Coupons of a Mistress


Although my wife Mona was finally starting to enjoy use me as a slave some times. I still keep tell her to use her imagination. She told me that I should make it easier for her to let me know when she wanted to play Mistress. After giving it some thought I came up with the ideas of making coupons on my computer. At her request I made some for just a 24 hour period and some for the whole weekend. To make it a little more interesting, the instructions on the coupons read, that I must strip completely upon receipt of the coupon. This really has made it a lot more interesting then I really thought it would. Mona told me that she would use the coupons, but I would have to agree that I would not refuse any of her commands. That if I ever did she would never again play the part of me Mistress.

Mona has given me a coupon while walking to our car as we were leaving our favorite bar. Luckily no one was around when I stripped before getting in the car. She then drove around for a hour before going home. Once at home she had me get out of the car before she pulled into the garage which is detached and about 25 feet from the house. We do have hedges by the sidewalk, but if someone looked up the drive they would have seen me standing there bare-ass naked. She then made me go to the front door and unlock it knowing that the porch light would go on as I approached the door. I hurried to open the door and got in before anybody saw me. Other times she’s given me these coupons in the parking lot of a mall after we’ve been shopping. Then at home made me carry all 4 of the packages one at a time to the house.

It had always been dark when I was given the coupons, till one afternoon when we were at one of the malls. Mona wanted to buy some new sexy underwear that day so she went to one store while I looked at some books. She met me at the bookstore after she found what she was looking for. When we got to the car she said that she was going to drive home. I really did think much about her driving home ’cause she did quite often. As she left the mall she started going away from our house. When I ask her where she was going all she’d say was that I would see. After 20 or so minutes she turned down a dirt road that dead ended a quarter mile from the main road. It was at the end where she stopped.

Getting out of the she went to the trunk and got out a picnic basket and blanket. I thought we were about to have a romantic picnic lunch. See reached into the basket and pulled out a coupon. All I could do was try to tell that someone might come down the road, she laughed telling me I’d better start stripping. Once I had me clothes off she put them in the trunk and closed it. Then I was handed a pair of the panties she had just bought. I put the panties on as she then got a pair of hand-cuffs out of the basket and made me put my hands behind my back. After she had the cuffs on she put a blindfold on me. I was then Push me back into the car. As she drove home I had no idea of where we were at, or see if anyone could see me. When the car stop in, I hoped our drive-way, she lead me into the house.

These were just a few of the times she had given me the coupons. Every time after we got home she would come up with different Pendik Ukraynalı Escort way to abuse and humiliate me. She might take me to our back yard and tie my hands to a branch above my head. In this position she might whip me or hang weights on the ball stretcher she put on. My torture some times would include nipple clamps and butt plugs. One time she put on a strap on dildo and fuck my ass for about half an hour. Other times she’d have me jack off, maybe into a shot glass, and then make me drink it. Or cum on the floor or her feet and lick it all up. No matter what she had me do, I always thought that it was our private little game.

That was till just last Thanksgiving at our friends Jeff and Gails’. They own 1000 acres just outside of town. They own a few horses so there’s a barn and stable behind the house. It was a nice quiet diner. Gails sister Jan and her fiance Bill, along with Mary and Sarah were there to. Shortly after dinner Jan and Bill left. Ten minutes later the phone rang and Jeff answered it. he told us that the phone call was from Bill saying that his car had quit running. He said that he was going to see if he could go help them. I offered go to with him, but he said that he be back in 10 maybe 15 minutes, and that I should just stay there. I sat there watching the ball game as the girls talk and laughed. Jan came back in the door and told the girls that Jeff and Bill would be tied up for awhile and it was time for the fun to start.

With that Mona came up and gave me a coupon for a whole week-end slave, telling me that since this was Thanksgiving week end she now had me for four days. I could tell my face was red as I looked into Mona’s eyes. I knew that if I didn’t Mona would not ever play our game again. So I took everything off except my underwear. Hoping that Mona really wasn’t going to make me strip all the way, I stood there for a minute. The girls all just kept watching till I finally hooked my thumbs in the elastic of my briefs and pushed them down. Mona told me that for the rest of this long weekend that Mary, Gail, Jan, and Sarah would also be my mistresses, and that I was to obey them as I would her. It was Jan who asked Mona what else I would do. Mona didn’t answer, but made me tell them that I would do anything that I was told to do.

The first thing I was told was to go out to our car and bring in the box Mona had in the trunk. After coming back in the house Jan and Sarah told me to come with them. They took me to the bathroom and made me get in the shower. Jan had me wet my whole body then step out. Once I got out I saw that Sarah had a can of shave cream and a razor in her hands. They then shaved every hair from my neck down off. Just to make sure it was all off, they made me rinse off so they could check. When they found a spot that wasn’t smooth enough they’d go over in again.

Once they were satisfied they took me back to the living room. Mona, Mary, or Gail were not in the room, but the box I had brought in was sitting on the coffee table. Sarah opened it and got out a butt plug and oil that was in it. After putting oil on the plug she sat it on the coffee table. I was told to sit on the plug and make it disappear. Pendik Üniversiteli Escort I lined it up and started to sit down slowly to let my hole try and get use to the size. Jan said to go faster, then pushed me down making it go all the way in me. My ass felt like it was being ripped open. It took a few moments for me to get use to the fullness. Sarah had me put one leg on each side of the coffee table I was sitting on. The table was glass so when she put a mirror under it I could see the base of the plug that was up my ass. Jan and Sarah then had me start to jack-off. When I was about ready to cum, my wife and Gail came back in the room. Mona said I had better hurry up and cum on the table before she changed her mind and not let me cum at all. That was all it took. I started squiring on the table, knowing that Mona would have me lick it up so the girls could watch. Sure enough, I was told to start licking it up. She then told me to tell the girls how much I like the taste of cum. Gail then came over to give me a glass. She said that since I like the taste of my own cum so much. That I might like to try some that she and Mona had got from Jeff and Bill. All of them cheered me on as I slowly drank it down.

It was after I drank Jeff and Bills cum that I seen Mary come back in the room. She had changed into very short white dress. The little hat she was wearing made her look like nurse. In one hand she had a hose that was connected to an enema bag. Mary said that I should follow her so she could clean me out. I followed out to the back yard to a small wooden bench. Then I was told to lay down on my back with my ass just hanging over the edge of the bench. I think it was Mona who pulled the plug out of my ass. Then I could feel the hose being shoved up my hole.

Mary slowly worked as much of the hose in as she could. When she finally had as much as she thought shoved in, she opened the valve to let the warm soapy water fill my bowels up. It seem like gallons of water was being used but she said it was only about 2 quarts. When the bag was empty, the hose was pulled out and the butt plug was quickly shoved back in. It just took a few moments for me to want to go and empty myself out. The girls had other plans though. Mary took off her dress to revealed a strap-on dildo. She ask if I would like to suck it and be fucked in the ass with it. Mona told her “of course I would and that I should beg to have the cock in my mouth and up my ass.” I started begging right away, I told Mary that I wanted her to fuck my face and ass with her cock. She then put the tip of the dildo to my lips, and told me that I was going to have to deep throat it if I wanted to release the enema.

The cock was maybe 6″ or 7″ long so I did manage to get it all in. While she fucked my face she kept asking if I wanted a cock in my ass after I was allowed to release the enema. With my mouth full all I could do was moan a little. For 10 minutes she kept fucking my face, all the while the pressure in my bowels was building. Finally she pulled it out and made me beg one more time to be fucked in the ass, before telling me to go to an outhouse to relive myself. When I came out of the outhouse I think it Pendik Vip Escort was Jan who gave me a hose telling me to clean up. She then gave me a cock and ball spreader to put on. Next she handed me a blindfold to put on, once I had the blindfold on I felt her hands by my balls. She had put on a leash and started pull me some where.

Once we arrived where ever she was taking me I heard the rest of the girls talking, but I couldn’t tell what they were talking about. They had me lay down on my back on an 18″ board. Two straps were fastened around me. One just under my arms, the other at my waist. Next they pulled my leg up and put my arms behind my knees. My wrist were tape together with duck tape. Now my feet were taped together. Suddenly I felt my body being raised. I had no idea of how high I was off the ground when they stopped. The next thing I felt was a sting of a whip on my bottom.

I could feel the difference when each of the girls hit me ’cause each had their own whip or crop to use on my exposed butt. They whip me for a little while then told me that they would only stop if I could convince they that I really wanted to be fucked in the ass. My butt was burning so much I thought it was on fire. I started begging them to please stop, that I wanted all of them to fuck me. I even told them I would fuck myself with a dildo if they would stop. They ask if I would like to be fucked in the mouth at the same time, I answer yes. That I’d suck on a dildo to. This brought a good laugh to all of them.

My blindfold was taken off. After I could focus again I saw Jeff and Bill hanging from a I-beam. They both had on what looked to be a harness. It went around their chests, and over their shoulders. Attached to each of the shoulder straps was the cable that went to rollers on the I-beam. Their arms were taped together behind their backs, both had ball gags in their mouths. Gail said that since I to want to get fucked so badly that they were going to let Bill, and Jeff do it. I was hanging in between them. Mona went behind Jeff, who was at my ass side, and pushed him toward me. When he was close enough his height was adjusted so his cock was right at my ass hole level. Sarah guided it in as Mona push. Because I was also hanging Jan had to keep me from swing away. A strap was looped around him and attached to the board I was laying on. This was to keep him from swinging away.

Next Mary pushed Bill towards me. Again his height was adjusted so his cock was at mouth level. With my head tilted back a little, I was told to deep throat him. Another strap was looped around him and attached to the board. Gail told us to get started because they had a lot of things for the 3 of us to do. That we couldn’t get started on anything else till Jeff and Bill both came. Bills strap was just loose enough so he could pull his cock out a little so I could suck on it. As I was sucking Bill, Jeff was trying to rock a little so he could fill my ass. With me sucking on Bill, it didn’t take to long for him to cum. Most of it went down my throat, but a little did seep out one side of my mouth. I was told to keep sucking Bills cock till Jeff came. It took Jeff a lot longer before he came, because we couldn’t get a steady rhythm going. It was 45 minutes after Bill had cum that Jeff finally did.

When he did my mouth and ass were both sore. For the rest of the week-end it was more of the same for the three of us. The girls would made sure that we all got a turn at being the one to get fucked in the mouth and ass.