Corey and Noah Ch. 07

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It was dark when we got back to my house. I couldn’t tell if my parents were home or not. There was no noise coming from their bedroom. No sniffles or snores. Guessing that we were alone, I led Reece by his still impressively muscular arm through the dark living room and up the stairs. When we reached my room, I flicked the light on, flung Reece down on my bed and pulled up a chair to face him.

‘Are you okay?’ I mumbled, ‘You look a bit-‘

‘I’m fine.’ Reece answered shortly.

He didn’t look it however. Even now, his eyes were still red, and a tiny booger was hanging from his nose.

‘Here.’ I said, surprisingly not repulsed as I reached over to my bedside and grabbed him a tissue, ‘You’ve got a little-‘

‘Thanks.’ Reece muttered.

The house creaked as silence fell between Reece and myself. It only really occurred to me at that moment how very odd the situation was. Here was Reece, a boy I had sucked the cum out of not more than a month ago, sitting on my bed after collapsing into tears and confessing that he held feelings for me.

I supposed that the strangest part was that I barely even knew Reece. We had spoken maybe three times to each other in our entire lives, and even then, it wouldn’t have been more than a few words. Still, I felt like Reece had to be here. I had to talk to him because, truthfully, I just felt so sorry for him.

‘Okay, so-‘ I started without really knowing what to say.

I guessed that I should have said something along the lines of “What you’re feeling is perfectly natural”. The problem was, I wasn’t really sure if that was true myself. All my life, I knew I had liked guys. It wasn’t even a sexual thing a lot of the time, it was something else about them, something beyond dicks and asses. I watched their faces as they laughed; their short, stubborn hair; their rough, stubbled chins; their flat chests; their broad shoulders; their thin hips; strong backs; thick thighs; the hair on their legs and under their arms.

All the things that defined a man, without even considering their genitals. That’s what I loved about guys and I never doubted that.

Of course I knew that Ankara escort it wasn’t natural or normal. I knew that I could never tell anyone for fear of being bullied or bashed, even by someone I was close to like Noah. No, it was just something that I held inside of me, until I met someone else who was the same. And now, I had, and I had to council him. It was a little more difficult than I thought it would be however, because he was so deeply affected by it.

‘Have you ever done anything with guys before?’ I asked, thinking that I might as well start from the top.

‘No.’ Reece said, a little defiantly.

I mellowed on this for a moment before pressing Reece further, ‘Ever thought about it?’

‘I-I don’t know. I g-guesss.’

‘Why did you want to do stuff with me?’ I asked, all nervousness gone only to be replaced with pure curiosity.

‘I guess because I always thought th-that you lo-looked really…’

Reece trailed off, but he didn’t have to say anything else. I was looking at Reece in a way I never thought possible. Tears leaked down Reece’s face again and he started to tremble.

‘I-I’m sorry man.’ Reece spluttered.

I couldn’t stand seeing Reece like this. I had never imagined that I would ever see someone as upset as Reece was. Without thinking, without even realising the seriousness of what I was doing, I reached over and wrapped my arms around Reece. Instead of throwing my arms off, or protesting in any way, Reece unexpectedly planted his head into my chest. Looking down, I saw his head shiver as if it were cold, and heard small exhales which filled me with even more pity.

Reece was actually kind of attractive. His workout body definitely was at least. His legs were spread out casually, with his jeans leaving no room for imagination. I could clearly see the outline of his dick. A little guiltily, I felt my own dick start to rise a little. Trying not to think about how big I remembered his cock being, I tore my eyes away and looked instead at the top of his head. His hair was stuck up at odd places in a cute way as well. It was also blonde like –

And then it hit me, like the force of a gunshot; Ankara escort bayan Noah came back into my mind. His blonde hair; his beautiful face; his soft voice; his heavenly smell. Overwhelmingly, guilt filled me to the core, making my heart and lungs compress. But in amongst the guilt, there was something else. I could feel it, pressing again the waistband of my footy shorts.

Was anything ever really going to happen between Noah and myself? Was it worth bothering, or even waiting to see? Should I not just try and forget about the beautiful boy, and focus on one who was cuddling me right at this second? After a few minutes, I realised that the part of me that lay beneath the belt had won the battle.

My dick was pressing against my waistband with increasing urgency to escape and as Reece’s sniffles subsided, and I knew that he was staring at it. For a few moments, I looked down at Reece, and he looked at my footy shorts. Then, I felt something warm enclose around my dick. Reece’s hand was moving slowly up and down my shaft through the nylon as I trembled with excitement. Desperate for more, I reached down and started to pull my shorts off. My dick sprang up into Reece’s thigh where it sat pulsating for a moment before, quite unexpectedly, I felt something even warmer then Reece’s hand enclose around my shaft.

It was all I could do to stop myself jumping up in surprise. The feeling was more intense then I could ever have imagined. I could feel his warm lips, wrapping themselves around my pole; moving up and down. All the while, my dick was becoming wetter with his saliva. My balls pulsated under his fondling hand. It only took around a minute for the feeling to get so incredible that I could feel myself ready to explode.

‘Oh fuck yeh, Reece.’ I muttered, readying myself to shoot my load before…


The window behind my desk rattled smartly. I actually fell off the bed as Reece stumbled onto his backside in surprise. Ripping my shorts up around my waist and with my dick still forming a tent in the front, I sped towards my window to see what had made the noise.

My heart skipped as I saw a Escort Ankara face emerge from the dark outside.

‘Noah?’ I spluttered, throwing the window open and poking my head out.

Noah was standing upon the first-story roof below my window, evidently having climbed up somehow.

‘What are you doing here?’ I asked, panicking a little and hoping that Reece wouldn’t do anything to indicate that he was there.

‘Nothing, just wanted to see what you were up to. You wanna chill?’ Noah asked, apparently oblivious to what was going on in my room only moments before.

‘I-I don’t know, my parents aren’t very happy with me at the moment.’ I lied quickly, ‘Sorry. Why weren’t you at footy practice?’

‘Just couldn’t be fucked.’ Noah said, shrugging.

As relief started to pass over me, I wondered for a moment whether this was a downright lie. Noah loved footy, and didn’t really seem the type to miss the last training session before our first game of the year unless he had a good reason.

‘Are you okay?’ I asked, ‘Are you gunna be at the match on Saturday?’

‘Yeh man, I’m all good, and of course I’ll be there.’ Noah said hastily, as if hoping to pass over the conversation. ‘Sorry about your parents anyway. Let me know when you’re not grounded anymore dude.’

And with that, Noah flashed me his heart-melting smile and jumped down to the grass below. I closed my window, thinking. Noah didn’t see what Reece and I were doing. If he did, he would have said something about it, I was certain of that.

‘Everything okay?’ Reece asked from the floor and I turned to face my room again.

‘Yeh, it’s cool.’

‘I didn’t know that you were friends with Noah?’ Reece said, looking genuinely surprised.

‘Yeh well, it’s a bit-‘

‘You don’t have to explain,’ said Reece, ‘I get it. Sorry man, I’m gunna have to go. My mums going to beat the shit out of me for being late.’

My dick gave a little throb of protest, but I ignored it.

‘Are you sure you don’t want to talk about anything else?’ I asked, feeling a little unsure about how to end the crazy night.

‘No, it’s okay.’ Reece said, ‘We should do this again sometime. Oh and; thanks.’

And with a devilish wink to rival Noah’s, and an obvious boner in his jeans, I led Reece to the door, wondering what on earth would come of all this when I got to school the next morning.

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