Court Record Chapter Eight

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For reasons only people in love can explain, Sarah’s life took on new meaning after these events.
There were only four weeks remaining until her tutored classes for fall were scheduled to begin. She had been forewarned that this was going to be a home stretch drive. These classes were going to provide her final preparation for college.
For reasons you now understand, Sarah decided during these last weeks of freedom she was going to dedicate herself to bicycle riding.
Each day she departed for extended bicycle rides always assuring Jayson was aware of her departure. She knew he would never be aware of her return, nor would he care. When Sarah’s governess had been released some years ago, Jayson had been adamant with the family he could not, and would not, assume responsibility for Sarah. He ran the household; it was a full time job.
He often made a plea for additions to the household staff. (More staff, more pay; Sarah had long ago concluded.) One of the additions he had suggested several times was to hire full time, and in residence, one of Sarah’s single tutors as a full time governess.
When this occurred, Sarah first concluded their might be something going on between them, or at least Jayson would like to have something between them; interesting idea.
It had also occurred to Sarah that Jayson might be uncomfortable alone with Sarah as she matured into womanhood. That thought was put to rest. No one at the estate, including Jayson, had any concept of her development as a young woman. She was still a prepubescent girl in their minds and nothing but an unspoken burden.
Each bicycle ride turned into a wonderful adventure when she turned into the driveway at Apple Valley Orchards. These were a couple grand days together for Clem and Sarah, but it was always way too hard to part in the afternoon. They were used to wonderful evenings outside at the picnic table, and wonderful nights upstairs together.
Things with the local authorities had settled down very well. There had been no questions or concerns expressed by anyone since New York had “explained” things following their finding Sarah at home.
So after a couple more days back home, Sarah cornered Jayson after breakfast and told him she thought she had made a mistake coming back and was going to give Camp Evenrude another chance. Her thoughts were quite convincing.
The end of the summer season was always an exciting time at Evenrude. She wanted to be there for the last weekends of summer. Evenrude was the summer home of the Detroit Symphony and these were the final grand concert weekends. Her plans were mentioned during business phone conversations between Jayson and Mr. Wanewrite in Europe.
Sarah had arranged transportation back to Evenrude with the same senior camp councilor whom Jayson had met during Sarah’s earlier trips home. It was all set.
Early the following morning Sarah and her two big pull bags departed with Camp Councilor Clem Warren. Jayson later testified that he in fact instructed staff to load the bags in the trunk of the car. There was absolutely no coercion, in fact Sarah was most anxious to leave.
In reality her camping experience was not back at Evenrude but rather at Apple Valley Orchards. They simply drove the ten miles down the country road and Clem unload her bags right back up the steps.
Sarah was crying tears of joy as she unpacked everything again as Scotty fixed a lunch for out at the picnic table.
Right away it turned into another grand camping experience; days for the two of them to be together in the orchards; early evenings outside eating at the old picnic table, later on the front porch glider in quiet conversation, then nights to be remembered forever.
Later in deposition, Sheriff Jacks stated he clearly remembered driving by Apple Valley one Saturday evening and seeing Clem and Sarah sitting on the porch. Nothing seemed awry. New York authorities had forewarned him she would be spending time at Apple Valley Orchards with her uncle.
It was later testified that Sarah did report home a few times during this period. Jayson testified his brief telephone conversations with Sarah were always positive. She seemed very happy and upbeat. The summer had returned to normal at the estate.
The final big weekend at Evenrude fell just two weeks after Sarah had returned to Apple Valley. It was really close to the end of summer, she and Clem had been working especially long hours getting ready for the pickers. Something special had to be done to celebrate.
Three phone calls and Sarah had two tickets coming from Evenrude for the last Saturday evening concert of the Detroit Symphony. In addition, she was receiving two free tickets for the Saturday afternoon performance of the Evenrude juniors. This concert included solo performances on violin and harp by two of Sarah’s former classmates.
At dinner Friday night they got into an interesting conversation. It was clear, a long weekend at Evenrude
opened up possibilities for complicated even dangerous situations. It was a classic dichotomy. On one hand there was the excitement of being at Evenrude, together, where undoubtedly a lot of people would know Sarah and wonder about the relationship she was in. On the other side it gave them unprecedented exposure to possible legal authorities and questions.
Thus they decided to simply go up on Saturday morning, attend the concerts together, spend the night at the Brighton Inn right there on campus and return Sunday morning. It was impossible to contemplate all the things that could happen, but it was short enough to be relatively safe.
Their conversation ended with a consideration that was a little scary. Attending the concerts at Evenrude provided a dangerous dimension which excited both of them. Were they becoming addicted to the strange tensions associated with living on the edge?
They drove the four hours to the Evenrude Institute on the Saturday morning. It was mid August, they arrived just before noon.
Clem was wearing new “camp councilor” clothing purchase last night. Sarah had supervised the purchases which included a very preppy plaid necktie.
“Sarah, anyone who sees this tie on me will see your name written right across my chest. Remember, if anyone laughs at me, this is your idea of what I should be wearing up here.”
Sarah looked over as they drove along and finally the zinger,
“Yep Scotty; sure says something like that. It says you belong to me. You look cute. You are going to fit right in.
Now quit looking over here at my legs. You chose this outfit for me. Don’t tell me this doesn’t say I belong to you as well. So just keep your eyes on the road.”
She laughed.
Sarah was wearing an outfit Scotty had bought her last night as well. This time he had actually talked to the Anne, the clerk. He wanted just the right things for Sarah to be wearing for the events up here.
Sarah was traveling up to Evenrude in tailored dark blue Ralph Lauren Capri’s, a white short sleeved blouse, with a light weight blue vest. She looked wonderful. It was not the preppy stuff he thought might be the “in” thing at Evenrude; it was top fashion for a mature woman as described by Anne.
It was a conservative outfit that just happened to emphasize so many of Sarah features. Her new bra was a full size larger than her previous one and together with this new blouse it told the world she was a woman for sure. Clem loved the look, but when he saw her wearing the outfit in the store he insisted Anne included the vest in her recommendations.
The Capri’s were wonderfully tailored. Clem allowed himself to believe that the summer of hard work in the apple orchards had contributed to her remarkable shapeliness.
Scotty was very quiet as he drove. He loved this young lady so much that at times he felt very selfish. He could get down on himself easily. Their relationship had only added to Sarah’s screwed up home life to further deny her a normal life. At this age her world should include association with guys her own age. He knew she had enjoyed just such relationships previous summers up here at music camp. It just had to be.
As planned they arrived at Brighton Inn about eleven thirty in the morning. The complications began right away as they sat in the parking lot debating how to register. Sarah had made their reservation by phone; one room, one king sized bed. That seemed very good at the time, but how would it look for the two of them to walk in and sign up for such an intimate arrangement? What names should they use? She had just used Sarah Wanewrite to reserve the room, but she had used Clem Warren’s credit card.
A short conversation later, Sarah was the one who approached the desk in the lobby while Scotty went over to place their bag next to a large chair. He turned to join her only to find she was already walking toward him with the key cards in her hand,
“No problems sweetheart.”
She offered,
“I gave my name as Sarah Warren since I used your credit card. He never looked at the reservation, he just handed me the keys. That was all there was to it. We didn’t have to sign a thing.”
It seemed like every eye was on them as Clem picked up the bag and together they walked across the lobby and headed down the hall toward room 176.
Sarah reached over to take his elbow,
“Scotty, would you ever consider marrying me?’
She asked as they walked along.
Clem choked.
“Of course, you know I would…anytime, if it was in your best interest.”
She looked at him with a smile,
“That’s good to know Scotty, particularly if I get pregnant.
Don’t these two inch heals make me look older, Scotty?”
What a way to change the subject. Did she have serious concerns or was this just another şişli escort Sarah zinger.
Sarah sat on the edge of the bed, bounced a little, and then looked up,
“I think this will be just fine for us Scotty, but let’s test it out. Why don’t you get your weight over on your side so I know for sure.”
“Yes lover!”
Scotty said as he walked straight at her, dumped her over backward onto the bed, and came down on top of her.
“You are like a Venus Fly Trap little lady. We are starving and I want my personal tour of this Evenrude place before the concert. Get in the bathroom if you need to use it before I do and then it is lunch in the dining room.”
Their room was delightful, recently renovated, so there were no surprises when they found the dining room to be charming.
The waitress seated them in a large booth, one on each side. Immediately, Sarah got up and came around insisting Clem move so she could get in on his side and sit beside him. She reached over to find his hand and move it to her lap as they perused the menus.
It was the lunch hour, the dining room was busy, and to Clem it seemed like everyone noticed. Even the simplest things could be erotic.
Brighton Inn is located right on the edge of the Evenrude campus. After lunch they were able to walk directly from the hotel across the property, through rows of stone buildings and large yew trees in the direction of the amphitheater. Students were everywhere. There were many of them who could know Sarah. She had been here so many years and most students were returners.
She insisted on holding his hand, walking closely, and looking at him with smiles that unmistakably said “I love you”. Was she addicted to happy nerves; the joy of being together and not hiding?
The Evenrude tour began standing side by side in the shade looking out over Center Lake. Sarah started to talk about the Institute and why she had not been too disappointed when she learned Cybil had not registered her this year.
She substantiated her position by providing a blow by blow of every boring class she had taken over five summers in every boring beautiful building on this boring beautiful campus.
She was coming to an end on her negative comments when two girls approached and it was obvious they knew Sarah.
Kimberly and Carla Marie came straight at her. There was jubilation, hugging and rapid fire hellos. It was obvious the two of them, missed Sarah incredibly, and were almost angry she had not come back this year, and most curious as to why.
They were quickly introduced to Clem as cabin mates from past years. It was explained there were four girls per cabin and together with a gal named Joyce these three had been cabin mates for four seasons.
Kimberly was the leader for most questions. The dialog was back and forth, very rapid, and centered on what in the hell had gotten so important that Sarah had decided not to return this summer. Question came fast and Sarah tried to provide safe answers…she was working…money for college…Vassar…in love with guy at home…still practicing…maybe music major, maybe business…has she heard from Kenny?
Back and forth the dialog continued, only broken when Carla Marie said she had to run to a quick rehearsal and asked if Sarah could join her.
Sarah declined, but Carla Marie insisted. There were two hours until the concert and it would be fun if Sarah would accompany. Clem remained at the lake as Carla Marie took Sarah by the hand and headed for a nearby building from which emanated a music cacophony.
Clem walked back a few steps to sit on a bench. Kimberly joined him. Immediately, he felt almost nude. No protection. No quick minded Sarah to take charge in a tough situation and give him time to think.
Alone with him, Kimberly became a real chatterbox. She continued Carla Marie’s line of questions without a pause. She was obviously very curious about Sarah and what she had done this summer instead of music camp. She went beyond direct questions of why Sarah had not returned this year; edging into personal topics, perhaps trying to open thing up.
Anne, the forth cabin mate last year had not returned either and it was speculated she might have gotten pregnant while here. No one knew if Anne had actually married the guy for no one had talked to either of them.
Clem sat quietly as Kimberly probed; answering questions where he felt he was safe. In general he said very little. He was not going to talk about Sarah’s motivation not to return, except to say perhaps she might have out grown the music camp. He just did not know from limited conversations whether she had really enjoyed being up here particularly as she got older.
Clem could notice a strange look on Kimberly’s face. The conversation took a detour,
“I like your name Mr. Warren. Scotty has always been one of my favorite names. Do you work for the Wanewrite’s? Are you into music? Do you teach?”
After about a dozen personal questions floated out over the lake, avoided and unanswered; it became clear Kimberly was trying to establish what kind of relationship he had with Sarah.
He wanted to keep the conversation on something safe. He went back to the previous topic,
“Sarah really enjoys her music. I was quite surprised when she chose not to attend this summer. I can only think she must have had some disappointments up here last year.”
It was his feeble attempt to get back to a safe topic so Kimberly could fill the time.
But, that was just the lead that opened the door for Kimberly to fill his ear. Away she went!
It seems Sarah loved it here at Camp Evenrude. She did well with the curriculum and really enjoyed the social life. It had to be a very bitter disappointment when she learned she was not registered to come back.
Evenrude was her chance to be with kids her own age. Kimberly was quick to emphasize how much the other camper liked her, particularly the boys. She went into details of the many activities, music, swimming, boating, golf, archery; she kept going. In each area she lauded Sarah as a leader, an outgoing kid, loved by fellow campers and staff alike.
Clem had not let the “particularly the boys” comment pass unnoticed, but for the sake of a very honest relationship with the young woman he loved he pressed it no further. Instead he listened as Kimberly took over again and started talking about this season at camp, and the many times they had missed Sarah’s entertaining contributions.
“Sarah, Carla Marie, Joyce and I were cabin mates for four years here. Sarah was our ringleader. She is so cute and such a lot of fun. She was the spark for everything we did.
Each cabin has a big chain swing out on the porch. Last year there were four guys in the cabin right next to ours who came over to sit on our swing the first evening and from then on we were together every day. The eight of us did stuff together all summer.
One of the musicians named Kenny sat beside Sarah that first night and they became quite an item most of last year. Something happened there I think, something that explains a lot. She really upset him by not coming back this year.
Kenny is an outstanding violist, sort of a hero here music camp if you know what I mean. He is really going to go somewhere. Wait till you hear him this afternoon…”
Carla Marie and Sarah had come into view returning down the walk. When she saw them, Kimberly fell silent.
Clem sat filled with mixed emotion. Maybe Kimberly had just explained a lot about his early experiences with Sarah. Why she knew so much about sexuality. Why she was overcome so easily and so frequently right from the first time they were together. Perhaps Sarah was not nearly as innocent as he had assumed when she rode her rusty bicycle into his life.
He sat there silently as the three girls went back to chatter. He could not decipher a word as he was lost in his thoughts.
Whatever Sarah’s sexual experience had been before he met her did not matter. She is a wonderful, kind young woman, deeply in love with him, and he with her. They bring so much in to one another’s lives.
He came back to reality when Sarah came over and took his hand in front of the others,
“Scotty we have got to get going. We have less than an hour and I have so much more to show you.”
With that they walked off and as they did, Clem made a vow to say nothing about the input from Kimberly.
The concert was grand. Clem liked good music and this junior concert was right down his alley. The program contained all familiar classical melodies presented in an uncomplicated program.
The second half began with an elaborate introduction of Kenny Goldstein. It seemed to Clem, as he was listening, Kenny had to be the most outstanding violist to ever grace the amphitheatre stage at Evenrude Institute. He squirmed in his seat trying to get comfortable. Sarah had previously pulled his hand over into her lap in the semi darkness and was holding it enfolded in both of hers.
She leaned over and whispered,
“Scotty, you are sweating. Something is bothering you. Bet old big mouth Kimberly told you I dated this guy. I did. I will tell you all about it when we are alone. For right now, I love you more than you will ever know and he has nothing to do with us.”
“I want you to enjoy this, please.”
Once again she skillfully changed the subject,
“I am so proud of you. You clean up wonderfully, although I can still smell the apples I love!”
She looked at him with her special grin.
It had to be admitted, Kenny was good. It was clear he loved his instrument and had worked very hard to master it. The question was…had he worked equally hard on Sarah. What a conflict for Clem. He wanted the very best for her, he love her so much in so many different ways. He had to constantly keep in mind her ultimate answer could only be found with someone her own age, and honestly this guy had to be a leading candidate by any definition.
Kenny played a brilliant lengthy piece by Vivaldi. When he was finished, he returned to his chair as concert master to a thunderous applause, and the rest of the program went quickly.
The junior concert ended at four thirty. It provided lots of time for them to return to the room, rest a bit, find a good place to eat and get back for the main concert at eight.
Clem was leading the way as they made their way out of the seats and started up to the top of the amphitheater. Sarah was holding his hand and following along in the crowd. At the head of the isle there was a lot of noisy confusion. Clem felt Sarah’s hand slip from his. He turned to see her surrounded by musicians. There was such jubilation. They all seemed to know her.
In the next fifteen minutes Clem learned for certain just how painful it had been for Sarah the morning she woke up to learn her return to the Evenrude Institute for this season had been completely forgotten. She was surrounded; first by students that had been coming out with the audience, and then, by the concert musicians carrying instruments and music. Sarah was grinning from ear to ear. She was in her element. Clem had never seen her like this. She bubbled. Hugs and laughs abound. Questions came at her from all directions.
Unnoticed, Clem slipped over beside the exit, letting the crowd pass, and watched in a complete state of confusion. This young lady was a very special person. How in hell did he end up…
His thoughts stopped abruptly and he was drawn back to reality when a young handsome Jewish guy carrying a violin case came through the assembled group of greeters. There was no question it was Kenny Goldstein.
The group went quiet and opened like the red sea as Kenny approached Sarah. Sarah’s face was a study. She was communicating so much as she looked first at the group moving away from her, and then her faced drained as Kenny approached.
They did the hug which seems so popular with young people today. She smiled, he smiled. Nothing seemed to be said, until Kenny stepped toward her, wrapped her in an embrace and kissed her full on the mouth. Immediately, she turned and pulled away. Kenny stepped back and a short conversation ensued which Clem could not hear, but it was clear, it entailed some pretty strong comment obvious to everyone closer.
Sarah turned until her eyes found Clem standing alone about twelve feet away by the exit. She moved directly toward him through the crowd without a goodbye or even a sideways glance to anyone.
Once beside him she took his hand, turned back to look at the group of stunned students, and promptly led him out the door and down the path.
They walked in silence back through the buildings, past the lake and on to Brighton Inn. Not a word was spoken. Sarah was still leading the way as they went straight through the lobby down the hall and directly to their room.
Once in the room, Clem walked over and sat down at the window. Sarah bolted the door and came most of the way across the room toward him,
Scotty, I am so sorry. You will never know how shitty I feel right now. I have hurt you so badly. You don’t need to say a word. I know you. I know how sensitive you are, and I know how much that hurt.”
“I knew Kenny would be here, I knew he had the solo part today; I should have said something, or better yet, I should never have suggested we come from the beginning.”
Clem looked up at her to see her eyes were filled with tears.
“I love you Scotty Warren and I will do anything to put this behind us.”
She stopped sniffling and stood very still looking at him.
Clem sat at the window in complete confusion. He could think of nothing good to say. He had to admit jealousy raged through him, while forgiveness and understanding dominated the agape side of his emotions. What did he expect of a woman her age up here with these talented students? Loving her as he did, he had to find a way to understand and accept, in fact to celebrate any joy that had come into her lonely life at the Wanewright estate.
She looked at him for some time, not knowing his thinking, not knowing what to do, what else to say. Then, step by step she came toward him with her hand out.
“Scotty, I am yours. I will tell you anything you want to know about Kenny Goldstein and my time at Evenrude last year.”
She moved closer, took his hand and brought it up to her breast.
“ Scotty, the truth is, I loved being here at Evenrude. From the very first year when I was very young I love it. I love everything about it; the music, the classes, the performances, and the fun friendships were the highlight of my year. I waited so impatiently for each summer and the fifteen weeks up here.
Prior to coming up her last year I only hung out with girls, I guess we tittered about boys but nothing more. We walked to classes and performance together and stuck together for all the fun activities.
Then last year the four guys in the cabin next door came over the very first night. Kenny ended up sitting by me on the swing and, thus, he came into my life from the very first day. So, for the three months of camp, I saw him every day.
Mostly we did things with the others, but he was very interested in me and there were many times he tried to get us alone.
Scotty, he was a good friend and he is an impressive, brilliant musician, but nothing more to me. Period!
I had great times doing things with him and the others. We were together a lot. We became the talk of the cabins before the summer was over; but it was just as I have said to you. He was a friend nothing more, I wanted no form of intimate relationship with him and there was none.
He tried everything. He even got me into his bed a couple times, but we were fully clothed and try as he would, that is how we stayed.”
“That is it Scotty, that is a condensed version of the complete summer. Please come over here with me.”
She had stood in front of him ever since she started. With that she turned and went over to the bed, turned back the covers, and lay down.
Clem came over, without a word, laid down on the bed with her, wrapped her in his arms, and gently rubbed the back of her neck.
“Sarah, it is behind us. I love you. I am so proud of you. I am glad you had these experiences. I am glad we came here. There is no way you could have described this place and the great times you had here without this trip
As far as Kenny, it makes me feel a little bit better about the fucked up, sad home life you had, to know you were appreciated and loved by someone. What fun you must have had with him. That makes me jealous for sure, but I am so proud of you. You are a bright light where ever you go. Nothing has surprised me here.
Kenny was a lucky guy to have you to pal with.
Finally, I cannot expect you to ever full understand the complex, emotional nature of my love for you.
How can a man rage with jealousy and at the same time be so grateful for the events that caused the jealousy?”
Sarah slowly, purposefully, move on top of him, back to a position she now knew so well. His arms cradled her. Her lips gently found his neck. One slight move and their bodies were perfectly aligned. One firm embrace and…
Scotty quietly whispered,
“Are you happy with this strange love we have?
“Yes, Scotty, I am so happy. Tell me I didn’t screw up any part of it.”
“Sarah, I am happy as well; I want you to get a little nap right there.”
His arms encircled her tightly and they slept still fully clothed.


Much later court depositions would establish that Clem Warren and Sarah Wanewright were at Evenrude Institute for at least one entire August weekend and several people saw them present for the last concert of the year. Also, court depositions indicated there was no evidence that Sarah was doing anything against her will, or they were trying to hide or deny their relationship in any way.
Concerts at Evenrude Institute are not casual events, but the amphitheater is open air giving everything a wonderful summer casual feeling. Normal attire could be described as smart casual; with the ladies wearing attractive summer dresses and the men wearing sport coats with open neck or tie.
When it became clear they were going to the Detroit Symphony concert, Scotty wanted to assure Sarah had just the right thing to wear. He drove them in to town one morning and enlisted Anne, the friendly clerk as his expert. Clem detailed where they were going, how long they were staying and what events they would be attending. In the end he spent more time selecting Sarah’s outfits than he had ever spent in a store buying anything.
Now at the hotel getting ready for the Detroit Symphony concert, Clem’s anticipations grew rapidly. Sara was going to look great. His work with Anne was going to come together now.
Scotty dressed while Sarah was in the shower. As she was drying following her shower Clem announced he was going out to sit in the lobby. He wanted to see Sarah only after she was completely ready. He wanted the shock effect he felt he deserved.
“Listen little lady, I picked these thing out and I know you are going to look like a million bucks, and I want the full shock affect. I’ll give you twenty minutes and then come back to see the results. If you are not completely ready that will be ok.”
Rather than waiting until he returned, Sarah hurried and was finished and on her way out as soon she finished her hair. The mirror told her how successful Scotty had been in selecting her things, and she wanted to see his reaction in public. She loved him so, and knew him so well; she knew this was going to knock his socks off.
She was breath taking. She looked so tall, so shapely and so wonderfully exciting. She had put her long blonde hair up on her head in a most sensual mature manner. No one could possibly guess her age and that was the plan.
As she walked into the lobby there were several people milling around; the concert was just an hour away.
From his chair, Clem could see her coming down the hall. He wanted to go to meet her, but he had a hard time standing. It seemed like time stood still as she moved seductively into the lobby and directly across to him. Every eye turned in her direction and followed her step by step. Clem could feel emotion welling up in his face as she approached, across the endless space, and reached for his hand.
Her comment was quiet, but loud enough for many to hear,
“I am yours, lover. Do you like the product? If you don’t it’s your entire fault, you made me what I am.”
That evening, Clem was dressed in a tailored black business suit, white shirt, and a snappy silver tie as they walked into the amphitheater. Sarah was proudly on his arm wearing black: a tight tailored ankle length black skirt that was relieved at the side well above her knee, revealing black ankle strap shoes with three inch heels; a beautiful, expensive, fitted black top with high neck and three quarter sleeves adorned by a beautiful pearl necklace Scotty had bought just for tonight. Her elegant outfit really stood out among the colorful summer dress worn by others. To Clem it spoke of elegance, maturity and seductiveness.
The students at Evenrude are always given the rear seating tickets for each master performance. Sarah knew, and she also knew she and Scotty would be walking right through the same assembled throng from the afternoon as they came in tonight. This time she was prepared, things would be different.
“Scotty, I am so proud to be with you!”
She whispered, as they walked in the entry way and were immediately surrounded by her friends as expected. They were at the back of the amphitheater, it was another noisy greeting, but this time she did not let his hand slip away. She held tightly to not only his hand but also to his arm. She was not letting Scotty get out of her grasp.
Why is it young people hug one another so much, talk so fast, and say so little? The greetings went round and round. Sarah hugged a couple girls with her free arm and then fell silent waiting until things died down a bit. At first opportunity, she looked around at her six or seven assembled friends,
“Hey! I want to introduce you to my partner Scotty Warren. He and I have a lot of things going on together at home. A couple of you wondered why I did not come up here this year. Here is the reason!”
She smiled and looked at him proudly.
“One of our things is a large commercial apple orchard. We watch over acres of mature producing apple trees. Makes money, but it takes a lot of work.”
These students at Evenrude are the cream of the crop…very civilized. Her adult summary of a relationship with Clem had caught them completely off guard. All of them were a bit wide eyed as she not only admitted some kind of arrangement with this older guy, but provided enough details to disarm any immediate questions.
One by one the students welcomed him either with a hello, a nod, or in a couple cases a handshake. Kimberly was the exception. She felt she had an inside track as a result of their earlier conversation. She actually stepped up to him, and gave him a hug,
“Wow, interesting, why didn’t you say something about it this afternoon? I could have really cut down on the speculation for tonight.”
She stepped away before he could answer, not that he had an answer.
Clem was amazed at what happened next. Their conversation turned to the Detroit Symphony and tonight’s program. All these music students had something profound to say about the orchestra or the pending music, but their eyes said they were all talking one thing while really engaged speculating on the gorgeous woman named Sarah on his arm, and the outrageous possibilities for rumors their relationship offered.
Their seats were good. The Detroit is one of the finest in the country. The program was varied and interesting.
Clem stayed awake. He loved good music, but tonight there was additional motivation keeping him awake. He was completely, wildly in love with the alluring, svelte, girl beside him who had not let go of him for the past two hours.
Currently, she was sitting as close as the seat permitted. She had taken his hand into her lap and tightly enclosed it in both of hers. The lights were not that low. Her glances were way too obvious. So what! They were together and in love. The music was grand, a summer festival of the three big B’S, Bach, Beethoven, Brahms.
Intermission came too quickly. In prior times, in different circumstances, they might have just stayed seated for the fifteen minutes, but not tonight. We all have experienced the euphoric feeling that overcomes people in love. It often speaks louder than reason, and this was just one of those times.
Together they stood, still hand in hand and proceeded up the isle to the back. It was a short intermission, but plenty of time for people to stretch, grab a wine, and gab a bit. It was exciting to be together passing up the aisle. It seemed ever eye was on them.
At the back they moved through the crowd, at this time mostly adults, and found a spot to stand next to a pillar. None of the student bunch seemed to be up there. No one had found them.
Clem asked Sarah if she wanted something to drink. She declined. They quietly stood close together enjoying the pleasant summer breeze coming through the large opening behind them.
They were still standing very close when Sarah saw a small group coming through the crowd. Right away she recognized Kenny and two other couples she knew. They had not seen her. She turned directly toward Scotty hoping they wouldn’t,
“There is Kenny.”
Was all she got to say as Scotty looked up over her and saw him approaching. He had left the rest of the group and was coming directly over. It was obvious he had been drinking.
He walked up and took Sarah’s arm turning her toward him. He was slurring,
“What the hell is up with you girl? It is one thing for you not to say goodbye, or contact me, or come back; but now you show up like this. You will never know the hell you put me through. All the rumors I have had to deal with…”
Clem reached over and took Kenny’s hand forcefully from Sarah’s arm. In one motion Kenny spun toward him and threw a round house punch straight at Clem’s face. There was a slapping sound as Clem’s right hand caught his arm in mid air. There was a shuffling sound as Kenny’s arm was taken up behind his back and he walked in front of Clem out the entry about ten feet away.
Sarah stood alone, frozen in time; another disaster.
The others came over. Asked what happen. Offered to help her. By then other students including Kimberly and Carla Marie had gathered.
“What happened? Where did they go?
Everyone was standing in amazement.
Finally, Robert, who was Kenny’s group, said he better go out and straighten things out.
He had moved only a couple steps when Clem and Kenny reappeared walking in together. They came straight to the group. Kenny came to Sarah, offered his apology, and walked through the remainder of his group toward the exit.
Clem, who had stayed back a bit, then walked over to Sarah and simply took her hand and turned to face her.
The house lights blinked notification of the second half.
The excitement was over. Silently, they made their way through the crowd and down the aisle.
The rest of the concert was fine. Works by Bach dominated the second half.
Sarah sat quietly, once again holding Clem’s hand in both of hers. Not a word between them only glances and touches.
The return to Brighton Inn started smoothly. The group of students had gathered at the head of the isle. There was none of the earlier jubilation. Sarah held snuggly to Clem’s hand as she bid them goodbye.
Ten minutes later they were walking together down the path toward Brighton Inn.
At Center Lake, Sarah stepped over to the handrail and brought Scotty to her in an embrace,
“I love you Scotty. Do you want to tell me what happened outside with Kenny?
Scotty looked over,
“Sure Sarah I’ll tell you. You are going to have problems like this all your life. You are a very attractive, wonderful lady and Kenny has a very big ego.
I had to deal with his ego, this was all about him.
I gave him a moment to quiet down and sober up a little as I held his string hand tightly. I then acknowledged that I understood his pain. I commended his musical ability, his work ethic and his outstanding performance ability as I had witnessed yesterday. I then told him, I know little about human nature, but I know for sure he would do nothing but embarrass himself the way he was treating a very wonderful woman who had told me more than once he was one of her closest friends.”
“I noticed tears in his eyes and that was the end of my effort.”
Sarah took both his hands and back away,
“Scotty you are an amazing man. You understood him so quickly. His big ego is his big shortcoming. With him everything was all about him. I was just a trophy. He wanted to conquer me just as he worked to conquer the violin; and I was certain, once conquered, I would be nothing more than a trophy for all to applaud.”
Scotty looked at her with empathy,
“Remember, it is an enormous ego that enables a performer like him to succeed. His job is to keep that big ego properly focused and in check at times.”
They walked on down the path, through the campus, to the Brighton Inn.


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