Competition Cups Ch. 05

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“Oh God,” gasped Brittney as she slipped her dance top over her huge breasts, “Oh God they’re so big.”

After adjusting her bra cups and giving her large boobs a quick squeeze, she left the women’s bathroom and headed back into the gym.

“Hey dude,” said Chris to Jeff as he warmed up, “Your inspiration is heading this way.”

Jeff turned and couldn’t help but let his jaw drop as he saw Brittney walking towards him, her huge tits bulging dangerously in a tight, white, baby tee.

Grinning mischievously Brittney pressed her huge jugs lightly against his chest.

“This guy looks tough babe,” said Jeff as he turned around and Brittney started to rub his shoulders, “He could be hard to beat.”

“Don’t worry babe,” said Brittney as she rubbed his shoulders, “Just keep your eyes on me.”

She then gave a soft moan as she pressed her massive mounds against his back and whispered, “And on my big boobs.”

Brittney giggled as Jeff gave a soft moan.

“Which one are you facing,” asked Brittney as she looked over Jeff’s shoulder at the other team.

“The one on the far left,” said Jeff as he turned to face his girlfriend, “I heard he’s good.”

Brittney gave another soft moan as she shoved her huge rack against his chest, “Leave it to me babe.”

Thrusting her huge breasts out, Brittney walked towards the other team.

Jeff’s opponent stared open mouthed as the busty brunette gave a small wave as she walked past him, her large boobs bouncing and jiggling in her top.

“Looks like Britt just solved your problem,” said Chris as he and Jeff watched, “Now do your part.”

Jeff just watched Brittney as she blew him a kiss and sat down in the bleachers, her huge tits bouncing heavily.

Seeing Jeff’s gaze on Brittney’s huge jugs, Chris gave him a light slap on the head, “Hey come on man, focus.”

Snapping out of his daze, Jeff finished warming up and walked out onto the mat.

“Come on Jeff,” shouted Brittney as the referee blew the whistle and the two wrestlers tied up.

Jeff quickly locked his arms around his opponent, tossed him down to the mat, and pinned him with his headlock.

Brittney screamed with excitement as the referee raised Jeff’s hand in victory and jumped around, her massive mounds bouncing uncontrollably in her top.

Her celebration was cut short as she gasped and moaned while cradling her huge breasts in her arms, “Oh god.”

She quickly grabbed her purse and ran over to Jeff as he was picking up his bag.

Jeff had barely picked up his bag as Brittney grabbed his arm and they raced behind the bleachers.

“Brittney, what…what’s wrong,” said Jeff with a concerned look as he saw Brittney cradling her large boobs in her arms.

“Hold them,” said Brittney, grabbing his hands and moaning as she shoved her huge tits into them, “It’s my top.”

“What do you mean babe,” said Jeff as he rubbed and squeezed her huge jugs, “What’s wrong with your top.”

“It’s too tight,” moaned Brittney as her boyfriend held her massive mounds, “My boobs are too big for it now.”

Jeff moaned as he continued to rub her huge breasts, “Now?”

“Mmhm,” whispered Brittney, smiling seductively.

She then moaned and gasped, “Oh god my top is gonna burst. Help me get it off.”

Jeff pulled up on Brittney’s top and she gave a moan of relief as her bra encased boobs bounced free.

“Mmm,” said Brittney as she pressed her huge rack into Jeff’s chest, “This is my gift to you for your win babe, another cup size.”

All Jeff could do was moan which made Brittney giggle as she grabbed his hands and pressed them into her large boobs.

“Ohh mmh,” moaned Brittney as she held her boyfriend’s hands against her huge tits, “Oh baby, my big tits are so soft and sensitive.”

She then gasped as Jeff shoved his hand into her bulging cleavage and began squeezing her huge jugs inside her bra, “Oh god, squeeze em babe, squeeze em.”

Brittney gave another gasp as Jeff shoved his other hand inside her bra and started cupping and squeezing her massive mounds, “Oh god, mmh.”

“Pull my phone out babe,” said Brittney, “I need your big dick in between my big babies.”

Jeff pulled Brittney’s cell phone out of her cleavage before lowering his uniform and jock strap.

Brittney got down on her knees and Jeff shoved his hard cock in between her huge breasts.

Brittney giggled and moaned as her boyfriend’s hard dick was shoved into her bulging cleavage, “Mmm looks like somebody likes my bigger boobs.”

She then squished her large boobs around his shaft and whispered, “Fuck em.”

Jeff gave a low moan as he thrust his dick in and out of Brittney’s large boobs.

“Mmm,” said Brittney with a soft moan as Jeff’s hard shaft slid in and out of her enormous cleavage, “Oh baby your big dick feels so good in between my boobs.”

She then smiled and whispered, “My ‘big’ boobs.”

Jeff gasped as cum started to spurt from his dick into Brittney’s cleavage.

“Oh god” moaned Brittney as she squeezed her huge tits ataköy escort as they were sprayed with cum, “Oh god they’re so soft.”

She then gasped as Jeff’s cock erupted inside her bra, “Oh god, Fuck em baby, fuck my huge melons. Soak my big tits with your cum.”

Jeff let out another moan as his dick emptied into Brittney’s cleavage, “Oh god.”

He went to pull his dick out of Brittney’s bra when she pressed her huge jugs together and giggled, “Not so fast babe. My big girls want to make sure that your big dick is ready for later.”

Brittney then moaned as she started rubbing her massive mounds against his shaft.

“Mmm, just think babe,” said Brittney as she continued to massage Jeff’s dick with her huge breasts, “Now that my boobs are bigger, you can use them when we go to sleep.”

“Oh god, I can,” moaned Jeff.

“Mhmm,” whispered Brittney, “My big perfect tits are your new pillows.

Jeff moaned again as he started to breathe heavy.

“Uh uh, not yet babe,” said Brittney softly as she pulled his dick out of her bra, “Wait till later.”

She then grabbed Jeff’s water bottle and moaned as she poured it all over her huge rack.

“Ooh nice and clean,” giggled Brittney as she shook her huge bust side to side, “Care to dry me off babe.”

“Mhmm,” said Jeff as he grabbed his towel and Brittney pushed her large boobs out.

She giggled as Jeff padded her huge tits dry.

“I’m gonna go change,” said Jeff giving Brittney a kiss, “Then we can go to the club.”

“Ok babe,” said Brittney giggling and pressing her huge jugs into him again, “Ask Chris if he wants to come. Latoya needs a date.”

“Ok, but what about you,” said Jeff, “You need a top babe.”

Brittney smiled seductively as she picked up her dance top and pulled another top out of her purse, holding each over her massive mounds, “I think I’ll wear both, babe. Since you didn’t get to see much of my boobs in my dance top, my tank top will hold them inside it.”

Jeff moaned as he picked up his bag and rushed off to the locker room.

“Oh god they’re so huge,” moaned Brittney as she looked at her huge breasts bulging through the neckline of her tank top.

‘These big babies should get the job done,’ thought Brittney as she slipped her tight fitting dance top over her tank top, ‘Jeff won’t be able to resist my big boobs bursting out of my dance top.’

She then giggled as she adjusted her bra and bounced her large boobs in her hands, “Make me proud tonight girls.”

“I donno man,” said Chris as he, Jeff, and the rest of the team showered, “What does this girl look like.”

“Latoya,” said Jeff, “She’s blonde, blue eyes, D-Cups. You’ll like her. Come on man.”

“Oh Alright,” said Chris. After getting dressed, Jeff and Chris headed out of the locker room where Brittney was waiting.

“Hey baby,” smiled Brittney as she pressed her huge tits into his arm and kissed him, “Latoya’s gonna meet us at the club.”

“Damn Britt,” said Chris, “What happened to your tits.”

Brittney giggled as she squished her huge jugs against Jeff, “Well, we’ve been celebrating so much that I’ve gone up a couple cup sizes.”

“A couple,” said Chris, his jaw dropping.

“Mhmm,” giggled Brittney, “Wait till you meet Latoya. I mean her boobs aren’t as big as mine but they’re big.”

“So you want to follow us,” said Jeff as they headed out to the parking lot.

“Sounds good to me,” said Chris. Jeff and Brittney got into their car and drove off with Chris following behind them.

“Oh god,” moaned Brittney as her massive mounds bounced and jiggled, “Mmh.” “Having fun babe,” said Jeff.

“Mhmm” giggled Brittney, cradling her huge rack, “But I better not bounce too much or my top might break open.”

“God,” moaned Jeff.

Brittney giggled again as she laid across both seats, placing her large boobs in his lap.

“Just imagine babe,” she whispered seductively, “My boobs getting bigger and bigger until they burst out of my top.”

She then squished her huge tits against his dick, “Because I know how you enjoy my tits being so big.”

“Oh god,” moaned Jeff, “Babe I love your boobs the way they are. They don’t have to get bigger.”

“You’re so sweet babe,” said Brittney,” as she rubbed her huge jugs against his bulging cock, “Mmm, did you like my dance top babe.”

“Mhmm,” said Jeff, “You’re tits looked amazing in it.”

Brittney giggled as she snuggled her massive mounds against Jeff’s dick, “Thanks babe.”

“How big,” said Jeff.

“Hmm,” said Brittney.

“How big do you think they are,” said Jeff as he reached down and grabbed her huge right boob.

“Well, oh god,” moaned Brittney as Jeff squeezed her huge right tit, “I think they’re F-Cups, maybe Double-F.”

“Mmm,” said Jeff as he shoved his hand into Brittney’s cleavage, causing her to moan and giggle.

“Mmm, massage my big tits baby,” moaned Brittney, “They’re so tight inside my top.”

Jeff’s boob squeezing was interrupted when Brittney gave out a loud gasp.

“What bakırköy escort is it babe,” said Jeff.

“You squeezed my left boob a little hard,” smiled Brittney.

“Sorry babe,” said Jeff as he gave her a kiss.

Their fun was interrupted when her phone started vibrating in her cleavage.

Jeff pulled Brittney’s phone out of her bra and she answered it.

“Hey Latoya,” said Brittney, “Yeah, we’re on our way. We’re almost there. Jeff got his friend Chris to come.”

Jeff shoved his hand back into her cleavage.

“Oh God. We told him about you,” said Brittney, “We told him about your boobs.”

“Don’t, Oh God, worry,” said Brittney as Jeff continued to maul her huge breasts, “You’ll like him. Yeah, Jeff just has his hand busy inside my top.”

“I’ll fill you in when we get inside,” said Brittney, “Bye.”

Brittney then stuffed her phone back into her top.

Jeff pulled his hand out of her top as they pulled up to the club.

“What do you think babe,” said Brittney as she pulled a roll of cash from her purse, “Should I put in $200.”

“Bring the whole roll, and the card,” said Jeff, pulling a credit card from the visor.

Brittney took the credit card, her driver’s license, and the roll of cash and stuffed them into her top.

“Mmm, how do they look babe,” smiled Brittney as she cupped and adjusted her large boobs.

“Huge,” said Jeff staring at her bulging rack.

Brittney giggled as they got out of the car.

“It’ll be $10 and I’ll need to see your IDs,” said the bouncer.

Smiling, Brittney pulled the roll of cash out of her cleavage along with her ID while Jeff and Chris pulled out their wallets.

“Go right ahead,” said the bouncer, after checking their IDs and Brittney’s boobs.

“Latoya,” squealed Brittney as she gave her friend a hug.

“Chris,” said Jeff, “This is Latoya. Latoya, this is Chris.”

“Hi,” said Latoya, as she blushed.

“Hi,” said Chris.

“We’re gonna get ourselves a table and order some drinks,” said Jeff, giving Brittney a kiss, “See you in a bit.”

“He is so cute,” said Latoya, checking Chris out as he and Jeff headed up to the second floor, “So fess up girl. How did your boobs get bigger?”

“Same thing as usual,” said Brittney, cupping her huge tits, “Everything I eat goes straight to my boobs.”

“So that’s why you’re wearing two tops,” said Latoya.

“Yeah,” said Brittney, “My dance top is so tight so if it rips, my tank top will hold them.”

“Damn girl,” said Latoya, cupping her own boobs, “I wish mine would grow, at least to a Double D.”

“They will,” said Brittney, giving her a hug, “You just have to eat right.”

The girls then went up to the second floor.

Everyone was having a good time. Latoya was sitting next to Chris and Brittney was sitting with Jeff, constantly pushing her massive mounds into him.

“Geeze girl,” laughed Latoya, “Why don’t you just keep your tits against him if you’re gonna keep doing that.”

Brittney giggled as she shoved her huge breasts against Jeff causing him to give a soft moan.

“Hey, hey,” said Chris, “Keep it in your pants man.”

The girls laughed at Chris’s comment.

“You know Latoya,” said Brittney, grabbing two shot glasses, “I think its shot time for the boys.”

Brittney and Latoya giggled while they each put a shot glass in their cleavage and laughed as the guys grabbed the shots with their mouths.

“So what do you think of Latoya, Chris,” said Brittney.

“She’s hot,” said Chris.

“Then ask her out man,” said Jeff.

“You wanna go out sometime,” said Chris.

“Why don’t we make this our first date,” said Latoya, getting up from the table, “C’mon let’s go dance.”

“Ok,” said Chris, getting up and following her.

Brittney gave out a soft moan as she squished her large boobs into Jeff and rested her head against his chest.

“Mmm baby,” said Brittney as she rubbed his crotch, “Is there something in your pocket or are you turned on by my big boobs.”

“Mmm,” moaned Jeff, “Both but I’ll show you in a little while.”

He then shoved his hand into her cleavage again causing her to giggle, “Mmm, looks like someone can’t keep his hands off my big babies.”

“Mmm, squeeze em babe, rub em, bounce em,” moaned Brittney as Jeff fondled her huge tits, “Go wild with my big boobs.”

Jeff moaned as he started to squeeze and rub Brittney’s huge jugs, “Oh baby, oh god your boobs are so huge.”

“Mhmm,” giggled Brittney, who then gave a short gasp, “Oh, mmh, gentle babe. My big melons are sensitive.”

Jeff pulled Brittney’s phone, roll of cash, the credit card, and her license out of her top before shoving his hand back in between her massive mounds.

‘Ooh,” moaned Brittney, “Mmh, a little rough babe.”

She then sighed as she laid her head against his shoulder, “Mmm, I wish we could stay like this all night Jeff, your hands inside my top giving my big boobs a massage.”

“Mhmm,” said Jeff.

After what seemed like 10 minutes of boob rubbing, Brittney gasped and moaned while cradling her huge breasts, “Oh god.” “What is it babe,” said Jeff, pulling his hand out of Brittney’s cleavage.

“My boobs, babe,” whispered Brittney as she held her huge rack.

“Too big,” said Jeff.

“Mhmm,” moaned Brittney, “They’re to big for my dance top.”

“We have to get it off,” said Jeff, reaching for the bottom of her dance top.

“Uh uh, babe,” smiled Brittney, gently pushing his hands away, “Just watch.”

Jeff’s eyes went wide while Brittney started to breathe heavy and stretched, “Oh god, Oh god, Oh yes.” Brittney then gave a loud moan as her dance top ripped open.

“Oh god,” said Jeff as he watched his girlfriend’s top burst open.

“Mmm,” smiled Brittney as she gently pressed her huge tits against him, “I’ve been waiting for them to get bigger babe. Now I know that they are Double F-Cups.”

“Oh god,” moaned Jeff, unable to control himself as he slipped his hands into Brittney’s top and slowly began to rub her huge jugs.

“Mmm, baby,” moaned Brittney, “This feels so good.”

She then gasped as Jeff shoved his other hand into her top, “Oohh, Mmm. I love it when you’re rough babe but please be gentle with my big babies. The bigger they get, the more sensitive they are.”

“Sorry babe,” said Jeff, kissing her.

Brittney then started to rub his dick through his pants again, “Mmm, by the time we get home, my big boobs will be ready for you to fuck them.”

She then grabbed the bulge in his pocket, “But can you show me now what this is?”

“Wait until Chris and Latoya get back,” said Jeff.

Giving a small pout, Brittney smiled and laid her head against Jeff’s chest, gasping every once in a while when he would squeeze her boobs.

“I hope we’re not interrupting,” said Chris.

Latoya giggled as Jeff quickly pulled his hands out of Brittney’s top while she blushed.

“Umm no we..” said Jeff.

“We were just.” said Brittney. “It’s ok,” chuckled Chris.

“You know, the way they’ve been acting,” giggled Latoya, “you’d think that they were married.”

“Well not yet Latoya,” said Brittney with a look of disdain.

“You know babe,” said Jeff, reaching into his pocket, “I think we should do something about that.”

“Wait, what,” said Brittney, shaking her head in disbelief.

“Chris, sorry man,” said Jeff, pulling a small box out of his pocket, “But I’m backing out of the bet.”

Jeff then opened the box to reveal a diamond ring with a triple gold band and Brittney screamed in excitement.

“Brittney Marie Adams,” said Jeff placing his hand on hers, “Will you marry me?”

“Yes,” said Brittney, her eyes full of tears. After putting the ring on her finger, Jeff pulled her in for a long kiss.

“Oh babe,” said Brittney, looking at the ring, “It’s beautiful.”

“Good for you man,” said Chris, “Hey this calls for a couple round.”

“Nah, man,” said Jeff, picking up the roll of cash, “We got this.”

“Bring us two beers, six appletinis for the ladies, and 10 shots,” said Jeff giving a small wad of cash to the waitress.

“I hate to interrupt the moment, but look,” said Latoya, pointing to the TV hanging overhead.

“The restaurant’s been destroyed by a fire,” said Latoya.

“Oh my god,” said Brittney, “What are we gonna do. We helped Mr. Sakai open that restaurant.”

“Apparently it’s not so bad,” said Latoya, “Mr. Sakai just sent me an email. The insurance we have on the place has a huge payout.”

“Bigger than Brittney’s tits,” joked Chris.

“Very funny,” giggled Brittney, adjusting her cups.

“There was a four million dollar insurance policy,” said Latoya, “We each get $500,000.”

“Half a mil,” said Jeff, choking on his beer.

“Babe, do you know what this means,” squealed Brittney, “We can buy our house.”

“Bad news though,” said Latoya, “We’re out of jobs.”

“With half a million dollars,” said Jeff, wrapping an arm around Brittney, who snuggled against him, “We don’t have to worry about jobs for now.”

After finishing their round of drinks, Latoya and Brittney were giggling constantly from being drunk.

“You know Chris,” said Latoya, thrusting her boobs toward his face, “I’ve never had a wrestler feel me up before.”

“Really,” said Chris, staring at Latoya’s big D-Cup boobs which were inches from his face.

“Mhmm,” whispered Latoya, “Go ahead touch them.”

Chris moaned as he took Latoya’s big boobs in his hands and started rubbing them.

“Mmm,” moaned Latoya, “This feels great.”

Seeing her friend get felt up, Brittney shoved her huge breasts into Jeff and started kissing him.

She giggled as Jeff slowly started to slip his hands into her top, “Shove them in babe.”

“You sure,” said Jeff. “Mhmm,” whispered Brittney, “Be rough with my big tits.”

Brittney then gasped as Jeff shoved his hands into her bra, “Oh God, squeeze ’em babe. Squeeze my big boobs.”

She then started to breathe heavy as Jeff rubbed and squeezed her large boobs, “Oh God, Oh God.”

“Looks like they’re getting along great,” said Jeff.

They both smiled as they watch Chris and Latoya making out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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