Constantinople Seige


Sarah had never left the walled city. She had just turned 18 years of age. But now was no time to leave the city. Invaders had arrived once again. They were outside the fort, a thousand or so. They had failed to breach the city several times before. But this time they were angry and more in number.

The city had a well and food stocks as well as sheep, goats and chickens. Sarah of course was a virgin as most of the girls were. She was a very, very attractive girl.

What worried Sarah was that a man arrived at the city, half dead. His city was overtaken by these same marauders. He had been left for dead. But he had lived and eventually had walked over to her town. At night he would tell tales of the taking of his town.

These frightened Sarah greatly. He explained how his town was very secure and how the invasion came as a complete surprise. The dirty, smelly, crude invaders had breached the walls and entered the city. Then they began capturing the women. The pretty ones first.

Sarah would shiver as the details were revealed. The taken women were not treated well. They were Eskort made to perform oral sex on the invaders and made to swallow their semen. This really made Sarah frightened.

James and Charles had been working on the front gate to bolster it up. But lately they had taken to drink and many of the towns people had confronted them about it. But they said that by fall, the strengthened gates would be completed and surely nothing would happen before fall as most raids were in the winter when the invaders became very hungry.

As the weeks went on James and Charles became even more drunk and idle. Gossip of the danger circulated around the frightened women. Being taken was one of the biggest fears of medieval women. Many did not survive but those that did were not to be envied.

Sarah was washing clothing one morning when a loud cheer went up from the invaders outside the wall. James and Charles were passed out. The invaders charged at the gate and it held. But Sarah saw it shake. One of the iron hinges began to break loose from the main front gate post.

The invaders fell back. But that night, they came again. This time angrier and more in number. They requested a meeting. The city mayor came to the top of the wall. The invaders demanded the women of the town, or they would burn it down.

Sarah was shaken. The council met and talked about giving them some of the prettier women to appease them. Sarah was brought before the council along with a dozen other pretty women. Ten were selected including Sarah and marched up to the top of the wall.

This only served to encourage invaders. But they demanded all of the women.

Sarah made eye contact with one invader in an animal skin. She could see him saying that he was going to have her. She shuddered and turned away. Then he threw an apple and it hit her in the head smarting severely.

The women were taken back down. Sarah was terrified. The barbarian wanted her. She shuddered. The other women were also frightened. Her head was sore from being struck.

That night the invaders built a large fire and charged the gate again. No one had repaired the broken iron hinge. As they hit the gate with a much larger battering ram, the iron hinge became looser and weaker. The gate began to part from the gate post. The man i the sheepskin pointed to the weakened area of the gate and the battering ram was shifted over there.

Sarah could not believe what was happening. The pounding at the gate increased. The hinge broke and the gate leaned in. The barbarians cheered. The towns people attempted to tie it up with rope, but that was useless.

Now the center hinge broke. The gate leaned in and the invaders cheered. Then the ram hit the bottom and the gate gave way. The invaders charged in. The man in the animal skin saw Sarah and ran after her.

She ran for her house and beat him in the door. But he began breaking it down. She ran out the back and he grabbed her by the ankle. She went down. Like a tiger on a water buffalo it was clear who was going to work out.

The man got her firmly and she screamed out. But no one heard or even cared at that point. The man dragged her to a shed and she realized that she was going to lose her virginity.

He got her down and his breath stank. She fought back and then he hit her hard in the face and told her not to resist.