Consorting with Romance Ch. 04


This is a novella length romance story. There will be plenty of sex, but it won’t appear in every chapter.

(warning: contains elements of prostitution)

Copyright 2019

The first pale rays of morning light were peeking in under the drapes when I woke to his fingers tracing the curve of my chest and his lips exploring my neck. I moaned deeply, reveling in the sensation of his touch, his solid body against mine, and the unique feeling of absence that came from having had him inside of me only hours earlier.

“I want you.” He whispered against my ear as he nibbled.

I whimpered and rolled my body against his. “You have me love.”

“No,” His breath and words were warm against my skin. “I want you to make love to me. I want to feel you move inside of me.”

I trembled with pleasure as he continued his ministrations at my neck. “You can have anything. Everything.”

He made soft noises of pleasure as he flicked his tongue along the skin under my ear. “I mean right now. I want you now.”

I leaned my head back to catch his eyes. They were open, and loving, and full of need. I was certainly no match for him in the cock department, but I could hold my own in a room of men. I was above average, around 8 inches and decently thick. I was only too happy to give him what he asked for, but I needed to know how much attention his ass was used to in order to make sure he enjoyed himself.

“When was the last time you did that?” I half moaned as I stretched, enjoying the feel of his strength against me.

He blushed deeply. I was always amazed that someone with his olive complexion could blush that way. I raised an eyebrow.

“Never.” He said quietly and dropped his eyes from mine.

I was genuinely shocked. How was it that all of his past lovers had let his giant dick anywhere near them?

“I thought you said you’d had serious boyfriends?” I asked.

“I have. I guess it’s just always made me nervous and I’ve said no.” I was always surprised at how open he was with me.

“Love, we should take our time then and work up to it.” I didn’t want to say no, but I knew I should.

His eyes searched mine pleadingly. “Please.” He whispered again.

I leaned in to brush my lips over his as I took his jaw in my hand and nodded softly. He whimpered and rolled onto his back, pulling me with him. Although we were nearly the same size, he had an uncanny way of using his muscular form so agilely that it seemed he maneuvered us both without effort.

I smiled gently into those golden eyes. “Just relax love. It will take a while to get you ready, but I promise you’ll enjoy every minute of it.”

He brushed a stray lock of hair from my cheek with a lust filled groan as I slide my jaw along his, enjoying the stubble we had each acquired over the past day. With a contented sigh, I turned my attention to his chest, circling a nipple with my tongue and sucking tenderly. His fingers clutched at my hair as his body arched up. He liked it. I nipped the hard nub lightly with my teeth, drawing a growling moan from deep in his throat. I took my time moving along his chest and stomach, savoring his taste, touching every delicious inch of his skin. His abs still bore traces of my seed from the night before and I cleaned them completely before moving to trail the tip of my tongue along the underside of his gorgeous, throbbing cock.

He jumped and tightened his fingers in my hair. “Ahhh… Fuck.”

“Not that.” He groaned.

I stopped instantly and looked up in confusion as he raised his head to meet my gaze.

“I want to do everything with you, but not all at once, I want to savor it all. Save that for another time.”

I flicked my tongue across his leaking slit once more, taking my time to enjoy the sweetness of him.

“It will help ass play feel sexual instead of strange to you the first time.” I tried to coax him.

He shook his head. “Save it.”

I nodded and dragged my body sensually up along his.

“I don’t want to hurt you love.” I whispered against his lips.

He just smiled sweetly; amber eyes glowing. “I trust you.”

Taking his neck tightly in my hand, I covered his mouth with mine; completely possessing him until he groaned and ground up against me as I reached for the lube. I rocked against his side, grinding my already slick hardness into his hip. My lips never paused in attending to his neck and collar bone as I reached my slick fingers between his legs and brushed them lightly across his hole. He whimpered and squirmed at my touch, but his legs opened further for me. My lips slid lower; sucking and nibbling gently on one nipple at a time as my middle finger circled his tight pucker and pressed against it with ever increasing pressure. His whimpering continued in a quiet, indistinguishable flow.

God, I loved those noises. I’m a good bottom. I’ve always enjoyed the feel of a man inside of me, but there is something uniquely sensual that comes with bringing someone else so much pleasure they lose track of reality. Sakarya Escort

I rolled my body once more, sliding the swollen head of my cock along his, the precum leaking from us both allowing us to slip easily along one another. I caught an earlobe between my teeth and slipped my middle finger completely into him. I angled it quickly up, searching for that small hard spot; knowing the sudden pleasure would partially distract from the new sensation of having something inside of him. His body shuddered and he cried out; his head falling back as I found it. I drew slow circles around that small sensitive point until his entire body was straining and his cries were continuous before beginning to work my finger gently in and out of him, using the new sensation to bring him back from the edge. Allowing him time to catch his breath. Gradually he relaxed and his body returned to the bed. His eyes caught mine, wide and full of pleasure and shock. I leaned up and parted his lips with my own, tenderly encouraging his tongue into my mouth as I slipped a second finger into him.

His moan against my lips and his fingers digging into my back sent shivers down my spine. God I was going to cum before I was inside him just from the way he responded to my touch. I worked deliberately and gently. Sliding my slick fingers in and out of him, twisting them as I pressed in, and spreading them as I pulled back, opening him slowly. Every few strokes, pressing a bit deeper, brushing his prostate and causing him to jump and clutch me tightly.

“Please.” He panted as he forced his head up to catch my gaze.

I smiled and shook my head. “Not yet.”

Like lightening, he leaned up, my fingers still deep inside him as he took my jaw in his hand, covering my mouth with his. His tongue thrust deep and he drew the tip along the underside of mine until I moaned.

He pulled away and let his head fall back once more. “Please.”

I knew he wasn’t quite ready, but his need would dull the pain. I shifted my hips to rest between his, stroking and lubing myself quickly. His knees instinctively hooked around my hips as my head gently probed at his opening. He wrapped his arms tightly around me, clawing at my shoulders and gasping breathlessly in anticipation. I slid my jaw along his and nibbled at his ear, pressing harder. I felt his resistance intensify against the invasion as his body tensed under me. Where he had previously been panting, he now held his breath.

“Breath love.” I whispered.

He responded without hesitation and as he exhaled, his body relaxed, and he bore down on me lightly. I pressed my hips forward with his breath and my head slid easily into him. He was unimaginably tight. The heat of his slick, naked tunnel around me was something I’d never experienced before.

I felt his fingernails cut into my skin as he arched and cried out. “Fuck…God…Ahhhh…”

I trailed my tongue along his neck and whispered against his skin. “I love you.”

He relaxed against me and I held, unmoving, until his embrace softened. I’d never been inside someone unprotected before, and it was nearly more than I could bear. It took all my concentration to focus on his pleasure instead of getting lost in mine. I began to move once more. Years passed as we clung to one another, both fixated on the sensation of my hard cock inching its way into his welcoming warmth. My hips had only just settled against him when his back arched and he cried out again. His ass clamped down around me as it spasmed with his release and I felt a rush of wet heat between our bellies. I groaned and buried my face in the bend of his neck as I joined him. Filling him until my own warm fluid leaked out of his hole and ran down the front of my thigh.

As the dark void in which only pleasure exists slowly faded and reality settled back around us, I realized we had both been forever changed by this night. We belonged to one another completely.

He brushed my hair back from my face, trailing his fingers through the pale locks as our eyes met. Our lips played tenderly until I softened and slipped from him. He trembled once more and smiled lovingly into my eyes. I curled up against his side as he had mine the night before and we slept until late afternoon.

When I woke, he had rolled onto his stomach, pale sheets resting just below his perfectly tanned low back, one leg bent up almost to his chest. I propped my head up in my hand and took in the broad expanse of smooth skin for a long while before sliding over and curling around his back. My stomach was a crusty mess. I didn’t care. He squeaked in pleasure as I wrapped my body against his. He rolled over to face me, sliding close and slipping his knee between mine. Those glowing eyes searched mine lovingly for a few moments and I spoke quickly before I could talk myself out of it.

“I know it won’t really change much. You’re at school a ton, and we both have work and everything, but…” I hesitated a moment. “live here? I know you’ll stay at the dorm Adapazarı Escort still a lot of nights, but call this home?”

I don’t think I’d ever see him grin quite so large. “Seriously?”

I brushed my lips across his. “Yes please.”

His fingertips trailed along my cheekbone and jawline as he searched my emerald gaze. “Nothing would make me happier.”

When Jesse came home with me the next Friday, he brought a bag of his things, mostly clothes, but a few pictures of family and personal effects as well. While not much changed in our day to day routine. I often found myself noticing how comforting and reassuring it was to see his shorts thrown over the back of a chair, or his shampoo in the shower on the days I woke and got ready for work alone.

Time seemed to fly at breakneck speed, and several months passed in the blink of an eye. Months in which we both found happiness and contentment together. The one thing that surprised me was how sexually voracious it was possible to be with someone you loved. I found myself having to take fewer clients on Fridays and Saturdays so that I would have the energy to keep up at home. It was something I was beyond thrilled to have to do. So, I’d have to work an extra year before I retired. I’d work for the rest of my life if it meant I got to spend it with Jesse.

Before we knew it, a year had passed since that first Holiday we spent together, and while I gave our plans little thought, Jesse had other ideas. The idea of meeting his large, happy family was terrifying, but I knew it had been hard on him last year when he’d been unable to go home to see them, and when he asked if I’d spend the holiday with his family this year, I couldn’t help but say yes.

I packed carefully and conservatively, unsure of what to expect. Jess had told me his family knew I was coming and knew what I did for a living. He assured me that no one cared, but he was blind when it came to me, and it was entirely possibly they were less ok with things than he realized. I’d carefully dug up a small strawberry plant and packed it in an organic transport unit that I tucked into my suitcase. Hopefully, the gift would help ease any concerns a family of farmers might have about someone like me dating one of their loved ones. As I made sure it was safely ensconced in my bag, Jesse walked into the bedroom and unceremoniously shoved a couple of shirts into his case and slung it over his shoulder.

“Ready?” He asked as he made his way to my side.

He slipped an arm around my waist and nuzzled into the bend of my neck. The way he held me always made me melt. It was a good thing we both had busy schedules, because when we were together, it was a feat of pure will that I ever accomplished anything.

“Ready as I’ll ever be, I suppose.” I said in a deflated tone that was only half sarcastic.

He chuckled. “They’re going to love you. Calm your pants.”

I wiggled an eyebrow. “Since when do you want what’s in my pants to be calm?”

He stepped closer, his scent and warmth overwhelming my senses. His hand tightened on my low back as the other slid down to cup me gently.

“Valid Point. I hardly ever want that. But, unless you want to miss our train, rain check on the not calm pants?”

I just grinned and brushed my lips across his. Something that I seemed to do a hundred times a day.

The train ride was long, close to 7 hours. It was something I wasn’t used to, and I spent a large part of the day napping on Jesse’s shoulder as he studied. When we arrived in the parking lot of the station, a beautiful woman in an old pickup truck honked at us and waved through the open driver’s window. When we made it to the truck, she was instantly in Jesse’s arms. As they embraced, he picked her up and swung her around for a long while before he sat her back on the ground and turned to reach my direction with a smile.

“Sarah, this is my boyfriend Ash. Ash, my sister Sarah.” He made formal introductions.

I held out my hand. “Pleasure to meet you Sarah.”

She just laughed, bypassed my hand, and hugged me briefly. I hadn’t expected that. “Good to meet you too Ash. Jess speaks of little else these days.”

I dropped my eyes, slightly embarrassed and concerned over what he might have said. They both chuckled a bit and started talking about family things as Jess slipped his hand to my back and guided me to the passenger side of the truck. He settled into the center seat and I slipped in after him beside the window. As they talked about random tings, I found myself distracted by the beauty of the land flying past outside the window. For miles and miles there was nothing but fields of wheat and corn and vegetables. I rolled the window down and let me fingers play in the wind; chin resting on my bicep, as I took it all in. The sights and smells of nothing but earth and vegetation were something I was unfamiliar with. They said little to me as they caught up, but Jesse’s fingers never left my back; gently drawing random patterns along Serdivan Escort it through the thin cotton of my t shirt.

His fingers tapped on my back a bit harder and I rose from my revelry and turned my head. They both wore amused smiles.

“I said, have you ever been to farm country before?” Sarah asked.

I felt color rush to my cheeks. Clearly it wasn’t the first time she’d asked the question.

“When I was young.” I said briefly. “We passed through a place like this once when we were moving to another city.”

She smiled and nodded. “What do you think?”

“It’s amazing. I could stay forever I think.” I said wistfully.

They both laughed kindly, and I went back to my study of the scene passing us by. It seemed like only moments before we pulled into a long drive that led to several houses placed randomly in the middle of large fields. Much larger buildings rose up a half mile or so behind them, I assumed for storage.

When we stepped out of the truck a large fluffy white dog was on us before our feet hit the ground. Jess dropped to his knees and the thing covered him completely, licking his face and making happy whining noises. I grabbed our bags from the truck bed as he extricated himself from its fuzzy grasp and took his from my shoulder before slipping his fingers into mine. It was a larger home than I was used to seeing in the city. Two stories in white and deep blue with a wide, wraparound porch. We stepped into a small foyer where we dropped our bags. To the left was a set of stairs leading up, and to the right, a small drawing room, stylishly appointed in creams and pale greens. We walked straight ahead, into a kitchen that smelled as if something had been cooking for hours. The elegant older woman chopping something at the counter instantly turned to greet us. She had the same glowing smile and amber eyes as Jesse. He released my hand and they hugged tightly for a long time. Something in my chest ached at the scene. God this family loved him. What must that be like? Another attractive woman around our age followed suit.

He reached for my hand once more and pulled me forward. “Mom, Grace, this is Ash. Ash, my mother Mary, and my sister in law Grace.”

I could only nod, unsure of myself in this unfamiliar scene. They both moved in succession to hug me briefly.

“Such a pleasure to meet you Ash. Jesse says wonderful things about you.” His mother said with a smile in Jesse’s direction.

He just grinned. “Do you blame me?”

She looked me over purposefully. “Not a bit. Why don’t you boys take your things upstairs and wash up. Your dad and brother should be about finished checking the hydroponics and dinner is nearly ready.”

“Yes ma’am.” Came Jesse’s quick reply, and he turned back the way we came.

I simply nodded and followed. We hauled our bags upstairs and down a long hall into a small bedroom. It was deep blue with a few framed photos of starry night skies and an old black and white photo of a baseball field. Jesse’s room. I found myself taking it all in, wondering what the youth that inhabited this room would have been like. What his childhood must have been like. So different from my own.

I startled when he came up behind me. His firm chest and stomach pressed against my back, and his soft cock settled between my cheeks, knowing it belonged there. I leaned back on his shoulder with a soft whimper of pleasure as his arms encircled me and his lips found their favorite spot in the bend of my neck. Suddenly it didn’t matter how unfamiliar my surroundings were. He was my home. I ran my hand along his forearm and pressed back against him.

He chuckled and groaned as he began to harden against my ass. “As tempting as you are. You do NOT want to be late to one of Momma’s dinners.”

“I bet we could be quick.” I said with humor in my voice.

In the past few months we’d been sleeping together, one thing had become very clear. Our need for one another was intense and insatiable. He nipped harder at my neck, drawing a moan of pleasure from me.

“Later.” He promised as his lips curled into a smile against my skin.

With an exaggerated groan I pulled myself from his embrace and dug through my bag to pull out the small box.

He raised an eyebrow. “What’s that?”

“Gift.” I said with a grin.

He raised his eyebrow further and when I said nothing he just laughed. “Ok. Ok. Come on you.”

His fingers laced through mine as we made our way down the stairs, back through the kitchen and out the wide doors to the back porch. The place was breathtaking. The large white porch held a long, tastefully appointed table surrounded by cushioned chairs in pale tan. The view of the endless deep brown and bright green fields was stunning. There were a handful of people around the table who all stopped their chatting as we emerged, and Jesse completed the introductions. His father John, brother Ken, brother in law Bret, and grandmother Susan. Introductions complete; his siblings made their way into the kitchen to bring out dinner. Jess and I were left with only his parents and grandmother for a moment and it seemed like an opportune time. I settled the box on the table in front of his mother before I took my seat. They all looked up at me with the same questioning gaze Jesse often offered me.