out, “Suck it off your finger.”

With a hint of a blush firing her cheeks she slid her wet finger into her mouth, sucking it clean. the salty-sweet taste made her look back to the head of his cock with definite interest. Bunching his fists in the tangled bed-covers Thom decided there was no going back. He reached over wordlessly and pulled her t-shirt up and off of her. She did not deny him as his hands lightly skimmed her full breasts.

He stroked her long blonde hair as he softly intoned, “Baby…Jes…would you suck my cock? Lick the head and suck it…”

She looked at his large cock and knew it would never fit in her mouth. She moved down to make her face level with his arousal and flicked her tongue over the head. Lapping and sucking softly, she cleaned all of his precum off, leaving him damp with her tongue.

“Open your mouth, “he grated out, “Open it wide baby…”

She obeyed and felt him slide the head of his cock over her tongue and to the back of her throat. She lapped at his invading cock with her tongue and felt him grow fatter. His hands wound into her hair and he thrust gently into her mouth, “That’s so good, Jes…suck my cock. Yes, baby…show me how much you love me…such a sweet little cocksucker…”

Jessica felt her pussy melting as he moved his leg, sawing against her molten wetness. “Such a wet little cunt…”, he remarked softly, “ride my leg with it baby…make it feel good..”

She rocked into him as he whispered, “Take a deep breath…”

She began to comply when she felt him pinch her nipples harshly. With a surprised gasp she felt his cock fill her throat. Choking she tried to draw back but he held her fast, “Breathe through your noise, baby…and keep sucking me…like ice cream…” She shuddered as she took her brother’s long cock to the root.

He groaned softly as he looked down, watching his little sister suckling his cock. Her dark eyes met his as she valiantly took every inch. He reached down between her legs and she started, almost moving away from him. With one hand in her hair, he held her firm, “Let me touch you, baby…I promise you’ll love it…” His fingers skimmed the lips of her virgin sex, running her hot cream all over the plump softness. She whimpered around his cock as his thumb brushed her swollen clit. He chuckled softly as he drew little circles around her bud, flicking it with his thumb. She shivered and purred as he wedged one finger into her tight cunt. He saw her reaction as she arched her back, her rapacious mouth suckling harder on his fat cock.

“Does that feel good, baby? Did you need something in your cunt?” he intoned as a second finger joined the first. Jessica almost choked on his length as her brother finger-fucked her so adeptly. She closed her eyes, overwhelmed by the sensation, wanting to grind into his hand. He lightly palmed her burning mound, rubbing his palm into her as he whispered, “I’m going to take this little pussy…” She lifted her head letting his cock slip from her greedy mouth. His cock pounded against her cheek, smearing her with precum as she whispered back, “We can’t do that-“

His fingers drove into her, hard, making her yelp, “Tell me you don’t want my cock inside of you.”

He withdrew his fingers, just tracing the edges of her openings. His çapa escort pinky slid into her ass teasingly. She jumped at the fiery pinching sensation that made her cunt melt. She tried to speak but the smell and feel of his cock, coupled with his fingers, made her almost drunk with sex. He wiggled his pinky in her tight ass and she trembled. “Let me show you something, “he remarked softly. He pulled a few of his pillows from the headboard and placed them under her hips. He rolled her onto her tummy and spread her legs. She gasped when he started running her girl-cum from her clit to her ass, with his cock. She felt tears course her cheeks as raw need seemed to burn over her every inch. She felt him lapping at her spread cunt, his tongue leisurely and unfulfilling. Making her writhe for more. Making her want to cum.

He bit softly into the cheek of her ass, murmuring, “Would you like a nice fat cock inside of you? Wouldn’t it feel so good right now? Your pussy must be aching for it…Tell me, my sweet little slut…Ask for it…”

She ground herself into the lighter-than-air feel of his fingers and sobbed out, “Yes-please, anything…”

He slapped her cunt, stinging her, “No, not just anything, little sister. My cock. Tell me you want my cock.”

She shuddered as the slap made her cunt contract within, “I-I want your cock-“

“Where?” he asked softly.

“In my…my pussy…”

He smiled in the darkness as he covered her swollen mouth with his hand, “Relax, baby…I’m going to give it all to you. Over and over. I’m going to like having my own little slut in the house.”

She felt her cunt dripping hotly as the head of his massive cock parted her labia, seeking her burning hole. She screamed out as he pushed the full length of his cock into her tight passage. He felt her virginity give and break before his assault. Once he was buried deep inside of her, he paused, feeling her cunt spasming around his cock. He felt her muffled cries on his hand. He murmured soothingly as he reached beneath her to rub her clit. She choked on a gasp of pleasure, feeling her hips begin to rock slowly on his cock. He steadied her movements with his palm on her upturned bottom, not wanting to cum too soon. His over-stimulated cock was swollen to the point of intense pleasure at her slightest movement. He stroked his middle finger into her silken ass, rubbing his cock through her honeyed walls. She made a low animalistic sound of need as she fucked back into him.

Smiling proudly as she adjusted to his cock, he began to fuck his sister in long smooth strokes. Her soft keening and creamy cunt almost made him shoot deep into her sugary depths. But his finger in her ass reminded him he wanted more.

Jessica trembled harshly feeling her tight cunt stretched and fucked so deeply. Thom’s teasing, owning finger in her ass made her moan out loud, only his palm stifling the little girl scream. She felt his tongue on her back and neck as he whispered, “I love fucking you…you feel so good baby…”

She was fiercely glad, loving the feel of his body moving over hers, knowing she was giving her older brother such intense pleasure. She spread her legs further apart and he murmured praise as he rammed into her harder. She felt her pussy clutching his cock like a vise, making her squirm. He moved his hand from her mouth, pushing her face into the pillow, “Bite down on that, baby girl. I need my hands free…”

She obeyed, feeling something wet slide down her tiny anal opening, her ass cheeks pried apart by his callused hands. She quivered and looked back at him, seeing his smile flash in the barely lit room. “Relax…, “he breathed, “You are going to love this so much, Jes…I promise…it’ll feel so fucking hot and good…”

She gasped as his thumb wedged into her tight ass, followed by his girl-cum slick fındıkzade escort index finger. He moved his digits together and then apart, opening her by infinitesimal degrees. She moaned, a low guttural sound that she could not contain. She felt so torn. Her tender ass was vulnerable to his exploring fingers, and her cunt so raw and poundingly full of cock. His free hand slid under her hips and found her clit. He began twisting and tugging the little nub until she bucked under him, driving his fingers and cock deeper. “That’s a good girl…”, he muttered, feeling his cock pulsate ferociously, wanting to cum all over her writhing form.

She noted the tension in his voice, hearing how intent he was upon fucking her. He wanted to own her thoroughly. She closed her eyes tightly as she realized she would do anything to feel this sensation, the pleasure -pain of his cock and fingers.

He leaned down to whisper in her ear, “I am going to fuck your ass now, baby. I am going to make you ride my cock, milk it with your little hole until I cum. Can I have your ass, Jes? Do you want me to fuck you all over?”

She shuddered as his fingers dug deeper, knowing his hand on her cunt was drenched. She turned her gaze to his and had to swallow hard before she could speak. She reached back behind her and pulled her rosy cheeks apart for him, her voice almost throaty from her previous cums, “Take it all, Thom…I want you to fuck me everywhere…it feels so good…”

He kissed her lips tenderly, his tongue rubbing hers as the head of his cock left her soaked pussy. He trailed the fat tip up to her resisting hole and began to caress it into her. She felt her hard nipples rasping his bedspread as he ceaselessly rubbed her clit. She tried to move her cunt away from his fingers, feeling too tender to cum again. He only held her in place and pinched the button hard. She cried out as her orgasm wracked her body and he simultaneously shoved his cock into her passage. She choked on a sob as he snaked his cock into her gripping depths. He ran his free hand over the small of her back, making soothing sounds as he pumped into her. His cock felt so engorged, especially when her inner muscles clutched him so exquisitely.

“You are taking my cock beautifully, baby…I am so proud of you…I love my little sister so much…, “He punctuated his words with thrusts of his cock, making her cry out softly at the incredible heat and pressure.

She felt herself cumming again as his fingers slid into her cunt, fingering her as he took her ass so steadily. He felt her girl-cum wetting his full balls as he ground into her. He looked down at the sight of his cock splitting her, rocking into that secret place.

It was his undoing, he felt that warning rush tingle up the length of his cock. He ripped out of her, making her gasp in surprise. He flipped her onto her back and moved up her pale body. His knees pinned her arms as his dripping cock hovered over her upturned lips. He closed his eyes tightly for a moment, hearing his groans echo around the room.

“Open your mouth, baby, stick out your tongue…”

He had just managed to gasp out the words when thick ropes of his cum shot over her tongue and chin, glazing her in copious amounts of his seed. She took him into her mouth and he thrust home, feeding into her throat as he shuddered. His milk slid down her throat, warming her belly as she hungrily tasted him. He leaned over her greedy mouth as he felt his senses returning. He slowly pulled away from her swollen lips, surveying his handiwork with a purely masculine look of satisfaction. His baby sister was so obviously freshly fucked. He traced his fingers through his cum and fed it to her as she purred in pleasure.

He laid down beside her and pulled her tight into his body, feeling aftershocks tremble over her on occasion. He kissed her nape as he whispered, “You can sleep with me anytime…”

Her soft chuckle was followed by a sleepy, “I love you…”

He replied by kissing her lips gently, letting his exhausted new toy fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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