Confession Ch. 16


I was just arguing with myself about getting up off my ass and doing some housework when there was a knock on the door. I got up and when I answered the door, there was Cathy in her flasher coat with the front held open and she was stark naked beneath it. I couldn’t help but laugh at her as she greeted me.

“Hi there kinky neighbor.”

“Oh my god. Hahaha hi there yourself. Come on in.”

She flamboyantly threw the coat to one side and looked me up and down.

“You’re a little over dressed for the occasion.”

“You know what? You’re absolutely right. You have no idea just how good your timing is. I needed this.”

“I know exactly how good it is. I saw lover boy drive off, I saw you looking miserable and I thought to myself. Cathy there’s a woman who needs some coffee and nakedness immediately.”

I had a moment of panic and even considered denying it all but I could see by the look in her eye that she knew and probably more than I thought. What’s more there was just no way I could lie to Cathy. Although we hadn’t been friends for all that long we were already better friends than pretty much any of the other friends I have, even ones I had known for years. To lie to her felt like a bigger betrayal than lying to Geoff. I wondered briefly what that said about me or my marriage.

Well here goes nothing I thought to myself.

“So…….How much did you see?”

“Oh honey I watched you ride that boy like a cowgirl until you both collapsed spent. Shit I even came with you. By the way that was a great show you put on for me too honey. Sexiest damn thing I have ever seen.”

“Oh. Uh. I’m not really sure what to say.”

“Nothing to say. Your secret’s safe with me, you know that.”

I sighed a huge sigh of relief. I went to give her a hug but she held up her hand to stop me.

“Oh no you don’t. First of all, go put that kettle on, secondly take that damn dress off then give me a proper hug like you did the other day. That had me smiling for hours.”

I laughed at her sassiness but I went and did exactly like I was told. She held her hands wide for me as I dropped my dress over the back of a kitchen chair and it felt so good to feel her soft skin against my own and there was almost a spark of electricity as her nipple brushed across my own.

“God it feels good to have you here.”

I whispered in her ear as we embraced. Cathy squeezed me tighter then lowered her hand to my bare ass. She gave it a quick squeeze and giggled.

“You feel pretty good to me too.”

We stayed in an embrace until the kettle boiled then as I went to make our coffee Cathy gave me a small kiss. It wasn’t a real passionate kiss and it was a little bit awkward but it was sweet and made me smile. I have to admit it made me tingle more than a little too.

I went and made our coffee and we both sat at the table. I had to smile when I saw that Cathy was sitting exactly where Ben had been sitting when he ate my pussy so expertly just yesterday afternoon. That then led to the thought of Cathy doing the same and I almost flooded onto the chair in response. My god I was becoming such a wanton slut.

We both took our first sips of coffee and sighed as the warm liquid made it’s way into our systems then laughed at our identical responses. Cathy ‘s smile then turned into a positively evil grin on her face.

“So……tell me all about it and don’t leave out one detail.”

I know I blushed again because there was definitely some details I couldn’t tell her.

“Well what do you want to know?”

“I just told you. I want all the gory details. Blow by blow. I want to be able to smell the sex in the room by the time you finish telling me.”

She sounded pushy but she was grinning like a maniac.

“Well aren’t you sassy today. Well then would it help if I told you he ate his own cum out of my pussy sitting right where you are now?”

I couldn’t believe I had just said that out loud. What the hell was I doing? Cathy’s mouth formed a perfect “O” as she looked at me in surprise. Christ it’s one thing to be naked together and to share secrets but to share such intimate details is something I have never done before. I scared myself for a moment, convinced I had just crossed a line I shouldn’t have. Hell I have been tap dancing all over that line but now I have just swan dived completely over it.

“Oh my God. Really?”

I nodded as I tried not to blush or cry. I knew I had just ruined a good thing. I was just trying to be as sassy as she was being but I definitely pushed it to far.

“Wow. That’s just so…..I don’t know what to……how…….holy crap!”

“Yeah, sorry about that. I shouldn’t have just blurted that right out like that.”

I was so disappointed in myself that I couldn’t even meet her eye and for the first time Gaziantep Genç Escort since I had begun this crazy journey I actually felt stupid standing naked in front of Cathy.

“No no no that’s quite alright, honestly it was just…..Well holy shit it’s fucking amazing is what it is.”

I looked back up to her to see if she was just patronizing me but she seemed genuinely in awe.

“Really? You’re not grossed out about that?”

“Hell no. I can’t say it’s ever happened to me but I doubt I would say no to it.”

We both laughed a little nervously.

“I mean I did say not to leave any details out, and to be honest, just thinking about a guy wanting to do that is.. I’m not sure what it is but it turns me on. I’ve never met a man who would do something like that. Shit I’d be happy if my hubby wanted to go down on me at all.”

Cathy laughed again but it seemed tinged with a sadness or longing.

“He doesn’t go down on you ever?”

I couldn’t believe that someone as good looking as Cathy would be lacking in that department.

“No. He did once when we were first going out but it was so obvious that he didn’t enjoy it that I have never asked again and he certainly hasn’t offered. The last time I received any decent head I was in high school.”

It was my turn to be shocked. As much as Geoff was not as interested as he once was and he is currently cheating with his sister in law he never lacked initiative in going down on me while things were still good between us. If anything it was probably me that was more reluctant in that field. I felt so sad for Cathy that I figured if I continued to give her the details she wanted at least her mind would be off that particular one for now.

“That’s terrible. I’m sorry Cathy but every woman deserves someone to worship her pussy from time to time. Sorry I shouldn’t judge. Did you want to hear anymore?”

“Hell yes. You can’t start with that and just stop.”

We both laughed but I could see from the way she was beginning to squirm in her seat and how hard her nipples were getting that she was thoroughly enjoying my story telling.

I spent the next hour or so reliving the best couple of days sex I had had in recent history and the more I told Cathy the more she squirmed and the more she squirmed the wetter I got. It felt so good watching her get more and more turned on that it encouraged me to give her more and more details. We were both so worked up by the time I was retelling what had happened in the backyard that Cathy was telling me about how she had masturbated herself while watching us.

“The sight of his cock sliding in and out of you as your ass bounced up and down on him was driving me crazy. I was already naked, as I have been most days since you introduced me to being naked all the time. I couldn’t help it I just immediately started to play with my pussy while I watched. I know I should have turned away or closed the blinds or something but I just couldn’t stop myself.”

“I honestly don’t mind. It actually turns me on to know you were watching me and enjoying it. I just wish we could have watched you at the same time.”

“Oh god. Really?”

“Really what? About watching you or it turning me on?”

Cathy blushed hard. Her skin went bright red from her forehead all the way down to her lovely hard nipples.

“Either I guess.”

“Well yeah I would love to see that. Who wouldn’t? And as for it turning me on look at me. My nipples are so sensitive and hard right now that if someone were to touch them I’m pretty sure I would be close to cumming straight away and look at this.”

I spread my legs apart a bit and wiped my fingers across the inside of my thighs. I was careful not to touch my pussy as I was sure I would flood almost straight away if I did. I held my fingers up showing just how wet they were with my cum. Cathy looked on in fascination and she looked like an excited school girl. She swiveled in the chair towards me then slowly spread her legs apart. She didn’t say a word but she didn’t need to. Her pussy was almost gaping open as she spread her legs further apart and I could see her cum was smeared all over her pussy and was running down over her ass and onto the seat. She looked so damn sexy and inviting.

“Are you sure you would have liked to watch me?”

I couldn’t meet her eyes. It was like I was mesmerized by her pretty pussy. All I could do was nod as I watched with growing excitement as her hand snaked down over her body from her right breast until it was nestled between her legs. I watched as her middle finger pushed in against her clit and the surrounding fingers spread her juices. She worked in slow small circles and it wasn’t long before her breathing changed and she began to breathe harder. Her other hand was now squeezing and pulling on one of her nipples and I could see she was getting closer to an orgasm.

Without thinking about it I began mimicking her actions. It looked like it felt so good that I had to do the same. I took a step closer to her, just to see better and to feel the heat from her body. Cathy responded by pushing two fingers inside herself and spreading her legs further apart. God it looked so good. Did Ben feel this way when he saw me spread open before him on the table? If he did I can understand why he felt the urge to eat me. Cathy looked absolutely delicious and I had the strongest desire I have ever felt to actually taste another woman’s pussy. I wondered if she tasted like me and how would it feel to suck her pussy lips into my mouth.

Suddenly Cathy’s tempo changed and I knew she had begun to cum. Her mouth was once again open in a large “O” and her breasts were heaving on her chest. That’s when it hit her. I watched as her stomach muscles clenched hard and her pussy clenched around her fingers. Her thighs were shaking with the tremors that were running through her body and she was making sounds that could never be mistaken for anything other than an orgasm. She grunted and made a high keening sound that was just so primal and sexual that it completely sent me over the edge into my own orgasm.

It was so powerful that I literally couldn’t stay on my feet. I fell to my knees between Cathy’s legs as my orgasm went through me like a steam train. I placed my hand on her thigh to retain my balance and hung my head forward as it began to subside. I could feel my cum running down the inside of my thighs and I could smell Cathy’s sweet smell as my head hovered over her exposed pussy. I don’t know what was going through my mind but I had that strange sort of analytical thought that her cum smelled different to mine.

Without any real thought about why or whether I should I reached out with my hand and scooped up a dollop of her cum from her pussy. I remember thinking how smooth and warm she felt and that she hitched in a breath as my finger connected with her body. I sucked my finger into my mouth and was amazed at how similar but somehow different she tasted to me. I felt her thigh trembling beneath my hand. I raised my head and looked her in the eye and something passed between us. No words were spoken but I could see the plea in her eyes.

I put my head down again and shuffled into a better position. I looked at her pussy and all I could think was how pretty it looked all pink and wet. As I leaned forward bracing my hands on her silky smooth legs I heard her murmur with a shake in her voice.

“Oh god yes.”

I gently ran my tongue over her folds and felt her entire body stiffen momentarily. I savored her taste and musky scent and suddenly found myself almost drunk with desire for her. I licked her again, this time probing between her lips for the little bud that I knew would bring her such pleasure. I knew immediately when I found it as her thighs clamped on either side of my head. She let go and I did it again, this time though she pushed forward with her hips so that I made stronger contact. Taking the hint I increased the pressure and began flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue.

“Mmm oh fuck yeah.”

She practically growled with delight so I decided to up the ante. I placed my lips around her clit then sucked it into my mouth. Again her thighs clamped around my face but I didn’t stop. I kept sucking her clit into my mouth and flicking it with my tongue. Her hips were starting to buck against me and her hands were running through my hair.

She lifted her legs up and over my shoulders, the feeling of her skin so intimately on mine was amazing. She was so smooth and soft but not delicate; It was a totally different experience to being with a man. The new angle made it a little more comfortable on my neck and gave me access directly to her opening. I released her clit and began exploring all of her pussy with my mouth but returning frequently to her clit. Her cum was all but pouring from her and what I didn’t lap up with my tongue I gleefully spread all over her pussy, thighs, ass and my own face. I was all but wallowing like a pig in her deliciousness. I couldn’t believe how much I was enjoying this and just how much it was turning me on but when she came, clamping my head again, I almost came myself.

I was briefly concerned when she had me clamped so tight I couldn’t breathe but a gentle tap on the thigh made her realize what was happening. She was giggling like a school girl when she released me.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to suffocate you but I kind of lost control there for a minute.”

“Was it good?”

“Good? Oh my god! Good doesn’t even come close. I don’t think anyone has ever made me feel that good.”

I blushed with pleasure, it always feels good to be praised but this was special. I couldn’t help myself and leaned down to kiss her beautiful pussy one more time. Cathy giggled again and directed my head back up with her hands.

“It feels amazing but I am so sensitive now you have to stop.”

I kissed her belly and felt it flutter beneath my lips. I began kissing my way up her body and was delighted by the silky smooth skin of her breasts and the gentle weight of them as I nuzzled the under side of them. I wanted to explore every inch of her body. I took her hardened nipple into my mouth and smiled as she moaned. The power I had over her body like this was something I could definitely get used to.

I looked back up to Cathy and she looked at me with such tenderness I almost cried. It was a perfectly natural thing to do but it was so intensely intimate when we kissed that I swear I felt something just click into place in my mind. This felt like so much more than just lust or desire. Don’t get me wrong, I never wanted what I had with Ben to stop but I wanted this too and just as passionately.

Before I knew it we were standing, embracing and kissing incredibly passionately. We stopped for a moment and I really looked at Cathy. Her face was all red and flustered. She was covered with her own cum that had come from my face. She was breathing like she had just ran around the block and her fingers trembled as they stroked gently over my skin. Her hand slowly traced down into my sex. her finger tips gently parted my own lips and I felt myself going weak in the knees. She gently stroked my clit a few times then she removed her hand. I was briefly disappointed until she raised her wet finger to her mouth. Staring me in the eye she placed her finger in her mouth and sucked my cum from it. She moaned with pleasure as she enjoyed my flavor.

She reached out and took my hand and without losing eye contact she said to me in a silky, lust filled voice.

“Take me to your bed so I can make love to you.”

I was tingling all over just at the thought of it. I led her to my room and to the bed I had never shared with anyone but my husband. I pulled the sheets back and climbed in. They had just been changed and felt so silky on my bare skin. Cathy stood there staring at me with her eyes filled with lust. I beckoned to her as sensually as I could manage and she climbed onto the bed with me. She leaned over me as she kissed me and I could feel her nipples brush across my own breasts. I honestly couldn’t remember a time when I had been so sensitive to someone else’s touch. With Ben yesterday it had been absolutely amazing and incredibly erotic but this was just sensuality at a whole new level.

Cathy began kissing my neck and suddenly her hands and her lips were everywhere. I swear there wasn’t a single piece of my body that she didn’t touch or kiss. I was on fire and literally writhing all over the bed. Her mouth and fingers on and in my pussy were like nothing I had ever experienced before. I love the roughness of a man’s hands and the stubble on his cheeks is very masculine but the soft smooth touch of a woman was a whole new experience. One that I knew I would be experiencing over and over again. This was something I would never give up.

The way her smooth soft face felt pressed between my thighs as her tongue and lips performed magic on me that I can’t even begin to put into words, was so decadent and delicious. She spoiled me and made me feel like a queen. The moment she made me cum with two of her slender fingers inside me and her tongue on my clit was one that I was nervous about because the moment I felt it coming I knew it was going to be a wet one. Cathy was so excited about making me squirt though and afterwards when we were lying naked in each others arms I couldn’t help but taste some of my own cum on her face.

We both lay there for what felt like hours, just gently caressing each other and murmuring sweet nothings. It felt so right to be in her arms, it felt like home. I couldn’t believe it. After all that had happened recently here I was possibly falling in love with another woman. Life was becoming incredibly complicated.

Long before either of us was ready for it we had to go. Geoff was due home within the next hour or so and as much as I didn’t want to I had to clean up. The thought of washing myself and the bed sheets and removing the evidence of what had happened over the last few days was incredibly disappointing. I didn’t want this to be a dirty little secret, I wanted to revel in my new found joy, share it with the world. Unfortunately the world wasn’t ready for that, probably never would be and it would make me pay dearly for my passion.

Cathy’s husband had been out with some mates for the day and he too could come home at any tick of the clock. The one thing I knew for sure though was that this was by no means a one time only thing. This was going to happen again and the sooner the better.