Cory’s Jealous Mom

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It was very late when Dharleana dropped Cory off at home. His mom, Melissa, was waiting up for him sitting on the couch in the parlor. Dharleana had married Cory’s older brother Jeff a few years before. As is the tradition here on the planet Epheadra she also married both of Jeff’s brothers and he married all four of her sisters. Marriage is a family affair. Dhar and Cory are sibling-spouses, brother-husband and sister-wife. It’s a quasi-formal but mostly casual relationship that may or may not include sex. More often than not it does. It’s only natural, an expression of love between consenting adults within the family union. Cory was still a child at Dhar and Jeff’s wedding. His eighteenth birthday was last month. He and Dharleana have been enjoying his young adulthood a few times a week ever since.

Cory is the youngest of five children, the baby of the family. His mom is a bit jealous of his attention to Dharleana, like she’s is taking her baby away. She’s never said anything about it. But she’s a bit cold and distant to Dharleana. Sometimes she’s even a bit rude to her. Dhar is more than twice his age and she feels the need to protect her baby from being spoiled by the seductiveness and pleasures of his much older sister-wife.

“Did you enjoy your date, honey?” she asked him.

The room is dim. There’s just one lamp on, behind his mom a few feet beyond the couch on the table by the window. He realizes his mom is wearing just a knee length sheer nightie. She often wears her nightie around the house but always with her bra and undies under it. And most of the time with another dressing robe over her nightie. Melissa is still a decently good looking woman despite her age. She prides herself in beating the ravages of time, at least so far, though a bit optimistically. Her hips are a bit wider, her waist not so thin anymore, and she’s heavier. But not nearly so much as most other women by that time in life and not quite enough to be thought chubby. There are a few wrinkles here and there. Her skin is still smooth and with help of conditioner lotions still soft. Her curly blonde hair has straightened some.

She looked sexy in her thin nightie with the light behind her. He could see the shape of her tits perfectly outlined. Her D cup melons have drooped a little as she’s aged but her nipples are still high on her chest. They press against the silky fabric begging to be noticed. It had been a while since he’d seen her mostly naked like this. It made him a little horny. But it’s his mom. He’s not supposed to be getting horny for her anymore. He tries to take his mind off her shapely figure.

He says, “I like Dhar. We always have fun together.”

She uncrosses her legs and smiles at him.

“I’m glad you like her. What did you do. I mean besides sex. Can you tell you mother about any of it?”

“We went to a movie. I can tell you about that. I don’t think I could tell my mom about the other parts.”

She shifts position on the couch some, more full facing him. Her knees are farther apart. He can see her thighs, almost up to her crotch. Her naked legs look so sexy. He’s getting horny again.

She says, “Parts? More than once? Oh, honey, it’s OK. But, you know, you can talk to me about anything, if you want to. I might be your mom but I know you’re a grown up and you like sex. We all like sex, honey.”

“I know Ma. Some things are kind of private though.”

“Well, I know Cory. it’s just that this is the third time this week. And you haven’t seen your girl friend Jenna in two weeks now. I worry about you.”

“Ma, I told you she wasn’t my girl friend. We just went out a couple of times.”

“It’s just that you see so much of Dhar and you’re not seeing any other girls. I think she’s spoiling you on other girls because she’s too easy for you. You need other girls in your life honey.”

He get’s a little annoyed. “Oh, mom. I don’t want to talk about that now.”

“I know you don’t want to talk about it when your dad and your sister are around. I understand that. But it’s just the two of us right now. And your mom just want’s what’s best for her little guy. Won’t you please sit with me and talk about it? Please?”

She shifts her position and motions to him to sit next to her. Her knees are wide apart now. Her nightie has pulled up a bit in front and he can see her full, lush pussy lips surrounded by soft blond hair. It seems to him it’s almost like she wants him to see her. She doesn’t try to cover herself up at all. She still looks so sexy to him. He knows it shouldn’t be but his cock is getting hard.

He remembers the first time he saw his mom’s pussy. He was about ten years old, not too long after he started getting more curious about naked girls. He’d left for school one morning but he’d forgotten his lunch money. He went back in the house to get it. His mom was at the top of the stairs wearing a thin flowing nightgown. When she started down the stairs to get his lunch money the wind lifted her nightie and he got quite a look at her. She brushed her nightie back after a few more escort bursa steps but he liked what he saw. That was the first time he’d seen a pussy with hair. And it was so big! And fleshy. He’d seen his sisters naked from time to time back then but they were still just little girls. Mom was sexy. Seeing her grown up pussy made him feel much different and he liked it. That was the first time he got horny and he knew why. He wanted more. He began devising ways of “accidentally” seeing her naked. And finding ways to spy on her in her bedroom or the bathroom. Sometimes he was surprised how well those schemes had worked. And his mom never caught on.

One day, after watching her take of her nightie and get dressed, he was laying on his bed thinking about her big pussy lips and sweet tuft of blond hair. His cock was hard and he liked that feeling. He started rubbing it through his jeans. That just made it feel even better. His cock got harder and he wriggled to get it straightened out. He started thinking about rubbing her pussy with his hand like he was rubbing his cock and wondering if she’d like it. He was stroking his whole cock from tip to base and back as he dreamed about it. Not fast. But pressing just a little harder as his excitement rose. Then suddenly the most amazing thing happened. His cock started getting spasms as his balls contracted. It felt so good! Like nothing he’d ever felt before. The more he rubbed the more it happened. He felt something warm and wet in his undies. The spasms stopped after a while. He didn’t know what it was but he loved it. He had to change his undies after because the wet stuff was so sticky.

She asks again, “Please sit and talk with me honey.”

He sees there’s no getting out of it. He goes and sits on the sofa. She takes his hands in hers.

She says, “Now, Cory, dear, I just want to make sure you have other pussy in your life. Dhar is married to your brother Jeff and he’s always going to be her most important husband. No matter how much you like each other she can never be more than a sister-wife. And you’ll have other sister-wives. But you need to have your own relationships with other girls, honey. It’s what you need for yourself, that’s all. I’m sure there are lots of girls who appreciate you and think you’re very sexy and want to make you happy?”

Her hands feel so warm to him. Different from the way she’s held his hands before. He wonders if his mom is coming on to him somehow. The idea makes him horny but he feels ashamed letting his cock get hard for his mother. And he thinks that can only happen in make believe. She wouldn’t really do something like that. Not his always perfect “Miss Proper” mom.

She lets their hands rest on her thighs. Her legs feel so hot on his skin.

She says, “I know you like Dharleana. And she’s your sister-wife and it’s OK that you like to spend time with her. You’re a young man now and I know she makes you very horny and pleases you and men are supposed to get horny and want to be pleased. But your cock should get hard for other girls, too, honey.”

His cock is getting harder for another girl. Her. . He’s afraid she’s going to see the bulge in his pants and know he’s having sexy feelings about his her.

“There are a couple of other girls I’ve asked out, Ma. Just because they aren’t girlfriends yet doesn’t mean I’m only seeing Dhar.”

He tries not to look between her legs. When he looks at her face he can see her big round boobs barely hidden by her thin nightie. He’s getting hornier. He wonders if she really is coming on to him now. The idea excites him. He wishes it wouldn’t. He’s sure she’s going to see how big the bulge in his pants has gotten.

She says, “I’m just so afraid Dharleana is taking you away from us and you won’t have any time for us and that’s not good for my special guy and the other women who care about you. It scares me so much”

She starts crying. “Oh, Cory, I don’t want to lose my baby!”

She leans on his shoulder. He puts his arm around her to comfort her. He hugs her. She’s sobbing and her tits are rubbing on him as her chest heaves with her crying. It feels so infuriatingly sexy to him to hold her so close. He doesn’t want to want her but she’s almost naked and she feels even sexier than he’d imagined. His cock is so hard.

“You’re not losing me Ma. I’m still here.”

She sobs, “But you don’t look at my pussy the way you used to.”


“It’s true honey. You don’t look anymore. Not like you used to. I remember that first time you saw it, when I was coming down the stairs and my nightie lifted up. I was a little embarrassed that you’d seen me. But the look on your face was so cute. You had a big smile and were staring at my crotch. I could tell you liked what you saw. I know I wasn’t supposed to but I liked that my special guy liked seeing my pussy. Do you remember that?”

“I do. That was the first time I saw pussy hair and I liked it.”

“And then after that you used to pretend you didn’t know I was getting out of the shower and come bursa merkez eskort in the bathroom. Or my bedroom. Or you used to leave mirrors places and things so you could spy on me and see me naked. I always made sure you got a good show when I saw it. It made me feel sexy and naughty to show off for you. Sometimes I’d accidentally let my towel fall or the front of my nightie open for you. I loved it when your hard pecker would pucker your jeans afterward. It made me feel like I was special to you.”

Then she adds, “I’ll bet you didn’t know I spied on you sometimes too.”

Cory is surprised. “Really?”

“I saw you in the bathtub once. The door was ajar and you were all soaped up and working your hand up and down yourself. I played with myself on my bed after that thinking about what it would be like if you ever wanted more than just looking.”

She sighs, “And now you’re not even looking at my pussy. See, Cory, I am losing my baby. She’s taking you away from me. You’d rather look at her pussy.”

“Oh no, Mom. I still get horny when I see your pussy. That’s why I tried not to look. I did see it and it’s just as sexy as it’s always been. I was afraid you’d see how hard I was getting. I didn’t know you wanted me to look. I’ve always liked seeing it. It’s the first sexy one I ever saw. It made me horny before I even knew what that was. That’s why I liked peeking at you so much. I thought I wasn’t supposed to and I always got a little embarrassed if I thought you might catch me looking.”

He tells her, “I like looking at you right now. I’ve got a hard on from it. I like that you want me to see you.”

She’s stopped sobbing now. The corners of her mouth turn up in the beginnings of a smile as he talks. She looks so cute. He’s glad he made her feel better. Her warm sexy body is still close, his arm is still around her shoulders. She feels so sexy in his arms. It’s such a turn on for him that she wants to be sexy for him. But it’s his mom. He can’t really do anything with her. It’s his mom. And she can’t want any more than looking, can she? And what if Dad or Tammy come down stairs?

He blurts out, “Do you want to see my cock, Mom?”

He’s not sure why he said it. He didn’t mean to. He’s embarrassed that he did. But his hands start undoing his pants.

“Oh, I do!” she says eagerly. “I want to see my baby’s cock all grown up and hard.”

It’s too late to back out. Even while he’s telling himself he shouldn’t be doing it he pulls his pants and undies down to his ankles. His cock is rock hard and standing straight up. She admires it. He feels embarrassed and excited at the same time.

“Oh, my little man is getting to be such a big boy! Honey, I like when my pussy makes you horny like that. It’s naughty I know but it makes my pussy tingle so.”

She puts her hand on his cock and squeezes it.

“Ma! You shouldn’t.”

“Don’t you like it? Doesn’t it feel good?”

“It feels good. Too good. But, ma.”

“Oh honey I know I’m not supposed to. And maybe you’re not supposed to like it. But you’re my special guy. You’ve always liked my pussy and I know you want it, honey, you’re so hard and horny you must want it. And you make me so horny too. Couldn’t we honey? Just this once? Momma needs her baby.”

She’s gently stroking him as she pleads.

“But you’re my mother.”

“I know, honey, but I’m your mom when you look at my pussy and you still get hard. Don’t you want to do more than look? You make my pussy wet. And your cock is so hard honey. Just for me isn’t it?”

She lets go of his cock, reaches down and in one quick move lifts her nightie up and off over her head. She lays back with her arms out to him, beckoning. Her legs are apart and her boobs are pushed up on her chest between her outstretched arms. He can see glistening wetness in her slit. His cock twitches and bobs at the sight of her sexy and eager body.

“Come to Momma.”

He gets his feet free of his jeans as she pulls him close to her and down on top of her.

He hesitates. “No Ma. We shouldn’t.” Her skin feels so warm, her touch so inviting and exciting. Even more than he’d imagined. She feels more feminine than any girl he’s ever held in his arms.

She kisses him. Her kiss sends his excitement soaring. He feels so much passion and so much desire in her kiss. It feels so good. Better even than Dhar’s hot kisses. He kisses her back and holds her in his arms. Her pussy hair pressed against his shaft as they kiss makes his cock ache with desire. She kisses his neck and nibbles her way to his ear.

Her hot breath tickles him as she whispers, “Oh Cory honey, put that big hard cock in Momma’s pussy. Momma needs you in her.”

His mom talking so dirty to him overcomes his last resistance. He wants to do the dirty things he had so often imagined doing with her.

“Oh, god, Momma,” he sighs. “You make me want you so much.”

He moves back a little and takes his cock in his hand, sliding his shaft between her pussy lips. They bursa sınırsız escort are wet and hot. She spreads her legs wide for him. He starts to rub the tip on her clit cover. Epheadran women have a very sensitive clit. To prevent it from getting overstimulated there’s a thin foreskin flap over it. The clit expands and pushes it aside when she’s aroused.

She purrs, “Never mind that foreplay. Just put it in my cunt. I want to feel you deep inside me.”

He pushes the tip into her cunt hole. She’s wide open and it goes in easily. He lets it slip out and pushes it back in a few times. She’s so wet and slippery his cock glides effortlessly in her.

“Oh yes honey. Just like that. Oh, my baby!”

Her hot cunt feels even better than he’d imagined all those times. He pushes all the way in with one slow push until he feels her foreskin rubbing on him. The sight of her pussy lips swallowing his long shaft thrills him.

“Oh, Ma! That feels so hot on my cock!”

She asks, “You like it that much?”

“Oh I do!”

There are tears in her eyes again. “Oh, Cory, oh yes honey. I like it too. Oh god. I’ve wanted you to want me for so long.”

He pulls his cock out until just the tip is in her then pushes back in.

“All the times I saw your pussy and wondered what you’d be like I never thought it would really happen. It feels different with you Ma. More intense.”

He’s starting to stroke her pussy with a rhythm. Her clit has pushed it’s way out now and his balls twitch with pleasure when he pushes against it at the end of each stroke.

She says, “I know. I feel that too. It’s so naughty with you and I like it. God it’s good honey! Fuck me more. Fuck me hard, baby.”

Her dirty talk fans the flames of his passion. He starts pumping her plush pussy harder and faster. Sometimes he comes all the way out and just plunges himself back into her wide open wetness.

“Oh Mom. You’re such a hot fuck!”

“Fuck me baby, fuck me good. Oh, god yes! I love you Cory!”

His pace picks up. Her hips start to quiver. Her tits move in little bounces on her chest with each stroke. She starts panting softly.

“Oh yes. Oh. Oh. Oh. Yes.”

With each stroke he’s going faster and pushing harder. She starts pushing herself hard against him on each stroke to hold her clit against his flesh. Her panting gets quicker. He realizes she’s about to cum.

“Oh, Mom. Oh, Mom.” he starts panting with her.

His balls quiver and he feels hot jolts of excitement. She tenses her pelvis and squeezes her legs together.

“OH CORY YES!” she screams as the joy of her orgasm cascades through her body. It’s so loud he’s afraid his dad and sister will wake up. He feels her whole body quaking.

His mom feels so sexy when she’s cumming. It tickles his balls that he made her squirm and wiggle like that. Even in his masturbating he never dreamed she’d be this exciting when she cums.

“Mommy, can I cum in your cunt? Can I? Oh, god I’m going to Mommy!”

“Fill me with your sticky cum! Make it run down Mommy’s legs.”

“Oh fuck Mom. Oh fuck!”

He makes one last hard push deep inside her, his balls quake and the spasms erupt in his shaft.

“Oh, MOMMA! Oh, god. Oh yes.”

Each squirt of cum takes him to a new level of pleasure. Her sighs of ecstasy fill him with pride and delight. It feels so good to please her with his cum.

“I love you Mommy! Oh, you sexy hot cunt!”

He pushes in as hard as he can to get his cum as deep inside her as he could. It’s so amazing cumming in his mom and so hot that she likes it so much. When he feels he doesn’t have much left he pulls out and sprays the last few squirts on her pussy and bush. Seeing the droplets of his cum all over his mom’s pussy while she has the biggest smile is the wildest, sexiest thing he’s ever seen and he loves it.

“Oh, you naughty boy,” she teases him.

He collapses on top of her and kisses her. Their kiss is more relaxed than the first time but still with all the passion. After a minute he rolls over, laying next to her with one arm under her shoulders.

He says, “Maybe we shouldn’t have done that, Mom. We’re not supposed to. It’s a little weird. But it was so fucking good. I never knew you felt that way.”

She says, “If it was that good then it’s something we were supposed to do, don’t you think?”

He tells her, “I’ve never felt that good when I’ve cum before. I mean, it’s always been good. Just not that good. That was amazing even if you are my mother. Or maybe because you are.”

She said, “I liked it a lot when my special guy was pumping cum in me. God you push so hard! Then it just excited me more all over again when I could see it spurting out of your cock and getting all over my pussy. I’ve cum for you in my dreams honey and I know you’ve done it too but it was so much better doing it together.”

“I always thought that’s the way I’d do it when I’d jerk off after seeing your pussy, so you I wouldn’t get my mom pregnant.”

She says, “You were such a thoughtful boy in your dreams.”

“Mom, do you do this with my brothers too?

“Oh, heavens no honey. They’re not like you. You’re the one that got me me feeling sexy because you liked seeing my pussy so much. You’re the only one that worked so hard to see it. You’re my only special guy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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