Country Boy


Getting laid in rural Kentucky has proven difficult. For as long as I remember, I was teased, laughed at and at the worst, beaten up and embarrassed publicly because of who I am. I decided on my eighteenth birthday to leave my country home and visit the city. I drove my beat up pick up truck toward Atlanta. I had seven hours to imagine what was to come. But my fantasies paled in comparison to the reality of my first gay sexual experience.

I had just graduated high school and knew that being a farmer, like my Daddy, wasn’t for me. I wanted to see the world, experience new things and be able to love who ever I pleased. Atlanta was an eye opener and I loved every minute of it.

I got in to the city pretty late, a little after mid-night, but I was anxious to get out. The city was huge, gorgeous and a little scary. I had never seen such a cultured place and so many good looking men!

I checked into the hotel I had booked and then showered and changed. I decided to wear a white t-shirt and super tight Levi’s. My cowboy hat would be an attention getter.

I drove the truck about six blocks to “Decadence,” a spot that I’d researched online. My truck seemed out of place with its Kentucky plates and rusted paint. I could hear the music from inside, the thump of the bass went Sakarya Escort straight from my ears to my cock; I was anxious to get in.

At the door, a huge security guard in sharp shades looked me up and down, shook his head and grinned. I smiled coyly and then tipped my hat as he moved aside so I could walk past and through the door.

The bar was dark and the men were sweaty. I could smell the musk of men and desire. I walked toward the bar and sat down.

“What’ll you have, cowboy?” the bartender growled.

“Whiskey, thanks,” I replied quickly.

I watched as men danced together, my mind blown by their beautiful bodies pressed against each other. I slammed the shot. The whiskey kept coming. I got a few winks from some old fellows at the bar; I smiled back and tried to contain myself. Someone was buying me drinks!

That’s when I saw him. Sweat beaded at my forehead and I had to take my hat off. I sat it down on the bar and turned away quickly, a rush of emotions propelled me to hide. I slid my fingers through my hair to get my long black bangs out of my face. I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned back to see a sexy, built mocha god before me. He was a work of art, a black David, an angel of mercy. I almost came in my pants. And when Adapazarı Escort he spoke, all I heard was a symphony.

“Cowboy, you okay?”

I cleared my throat.

“I asked if you’d like to dance. I’m Andre.”

I was unable to speak.

“Say something, please,” he urged.

I melted and took his hand.

Andre pulled me gently out onto the dance floor. I was putty as he guided me, as he pressed his body up against mine. After a while of grinding together to the beat, I felt his erection against my leg. He lapped at my earlobe and neck. I wanted to take this further.

“Let’s go somewhere more private.” I begged.

He led me up a flight of stairs to the right of the dance floor. At the top of the stairs was a room with couches and a huge bar. We could still hear the music but it was easier to talk up there.

I decided that I didn’t want to talk. We sat on the couch and I lunged at him, slipping my tongue deep into his mouth. His lips were full and his tongue played with mine. My cock throbbed at the thought of those thick lips around them. I slid my hands over his pants and he slid his hands over mine. He leaned in and lifted my shirt then took a nipple between his teeth.

He wiggled his tongue from my nipple to Serdivan Escort just above the waistband of my jeans.

“Cowboy, I’m going to blow your mind.”

He leaned in and freed me. He wrapped his warm lips around my dick and I gasped. I never imagined that it could be like this. When I came, I knew that that this was who I was and what I wanted. I knew I had come to the right place. I sat up, ready to return the favor.

I was eager to see another man’s erect cock. He reached for a blanket on the couch as I reached for his pants. He covered us up completely with the blanket. I unzipped him and his cock sprang out at me. In the darkness of the bar, I was unable to see much but I knew what was up against my face. Instinct took over and I sucked him down, licking and lapping at him eagerly. I became a cum slut that night. He came buckets and I sucked it down hungrily.

I wanted more; I needed him inside of me. We played until he was ready again. I fished a condom from my pocket and then slid it onto his dick. The blanket was gone now; it had fallen to the floor from all our wiggling.

We had an audience of three as he slid his cock into my ass. I watched the three strangers watch us and licked my lips at them. One leaned in and kissed me as Andre eased himself in and out of my tight cherry hole. After I loosened, Andre held my narrow hips tightly and shoved hard and deep inside of me. We came together; I could feel his cock contract inside of me as he let go. I wiped my mess from the couch after we were done.

I’ll never go back to Kentucky.