Coming Home Ch. 01


I am Jack. I came home from college during a week long break and I saw something that changed my life.

I wasn’t supposed to be here on Friday evening, I was supposed to take a bus on Saturday morning and reach home mid-afternoon. But I friend who was going my way offered me lift till the highway stop just ten kilometers from my town and I hopped in to his jalopy. It was a fast ride, it was just after nine when I reached home, I had my own key still from the old days when I lived here I opened the door and went in.

I saw that the living room lights were off, an indication that either there was no one home or already in bed. It seemed a tad early to be in bed for a Friday night so I guessed there was no one home. I walked up the stairs, my duffel bag in hand and passed my mother’s room. The door was slightly open, as I walked to my room a couple of doors away I heard a moan and in unmistakably my mother’s voice. “Oh Liza I am coming, baby, oh yes!”

Liza was my eighteen year old kid sister. But the sentence seemed so incongruous that I first though I heard it wrong, even if I heard it at all. I tip toed to the door and peeped in. There was a sight made for horny nineteen year olds. My mother was spread-eagled her legs apart and knees up and naked. My sister, her butt raised up alluringly, her head buried in my mother’s pussy was lapping away. I could even see the half open lips of the cleanly shaved pussy of my sister.

I don’t have to mention it but I had a raging hardon by now. I decided that if the two could do it together, they would mind a third joining in. Obviously incest was not a taboo to my family. I knocked at the door. Liza jumped from her pussy licking and tried to hunt for cover to hide herself and her rather beautiful melons from my prying eyes.

My mother was paralyzed in shock. I looked at the place that had been previously hidden by my sister’s head. A beautiful, bald pussy, all wet and the clitoris standing tall.

“Well, well, well.” I said sitting on the edge of bed. My sister had found a pillow and was holding it hugging to herself. I reached forward and pulled it from her. “There is no need for shyness now, is there. How long has this been going on?”

My mother at last found her voice and movement. She got up into a reclining position and still not trying to hide anything or even bring her legs together.

“It had to happen, don’t you think? We wanted you to be a part of it, but were afraid to ask.”

“Afraid to ask? Why afraid to ask a horny teenager who has gone to bed after imagining you and shagging off? But since it is out in the open what do you want to do with this horny son and brother?”

“What do you want, big bro?” My sister piped in.

“Now that is a good question Liz. I want you to go back to what you were doing and let me decide. I liked what I saw in that position.” I grinned at her.

“Come on.” I said seeing her hesitate. She went back to her licking mom’s pussy. I sat there and held one of mom’s huge tits and Liza’s one tight one. One Gaziantep Gecelik Escort felt like a water balloon and the other like a ripe mango.

I noticed now that Liza had a nice design tattooed on her lower back. I removed my shirt and had my mothers palm running over my chest and hardening my nipples. I ripped my pants off and removed my boxers. Liza came up from mom’s pussy to look. Her eyebrows raised appreciatively at what she saw. I took her one hand and placed it on my throbbing cock and let out a grunt as the feeling of her palm made me horny.

“You like it sis?” I whispered hoarsely. She nodded. “I want it in you tight pussy, sis. Is your pussy tight or have been fucking around a lot lately? Don’t tell me, I want to find out for myself.” I climbed behind her and ran my hand over her crotch, it was soppy wet. I spread the lips and slid a finger in, it was hot and steamy and even for my finger damned tight.

I was in for some nice tight snatch here. I had been fucking around at the college too. I was good looking and my seven and a half inch and thick dick made me quite popular. Even a gay fella asked me if I would let him suck my dick and hammer his ass. I said sure just out of curiosity and even though had a pretty goo fun I knew men were not my type.

I like the look of a female ass better, I like to feel to nice tits with my hands. I was, certainly, a heterosexual. I aimed my cock at Liza’s pussy and slowly slid in. The pussy resisted and then engulfed me like a glove. I slid in into her till the hilt and stopped to momentarily enjoy the feeling of a throbbing cock dance with a throbbing pussy. I leaned over and looked at mom in eyes. “Hey mom, like what you see, you son’s cock is buried deep inside your daughter’s cunt. And it feels great mom. The best pussy in the world.”

The two girls moaned in unison. I started to fuck my sister. Slowly building her up to a rhythm and going faster and faster then slowing down to calm her and myself down. I last a long time. Well at least that’s what some of the girls have told me. So measured once and decided to see how long I could fuck a girl without coming. I timed myself to two hours twenty eight minutes. That was a exceptional effort of course, but normally an hour is the case.

Hardly half an hour had passed, Liza had come several time and fell onto mom limp, blacking out with her final climax. I shoved her aside and told mom to ready herself. I plunged into the hole I had come into this world from. Her legs up against my chest, her huge tits jiggling. She was almost as tight as Liza and more spongier and wetter. I hammered away in pure delight. She came several time and I was getting near exploding too. I had different thoughts.

“Mommy darling, I love you very much and want to come inside you a thousand times, but right now I want to leave my seed in Liza. It has been a fantasy for me filling her pussy up. You don’t mind do you?” I reached forward and kissed her.

Liza was now on her back watching us. As I came out of my mom, my cock thicker than before, slick with all the juice, she spread her legs for me. I into her. In the missionary position, leaning forward to kiss her. Little peck lead to wet French kisses. Her moaning into my mouth was terribly erotic.

“Oh yeah baby, Liza, my little sister, you like fucking your brother don’t you? Oh my tight little sister.”

“Oh Jack, I wanted this for so long. Mom and I used dildos pretending it was you. Oh fuck me brother, oh you are making me come, oh god!”

I was hammering into her like crazy. And then the moment came. “I am coming sister, Liza, Liz, Liz…” I almost screamed her name and shot my load. My sister wracked by another stronger orgasm first arched then hugged me digging her nails in into my back and her teeth into my shoulder. We both shook and the bodies rocked as a wave after wave of pleasure spread through our bodies. My cock, it seemed would not stop jerking, trying to spew all into Liza.

At last when things had subsided Liza said softly. “Thanks bro, that was the best fuck in my life.”

I noticed mom had slowly slipped downwards and was gently licking the slick off my cock. This was sure to get me going again and it did. Soon I was my top size and watched her as she expertly took the whole thing into her mouth and tongue massaged the underside of my cock into new glorious pleasures I did not know existed.

I was time to fuck my old lady. I call her old lady but she was just thirty eight, and even though my father died when I was seven he had left us with plenty of money. She kept fit by exercising often, swimming everyday in the pool at the back of our house and was quite pretty. I have often been thought to be her brother when we went out, with makeup on and tight jeans and T-shirt she could pass off for a thirty year old. But the fact was she was my old lady, horny as hell and sucking my cock.

I reached out and took her face in my palms and brought her up gently. We kissed, as the kisses grew in passion I could feel her hips moving involuntarily against mine. “Rise up and take it Mom. feel the thick cock you created inside you. Feel the hot lava drip into you.”

“Oh yeah, yeah yeah son.”

She rose and holding my cock with one hand guided it into her soaking pussy and sank on it. Then she bobbed up and down. Her hands went to her hair, playing with it in lascivious manner, a slut being fucked by her own son and enjoying it. She tired soon of all the hard, I was rested enough to go the last mile hard for her. I turned her around, holding her legs by the knees and spreading them apart as I entered her again and began to slow fuck her building her up for the fast crazy fifteen minute long nonstop action. Liza came over and began kissing her. Then moved down to suckle at mom’s breasts. I kneaded Liza’s breasts as I fucked mom.

Then Liza came behind me, licking my ass and back, leaving a trail of wet kisses. I began to fuck harder and faster, each thrust shaking mom off her place, soon I was going so fast in and out that Liza had to move away and just watch. Mom was delirious and drooling and screaming just one word over and over again. Fuck.

And I obeyed her and fucked her. I felt her body shudder and her head thrash from side to side and I shot my load into her. Her body hook and I fell on to her lips, my beautiful mother was mine. All mine.

Later when we had the strength to get up and go into the kitchen all naked still, both the girls with thighs dripping with my semen, she told me that she had never been fucked as good before. My sister agreed with her.

“But don’t you forget girls,” I said after a long swig from the beer can, “the night is not over yet. I am still good for a couple more times.”

“Oh the beauty of youth. I think I am done in. You take your sister and fuck her all night long if you want to… I am sure she can match you every step of the way.”

“That is a generous offer mom, thanks.” Liza grinned.

“I need a good bath first, so Liza come, we start our night together with a mutual wash.”

Later in bed with Liza, we spoke of the passion each had felt for the other as we grew up. She would regularly finger fuck herself and sometime peeked into my room and saw me beat my meat. We made a slow passionate love. Thrice before we were so pooped that I fell asleep, the last of my semen flooded into her pussy and my cock still lodged into her as I spooned her.

She told me that she and mom had started about six months ago when she came back after a date feeling all lousy, thinking she was frigid. The boyfriend who had mad love to her had had a good time but she had felt nothing. Even the throbbing cock inside her was just beginning to make her feel good that it came to an end. She came home in tear and threw herself on the couch crying. Mom saw her and coaxed the reason for the tears and explained to her that it was her boyfriend who was at fault. He should have taken care to please her first.

Well, just to allay her fears, nothing else, she told Liza that she would pleasure her and she could then see for herself what the truth was. She asked her to go take a shower and lie in bed. Later mom came into her room, slowly undressed herself and undressed Liza crooning softly to her, kissing her nipples and playing with her pussy. Liza was feeling excited and tingly, then she felt her mother’s lips and tongue on her pussy, she felt lights flash in her head as mom started sucking her clitoris. But that was not all.

Mom took out a life size cock from the bag and started thrusting it in and out of her pussy. Liza was mad with orgasm, her first ever and later she thanked mom and asked her if she needed the favor returned. She was very grateful and wanted to do anything to show the gratitude. They made love again that night. Then a couple of nights later, naked and lonely she tip toed into mom’s room and slipped into bed with her. Her fingers found moms clitoris and it became a regular habit. One or the other would walk into the bed and start the fun.

“And then you came like a gift of heaven today Jack. I was mad with lust and today I was the most satiated slut in the whole world. Your slut forever brother.”