Consensual Restraint

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I can’t help it; my heart always kind of skips a beat when I read that. I always wonder, “Is it him?” Very seldom, it is. He doesn’t like to put anything down that might be seen by my husband. He’s smart.

I’m not, I guess. I write him volumes sometimes, telling him how much I miss him, and describing in graphic detail what I think about him doing to me. He tells me to put more energy into writing stories about what we’ve already done. I think he likes reading them after the fact, and experiencing them through a stranger’s eyes. It’s voyeurism, in a way; right? That’s okay. I like being watched………by him, and by others. He knows that.


Consensual Restraint

8:00 A.M.

I was on the phone as soon as Gary left the house. “He’ll be gone for hours,” I whispered, when he picked up at his end.

“Then, get your skinny ass over here,” he growled, “and let me take you to heaven.” He hung up. I hung on for a few more seconds, listening to the sound of empty air and daydreaming. My hand slipped under my nightie and between my legs, my fingers absentmindedly seeking. Past the furry tuft of my mound and down, slipping easily between my moist labia, my middle finger curled and dipped inside. I was wet; I always got wet, instantly, when Dan talked to me that way.

I lay back in bed, the phone forgotten, as I began to stroke my pussy slowly. I imagined him, lying in his own bed. I wondered if he was as hard as I was wet, and my finger moved faster. With my other hand, I tossed the sheets toward my feet and spread myself wide, allowing the fingers of my right hand to explore deeper; more urgently. Soon I could hear the sounds of my own wetness. My pelvis began to move, grinding into the sheet below, and my breathing could be heard across the room.

When I came, I came hard, as I always do, imagining him. My back arched and my head swam, lost in blurry visions of lust and carnal pleasure, and I squealed my pleasure aloud. Then I noticed an intermittent buzzing in my ears.

“Oh, shit!” I grunted, and began searching for the phone I’d dropped. I found it, twisted in the sheets I’d thrown off the end of the bed, and replaced it in its cradle. “Too bad he didn’t get to hear me,” I pouted. He’d like that!

I was at his place in about 25 minutes. Dressed in shorts and a camisole top, I made it easy for him to get me naked. After our first kiss, my sneakers were scattered just inside the door, my top on the floor halfway to the bedroom. My shorts he hung on the doorknob, just before he pushed me onto the bed.

I lay back, my arms outstretched, and watched him undress. He’s 32 years my senior, but I never tire of looking at his body. He feels the same way about me. His eyes were on me steadily as he pulled his pants off his legs, and I spread my own legs widely, showing off my pussy.

“Is that for me?” he teased, and I laughed. “Is that for ME?” I retorted, indicating his cock, which was now swinging free. It was half-hard, and stiffening quickly.

My father-in-law’s cock is a beautiful thing. Emerging from a bushy growth of salt-and-pepper pubic hair, it curves slightly to his right. When fully erect, the head is broad and flat, like a poisonous snake. The shaft is thick and veiny, and long enough to touch the places in me that need to be touched. I love to feel it in my mouth, the head sliding alongside my uvula as I try to deep-throat him. Lately, I’ve gotten very good at Kütahya Escort it.

Dan finished removing his socks and shirt and climbed up onto the bed, his legs on either side of me. He moved up and over me until my shoulders were pinned under his knees, then laughed as he leaned forward, watching my eyes.

“Whatcha gonna do now, little girl?” he teased, dangling his cock over me. I opened my mouth and let him slide it across my lips, back and forth. I tried to catch it with my tongue as it passed over me, and he laughed again. “Oh, hell, Tori,” he said, laughing. “I can’t wait all day!”

With that, he plunged into my waiting mouth, and I gladly enveloped his heat.

* * *

Later, I lay snoozing on his bed, my body all relaxed and tingly. I felt him get up.

“Where ya going?” I asked sleepily, and he leaned over me and planted a kiss on my lips. I felt his tongue on my lip, and opened my mouth. We kissed for a long moment, and I felt my head spin, as always. Then he pulled away.

“Got a surprise for you,” he said. “Stay there.”

I dozed as the smell of coffee wafted through the room, and waited for my surprise, fully expecting to be served a late breakfast in bed. When I felt his hand on my ankles, though, I woke to see him slipping a loop of soft rope around one.

“What are you…” I asked, and he shushed me with a finger to his lips. He pulled that ankle under the other, and secured the rope to the opposite side of the footboard.

“Go with me on this,” he said softly, and I waited, intrigued, as he looped the other ankle, even raising my foot for him. He smiled and told me to roll over, then pulled my other leg toward that side of the footboard.

“Shouldn’t I be screaming or something?” I joked, looking over my shoulder at him. I held my arm out obediently as he came around the bed, chuckling. He looped my wrist and pulled my arm out, hard.

“Oh, you’ll be screaming, I expect,” he said, mysteriously.

It felt weird, being tied up in his brightly lit studio apartment in the middle of the morning. Traffic was going by just outside, and I could faintly hear the ocean as he secured my other wrist. Suddenly, I felt uncomfortable. We’d never done this before, and Dan was strangely silent as he worked. “Honey?” I asked, feeling very vulnerable. I was totally nude, and spread out to the world on his bed. I had the nagging thought that he might want to show me off to someone! My pussy contracted involuntarily at the thought, and my hips rocked against the sheets. I spoke his name, questioningly. He didn’t answer; just left the room. He returned within a minute, and my world went black as he slipped a silky black hood over my head.

“Dan!” I was really nervous now, as I felt him tightening drawstrings around my neck. I took a deep breath. There was a hole where my mouth was and I could breathe, but the feeling was suffocating, nonetheless.

Then I felt his hands on me, sliding up from my waist to under my arms, and he cupped a breast in each hand. I relaxed, enjoying his touch, and felt my nipples stiffen under his expert manipulations.

“God, I love your body,” he breathed, and climbed onto the bed, straddling the backs of my legs. I could feel his cock resting on my ass, and the heat was exciting. I moved beneath him, loving the way his weight pressed my clit against the sheets. His hands moved up and down my back, massaging away my trepidation.

“Tori,” Kütahya Escort Bayan he said, softly. “Do you trust me?” I did, and murmured my agreement.

“Relax, then. Enjoy the experience. We talked about this once. This is the next big step.”

My mind began to go over past conversations with him, as his hands brought pleasure to my body. From shoulders and neck on down, he stroked and kissed me, slowly and methodically moving down the path of my spine. His hands pushed my thighs apart, and his lips trailed across my ass, kissing each cheek lovingly. I was delirious with pleasure as he neared my pussy. His lips teased me briefly, bringing my body quickly toward its peak. When he stretched forward and retrieved a pillow from the head of the bed, all I could do was moan, anticipating his next move. He then pulled the pillow under my hips. I suddenly couldn’t think anymore, and when my body allowed him entrance, all I knew was the pleasure of his cock inside me.

For the longest time, he held motionless inside me. Then he began to stroke, ever-so-slowly, in and out, his hands kneading the skin of my hips and waist, until my body was humming with desire for him. I begged him to fuck me harder.

He laughed, softly. His instructions were short and concise. “Remember,” he said. “relax and enjoy.”

Enjoy I did, though his pace was maddening. I clenched his cock with my pussy, hoping to draw him into moving into me faster, but he stopped each time, and it only frustrated me more. My cloaked head thrashed back and forth against the sheets, and I could hear his chuckling above me. I wanted the rush of release, so badly, and it was driving me crazy, knowing he could control me so well.

Finally, I felt him move into a regular rhythm. I strained toward my climax, and suddenly he was gone. He pulled quickly out and, without a word, climbed off the bed, leaving me vacant and clenching at empty air.

“Dan!” I screamed, frustrated and suddenly angry. This was the worst form of torture I could comprehend. No answer. Then, his voice, softly, at my ear. I strained to hear. ” “God, you’re so sexy,” he said, breathily. My body tensed, waiting, my every nerve on high alert.

I felt him on the end of the bed again, and then his body was against mine. His hands slid up my sides and grasped my shoulders tightly. They didn’t feel as warm as before, and they held me like a vise. And then he was inside me. I began to move again, urging him to move with me.

His cock felt different, somehow. It touched places he hadn’t before. He was also now wearing a condom. But Dan’s voice was just above and behind me, exciting me as he fucked me, telling me how hot I was; how sexy. I could barely hear him, concentrating on reaching that peak before he stopped me again. My pussy swallowed his cock to the base, and I felt the tingles begin again. Oh, god! So close………

He began to move faster, and my orgasm built. I groaned, “Yes!” over and over again. His grip on my shoulders tightened, and I felt him really lean into me. His voice grew raspy as he urged me on, saying, “That’s it, Tori. Cum for us, baby! Do it.”

Suddenly, I was there. I strained upward, my back arching. “Oooooh, god!” I yelled. I yanked at my bound hands, wanting to support myself, but I could only drop my head onto the bed and moan, as it rolled over me. My whole body was alive; a network of twisted nerve endings, all transmitting pleasure Escort Kütahya from my pussy. I thrashed beneath him, my restraints serving only to torment me. The hood over my head isolated and exaggerated my pleasure, magnifying the sensations.

Dan rode my orgasm out, moving very little as it subsided, then beginning his slow thrusting torture again, once my body had calmed. I was still very excited, my nerve endings still on fire for him. I began to climb toward a second climax almost immediately. Then I felt the hands on either side of my face, turning me to face forward.

“Dan?” I asked, wondering who the second set of hands belonged to. They held me tightly, forcing me to face the head of the bed as a cock……..a very familiar cock, found its way through the hole in my hood and teased my lips. I opened my mouth to ask, “Dan? What the…….mmpppfffhhhh!” Suddenly my mouth was filled with my favorite veiny piece of meat, and as I sucked Dan’s dick, I was left to wonder who was pummeling away so delightfully at my pussy.

I came again, with Dan’s cock in my throat; and then once more, when the stranger behind me finally stiffened, and I could feel the flexing of his scrotum as he filled the condom with his seed. I was alive with pleasure. Two lovers were using me as their personal fuck-doll, and all I could do was enjoy. They switched, then, and I sucked the slimy coating off the stranger’s dick as Dan had his turn at my well-lubricated pussy. I came yet again, thrashing uselessly against my bonds as the pleasure drove me lustily insane. He came shortly after, filling my pussy. Then they were both gone, and I collapsed onto the bed, where I fell asleep.

“Tori?” His voice wafted into my consciousness as I felt his hands at my neck, loosening the drawstrings of my hood. I looked gratefully up at his face as he drew the hood away, and smiled. “I don’t guess that was just a nice dream,” I asked, and he laughed softly.

“Well, I’d hoped you would enjoy it,” he told me, as he freed my hands, one at a time. He bent to kiss me, and I pulled him to me, kissing him deeply.

“Dan,” I breathed, “I more than enjoyed it. You gave me what a lot of girls only dream of. I don’t know how to thank you.” I kissed him again, feeling the slimy issue leaking from between my thighs. I was hornier than ever, feeling that.

“Untie my legs,” I breathed, “and I’ll let you do me again.” I thought it sounded sexy, but he laughed. He rose from the bed, came around me, and swatted my right ass cheek, then my left. It burned deliciously.

“Or,” he said wickedly, as he climbed between my legs, “I’ll just take you at my leisure.” He untied my ankles, though, before looping his arm around my waist and pulling me up onto my knees. He stuffed another pillow under my hips.

“Oh, god,” I sighed, anticipating the feel of his dick inside me again, and dropped my head onto the mattress. My need for him was overpowering, and when he entered me, my senses reeled. He fucked me slowly at first, prolonging both our pleasures, until the need became too great. Then, his hands went to my shoulders, and he held me tightly as he slammed into me. Just like the stranger earlier, I realized, and my lust drove me over the edge. I’m such a slut, sometimes……

Dan felt my orgasm, and thrust even harder, escalating my climax as he reached for his own. When he let go inside me, I literally screamed.

Later, he said to me, “You’d better get home, you know.” I moaned, lost in the half-world between sleep and lust, not wanting to leave him. He chuckled. “Come on,” he said, taking my hand as he rose from the bed. “You need a shower before you see my son, and I could use some good clean sex!”

That got me moving…

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