Convincing Me Pt. 06

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We sprang apart to the loud banging on the door and stared at each other, panting.

“Tammy! Tammy! Open up!” Maria’s voice came from the other side.

“One sec,” she screamed back while slowly getting up and looking for her clothes that were lying abandoned on the floor. How long were we asleep? Then I saw her; really saw her! Her hair was disheveled and her eyes half-closed… dragging herself around looking for clothes. God! How did I land her? She is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

“You need to start getting dressed too, you know!” Tamara told me with a knowing smirk.

I got up lazily and grabbed my shirt from the floor, having completely forgotten how she snapped off some of the buttons during our tryst in the evening. “Oh no!! You ruined the shirt… What do I wear now?”

“Well, you could wear one of mine…”

“They would never fit me. Not to mention, they are more revealing that I am accustomed to!”

“Does it matter? Its already 8, just stay over and you don’t have to wear anything for the night,” she said while wiggling her eyebrows obscenely.

I couldn’t help but smile and then it hit me. “Its 8? I am so dead!”

“TAMARA! I will break this door down if you don’t open it this instant.” The knock got louder.


I quickly jumped into the bathroom with my phone and was not surprised to see 5 missed calls from my parents. “I am so fucked… And not in a nice way,” I thought to myself and smiled at how much I was already thinking like Tamara.

My mom picked up at the first ring. “Oh thank god you are okay! Where have you been? Are you alright? Say something!”

“Mom… mom… Calm down! I texted you I am going over to tutor Tamara. We dozed off for a while. I was wondering if it’s okay for me to stay here tonight?”

“Stay over? But you never stay over. Would you be comfortable there? Should I talk to her parents? May be I could come and talk to her parents.”

“Mom… seriously… you need to breathe. I will be fine. Tamara’s parents aren’t very. …urm…around. But there are many adults including maids and a chauffeur.”

“Ooh isn’t that something? I hope you don’t get used to all the pampering there.”

“Trust me, there is no pampering I want than the ones you shower on me.”

“No! I will not allow it!” Maria was screaming from the other side.

“You will not allow it?” Came Tamara’s reply.

“Mom… I gotta go,okay. I will call you tomorrow. Love you.”

“How could you behave like this?” Maria was crying now.

“Behave like this? Do you hear yourself Maria?” Tamara sounded incredulous.

“Fine. But, you can’t spring the news of staying over at a friend’s place in the last minute like this, okay?”

“Yes, mother. I am sorry.”

“Okay sweetie. Enjoy! I love you.”

“Love you.”

“Call me if there’s anything…okay? Dad and I will come over…”

“I can’t believe I raised you to be like this…” Maria said in between sniffles.

“Mom… Seriously, I gotta go. I’ll be fine. Say goodnight to dad for me. Love you.”

I gingerly opened the door and stepped out in my not-so-appropriate shirt.

“YOU…” Maria moved menacingly aksaray escort towards me and was about to shower me abuses when Tamara jumped between us.

“Maria. You need to chill. Why are you so mad?”

“Why am I mad? This is wrong.”

“What, studying together?” asked Tamara indignantly.

Maria scoffed. “You picture me for a fool? I know as well as you do what is going on here.”

“What is going on?” pushed Tamara.

“You both are… You… You corrupted my baby…” Maria stared accusingly at me.

I cringed. “She did no such thing!”

“You were not like this. You have a boyfriend. What are you doing with her?”

“I do not have a boyfriend. I broke up with him.”


“Because I am in love with Mandy.” Tamara screamed. Maria stared. I was stupefied!

Declaring your love for someone in the privacy of four walls is much different from announcing it to another person. My initial reaction was inexplicable happiness which gave way to the guilt of not having the courage to say it back and finally, panic.

The room was eerily quiet.

“Love? What do you know about love? Love is what I showered on you when you were left to be raised alone.”

“Maria, I know that! I do, I swear… But I love Mandy. I can’t be without her.”

“And, what about her? She hasn’t spoken one word!”

“I… I…” Words escaped me.

Maria half-chuckled. “Well, isn’t that something? Another person to abuse your love that you wholeheartedly give away.”

“Its not like that… I do…”

“You do what? Are you ready to come out and say that you are with Tamara? Are you willing to be there for her all the time? Are you ready to be the shoulder she can lean on? What am I asking? You are going to be the reason she need a shoulder to cry on.”


“Yes…” I said slowly but sternly. Four eyes were expectantly staring at me to continue. “I will be there for her, as long as she will have me. I don’t know about our future. I am not making any false promises. But I know I care about her and as long as I am around I will be by her side.”

“But how long ARE you going to be there?”

I was silenced again. As always, Tamara saved me.

“Wait a second. I thought your problem was with me being gay, not Tamara.” Maria flinched at the three-letter g-word.

“Of course I am not excited about you being gay! But if that’s who you are I will learn to accept it… in time. But I want you to be happy, baby. I have seen you be ignored and used alternately by too many people to sit by and watch again.”

My heart was breaking into a million pieces. Here is this girl who had everything in the world, except love. And love is all she craved for and for some reason I cannot fathom, she wants it from me. And although my heart is filled with nothing but love for her, I cannot garner the courage to declare it to her.

“I know you worry about me. I love you like you were my mother. But this is not your choice, Maria. I love Mandy. I cannot be apart from her and I won’t be, if I have a say in it” She looked at me.

“I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything. Just ataköy escort let me love you for now.”

“I do not deserve you.”

“Of course not!” Maria was unhesitant to add “But if you want to go ahead and break her heart and be one among the many to do it to her, I apparently have no right to stop you. I am, after all just the maid.”

“Maria… please…”

“No baby. You’re right. I have no business here. I have to go to the kitchen and check on dinner. I take it she is staying over?”

“Yes…” I managed to mutter.

“Fine.” And she walked out, sobbing slightly.

I looked at Tamara who was now sobbing and held her.

“I am sorry…” I mumbled.

“No…no… you have nothing to be sorry for. You were clear about your stand from the beginning. You never led me astray… That was my own doing…” She smiled naughtily.

“You truly are remarkable and I can’t get enough of you.” I said as I kissed her tears away.

“So I gathered… Since you are staying over and all…” the resident mischief was back in her eyes.

“That is not what I meant…” I blushed and she started kissing my neck. “Well, not just that.” I exposed my neck further to her as I felt the rumble of her laughter against it.

The pang of guilt and my inadequacy in giving Tamara the one thing she truly wished for was forgotten when she started sucking on her spot. I always assumed hickies were a guy thing. But Tamara, as she explained to me later finds extreme pleasure in knowing that she has me marked. May be it was the vampires and werewolves influencing our generation. Whatever be it, I thoroughly enjoyed it too.

She had no problem taking off the shirt this time, but to be honest I had found the ripping of my shirt extremely hot. It was a reminder of what a firecracker she was and how she couldn’t wait to get all buttons open before ravishing me. She wanted me then and there. This thought brought out an animal in me I didn’t know existed.

I grabbed Tamara by the hips and lifted her with all the strength I could muster. Our chemistry was evident when she hoisted herself on me. I clumsily walked towards her desk and swiped everything off it before placing her on it.

I looked at her with a hunger that Tamara had never seen in me before. She licked her lips and silently beckoned me with her sensual eyes. I wasted not another second before bending down and biting her ear. She moaned. I licked the lobe and gently ground my teeth on it before letting go.

I moved on to her neck and scrapped my teeth from her jaw to her collar bone. I could feel the wetness forming between her thighs as she tried to pull in my leg for friction. I looked at her sternly and said “unnhn…” and shook my head no.

She bit her lower lip and moaned…”mmh” I released her lower lip using my mouth and sucked on it while my hands opened her blouse and started fine tuning her nipples. She was moaning uncontrollably and trying to grind against me. I moved the lower half of my body away from her while continuing the torture on her upper half. She grunted like an animal in suffering.

“Dinner’s here,” Came a female voice from outside.

Since ataşehir escort Tamara was too lost to reply I asked for it to be left outside. I was more confident in my new Avatar and the fact that the voice didn’t belong to Maria helped a lot.

I went back to the object of my desires and continued ravishing her breasts.

“You have been so good to me, Tamara.” Kiss “I feel like the king of the world knowing I can bring you pleasure and make you come.” Bite “And make you come, I will. You are going to be writhing with pleasure by the time I am done with you today.” Chew. “I am going to thoroughly fuck you and make you come until you pass out from the sheer pleasure of it.”

I could see Tamara was losing it. My little Shakespeare had a thing for words and especially dirty words at that! She slightly opened her eyes that were so far shut in concentration and said, “Open the third drawer in my cupboard.”

I looked at her a little annoyed. Here I was donning a whole new persona and she is killing the mood. I went over anyway and was more than happy that I did. I found a red vibrator in there! Of course she has a vibrator. My woman is insatiable! I smirked. I am going to have so much fun… Now if I knew how to use it!

Tamara curled a finger and called me towards her and I walked over entranced by her beauty. She took the vibrator from me and turned it on before licking her lips and handing it over to me. I needed no further invitation.

I pulled her skirt down in one swift pull and spread her legs apart. Bending down I took her sweet smell in and licked between her fat pussy lips. It was as intoxicating as the first time. I kissed her lips with every ounce of love I couldn’t muster in words and hoped she understood how much I cared about her.

She was gasping at every lap I made at her pussy and I had no intention of stopping until I noticed the vibrator in my hand begging to be pushed against Tamara’s clit. Tamara is always so responsive during sex – verbally and physically; but this, I was unprepared for. She was writhing and moaning like never before. The red vibrator made slippery with the juices overflowing from Tamara’s pussy is the sexiest thing I had ever seen. Before I knew it, she was grabbing on the edges of her desk as if her life depended on it and coming with a passion unheard of.

I couldn’t stop myself from pushing the vibrator into her pussy. She was rubbing at her clit furiously, so I slapped her hand away and started eating it. She pulled at her hair and tried to keep her voice down as she came again for a fourth time that day. True to my word, I made her pass out from the sheer pleasure of coming… over and over and over again. I was pretty pleased with my sexual prowess as I carried her to her bed lovingly.

I wanted to use the vibrator on myself but settled for my finger as I wanted Tamara to use it on me for the first time.

I tentatively stepped outside and grabbed the dinner. A girl’s gotta eat, especially one that had such a sexually active day. I had my share and left some on the floor next to Tamara’s side, in case she woke up hungry.

I laid back and thought about the events of the day and realized I cannot live without Tamara either. I will do right by her and at least come out to my parents. I did want her to know I was all in. I wanted her. College was far away. We’ll figure it out when we figure it out.

I laid a hand across her addictive body and fell asleep to the feeling of her snuggling into me.

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