Cool Down Ch. 01


You open the back door and step inside your house, still breathing heavily from the run. You kick your shoes off and exhale deeply, then take a long drink from your water bottle. After six miles on the road, your legs are pleasantly sore and your entire body just feels good, ready to relax.

You walk into your bedroom, peeling your shirt over your head and dropping it absently into the laundry basket. Now you turn and take a long look at yourself in the mirror over the dresser. Your pale skin contrasts nicely against your black jog bra and spandex running shorts, the only clothes you still wear. Tiny beads of sweat glisten against your neck, arms, stomach. You like the way you look–lean, fit.

“You look wonderful.”

With a start, you spin around, wide-eyed, to see me–in your bedroom!–sitting in the chair beside your bed. What the hell?!

“What are you doing here?” you say, stunned, wondering how on earth you didn’t see me when you walked in the bedroom.

“I wanted to see you,” I say, with a slight Kütahya Escort smile.

“Yes, but what are you doing here, in my bedroom?” you say, trying to remember if you locked the doors.

“I thought this would be the best place to see you, and I was right,” I say, holding your gaze with mine. You notice that I seem dressed for work–dress shirt, dark slacks, black shoes. What is going on here?

“Yes, okay, but how did you get–“

“It looks like you’re cooling off,” I say, interrupting. You see that I am staring unabashedly at your chest. You look down and sure enough, your nipples are hard, pushing outward against the fabric of your jog bra. You fold your arms across your chest, feeling a little uncomfortable, but also a little excited. Now you can see me looking down over the rest of your body, smiling and nodding appreciatively.

“All that running is paying off,” I say, continuing to stare. “Your body is just amazing. Beautiful.”

“Well, um, okay, thanks, I guess,” you say, Kütahya Escort Bayan stammering a little, “but this is weird. I still don’t understand–“

“Take your clothes off,” I say. It sounds more like a command than a request.

“What?!?” you say, astonished.

“I want to see you naked,” I say, looking straight into your eyes.


“Don’t think, just do it. Take your clothes off for me.”

Your mind is swirling with confusion and questions, but for some reason you can’t explain, you feel excited, aroused. You close your eyes, take a deep breath, and pull the jog bra up and over your head. Your breasts spring free and your nipples seem to stiffen even more, pointing straight out at me as I watch you. You see an appreciative smile play across my lips as I regard the curves of your naked breasts.

“Now, the shorts,” I say, keeping my eyes on you. You feel a pang of embarrassment as you remember you are not wearing any panties, but at the same time, a stronger Escort Kütahya feeling of excitement and anticipation. Now you keep your eyes open, watching me as I watch you slide your running shorts down over your hips, down over your thighs and down to the ground. You step out of the shorts and stand up again, fully naked in the morning light.

You look at me again, and now you see in my eyes a look of excitement, impatience, lust. You can feel my eyes tracing down over your stomach, down to the light brown curls between your legs and the hint of the delicate pink lips hidden just below. You stand there, naked, waiting, as I slowly look over your entire body. Finally, my eyes come up to meet yours again.

“Beautiful,” I say again.

“Thank you,” you say, a little breathless, wondering what will happen next. I sit back in my chair and smile broadly.

“I think you need a shower,” I say, sitting easily in your chair. “Go ahead and get yourself really clean. I’ll wait.” It’s obvious I have no intention of going anywhere.

Now you smile. You turn and walk slowly to the bathroom. You can feel me staring at your naked ass as you walk away. You slow down just a bit to give me a good look, then smile back at me–just for a moment–before stepping into the bathroom and closing the door behind you.