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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story is completely fictional. If incest offends you please do not read this. Otherwise, please read and enjoy.


“Yes honey?”

“Where did my biological mother move to again?”

I groaned, but not so loudly so my daughter would hear me. It was a quiet Sunday. I was in the kitchen, making us some sandwiches for lunch. She was in the living room waiting for me before putting on a movie. This was not a topic I wanted to discuss right now, but I answered her anyway.


I could almost hear her roll her eyes. “I know THAT, Dad! I mean where in Minnesota?”

I sighed. “Minneapolis. Or St. Paul. One of the two.”

It happened almost five years ago to the day, but there were times the emotional wounds still felt fresh. My ex-wife, Heather, was employed as a personal trainer at a high-end fitness facility in town at the time. Our marriage had been a successful one up until then. We first met in university while starting our degrees, mine in business and hers in kinesiology. We hit it off immediately and became friends, and not long after that were lovers. We married a year after graduation and about another year after that Heather gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, who we named Alison.

For a while we were a happy little family. Unfortunately, with Heather and I throwing ourselves both into our jobs and raising and doting on our daughter, the fire and passion in our romance began to fade away. In a few years we went from having great sex regularly, to good sex occasionally, to no sex at all. I wasn’t happy about the downturn in my sex life, but I wasn’t about to selfishly complain, as I had more pressing concerns in work and parenthood to keep me occupied.

Just after Alison’s 12th birthday Heather came home from work full of excitement; she told me she was hired by the coach of the local big-time junior hockey team to be the personal trainer of the star defenseman. She was happier than she had been in quite some time. I was thrilled for her at landing such a plum assignment, and I told her so. As she smiled at me, I believed the bloom was back on our relationship; we even had an energetic night of fucking afterwards.

But it turned out to be false hope. Heather started working even more hours, putting in shifts to work with the young athletic prodigy, in addition to her regular job duties, and soon it seemed she didn’t have enough energy at home to be a good parent, much less a good wife. Alison was at a point in her young life when she needed her mother, but Heather increasingly was not there for her. It was left to me to try and clean up the mess, and it led to some trying times for Alison and me. Towards the end Heather often left at odd times or called during evenings saying she would be late and don’t wait up; part of me suspected she was having an affair but I didn’t want to believe it.

Unfortunately it was true. The same day the star defenseman, the toast of the town, held a press conference to say he was committing to play major U.S. college hockey at the University of Minnesota, Heather told me she fell in love with the coach that hired her, and who had also been offered a rich contract by the same institution. She planned to leave us behind and follow both player, her star pupil, and coach, her new lover. I asked her how she expected Alison to take the news, and she just waved it off and said I’d find a way to explain it to her, that she had to follow her heart and not let anything stand in her way (not even her own flesh and blood, apparently). I was stunned and enraged at the sheer, cold audacity of it all. I had so much I wanted to say but instead of losing my mind and screaming obscenities at her, I concealed my seething rage and calmly demanded she leave if that was what she really wanted, to leave and never come back.

So she did; in a couple of days movers went through the house to take away all of Heather’s personal effects. I asked my lawyer to start divorce proceedings, and with Heather choosing not to contest, I kept sole custody of Alison as well as most of the assets we had accumulated in the years, not that it was a massive fortune. Anyway, the only thing I cared about was keeping custody of my beloved only child.

Just like that, Heather was out of our lives.

Even with all the difficulties of the past year, Alison and I both had a hard time dealing with the changes in our lives as a result of my ex-wife’s rash and heartless decision. I had to deal not only with my own heartbreak, but with Alison as she struggled with not having a mother in the house anymore. It fell on me to be the sole parent and authority figure, and while we tried to do the best we could to make things work, we both made mistakes along the way. But we loved each other dearly, and that carried us through the most difficult times.

Alison was the light of my life and I was determined to provide for her and give her the best of everything I could. There were definitely some rocky times, but eventually we both recovered and our relationship became stronger because of it. She was my little girl and I ataşehir escort was her daddy, and we loved each other very much.

As for Heather, she tried once to reach out to us. Alison picked up the phone one day, about a couple of years ago. After a minute of listening while barely saying a word, I watched my daughter slowly begin to fume, eventually looking extremely angry. I looked inquisitively and she simply put the phone on speaker mode. I heard Heather ramble on nearly incoherently about asking for forgiveness and reconciliation, before Alison yelled, “Fuck you, bitch!” and abruptly hung up on her. I told Alison she should watch her language, she was still her mother after all, but I had a smile on my face at the same time. Rightly or wrongly, I was more than a little proud at my daughter’s display of defiance. We never heard from Heather again, and we never spoke of her again.

Until now, that is.

I walked in the living room with our sandwiches and asked Alison, “Why did you want to know where Mom went off to?”

Alison shrugged. “It came up in conversation with Candace, that’s all.” Candace was Alison’s best friend since kindergarten, and as my daughter told me on a few occasions, they have no secrets and tell each other anything.

I let the matter drop without further comment. Alison started the movie, and we ate in silence, she becoming engrossed in the romantic comedy, something that young teenage girls seem to like but did nothing for me, while my mind drifted to those painful memories of the past. About halfway through the movie, Alison shut it off, which shook me out of my funk.


“Yes, Ally?”

“Can I ask you a serious question?”

“Of course honey, you know you can talk to me about anything you want.”

Alison’s brow furrowed. “After my biological mother left us, you’ve hardly dated any other women. Why is that?”

It wasn’t the question I expected, nor wanted to hear at this time if I was being honest, so I tried to deflect it. “You can refer to her as Mom, you know.”

“Dad!” She rarely referred to me as just Dad unless she was cross with me. “You know how I feel about this. I refuse to refer to that woman by that name! Now,” she continued, smirking a little but tapping her foot impatiently, “you are dodging my question. Out with it!”

I sighed again. “Well… well, to be honest, with work and raising you, I never really thought much about dating, it didn’t really seem that important to me.”

Alison nodded her head. “Do you regret it?”

“Regret what?”

“Not dating.”

“In a perfect world, Ally, I would have dated more and maybe found someone else to share my life with. But I made the choices I made because I thought they were for the best for both of us, but especially for you. Sometimes that’s all you can do.”

“So… you don’t resent me then?”

“What?! No!” I was shocked that my daughter thought this was even a remote possibility. I moved to sit next to my daughter and I held her hand. “No honey, don’t you ever think that, please! I love you so much and I only want to see you happy. I could never resent you, and I don’t regret putting your needs before mine, not even for a second.”

Alison smiled, a great big beaming smile that warmed my heart. “Thank you Daddy,” she said, and hugged me tightly. “It’s just a bit of a shame, that’s all.”

“What is?”

“That you’re not with a woman who loves you. You’re such a kind, caring, funny and handsome man that any woman would be so lucky to be with you.”

I thought for a second Alison emphasized the word handsome a bit much, but I let it go. “That’s so nice of you to say sweetie. I’m sure one of these days I’ll find the right woman for me.”

“Maybe once I start college you’ll start dating?”

“Maybe. Speaking of college,” I said, suddenly eager to change the subject, “have you made a decision yet where to go? Not that I want to pressure you or anything…”

“It’s OK Daddy. I’ve narrowed it down to two, I think. Either UBC or here in town at Western. I don’t know which one yet though.”

“Well that’s OK, you still have time to decide. You know I’d miss you terribly if you go away.”

“And I’d miss you too Daddy.”

We hugged again, and she gave me a quick peck of a kiss on my forehead before turning the movie back on. I remained next to her on the couch, and in a couple minutes Alison rested her head on my shoulder, as she often did when she was younger. I couldn’t believe my daughter, my baby girl, was 18 years old and almost ready to go off to college. She was blossoming into a mature young woman.


When I woke up Monday morning to get ready for work, I thought about how Alison had called me handsome yesterday. I looked at myself in the mirror after showering. For a guy just on the other side of 40, I have to say I was pretty pleased with what I saw. I stand an even six feet tall and weigh a trim yet solid 195 pounds. There was barely a speck of grey in my dark hair, which I kept in a neatly trimmed buzz cut. Despite settling into an office job I maintained my good habits from my avcılar escort days as a high school and varsity athlete, so my body was fit and finely muscled, with a barrel chest, powerful arms and defined abs. I even flexed a bit in the mirror to further admire my physique, chuckling a little at my expression of vanity.

I looked down at my penis, still a little hard from “morning wood”. It was eight inches long and of above average girth. It certainly was more than enough to please Heather, before… well… all that sordid business. I sighed, disappointed in how I had not known a woman’s touch for far too long. Well, maybe my daughter is right, I thought to myself. I am handsome, and I should try to date again once she was in college. I resolved to myself to do this as I went to get dressed and ready for the day.

After another routine day of work, I left to pick up Alison. She texted me to say she was working out with Candace at the health club (NOT the same one my ex-wife worked at, of course!). One of the perks from my job was reduced gym membership fees, and my daughter and I took advantage of that to keep in good physical condition. When I got there I stepped into the cardio section and saw Alison running on one of the treadmills. I waved to let her know I was there, and she smiled and waved back before looking ahead again and concentrating on her run.

I stood in place for the moment and watched her run. Her form was graceful; her athletic, five-foot-five body surely was the envy of many girls and the dream of many boys her age. Her lithe, toned legs carried her forward. Her long honey-brown hair, done in a ponytail, bobbed slightly from side to side as she ran. Her beautiful, angelic face was flushed red from exertion, with beads of sweat dripping from her forehead. Her large breasts, probably a full D cup, bounced exquisitely up and down. Her tight gym shorts barely covered her luscious ass, and from the front that thin fabric was all that stood between the outside world and her tender, tight, teenage pussy.

I had to give my head a shake. What was I doing thinking of my own daughter in those terms? “Dirty old pervert,” I chided myself, and went to sit in the common area waiting for Alison to finish. After a while she and Candace came out of the change rooms.

“Hi Daddy,” she said, hugging me. She was freshly showered and her shampooed hair smelled of lilacs.

“Hi Ally-cat!” I responded, using my favourite nickname for her.

She rolled her eyes and looked embarrassed. It was quite cute. “Jeez, Dad!” she said, exasperated.

“Aww, that’s so cute!” Candace teasingly giggled.

“Quiet, you!” responded my daughter, trying to sound angry but not really succeeding. I laughed even after she shot me a dirty look, I couldn’t help myself.

I asked Candace if she needed a ride home. She looked up from her iPhone and said, “Oh, no thanks Mr. MacD, my mom should be here any minute.”

With that, Alison hugged her friend goodbye and we left. I was happy to spend time alone with my daughter but I was a little worried that the impure thoughts I had earlier would creep back in.


“How is Candace these days?” I asked Alison after dinner, trying to keep my mind occupied on things other than my daughter’s sexy body.

“OK, I guess.”

“You guess?”

She paused. “She and Travis have been fighting lately. I think they’re going to break up.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“She’ll be fine. I think she knew this has been coming, it was just a matter of time.”

I nodded, wondering what else to say. I glanced at my daughter; she looked like she needed to say more but I decided not to push things. I figured if she wanted to continue talking, she would. I was right.

“Boys are such jerks!”

I nodded in understanding. “Like Travis?”

“Yeah, and… ugh, Kenny!” Alison exclaimed and shuddered at the mere thought of her former boyfriend. I remembered her coming home the day of their breakup, her face red and puffy from her tears. By the time my sweet, vulnerable daughter was done crying and explaining how he’d mistreated my baby, I wanted to go find this punk Kenny and teach him a lesson.

Alison continued. “It’s just the same thing like with Kenny! Travis keeps hassling Candace for sex, even though she keeps telling him she’s not ready.” She fumed at the very thought of Travis’s transgression.

Perhaps I should explain something here. My daughter and her best friend made a vow with each other to not give up their virginity unless they found the right person. This wasn’t like one of those virginity pledges encouraged by some of those slightly crazy fundamentalist religious groups you occasionally hear about, but just a simple promise between two young women and forever friends.

Now, I wasn’t so naïve as to assume my daughter had never undergone any sexual experimentation at all. I did have to have a couple “birds and bees” type conversations with her, because she was curious and had questions like any teenager would. Hell, I even insisted she use birth control pills, just in case, an instruction she accepted ataşehir escort bayan without hesitation. In any case, I was proud of her choice to not rush into a major decision for a young woman, especially when the consequences of a wrong choice are enormous.

“Boys are like that sometimes”, I replied. “They can be selfish creatures. I should know, I was immature at that age.”

“Why are they like that though, Daddy? Sometimes it just seems boys are so… stupid!”

I tried to defend the honour of my gender, though in this case it felt like it would be a losing battle. “Honey, boys are excitable and want to experiment, so they often act without thinking. We don’t have the experience at that age to know the right thing to do. Some boys never grow out of that, but most do, and I do have to say most boys your age seem to mean well and be generally well-behaved.”

My daughter shook her head. “I’m tired of boys! When I’m ready for sex, I want it to be with a man. A real man! A man who knows what he is doing and knows how to make a girl feel special. A man who will make the night unforgettable. A man who cares about me and loves me.”

“Well, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect man someday, Ally. One who is just right for you.”

“But how will I know? How can I tell if someone is the one?”

“That’s a difficult question to answer, I’m afraid.”

“Just try, OK daddy?”

“Well,” I sighed, “there’s no simple or magical answer. You just know. You feel it deep down in your gut, with every part of your being.”

“Did you feel that with… with you-know-who?”

“Yes. I honestly did.”

“But she couldn’t have been the one. She left you… she left us.”

“What can I say, Alison? Things change. People change. In life there are no guarantees.”

Alison grew silent, trying to absorb this information and make sense of it all. I tried to lighten the mood. “All this love and sex stuff, it’s complicated, ain’t it?”

“It sucks!” Alison pouted.

“You’re telling me!” I laughed, but then I quickly stopped laughing when my daughter gave me one of those burning, OMG-this-is-serious-what’s-wrong-with-you looks.

“Come here, Ally,” I said. She did and I gave her a comforting hug, the darker side of me unable to ignore her budding womanhood and the smoothness of her skin. I shifted my position until I was reasonably sure Ally couldn’t feel or otherwise notice my growing hardness.

Finally I said, “I know that as a young lady you are struggling with how to deal with love, life and your sexuality. They are really complicated issues. I wish I could tell you that dealing with these issues gets easier as you get older, but it doesn’t. All I can say is you are a good person, Ally, a wonderful young woman, and good things will come to you because of that, I really believe that. And you know that any time you need to, you can ask me for advice, and I might not have all the answers but I’ll do my best to help you, even if all I can do is be a sounding board or a shoulder to cry on. OK?”

Alison just nodded and gave a small, weary smile. She still looked like she had a million different questions she wanted to ask, but she said no more. I wanted to say or do something to make her happy but I was out of ideas. I hoped it was nothing more than just one of those teenage angst-y moments. She hugged me tight, burying her face into my shoulder and pressing her large, firm breasts into my ribs. Then she got up, yawned and stretched, her pajama tops rising enough to expose her bare, toned, tight little tummy. Again with the dirty thoughts… this wasn’t healthy!

“I’m tired, I think I’ll go to bed now. Good night daddy.”

“Good night sweetheart.”


(I’m running down a country dirt road, playfully chasing a pretty young woman. I can only see the back of her, but I know she is very pretty. I can hear her laughing and daring me to catch up with her, but I can’t quite recognize the voice. Every time I get close to her, she pulls ahead, leaving me tantalizingly out of her reach. I’ve been running for what seems like a very long time, but I’m not tired at all.)

(Instead I accelerate to a full sprint, and I finally catch her, sweeping her off of her feet in mid-stride. I lay her down gently and start kissing her all over, removing her clothes as I go. I’m so wrapped up in her sexy body and her moans of pleasure I don’t really notice her face. I rip off my pants as my erect cock springs free. I line it up to her pussy. I can hear her begging me to fuck her. The voice sounds… oddly familiar. I look up, my eyes traveling from her hairless pink pussy, to her ripe breasts, until I reach her face and find myself staring directly into the eyes of Alison…)


I immediately sat bolt upright. Sweat dripped down my face and back. The only sounds I could hear were my heavy breathing and my heart jackhammering in my chest. Worst of all, I had a raging hard-on so fierce my balls were aching. I never have dreams that vivid that I can remember, so that was strange enough. But dreaming about fucking my own daughter? That was deeply troubling. I tried to convince myself that it was no big deal, that I really hadn’t dreamed what I thought I did. I lay back down, trying to fall asleep again. It was no use. I stared at the ceiling for three hours until the alarm clock went off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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