Cop Sucker, Part 3, Sharing

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By Richard Barber

Part 03 Sharing with your partner.

I looked around and saw the other cop, Larry about to use my body and my ass. I had seen him several times with Bart at the apartment. He was a tad taller than Bart. had a thin chiseled face and narrow tight lips. He had light blond hair, deep blue eyes, nice white teeth and smiled more than Bart. He was handsome and looked sexy in his police uniform as well. He reminded me of one of those handsome dominate Nazi officers I had seen in the movies. One time at the pool I saw a big ‘hard on’ bulging under his swimming suit while he was checking out one of the women sunbathing nearby. I watched him for sometime thinking how nice it would be to suck his cock. I never thought I would be in this vacant warehouse, on these stairs, getting ready to take his cock up my ass. Life is full of excellent surprises. I was looking forward to this.

I had positioned myself on one of the steps and was now facing this blond hunk cop. He still had his cock out of his pants as I reached to release his belt and unbutton them so I could have full access to his manhood. His cock was sticking directly out. I realized his cock was about 10 ½ inches long. but not as thick as Bart’s 8 ½ inches. It was not fully circumcised, but had a bit of lose skin surrounding his cock, perfectly shaped with a large tulip formed head and a large deep piss slot. The heavy veins protruding up and down each side of his cock tube. His scrotums were like two matching golf balls covered with a light blond fuzz of hair. I managed to liberate his pants over his hips and placed my face close to his balls as he spread his legs. His big hard cock rested on my forehead as I licked away at his balls. My one hand encircled his huge cock shaft as my tongue licked its way up to his piss slot to taste his pre-cum oozing from his cock head. It was like sweet pearls of clear honey. I placed my mouth around his cock head and slurped down his long cock between my lips. I positioned myself so I could go down on him as far as I could. The first time it didn’t go all the way down my throat. but on the 2nd and 3rd time I managed to just about take the whole thing. I had learned to relax my throat so this time it slid in with ease. I surprised myself at how much cock I was taking with out gagging. Larry was gasping and sighing as I pleasured his big cock. He spoke in soft loving words to me as I made love to him.

“Oh baby. That’s the way I like it. Treat it right and it will give you a nice load. Oh. Oh. Awwww, baby. You know how to take care of a cock. Yeah. Do that again. All the way, oh yeah. Mummmm..I don’t want to cum yet so take your time. Awww yes.” Larry kept sighing and talking to me as we continued.

As I sucked on Larry’s big cock, I placed my hand under his balls and let my hand search and cress his firm butt. My finger would guide up and down his ass crack and to the edge of his ass hole. I pulled my hand back to my nose to smell his body musk. I would inhale his musky balls and lick the sweat from them every chance I could. I guided my finger close to his ass hole and touched his sphincter then back to my nose to sniff at his scents again. Larry knew what I wanted so he pulled his cock from my mouth and turned around with his ass to my face.

“So you want to lick my ass, cocksucker? Well, let’s see just how good you are at it. Put that tongue in that hole and make it feel good.” Larry said as he braced his hands against the near by wall and bowed over.

My face was now directly facing his butt cheeks. Larry pulled his butt cheeks apart and gave me a full view of his smooth fuzzy ass. It was beautiful to look at. Before me was a hot masculine blond god cop, presenting to me, his ass licking punk, his most intimate part of his body. Waiting for me to serve him and pleasure him where probably no tongue had ever been before. I felt I was on a voyage to the unknown, undisturbed and untarnished area.

The light from the flashlight caused the fuzzy hair on his butt to shimmer with a soft blond glow. I was going to slowly enjoy his firm sweet ass as I parted his cheeks even wider, licking my tongue up and down his ass crack. I could taste his present day sweat and musky body. He smelled so great that my cock immediately started to throb with excitement. The jockstrap framed his firm buttock as I tongued his butt until I found his pink butt hole. I pulled his butt apart once more to admire the tight manly hole of love. I tasted it slowly then started to run my tongue around and around the main entry until I buried my face deep into his ass. Larry let out a sigh as I started to quickly tongue fuck his hole. At one point I had the tip of my tongue into his sphincter until I thought he was going to cum with excitement. It was so warm and delicious to the taste.

I don’t think Larry could resist my tongue much longer. He was probably fanaticized of Bart fucking the hell out of his ass. He turned around once again as I reluctantly pulled my tongue out of his sweet tasting ass hole. He faced me once escort again with his hard cock. Pre-cum was dripping from his piss hole. This stud was primed for fucking and he was about to fuck me and I was ready.

“Suck on my cock some more and get it nice and wet. I heard you had a good ‘fuck hole’ and I want to try it out. I have never fucked a dude before. Bart says a man is the best fuck so we’ll find out. If fucking your ass is half as good as your cocksucking, then it should be fine. Now get you cocksucking mouth around my shaft and suck it. When it is nice and juicy, I want you to bend over and take my cock.” Larry said to me.

I did as my master’s buddy wanted. I loved pleasing this hunk as I did Bart. I gladly started to suck and make love to his cock once again. I wanted to taste his load but he wanted to fuck me and I was here to please him. After all a virgin cock had never fucked me. I just hoped he didn’t get too excited and cum too quickly. I proceeded until I thought it was nice and wet. I positioned myself on the stairs again with my ass ready for his penetration and pleasure.

Larry started to place the head of his cock to my ass as he adjusted his balls ready for a new experience. He placed both hands on my buttocks as I reached around to guide his cock head into my butt hole. He took over the situation and guided his cock further into me. He was hot to fuck but was moving into me slowly but determined. Larry’s cock was not as thick as Bart’s but it was about 10 ½ inches long. I had to prepare for more space for this one. I told myself to relax.

“I can do this. I wanted this hunks cock because my master, Bart, had willingly given my ass and my body to be used by his partner cop. I felt honored. “

Larry slowly moved into my ass hole and held me tightly as his cock slid into my rectum. I felt his cock rub against my prostate, as I tried not to cum yet. Larry paused after he got all 10 ½ inches of his cock into me. I could feel his balls touching my balls. He paused then he sighed and shook with excitement. I feared he was going to cum too soon. A low laughter was heard as he trembled once again. He was ecstatic with this new feeling of sexual pleasure.

“Oh man. Bart was right. This is a nice warm piece of ass you have there, dude. I am going to enjoy this fucking. Bart sure left a big load in your sweet hole. Yeah, that is nice. I like mingling my cum with my buddy. We fuck chicks together sometimes but he usually gets the seconds. I can see why he likes to go second. Oh, yeah. That cum feels so warm and smooth in your ass.” Larry kept talking to me as he fucked me.

His long cock felt good in my ass. I liked the way he held on to me as he moved around in circles first one direction, then another. He would change almost pull it all the way out. I knew he was watching his cock go into my hole. It felt so nice. He wasn’t as rough as Bart but I liked a man that enjoyed using me. It was nice to have a buddy that you could share sexual pleasure with. Sex is such a great and beautiful thing.

Larry continued his pace of fucking me, first moving one way then the other. He was touching every crevice of my fuck lining. I had learned how to tighten my insides giving even more pleasure to Larry and myself as well. Each time he rubbed my prostate I felt like I was going to cum. It was like a sexual message and it was great. I was starting to enjoy having my ass fucked and wanted more. Larry was a good fucker yet he had a different method than Bart. I was becoming a real male ass hole slut. Why had I waited so long to enjoy being fucked by a man? I had Bart to thank for that.

I heard Bart talking to someone outside the door then I noticed that a police squad car had stopped to check out why the motorcycles were setting by the curb. Their cruiser lights were blinking red and yellow making our fuck area look like a disco. It didn’t seem to bother Larry because he kept right on using my ass and talking to me in a low sexual voice. Larry was working up to a sexual frenzy and started to pump away at my ass. I could feel his big balls hit against my ass just before he moaned out a pleasurable sound and pumped his cum into my hole.

“Oh baby, I’m cumming. Oh yeah, Oh yeah. Oh Yeah. Oh baby. That is nice pussy ass. Nice. Very nice. Oh yeah.” Larry repeated as he dumped his final load into my ass.

I could not hold out either. His cock swelled and hit my prostate one more time. I had to cum as he shoved his 10-½ cock into my well-filled ass. I moaned out and shot my load onto the stair step. I moaned out one more time as he pumped his final shot into me.

He gasps and sighed and then collapsed over me with his cock still in my ass. He relaxed then gently kissed the back of neck and nibble on one ear as he pulled his dick out of my ass. He stood up and just as his cock was oozing out of my ass, the door slowly opened and there stood Bart and another city policeman.

“Hey Larry, what the fuck are you two doing. I heard you had a good piece of ass in here and was fucking some punk’s ass. Is there enough izmit escort bayan to go around? Wow, Larry! You just fucked that ass with that dick? Man he must be some good fuck if he can take your pole.” The patrolman said to Larry as he stood with his semi-hard cock still projecting from his pants.

“Turn around here and show this patrolman how good a cocksucker you are. Besides you need to clean that ass juice from my cock. I need a good cleaning so get your mouth on it and lick. “ Larry instructed me.

I had noticed his attitude had changed towards me now that he had released his sexual tension. That happens sometimes when a men realize they enjoyed sex with another male but don’t want to admit it. Larry had to show his masculine dominant self again now that his buddies were present. It is an unwritten rule that no man should show tenderness to another man. Now I was nothing but his cocksucking, ass licking, punk, butt fucker again. But you know what, I didn’t care. I was having a ball but I was not going to let them know it and I was really in charge but I was not going to let them know it.

I repositioned myself on one of the lower stair steps and cupped my hands around Larry’s balls and over his semi-soft cock. I licked the remaining cum and ass juices from his big long cock. I was hoping for this because I wanted to suck on it anyway and I didn’t mind if I had 2 more cops watching me. I was now their punk boy, their cocksucker, and their slave. This was just another way to humiliate me. Much to my surprise I was enjoying it to the fullest.

I started to lick and clean Larry’s cock gently. His cock was sensitive after he fucked me. I could taste the love juices around his cock shaft. I continued down the cock to his balls where I found a nice load of his cum still remaining at the base of his cock. I sucked it into my mouth to taste in and swirled it around in my mouth before swallowing. I took a deep whiff of his scrotums and another of his jockstrap. They had that manly body musk scent that I loved. It was such another turn on. I was hooked on the man smells and wanted even more of Larry. Unfortunately we did not have time to get more intimate right now and I was hoping for another session at another time with Larry.

Larry seemed please with my tongue bath and pulled away from me to put his cock and balls back in his uniform. Meanwhile the Patrolman was rubbing his cock through his dark blue uniform. Larry spoke up and said.

“Come on over here and get a quick blow job from this cocksucker. He has a very talented mouth.” Larry said as he looked over to his partner for final approval. I was Bart’s possession and Larry seemed to know it.

“Hey, I need a blow job but my partner is still in the car waiting for me to return. Let me explain to him what is happening then we will both return for a suck job by this cocksucker. Wow, this sounds great. I haven’t had my cock sucked by a fagot since I was a teenager.” Then he quickly hurried back to his patrol car.

I took a deep breath and adjusted the cloths on the stairwell. I had cum 2 times on them and there were pretty well soaked. Larry had gotten himself adjusted and walked over to me and cupped his hand under my chin lifting my head towards his eyes.

“Thanks buddy. Bart has a well-trained cocksucker here. You do as he says and you will be well treated. See ya later, buddy.” Larry said as he walked towards the door where Bart stood watching our farewell.

Bart and Larry stood outside in the alley talking while they waited for the 2 patrolmen to return. The flashlight still remained on the stairs but now the streetlight was poring into the adjoining warehouse. It gave just enough light to maneuver around the small hall where our activity was taking place. Bart came back to get his flashlight just as one of the patrolmen returned.

“Listen to me again cocksucker. Make me proud. Give these dudes one of your good suck jobs then you can go home. We have to call off duty and head back to the apartment. You know the way so see you later.” Bart said to me in a rather direct by kinder tone than he normally spoke to me.

“Yes Sir. I will make you proud of me.” I said

In walked 2 cops between 28 to 45 years of older. The older of the 2 seemed more aggressive and perhaps horny as he proceeded to unzip his blue uniform pants and immediately search for his soft cock. He pulled his cock and balls from his pants then grabbed for my head. I was surprised at his sudden move but found his cock already touching my lips.

“O.K. cocksucker. Lets see if you are as good as Bart says you are. Chew on that meat and make me cum.” He said as I cupped his low hanging balls in one hand and directed my mouth to his soft uncut cock. I started to place his whole cock into my mouth as he released my head knowing I was going to service him. I placed my tongue to his lacy opening and tasted some of his headcheese remaining around the insides of his foreskin. He must have having thoughts of sex all day and his pre-cum had accumulated izmit sınırsız escort within his foreskin. I didn’t mind the manly dried cum mingled with the salty sweat of his body. As I tasted him and licked around and underneath his cock, he started to get hard. His cock grew from a small 6 inches to a large 9 inches of manhood. He sighed and moaned as I licked and manipulated his skin back and forth over his cock. I knew this man needed a good blowjob. I could see his wedding ring on his hand as he placed it on my face feeling his cock going into my warm mouth. I continued to cup his low hanging scrotums and rub my finger close to his butt.

“Oh man. I’m going to shoot my jazz into your fucking mouth. Oh yeah. Drink my hot load baby, drink it. Oh yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. Awwwwww. Shitttt. Awwww. “ He continued on until he dumped his thick cum into my mouth. He probably hadn’t cum for a while because he shot 6 or 7 loads into me.

He gasps and gasps then shook with a quick tremble and another sigh. He didn’t say another word but as soon as I milked down the last of his cum and dried off his hairy balls, he pulled away from me and put away his tool.

“Fucken yeah, that was good.” Then he headed towards the door where his partner stood patiently outside the door of the warehouse.

“Joe, get you big cock in there and fuck some good cocksucken mouth. He really knows how to blow. We got ta keep track of this one.” The officer said as he motioned for his partner to come use my mouth.

Joe walked in right away an already had his cock out before he stood before me. He didn’t say anything as I reached for his hard cock. It was a beauty with a big red tulip cock head. This cock was bout 10 inches long and very large around. I knew I would have a problem sticking this one in my mouth with out chocking. I slowly held it in one hand and touched my tongue to the piss head to taste his already oozing pre-cum. It was sweetest cum I had tasted in quite a while. I started licking and sucking on this beauty but could tell he was a bit nervous and shy with his buddy outside the door. I gave him the best head I could and then I could feel his balls tighten up and he gave out a grunt and started shooting his load all over my lips, face and cheeks. I was surprised at his sudden release but was happy I pleased him so well and so fast. I continue to milk down his delicious cum and gently pull away while he wipes his cock on my face and put his cock away. He bends over closer to me and said his first words to me.

“You fucking cocksucker fagot. I know where you live and I will be using your fucking mouth again real soon. Keep your ass clean for me because when I come over I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.” Then he walked away.

I was shocked at his sudden burst of masculine dominance. Wow. He was a hung hunk and I was looking forward to that stud taking possession of me. Perhaps Bart had some competition and I liked it.

I started to gather up my wrinkled and cum soaked clothes on the stairs. I didn’t realize how weak and tired I was but I managed to dress and head out the door. The alley was now vacant and the motorcycles and the cop car were gone. I was now alone to find my way back to my apartment only 2 blocks away. I reminisced on my past evening of my exciting and satisfying evening with my 2 special hunks, Bart and Larry and now I were thinking of Joe and his long and especially thick cock. I was really hooked on these hot young cops that used me, and my body, to pleasure themselves. I had to admit I liked being a cocksucking, ass licking, man pussy, and punk male slut.

I walked slowly up the dark street to my apartment. My ass was a bit sore, not so much from the special fucking I had received, but the setting on the hard wooden stairs. I finally arrived home and went up the stairs to my apartment. When I got inside I quickly kicked off my shoes and headed to my bedroom where I laid down fully clothed and fell asleep. It had been a great night.

The weekend was routine as I relaxed by the pool with a good book. I kept my eyes open for Bart and Larry but didn’t see either one around but I did see a new man chatting with some pretty girls at the other end of the pool. I took another look at this dude. He was about 6 feet 2 inches tall, had dark wavy hair, a thick mustache and his body was covered with thick furry sexy black hair. Even his shoulders and part of his back were covered with hair. He was really hot. He wore a black bathing suit with a small emblem on one leg. I squinted as I read the words, ‘Oakland City Police Department’.

Oh my God! It was Joe, the hunky cop I had sucked off in the warehouse the night before. No wonder he said he knew where I lived. I quickly placed my book in front of my face so he would not see me. I sat quietly until I felt a bump on my foot of a passer by then a familiarly voice.

“Oh sorry, didn’t see your foot sticking out there.” Then he proceeded to introduce himself.

“ My name is Joe Adams. I am living with my brother Bart up on the 2nd floor. Perhaps you know him? He is a city motorcycle cop. Can you do me a favor? I’m kind of new here. Can you show me where the men’s steam room is?” Joe said to me as I stared into his deep dark eyes.

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