Control Lesson


She felt someone moving her hand away from her face. The sun felt warm on her body, and was bright as she opened her eyes. Then the cold metal was touching her skin, as she heard the click of it locking into place. She woke with a start. “What the hell!?” She snapped out at him. She twisted her wrists, finding that both of them were now locked into the metal handcuffs, attached to the iron metal-worked headboard. “Where the hell have you been? How could you just leave me here?” She arched her back and tried to free herself. “I’m done. Done. Take them off. Let me go.”

He watched her face getting redder, as she got madder. “Shhhh. Little one.” He stroked a lock of hair out of her face. He thought about sitting down on the edge of the bed, but decided that her feet might actually land on their target, of his ribcage, so he kept his distance.

“Don’t you Little one me. I’m done. Do you hear me? This is over.” she screamed at him. She managed to twist herself sideways and found the strain on her shoulders to be too much, and flipped back, onto her backside. She thought back to how she had gotten into this position.


It had begun simply enough. It was a casual conversation on the internet between them, about common interests. Then the more sexual side of things, as they probed each other’s more personal sides. She had agreed to come and visit him, to explore some of these more kinky things that intrigued her. He was experienced, he said. He told her that he would welcome her to his home, along with her submission to him.

They had enjoyed a wild day, the day before. He had brought her to a wild climax so much, that she had just lost track of them. He had shown her all sorts of things, that she had only read about online and in books. She marveled at the quantity of toys he had accumulated over his years. She couldn’t wait to experience every one of them. Twice. Just to be sure.

She had slept better the night before, than she had in a long time. When they woke, he had treated her to a lovely breakfast, a short distance from his home. The day was sunny, but not overly warm. Over coffee and pancakes they talked like old friends. The conversation was light and breezy as she felt.

When they journeyed home, he led her to a new bedroom in the house. It was in the corner of the home, and thus had 2 walls of windows, allowing both light and air to fill the space. The few furnishings were feminine and perfectly situated for a guest room. There was a double bed, with a scrolling iron old fashioned headboard. Against the near wall, was a beautifully carved wooden armoire, painted a creamy white. White and pink were the colors of an old quilt thrown across the wicker chair. It matched the small table and nightstand.

She watched him lower his frame down into the chair, and relax back as if he had all the time in the world. She walked over and stood in front of him, watching his expression. Yesterday she had marveled at the look of lust she could produce on his features. She wanted him to want her. She began unbuttoning the top of her sundress.

He cocked his head at her, and smirked a bit. She continued her striptease, easing enough buttons open to push the straps off of her shoulders and allowing the dress to fall down over her hips. Stepping out of the puddle of fabric, at her feet, she began lifting the edges of her bra up and over her pert breasts. She paused to determine the effect she was having on him, before tossing the garment into his lap. She would have taken down her panties, but she hadn’t worn any.

She walked closer into his space, and shimmied her way into the space between his knees. She was about to drop down to her own, when he caught her by the elbow and escorted her to the bed. He pushed her to lay down on the soft duvet, leaning her into the pillows. She watched him grab 1 of 2 pairs of handcuffs from Maltepe escort bayan the nightstand. She lifted her right arm up to him. He locked it around her wrist, and then clasped it to the headboard.

“Yessss. Oh yes, Thom. Just like that.” She felt her arousal growing at the thought of him restraining her to the bed. She remembered the way that he had teased her, over and over and over, before allowing her to orgasm, yesterday. She could barely wait for him to do it again. She rolled her hips provocatively. She held her left wrist up near her locked one, waiting. She watched as he lean down and kissed her gently, on her forehead.

“Be right back Little one.” He whispered against her face, and then walked out of the bedroom.

She turned her head towards the doorway, and called out to his backside “Hurry back. I can’t wait, Sir.” Giddiness filled her voice. She tossed her head back towards the ceiling and used her free hand to massage her left breast.

Thoughts of all the naughty and kinky things that they had done before filled her mind. She let them come and relished in the arousal that grew in her. She let her fingers gently twist and turn her hardening nipple. She dropped it and performed more of the same with her right one. She longed to have him come back and finish what he started. She knew that she should wait for his return, but damn she was so close already. She reached down and felt for her sweet spot and rubbed it gently, allowing the force of her climax to peak and wash over her. She sighed out loud.

“Good gracious, how long does it take to grab something from the other room?” She called out towards the door. Not seeing his smiling face in the doorway, she rolled back over and looked out on the day. It was barely mid-morning, and already the sun was warming up the room air. She watched the leaves in the tree outside swaying back and forth, dancing in the wind, while she waited.

After what seemed like a long time, she rolled back towards the doorway, and called out to him. “Thom!”

There was no answer.

She called out again. “Sir!”

Silence answered her in return.

“Sir!!” her voice a bit more hesitant. She sat up in the bed, her wrist still firmly attached to the headboard.

“Thom!! Sir!!” She began to worry.

“This is silly. He couldn’t have gone far.” She muttered to herself. She called out with her loudest voice, “Sir. Are you okay? Have you fallen, or something?”

Again, the only sounds were those of the leaves, in the tree, outside the window. She spun around, as best she could, and strained to look out the window, at the backyard. Perhaps he had gone out to his shed for something, and had tripped, or twisted his ankle. She couldn’t see too much beyond the leaves, and grounds in the distance. “I need to get out of this, and see what’s up.”

She twisted and turned around, trying to see if the key to the handcuffs was laying on the nightstand. No sign of it. She threw her legs over the side of the bed, and opened the drawer with her free hand, hoping that it was tucked inside. Frustrated she spoke aloud. “No luck. Of course not. No self-respecting Dom would leave the key in decent reach.”

She looked at the bed. It was a beautiful bed frame. All metal and iron swirled and woven together in the most delicate fashion. The headboard actually coming around the corners, and extending down a good foot, along the top of each side. The footboard matched the design, but only encased the bottom edge. Using her hand, she slid her wrist along the metal rod.

She edged it along, up and down, around the curves of the bed, working it like a maze. Coming to a dead end, she back-tracked her way, and tried a different route. “Some where there’s a way to get this thing off.” She worked it back and forth along the headboard. Trying one route. Then another. Shifting Escort Maltepe her weight on her knees, back and forth along the mattress.

“Fuck!” She muttered.

“Stupid fucking bed!” She smacked it with her free hand and then rubbed it against the pillow, at the sting of it.

“Thom!” She threw her head back and yelled at the top of her lungs. “Come on Thom. This isn’t funny.”

She flopped herself back down on the bed and began to think out loud. “Okay. I doubt that he’s really hurt. This just can’t be some episode of Kinky Stunts Gone Bad. It just can’t be.”

She blew the hair out of her face. “Think Donna. Think. There has to be a way to get off of this bed.” She looked around and searched for some sort of scissors. “Yeah right. Like scissors would cut through these things.” She sat up and looked harder. “No. But big fat bolt cutters would work.” She reached behind the bed, the curtain, of the window, that she could reach. Nothing. “Damn it.”

She sat back down on the bed and reclined back on the pillows. She sighed and stared at the doorway. “Please come back Thom. Please.” She mumbled.

She felt tired. Drained. It seemed like hours since he was there, and she was stripping for him. How long had it been? She rolled over onto her left side, scooting down further in the bed. She plumped up a pillow to fit comfortably with her arm attached to the bed. Having a tendency of talking to herself, she said. “I can’t believe this is how my kinky weekend is going. What the hell happened?”

She heard a noise in the hall. She hoped it was a noise. She bolted up and yelled. “Thom! Is that you? Oh please let it be you?”

The noise drifted off in the wind, and again the house was quiet. “Please don’t let this be like before. Please. Please oh please.” She simpered, her fears, into the pillow. “It just can’t be like that. It can’t. He’s not like him. Thom’s not like him.”

Feeling the weight of her dilemma settling in, she closed her eyes and let the tears fall down her cheeks. She snuggled the pillow a bit more. Her shoulders drooped and sleep took her.


She woke to the feel of someone moving her hand.

She looked up and found Thom’s face. The anger she felt came full force, knocking her off balance. “Where the hell have you been? What was all of that crap about taking care of me? What sorts of shitty dominate are you?” Thom just stared at her.

“Come on! No answer Mr. Fancy-I’m-A-Big-Bad-Dom?”

“Oh I have answers for you Little one. I’m just waiting for you to calm down a bit.”

“I am calm.”

He cocked his head at her. She blew out the air that she had been holding and released some of her anger. Anger was not going to get her the answers she wanted.

“Why did you leave me?”

“I never left the house. I watched you the whole time. You were never in any danger.” He nodded his head over to the corner of the room.

“Oh.” She looked up and saw the camera, pointing right at her. How had she missed that? “Then why didn’t you come back? Didn’t you hear me screaming for you?”

“I did.”

“So why didn’t you come back? I thought that we were going to have sex.”

“Again, you weren’t in any danger. There was no reason to come back. Besides you took care of your arousal all on your own.”

She blushed at the memory of masturbating while she had waited for him. The concept that he had watched her doing that flooded her thoughts. “Oh.”

“I am impressed though.”

“Impressed? How?” She was confused.

“You tried so many ways of getting out of the handcuff. And in some imaginative ways too. You have a great deal of patience. Working the cuff over nearly every inch of the headboard, trying to find the way off the loop. And searching for the key?”

“Yes. Where is the freaking key?”

“On top of the armoire.”

“Ah. I Maltepe Rus Escort couldn’t reach that if I tried though.”

“No. And you’re not supposed too. It’s there for me to unlock you.”

“What if you didn’t have the key? Or lost it? Then what?”

“Bolt cutters, just like you thought. But they are in the closet. Again, out of reach for my subs.”

“What if you had gotten hurt? How is one of your subs supposed to get out then, huh?”

“I would not allow myself to be hurt, any more than I would allow my sub. It’s irresponsible. I take my responsibility for her safety very seriously.”

“So seriously that you just fucking lock them up and walk out?!”

“Yes. If need be.”

“I don’t understand you.”

“Obviously.” He sat down on the edge of the bed, and let his hand trail up her thigh.

She watched his hand, and wanted to move it. She thought about kicking him. Anywhere on his body, it didn’t matter.

“Don’t. I can restrain your legs just as easily as your hands.”

“What if I don’t want to be restrained anymore?”

“Yes. You claim that. Yet you didn’t do the one simple thing that could have freed you.”

“I tried everything. I worked forever trying to get these things to come off the bed. To find your ass, I might add. To help you, because I thought you had hurt yourself.” She jiggled the handcuffs to make her point.

“Yes you worked very long on that. Again, I’m impressed with your perseverance.” He let his hand rise up and cover her hipbone. Feeling the roundness of it. The softness of her skin under his hand.

She lay there silently. Trying to figure out what he meant.

He cupped her breast and felt the weight of it. “What did you mean by your statement, Not like before?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“You have to talk about it. I need to know everything. To keep you safe, I need to know about your fears. I can’t protect you if you don’t let me. And so far, you haven’t let me.”

“I have let you do everything. You’ve been doing all this controlling and dominating all weekend.”

“Have I? Did I give you permission to strip for me this morning?

“Well no.”

“Did I order you too?”

“No. But you liked it. I could tell you were getting all hot-n-bothered. You can’t tell me that you weren’t getting all hard.”

“I was. But that is not the point Little one.”

“So what is the point then?”

“Control. I am the one who is in control here. You have been topping from the bottom Little One and it is going to stop.”

“I have not. I don’t even know how to do what you’re talking about. I only begged you to fuck me this morning. And the stripping thing. I thought that you would like it.”

“Oh but you have. You only get to beg me, when I want you to beg. You weren’t begging for a release this morning. You were demanding one. I do not take orders from you. You take them from me. I will instruct you when I want you to strip for me. And I will. You can be sure of that. But it is at my choice. Not yours. You chose to give up that control to me this weekend. Right?” He pulled and pinched her hardened nipple. Watching it turn deep red with its arousal.

“Yes.” She felt her lips puckering up in between her legs. She wanted to tell him to touch her there, but instead focused on what he was trying to tell her about choices. His choice to touch her there. Not hers.

He stood up and leaned over to brush the hair out of her face, once again. He pulled the duvet up over her naked skin, and tucked it around her feet. “Now you get some rest. I’m going to cook us a bit of lunch and when I get back we will eat. Till then, don’t go anywhere.”

“But what if I don’t want to rest?”

“Then get yourself out Little one.”

“How? Both of my hands are locked to the head board now, Sir. At least before I had one free.”

He walked to the door, and looked over at her, on the bed. “Ahhh my sweet Little one. You are such a smart cookie. I know that if you think about it, you’ll figure out how to get yourself out. If you really want too. Until then. I’m in control, and I say that you will rest.”