Contacted Through Feedback 2.0


“I want you to taste my butt.”

Not a bad start to a conversation… I stared at my computer screen, and re-read that brief message over and over. I love days that begin with surprises, and this one had potential…

Maybe it needs to be said, but despite what it may seem like, I don’t lick just ANYONE’s ass; further research is always required. A man must have standards, after all, and there are plenty online who just like the dirty messages back and forth, and aren’t seriously looking for a play partner. I honestly don’t mind chatting with all sorts of people, so learning about new friends is never a chore, but it’s always nice when it turns into something more… In any case, I didn’t get my hopes up too much with just this one message from a random fan – I had to feel her out, so to speak. Well, I’m here now happy to report that it turns out this particular girl is a fucking jackpot! I don’t question how the universe works, I just thank my lucky stars that she somehow found my writing online.

First thing I learned about Alana is, obviously, she’s very forward. She is the kind of girl that, if she wants something, she absolutely lets you know. And in my case, she made it clear that she REALLY wanted my tongue. In her asshole. That’s pretty much it. I love that kind of confidence in a partner, and I was excited to see where she would actually take this.

Turns out, Alana lives in Chicago and said she loves Minneapolis, and now that she knows I’m there, she definitely has another reason to visit. After some brief exchanges, along with descriptions and pictures back and forth (she’s a beautiful brunette with hard to describe, but striking hazel eyes), I decided that I definitely wanted to take this girl up on her offer.

“I LOVE what you did to Lily – can you do that to me?”

I was staring at a picture of Alana’s spread ass that she sent to me when I responded, “Fuck yes. Get your hot little ass over here and I’ll do all that and more!”

“More? 😉 I just want you to eat my ass forever…” What a fucking reply! Please, just get into town now, Alana! But I had to wait…

Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait long – apparently, she was thinking of coming to town to visit friends over the summer, and after finding me online, made her final decision based on my response to her “request.” She was driving up for an extended weekend, and made sure I’d be free to see her before she booked her hotel.

The funny thing was, I didn’t really know anything else at all about her. A few details here and there, but I was honestly a little nervous that the chemistry would be off. Looking back on how anxious I was I have to laugh: I forget that one of the best ways to lower inhibitions and focus on having the hottest time possible is by hooking up with strangers. Haha, not always of course, but in this case, yes, it was fucking hot! Who cares if she doesn’t like the same music or books or TV shows that I do (though she actually does like many of the same things, thankfully 😉 )!

It was a weekday, and I arrived at her hotel early in the afternoon (very nice hotel downtown), bringing a shoulder bag with a few “goodies” in it (always be prepared); she texted me her room number. Straight to it, then! I was definitely excited to see this pretty, confident brunette that I only knew from her pictures and messages, and I found myself moving very quickly through the hotel lobby and to the elevators. In no time, I was standing outside of her door, ready to knock…

I knocked, and after a few seconds the door opened a bit, with her pretty hazel eyes peering at me around the corner, followed by a blindingly sexy smile. I was looking down into her gorgeous face, and felt my lips curl up in a stupid grin. Alana opened the door wider and stepped out from behind it, and holy shit, she looked fucking spectacular. She was only wearing a bra and panties (baby blue and black matching set) and her dark hair was in a ponytail. I dropped my bag on the floor as she pulled me into the room, and immediately we kissed. Not even a word, we just started making out. After a few seconds, I pulled back laughing.

“What’s so funny?” She had both arms around my shoulders and looked directly into my eyes.

“You are so fucking hot. Not funny, I’m just relieved.”

“Yeah? You’re fucking hot, too…” Alana pulled me back in for another long kiss, grabbing the back of my head as I let my hands start to explore her body. Of course, they went straight to her ass, where I could feel that she was wearing a thong, and after a few more seconds of kissing and groping, I could feel that she was already EXTREMELY excited. I’m sure she felt that on me, too…

I didn’t want to pull away, so she eventually pushed back with a gasp and said, again looking directly into my eyes, “So are you gonna taste my butt now?”

Yes, yes, yeeeeeeesss! Keep it together, Jack…

I could tell that she was the type that got off on talking dirty, so I held Bayan Escort her eyes and smiled, “Fuck. Yes. I’m gonna taste your butt right fucking now…” I grabbed her hips, spun her around to face the bed, pushed her upper back so she bent over but kept her legs straight, dropped to my knees and slowly licked up her left, then right thigh until my face was right behind her ass. And DAMN, Alana has an amazing fucking ass: full, smooth, perfect upside-down heart shaped ass, parted right down the middle by thin baby blue fabric that disappeared in the crack of her butt. I pushed her legs apart a little, then gave her ass cheeks a wide spread; now I could see her sexy, pink rosebud peeking around the thin blue fabric. Damn, this was going to be sweet… I pulled her thong to one side, and saw her hot little anus, slightly opened for me. Again, we were already doing this within a few minutes of actually meeting each other, practically strangers; I don’t know why that turns me on so much, but there it is! A gorgeous stranger who I happened to know for a fact wanted my tongue up her asshole…

“Do it…” I could barely hear Alana whispering. I blew air, first cool up her butt crack, then exhaled warm air directly over her anus.

“Taste it…” Alana was more forceful now, but practically whimpering. I could see and feel her body shaking a little bit… Fuck, she was REALLY into this! I moved in, one long draw of my tongue up her ass crack, her body jerked slightly like it was an electric shock and I could hear her sucking in her breath and holding it, then I extended my tongue, and pushed it right up her butthole. It didn’t go deep right away, but I didn’t remove it and kept the pressure up until I was able to get it about an inch deeper. Alana gasped, and suddenly screamed into the air, “Yeeeeeeessss!” It was on! She started rapid-fire talking as I began pumping my tongue in and out of her asshole, “That’s it, that’s the tongue I want, yes, yes, yes, oh fuck, yes, that’s it, more, more, MORE, there, right there, unh, unh, deep, FUUUUUUCK that’s sooooo deep, god, your tongue feels sooooo long, it’s deep inside my asshole… Do you like having my asshole wrapped around your tongue?” Whoa, this girl was excitable!

“Mmmph,” I pulled my face from her ass for a second, “Yes, I love it. Pinch my tongue with your butthole, girl.”

I felt both of her hands caressing the sides of my head, then pulling my face back into her delicious, welcoming booty, while she bounced her anus a few times against my tongue, then used my mouth to grind against her asshole before bouncing again, grinding, bouncing, grinding, all the while holding my head with both hands. I pulled back to catch my breath, and she stood straight up to look over her shoulder at me, “That is sooooooooo fucking gooooood. I knew it would be, Jack, this is why I wanted you. How does my butt taste?”

I was so caught up in the moment, I barely had time to process the sensory explosion of eating this gorgeous girl’s ass out. But that taste, fuck, she tasted amazing. I don’t think she was using any lotions or oils, just the full womanly flavor and scent of her ass. I swear she was sweet on the rim of her anus with those first few licks and thrusts, then a little saltier as I got deeper into her anal canal. But mostly just soft, delicate, fresh, and indescribably sensual. Of course, I couldn’t even articulate those bare descriptors to her at the time, so I just mumbled like some kind of ass zombie, “Your butt tastes amazing. Just like it looks.” And sunk my face between her two perfect globes of ass flesh, disappearing into the crack of her butt.

Alana sucked in a breath, threw her head back, and held my face inside her booty again. Before I knew it, I felt her right foot lift up against the side of my torso and squeeze against me as she wrapped it underneath my arm, then up against my head. I held on tight to her hips and continued circling my tongue around the rim of her anus, occasionally applying light butterfly licks just along the insides of her hole. Her pussy was soaking wet and gliding against my chin. I held on more tightly as I felt her slowly lift her left foot up against my body – I was now on my knees, holding this hot little ass up by the waist, while partially supporting her ass with my face and tongue up her butthole, while her legs wrapped around my upper back. I didn’t know it at the time, but Alana is pretty much a yoga expert. The way I was holding her and she was balancing and still managing to rub her sweet asshole over my mouth, I remember thinking this was like some super erotic Cirque du Soleil routine… I would’ve laughed at the time, but I was too focused on executing; at this point, her asshole was still a little tight, but I had my tongue fully extended and wiggling back and forth, up and down, circling on the inside of her anal ring, stretching and loosening her anus.

“Your tongue is so crazy, Jack. Fuck that’s amazing!”

I didn’t stop to respond, just kept rimming. Finally, I dropped her onto the bed, but I didn’t remove my face from her butt. She quickly adjusted, laying face down on the bed, ass slightly raised because my arms were beneath her hips, legs slightly parted for me to rest my body as we both settled into an epic ass eating session. I’ll go ahead and speak for both of us – we were in heaven! I rubbed my face up and down her crack as I started to give long licks the entire way. Alana was moaning lightly, then gasping and groaning whenever I slid my tongue deep inside her butthole. Soon I was repeatedly thrusting my tongue in and out of her now gaping hole, with the occasional power thrust to keep her anus nice and open, training her asshole to relax and spread wide for me.

“Damn, you’re already gaping just from my tongue! You must practice this at home…” I smile before re-inserting my tongue into the warm embrace of Alana’s butthole.

“Unh… haha, am I? No one’s ever done what you’re doing to me before…”

“Good. I’m happy to be your first…”

“Yeah? Are you training me?” It should be noted she was spreading her ass wide and pushing her butt back towards my face when she said this.

“Fuck yes. I’m training your butthole to take my tongue…” I shoved my tongue hard into her open anus, into the depths of her rectum.

“AAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhahaa yeeeeeesssss!” Alana moaned into the air, and pushed her ass back hard against my face, trying to get me as deep in her butt as she could. Finally, I pulled back for air, but she just followed my face with her ass and got up on her knees, again pushing her butt back to find my mouth. I smiled to myself as I repositioned, spread each of her cheeks, and sealed my lips around her anus to suck.

“Fooooooooo, wow, yes.” She was panting a little now, and reacting to the sucking sensations I was making on her anus. I transitioned from sucking to making out, alternating between the two as I continued my oral attention on her asshole.

“Mmmmmmm…” I was moaning into her butt, grabbing both cheeks and slapping them against my face with a wiggle. She must’ve liked that sensation, too, because soon she was using her own hands to press her butt cheeks against my face, then pulled them wide before releasing and slapping them repeatedly against my cheeks. After awhile, it was getting difficult to keep my breath, so I pulled out, breathing heavily.

“You like that, Jack?”

“Oh, fuck yes. That’s so hot.”

“Good. I like that too. But now I want you to do something else for me…”

Alana definitely had a new position in mind. “I want your face here,” she pointed at the end of the bed. I had a general idea of what she was thinking – I laid down on the bed, with just my head slightly leaning over the edge. Alana grabbed my mouth in one hand, squeezing my cheeks into a pucker and kissed me, hard. “Haha, good boy. You know what I want, don’t you?” I will never forget the intensity in her eyes as she looked into me. Pure lust and desire. So. Fucking. Hot. I just nodded – haha, at this point in my life, I know EXACTLY what to do with a gorgeous girl’s asshole when she presents it to my mouth. Alana moved to stand up next to my head, facing away from my body, then straddled my face so she was standing over me, feet on the ground, her asshole right on top of my mouth, as I lay on the bed staring up at her pussy. I slid my tongue out, and felt the texture of her anus – Alana responded to the sensation of my tongue on her butthole by immediately grinding her ass crack up and down my face. Perfect; I love this! Mostly I couldn’t see anything, so it forced me to focus on the sensation of her smooth buttcrack and ridges of her anus as it glided over my tongue in long, sensual motions, then speeding up, then slowing down again as she moaned in pleasure. I could see her move her hands up to squeeze her tits as she got into the fluidity of her grinding motion of her ass on my face. I just kept my tongue out, long and flexible, to allow the entire length of my tongue to slide the entire length of her butt crevice, which had the bonus effect of allowing me the pleasure of all of my taste buds at work. I could taste and smell it all, and with my nose moving between her asshole and pussy, the full sensations of her womanhood practically blew up my sensory system with pure delight. Did I already mention I was in heaven? And she sure as fuck was enjoying her time, too!

Although this position under her was great for pure ass licking, the one downside was that it was not great for anal penetration – I couldn’t get my tongue very deep up her asshole from this angle. Even when I stuck my tongue out hard and she bounced on it while spreading her cheeks wide, I couldn’t get as deep as I’d have liked. Didn’t seem to bother her, though, and I was inclined to agree for the next few minutes. I focused on nothing but sliding my tongue up and down her buttcrack, and the sexy noises Alana was making as she did everything from stripper grinding to twerking on my tongue. Damn! I can’t possibly convey how hot this was, or how much I loved it…

After a long time (but not long enough), Alana glided forward one last time and slid off my face, and in one fluid movement got up and walked over to the faux-leather chair in the corner, hips swaying. She climbed right on, quickly hopping onto it on her knees, one hand resting against the back of the chair, the other reaching back to spread her right ass cheek open. She turned her head slowly to look at me, expectantly.

“Are you done with me already?” Her tone teased at me.

“Oh, fuck no. I’m just getting started…” I sprang off the bed and kneeled behind her.

Alana laughed, “That’s it. My eager butt boy. You’re my butt boy now, aren’t you?”

Damn, I loved how she was taking control here – so confident and sexy! “Fuck yes. I fucking love your hot little butt.”

“Want to taste it again?” Now she reached back with both hands for a glorious spread of her luscious ass globes. Fuuuuuuuuuuck.

“Yeeeessss…” I moved in to try to make my tongue disappear up her asshole again, but before my face was wedged between her buttcheeks, I saw her hand flash in front of my face, finger extended.

“Suck it,” Alana pushed her middle finger into my mouth, and I sucked it. Still looking back over her shoulder, I could see her smile as she pulled her finger out and sensuously slid it up and down the crack of her ass, before sliding up inside her butthole. She slowly pumped it and twirled it inside her anus before removing her finger and gently bringing it back to my mouth.

“Taste deep in my ass…” as she pushed her middle finger into my open, willing mouth. Alana rubbed her finger against my tongue as I sucked and slurped all of her ass flavor off of it. Sooooooooo fucking hot! Honestly, it didn’t have much of a taste, just a gentle, fresh flavor to it… But somehow, I couldn’t get enough!

“Mmmmmmmm,” I murmured as she pulled her finger back out of my mouth.

“Tastes good, doesn’t it?” Alana was practically purring…

“Mmmm, fuck yes.” was all I could reply. I was mesmerized.

“Again?” She placed her finger back over her anus with the question.

I just nodded, “Mmmmhmmm, yes…” Alana smirked as she fingered her asshole again, going deep, then bringing her finger back to my mouth. I hungrily lapped at her finger as she presented it to me.

“You want to taste it first hand again, don’t you?”

“Damn,” I tried to regain control of my senses and myself – otherwise I would totally lose my will to this woman. Not that that would be a bad thing… “Yeah, I fucking want to taste it. It’s soooo sweet. I want to devour your sweet little butt. Is that what you want me to do?” I tried to reassert control.

Alana readjusted herself, pointing her butt back at my face and arching her back while spreading her asscheeks wiiiiiide for me. “Fuck yes, Jack. Get in here and taste my ass some more. I want you to taste me deep inside. Taste me deep in my butthole… Fuck my ass with your big, hot tongue. Fuck my fucking ass with your tongue.” She was working herself up into a lust-filled frenzy, like a chant – even I was surprised at the words coming out of her mouth!

Of course, with the lead-up, her talking like that, and staring at her gorgeous booty right in my face, my dick was ACHING with arousal. But I couldn’t think of that; I had to focus on the job I had to do! You have ONE JOB, man! Haha, all in all, I think I did pretty well.

Slooooowly, I inserted my tongue just past the ring of her anus, and lightly brushed a few circles around her inner rim before continuing forward. Deeper and deeper and deeper still, until my mouth was pressed as hard against her asshole and my tongue was as far up her butt as possible. Alana was squirming and groaning with each centimeter I went, and once my tongue was fully extended, she gasped for breath for a second before she reached back to grab my head and hold it in place while she did a grind against my tongue in a slow, circular motion.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, yeeeeaaaahahahaha…” She kept grinding away before finally easing up on the pressure against the back of my head and grabbing my hair to “strongly suggest” I start tongue fucking her ass. So I did: in and out, in and out, in and out, sloooow, then picking up speed until I was pumping my tongue in and out of her anus, never fully pulling out, just doing quick thrusts. She loved this, and tried to press back and bounce her ass against my tongue, but I didn’t want my tongue to pop out of her asshole, so I grabbed her hips and just held her butt to my face. She didn’t complain; soon she was just leaning against the back of the chair, taking my tongue up her butt, and moaning with each thrust.

“Oh, oh, oh, ooooooooohhhh. Harder, please…”

I increased my pace.

“Not faster, HARDER.” She laughed.

I laughed at that, too, “OK, you want harder?” I gave her ass a light spanking then spread her anus wide, “Let’s go.”