Coming Out and Coming Clean

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Hi everyone, a short story while I work on Destiny. I’ve wanted to tell this story from my time with Becky and had always wondered how to frame it properly. Then, the other day, I suddenly remembered our first Christmas together and decided it was the perfect way to make it work.

Love and thanks to Savannah_Peach, Pixiehoff and LivelyJen for proofreading.

As always love for my wife Jodie who is amazing. She was the one who not only said I should write it but also publish it. For that reason, and many others, I dedicate this to you, my love.




It first happened when I was twenty-one.

It was a Saturday evening close to Christmas and Becky and I were at home watching a movie, The Fifth Element, that we’d rented from Blockbuster after a day of shopping and getting our nails done. We’d changed into our slob clothes, in my case a loose, pale cream skirt and a pale green tee, in Becky’s case she was in her denim mini and a dark blue tee. We weren’t wearing shoes or bras but we both had panties on. We were sitting snuggled on Becky’s, I suppose now that I’d moved in I should say ‘our’, lovely big sofa. My feet stretched out, Becky was on my right with her left arm around my waist and her head on my shoulder. I always love those sort of intimate times. They give me security and warmth.

For the first time ever I wouldn’t be spending the holiday with my parents. Despite being raised in a secular Jewish family we always celebrated Christmas in the traditional way. My parents didn’t want my brother and me to ever feel left out.

However, relations with my parents had become strained, particularly with my mother.

Back in the summer they had thrown me a big twenty-first birthday party and, obviously, I wanted Becky to be there with me. I had not, at this point, come out to my parents. To be honest I was trying to put it off for as long as possible, worried about their reaction.

Becky was worried too. She’d even told me to go on my own and we’d have a separate party anyway on my actual birthday, which was midweek. It led to what might have been our first argument. I was close to tears telling Becky I needed her there. I couldn’t be away from her.

She finally relented, kissed my nose, and said, “Okay, sweetie. It’s okay. I’ll come. We can just pretend I’m one of the lecturers you really like and want me to be there. Does that work?”

I rallied, realising that it might. My main concern was that it would mean we couldn’t sleep together. I’d be expected to sleep in my old bedroom and Becky would have to stay in a local bed and breakfast or something.

“Maybe I could sneak out and come to where you’re staying,” I’d said.

Becky and I had had a small party with a couple of friends and a couple of my favourite lecturers on my actual birthday and it had ended up with a drunk Jackie and her new boyfriend sleeping on the sofa while Becky and I made love quietly in our room although, istanbul travesti Jackie told me the next day, she wouldn’t have heard us if we’d been, as she put it, “banging in the kitchen knocking off pots and pans.”

And so it was settled. Becky came, along with my best friends from my old school and Uni. Of course, Jackie was there. She, along with my other Uni friends, were the only ones who knew about Becky and me and I’d sworn them to secrecy.

I’d told mum on the phone that Becky was coming, that she was this really cool lecturer that was part of my social circle and mum had just said, “That’s nice, love. Of course she’ll be welcome.”

We’d arrived mid-afternoon on the Saturday after my birthday. I’d told my parents I was staying up at Uni because a few friends and I were going away on holiday. Mum had said, “Of course, love. We knew the day would come when you’d fly the nest. Have fun. Just make sure you phone regularly so we know you’re alright.”

Dad’s reaction upset me a little. He’d sounded disappointed.

“Oh, Anna love. Are you sure? I’m going to miss our sitting up to the early hours putting the world to rights. You can’t make a couple of weeks for your old dad?”

He wasn’t old, but he was my dad, and I did enjoy our time together, but I had Becky now. I needed to be with her far more than my family.

Becky and I got to the guest house she was staying in and I helped her unpack and get dressed. We took that opportunity to make love as we wouldn’t have any opportunities to even kiss at the party.

We then walked to my parents’ house and I introduced Becky as ‘my cool lecturer friend.’

I could tell from the beginning that mum was a little wary of Becky, who was on her best behaviour at all times. People started to arrive and I opened presents while my mum arranged my cards on the mantelpiece in the lounge. Later on, out in the garden, Becky and I had managed to sneak into a secluded area and steal a kiss.

It was at that moment we heard my mum’s voice. She was stern and clearly angry. “I knew there was something off about you, Becky. What on earth are you doing to my daughter?”

She was standing about two metres away and I said, “Mum… it’s not what it looks like…”

“Oh?” She said, sarcasm dripping from her, “from here it looks like a forty-year-old woman cradle-snatching my twenty-one-year-old daughter. What is it then, Anna? Please explain.”

Becky wasn’t forty. She was thirty-seven but that hardly seemed the moment to correct my mother.

Becky tried to intervene, “Please, Mrs…”

“Stop. I want to hear Anna’s explanation. You’ll just give me some glib nonsense. I want to hear what my daughter has to say.”

I swallowed. “Mum… I… oh god. Here’s dad.”

Dad walked up all smiles. “Hi you lot. What’s going on? Why are you hiding up here, Anna love? It’s your party!”

I swallowed. Okay. Not the best way but it was time. Nervously I said, “Mum… dad… I’ve… istanbul travestileri I’ve been wanting to tell you for ages. Becky is more than a friend. She’s my girlfriend. I’m… gay… a lesbian.”

Mum had practically exploded. She all but shouted, “No, you’re not. You’ve been taken in by this,” and here she gestured at Becky with a dismissive gesture, “slut who preys on young women. I’ll bet you’re just one in a long line of students she’s taken back to her house. She’s a pervert Anna and the sooner you realise that…”

My dad interrupted. “Now just wait a minute. Anna love, how long have you and Becky been together?”

I gathered my courage and grabbed Becky’s hand.

She squeezed and stayed silent as I said. “Four months. We live together. I love her dad. Mum? I really do. I finally found out who I am.”

Mum wasn’t having any of it. “You’re not a lesbian, Anna. What about Jake? You can’t be a lesbian. You went out with Jake.”

“Mum… it’s not the time to explain but… it never worked with boys for me. I’m… sorry? Okay?”

Dad, ever the calmer one, said, “Anna love, if it’s really what you want we love you anyway.” He looked at mum and said, “Don’t we?”

She took a deep breath and said, “It’s your birthday party Anna. We’ll talk about this tomorrow. For now, please don’t embarrass everyone by canoodling with… her.”

And that was how the falling out began. I left with Becky that night, packing my stuff up and we went back to her guest house. The next day I refused, despite Becky’s pleading, to go round and see them. I called occasionally and always got a warm reception from dad, but mum would take many, many years to come around.

So Christmas with Becky it was. I loved dressing the tree with her. We’d bought decorations that were now our decorations. We were snuggled up watching the movie, a warm fire burning in the hearth and, as the movie started Becky, unconsciously or otherwise, started stroking my left breast with her finger. As she brushed over my nipple it sprang to life and a little shudder went through me. I’ve always known there is some direct connection between my nipples and my clit, and this was almost instant. I could feel the warmth and tingles between my legs as she idly circled her finger around it.

I let out a soft moan and Becky placed a peck on my shoulder. “Alright, sweetie?”

I turned and, as we shared a soft kiss, she didn’t stop her gently stroking which just fuelled my heat even more, turning our kiss that much more passionate.

When we broke the kiss, I said, “More than alright. Happy. Love you.”

She put her head back on my shoulder and murmured, “Love you too, sweetie.”

As we continued to watch the movie Becky’s stroking turned a little more direct. She would massage my whole breast and then pinch my nipple. I could feel my heat rising. A part of me just wanted to stop the movie and get naked, but there was also something wonderfully intense about travesti istanbul the whole thing. Not doing anything about it was having an electric effect on my body, and my pussy particularly.

When we got our first sight of Milla Jovovich as Leeloo we both gasped.

Becky didn’t stop her massaging, stroking and pulling, but she said, “God, sweetie, don’t get jealous, but she is gorgeous.”

I smiled and said, “If you keep doing that with your fingers, I promise I won’t get jealous but, as it happens, I quite fancy her myself. She is beautiful.”

We settled back to watching and I could feel my pussy tingling and aching. A few minutes later I felt Becky’s hand slide up under my tee and felt her warm touch on my bare skin, sliding up and stroking under my breasts with her finger before resuming her now direct touch on my nipples.

I moaned deeply. “Oh god Becky. I feel right on the edge.”

She kissed my shoulder once more, “You want me to pause the movie and take you upstairs? Or even here in the lounge?”

I shook my head. “No, just don’t stop. We’ll watch the whole movie and then I am going to ravage you.”

“Mmm. I’m going to hold you to that, sweetie. Your Becky is very, very turned on right now. Must be the sight of Leeloo.”

I managed a giggle. “Yeah. That must be why I feel like I’m about to come, too.”

We carried on watching and when we got to the part in the movie where Bruce Willis and Leeloo are heading to the big space city, I was almost dizzy. I suddenly felt contractions in my pussy. My clit and insides were responding as if they were being touched directly. Without any warning I realised I was about to go over.

“Oh god, Becky. I’m… I’m going to come.”

It was amazing and different. It filled me slowly and I writhed on the couch as Becky continued, my orgasm continuing on the peak for ages. I finally put my hand over hers and said, “Stop. Stop. Oh god. How is that even possible?”

She looked into my eyes and said, “You really came? That way?”

I nodded. “Yes. That’s not normal, is it?” I was worried I was some sort of freak.

She smiled. “No, sweetie. You’re not. You’re more than normal. You are supernormal. I’ve read that some women can, and I always thought it was a myth made up by wishful thinking men.”

At that point there was no point trying to concentrate on the movie. We could finish watching it later. I turned to Becky and said, “You, my love, are about to be ravaged.”


Some days later we discovered that Becky could also come that way. We weren’t trying for it, we just woke one morning and, as we kissed, I started stroking and massaging her breasts. Some minutes in, Becky said, “God sweetie, I think we’re going to find out you’re not the only one,” and sure enough a little while later she came. I remember tasting her afterwards and giving her a more traditional orgasm. She tasted somehow different but wonderful. In Becky’s words, the first orgasm was, ‘Somehow like starlight,’ and I knew exactly what she meant. That was a perfect description.

So I wasn’t a freak.

There is only one other woman who I’ve met who can also come this way. She has the kindness and patience to also give to me. She is, of course, my wife, Jodie.

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