Company Party Ch. 01

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Do you ever get that feeling when you look at a woman? That hunger that builds from deep inside you. The feeling that when you even think about her skin against yours you instantly get hard and need to release some pent up hunger from deep inside you. This is what I call lust, and it is what the focal point of my most recent encounter is. Desire can bring about many interesting situations. Often we don’t act on those impulses, but when we do, it can create a story that makes fantasy come to life.

The background to the situation I found myself in was simple. Ashley, a coworker of mine for about a year one day was showing me pictures of her good friend. She had always mentioned Laura in passing, but I had never seen a picture. Once I did, I realized that it was the same girl I saw at my gym every Saturday morning. Her tight black pants and crop tops that would show off her flat stomach were the things that memories are made of, especially when you are working out and need to focus. Those mornings my workout would suffer because I could never take my eyes off of her. Her eyes were a bright blue with long strawberry blonde hair reaching just past her shoulders, often put into a ponytail when she was at the gym. Ponytails just make women look even more athletic to me, and her graceful neck just added to the effect. She would be running on the treadmill and I could see beads of sweat on her lower back and back of her neck. I often thought about what it would be like to lick those beads off of her lower back as she was bent over in front of me. Her firm, round ass was tightly encased in black workout pants that just made every curve of her body stand out even more. And her breasts would bounce lightly encased in her sports bra. It was one of the sexiest things in the world to see her warm up and then slowly peel off her outer layer to reveal her flat stomach and breasts to finish her run. I never had enough courage to actually speak to her while we were there together.

November rolled around that year and my relationship had gone south. A difference of lifestyles and sex drives caused an unfortunate rift in my relationship and I decided that it was easier to continue on by myself in life. Of course, that didn’t mean that I became a complete monk. My job as a salesperson meant that I was constantly out, being social and spending many mornings waking up with a throbbing cock that needed relief after a disappointing encounter the night before. When the company Holiday party rolled around I considered asking one of my female friends to come with me. That got squashed fairly quickly when Ashley told me that her date was Laura and she was newly single, having moved out of her boyfriends’ place two weeks before. It was always a bit of a joke that she was my “office girlfriend”, with Ashley even going so far as to put a sexy picture of the two of them together up on the border of our two cubicles. Knowing that she would be at the party, dressed in a tight dress and single made me look forward to the night with great anticipation. I went out the week before with one of my friends and bought a new shirt and tie just for the occasion, and made sure Ashley knew that I wanted to sit at whatever table they were going to.

The pre party festivities were a good indication of how the evening was going to proceed, with most of the guys getting well into their drinking and the women all looking incredible. I always have had a thing for women in office outfits like tight business suits and skirts, but then when you see the same women with formal dresses on it gives you a new appreciation for their bodies. You can also spot the ones who are just a little bit promiscuous a mile away because they are showing off whatever they want you to look at. Deep cleavage, tight asses and long stocking clad legs were all over the place, and by the time we left for the actual party I had to calm my cock down because it wanted to go after a couple of my co-workers dates. I knew though that I really wanted to see Laura before I made any sort of choice on how I was going to spend the evening. Getting to the venue we made our way to the two tables we had reserved. Ashley was already there and I was greeted to the sight of Laura when she stood up to wave us over.

My heart skipped a little when I saw her. The dress she was wearing reminded me of those loose summer dresses that I love to see women in. It was red with a nice flowing flower pattern and came down just short enough to show off her toned legs encased in white stockings. Her magnificent breasts were on display though, because the dress crossed over underneath then to create cleavage that went on for days. She was obviously wearing a black bra to match her set of stockings, and I could only visualize the black panties that I know Kuşadası Escort would be underneath her loose dress. Her hair flowed over her shoulders and her eyes sparkled. I sat down across the table from her and had a hard time not staring all the way through dinner. After a few drinks and the usual presentations everyone began to mingle and I saw my opportunity, slipping into the seat beside her when Ashley headed to the bathroom. When I sat down she looked at me and smiled.

“Ashley tells me that you were one of the trainers at my gym. I thought I recognized you.”

“That’s me. You were part of the regular Saturday morning crowd. It was always hard to concentrate on my clients with you around.” I said with a flirtatious note in my voice. I figured if this was the only night I had a chance to make an impression then I was going to make the best of it. The good thing was that she smiled when I said it.

“I’m glad somebody noticed the hard work I was putting into this body. My ex boyfriend never liked the thought of me working out for some reason.”

“Then he’s an idiot. You should be talking to someone who would appreciate the sweat you put into things. Obviously all of those hard hours paid off.” I smiled and made sure to keep looking into her eyes instead of letting my eyes drop to the obvious areas like her long silky legs and deep cleavage. My hands tightened in my lap to keep from reaching out and stroking the smooth fabric of her dress over her shoulders and hips.

As Ashley returned she slid into another chair beside me and Laura and I continued to make small talk while the speeches started. The wine was flowing freely and I made sure that her glass was topped up quite often while we talked and got to know each other. I learned about her job, her family and more importantly managed to give her some serious signals that I was interested in her. As the dinner ended the group of us stayed at the table while the music started. Ashley and Laura headed onto the dance floor and I watched from a distance as they danced, totally entranced by Laura and the incredible way her body moved under the dress she was wearing. However, I didn’t want to totally ruin my evening by pining after this one person so I headed outside to the bar with my male coworkers for some bonding time. After about thirty minutes and a few more drinks the two of them reappeared. As they joined the group Laura stood beside me and asked for a sip of my beer.

“You know, I’d be more than willing to buy you one.”

“That’s okay. I think I’ve had enough to drink for tonight.” She took my bottle and slowly tilted it back, slightly letting her tongue slide out and inside the neck of the bottle. As she did she locked eyes with me in a look that I definitely understood. How I wanted to have that warm tongue inside my mouth or wrapped around the head of my rapidly hardening cock. I think the stunned look on my face was exactly the reaction she wanted because she batted her long eyelashes at me and handed my bottle back to me. I knew from what Ashley told me she could be a huge flirt so I wasn’t counting on anything happening tonight but I knew I had to try or my penis would never forgive me. As she handed it back I let my hand gently caress hers and slid my fingers along the back of her hand. It was subtle but definitely had the effect I was looking for. She shivered very slightly as if she just had a chill and I saw her nipples suddenly appear through the fabric of her dress. Again, my eyes stayed totally locked on hers the whole time. I’m willing to bed everyone else in the group could sense the sexual energy between the two of us.

Just then a slow song began to play inside on the dance floor. I knew it was a little bit of a cliché, but I leaned in and asked if she wanted to dance. Just then she leaned over to Ashley and announced she was heading to the bathroom. Suddenly I was confused. She was giving me all of these great signals and then suddenly blew me off when I made my move. My heart started to race because I didn’t want to blow it with this vision of a woman. She started to walk away in the opposite direction to the dance floor. Just as I thought I had totally blown it she turned back to look at me and gave a very slight flick of her eyes to indicate I should follow her. Under the pretense of getting another drink I moved away from the group as Laura went around the corner where the bathrooms were. Giving it about thirty seconds so nobody would notice I headed quickly in that direction.

As I turned the corner she was standing against the wall looking for me. Her eyes had a coy look in them and I walked up to her slowly.

“I had a feeling you wanted me to follow you.” I said, locking eyes again with her and moving Kuşadası Escort Bayan close, closer than the usual space that people leave between each other. She looked up at me as our bodies moved together until they were almost touching. By this time I was breathing hard and my cock was like a rock in my pants from wanting her. She nodded and her arms came up to simply wrap themselves around my neck and pull me into her body. Her head tilted up and our mouths came together in a kiss that made my head spin. I pressed my body against hers into the wall and ran my hands into her long hair, putting as much into this kiss as I could. She smelled incredible and her kiss was soft, but urgent. It was hard for me to hold back but I wanted to make sure that she wanted me as much as I obviously wanted her. Our mouths moved together, and finally her warm tongue slid out and began to gently lick at my lower lip. I opened my mouth and started to gently caress her tongue with mine. As we did our hands tightened on each other and the kiss became more urgent and strong, until after about thirty seconds we were both panting into each other and she was gently moaning into my mouth. It was one of the best kisses I have ever had. When I stopped being able to breathe I pulled back, finally breaking the lock we had together. There was nothing but lust in her eyes as she intensely looked at me.

Knowing that this was only the beginning I put my hands on her waist and started to gently rub up and down the light fabric of her dress. She was still pressed up against the wall and I could see that her nipples were hard and she was breathing heavily. She could definitely feel my hard cock now pressing against her hips as we were millimeters apart and both heaving with the effort of what we had just done. I moved one hand to her face to gently caress it while my other hand slid up and gently ran my thumb over her breast. Being aggressive definitely paid off as her body shuddered and she pressed her breast against my hand, grabbing me by the back of my head and pulling me in for another deep kiss. Her tongue immediately probed my mouth and she pulled me into her body, starting to grind her hips against me. There was about an inch of fabric in between my cock and her pussy, which I’m quite sure was dripping wet. Both hands moved to her breasts, gently kneading them and playing with her hard nipples through the fabric. If we hadn’t been in a hallway and had any privacy I would have torn her dress off right there just to be able to suck on her hard nipples. As we broke apart again we looked at each other, flushed and panting.

“Wow.” It was all she said after the intense few minutes we had just experienced. “That was incredible.”

“Yes. It definitely was.” I had nothing else to say because I wanted to keep going, but decided to let her take the lead. “You know I have wanted to do that since I first laid eyes on you tonight.”

“I’m so horny right now. I haven’t been with anyone in about three weeks and I’m so wet.” She took my hand and pulled it under her dress between her legs, pulling me closer to her again for another kiss. My hand slid between her stocking clad legs and found silky panties covering a very damp pussy. She was hot and her panties were soaked. I gently rubbed over the top of her panties and she started to moan into my mouth, slowly grinding her hips against my hand. Her mouth pushed harder into mine and her hand moved down to grab my rock hard cock through my pants. We were rapidly losing control and I didn’t want to get fired for basically having sex in a hallway at a company Christmas party. However, I also definitely wanted to take advantage of the situation and make her want more.

“Come with me.” Grabbing her by the hand quickly I pulled her down the hallway, looking for any private area where we could continue what we started. A door appeared marked Employee Bathroom, which I figured was better than nothing. Opening it without knocking I flipped on the light and pulled her inside, shutting the door quickly and pinning her up against it. I kissed her hard again and pulled up her dress, sliding my hand back between her legs to rub her dripping pussy. At the same time I grabbed the shoulder of her dress and bra strap and pulled one side down, exposing her breast. My hand started a circular movement in both areas and she started to moan loudly as she ground herself against me. It was all I could do not to shoot my load in my pants, because she was definitely ready and waiting to orgasm all over my hand.

“Oh….oh….god….that’s so good….yes….” her head started to rock back and forth and her hips moved against me. She moved one hand down to pull her panties to one side and allow my hand to rub directly Escort Kuşadası against her wet pussy. It was one of the hottest things I have ever witnessed, seeing this goddess of a woman with one hand pulling on her panties to give me better access to her dripping wetness while my hand pinched and rubbed her hard nipple.

“Oh god…please put your finger inside me….I want to feel it….fucking make me come….” I wasn’t about to disappoint her so I slid my finger inside her wet pussy, gently fucking her with it while we continued to grind against each other and kiss. Her body started moving harder and harder against me and her moans quickly became cries. If anyone had walked by the door they would have definitely known that there was a woman having an incredible time in there. I started a slow, rhythmic movement in and out of her pussy and felt her body start to tense. Knowing she was close I kept my finger gently moving in and out. I knew though that I wanted to taste her before she lost it. Suddenly dropping to my knees I pulled her dress up with one hand and her panties to the side with other and pressed my mouth and tongue into her pussy. She tasted incredible. Her hands immediately moved into my hair while I started to gently lick her clit and pussy with my tongue.

“Oh……..god….that’s fucking amazing….fuck….I’m going to….oh….” Her hips started to buck against my face. I lightly grabbed onto her clit with my mouth and gently started to suck on it, knowing it would make her go over the edge, which is exactly what happened. With a loud scream and thrusting her hips she came hard, twitching and clutching at me through her orgasm. I slowed down my licking and waited until her breath slowed down. Standing up slowly I kissed her again. Her eyes stayed closed while she came down from what was no doubt a very hard orgasm. When she opened them her eyes were filled with lust.

“That was incredible. You have no idea how long it has been since anyone made me go off like that. You have no idea how badly I want to fuck you right now.”

“I want you too. But not in a bathroom and I want to be able to spend all night with you.” And it was true. I wanted to fulfill all the fantasies I had about her all those mornings at the gym when I thought about bending her over a bench and sliding my cock into her tight pussy. “Let’s go back out and join the party again. Everyone is going to wonder where we went.” It had been about twenty minutes since we first snuck away from the group.

“Not yet. I have to return the favour.” She grabbed my cock with her hand through my pants. I was hoping that she might say that but didn’t want to presume, but now I was going to get at least one of my fantasies fulfilled. She unzipped my fly and let my cock free from my pants. It was hard and as long as it has ever been.

“You know, it’s going to take you about a minute to make me come.”

“Let’s see if we can speed that up.” Her hand began to slide up and down my shaft and she pushed me back until I was up against the sink behind me. Bending down she slid my cock into her mouth. It was incredible to watch this girl who I had constantly fantasized about with her dress halfway off, flushed from feeling my tongue inside her moving her mouth over my cock. Her mouth was warm and wet and she used her tongue to slide up and down the shaft while her lips were wrapped around me. Almost immediately I felt my balls tighten up. She began to gently slide her hand up and down my shaft while keeping her lips wrapped around me, forcing me to tense up. After about thirty seconds of this she slowed her pace and started to softly moan every time my cock slid into her mouth. It was more than my poor body could take and quickly I felt myself lose control. I grabbed her hair and bucked my hips, shooting hard into her mouth and throat. I think she was surprised by the amount that came out because she pulled her mouth quickly off, but continued to stroke my cock until all of my seed dripped out onto the floor. She smiled and looked up at me while swallowing what did make it into her mouth.

“Oh boy. You even taste good. This is going to be an excellent little arrangement.” She said with a smile. I took that as good news because I definitely wanted more out of her. Giving her another gentle kiss as I helped her to her feet we hugged closely and I helped her put her dress back together. I couldn’t resist leaning down and teasing her nipple with my tongue one last time before lifting her bra and dress back into place. Locking eyes one more time, I stroked her long hair gently and slid my hand down to cup her firm ass while we kissed. We walked out of the bathroom and back into the room where the others were. Ashley looked over and gave a knowing smile, immediately pulling Laura away from the group to find out what happened. I smiled at Laura and knew that this was only the beginning. It would only be a matter of time before we were with each other again and able to pick up where we left off. The after party was going to bring things to an entirely new level.

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